Remember vice president Al Gore? Who was pretty famous for claiming to invent the internet but now more famous for making hundreds of millions off of global warming.

Well a recent article in the NewYorker(subscription required to read article) magazine interviews Al Gore and talks specifically about his involvement with Google. Even more specifically about his role as an adviser to the search quality team and what they should and should not censor politically.

The article somewhat alludes to Google’s involvement as a whole with the democratic party and how they could drastically help (or not). It also talks about how Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt serves in the Obama administration.

It also talks about how in general the Obama administration has turned a blind eye to a lot of Google’s advertising tactics. Giving them room to disclose less about their deceptive advertising methods.

I wrote before about how I thought Google did not want to go down the FTC road but if they have the Whitehouse in their back pocket then that would make sense why they can act all giddy when new FTC guidelines are released for new disclosure and at the same time be MUCH less transparent themselves.

From the article:

There is an increasing body of evidence that Google may be less concerned about promoting a free, open and “democratic” Internet, and more concerned with promoting a regulated Internet for the benefit of “Democrats.”

The article also reveals Google AdSense accounts for 98% of all of Google’s revenue.

Its a pretty interesting read if you can get your hands on the article.

Disclosure: I voted for Obama. (and would again).

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

75 thoughts on “Google now an arm of the democratic party?”
  1. I’ve heard stories about bloggers having their adsense accounts disabled for apparently no reason and with no intentions of giving a reason (disclosure: this happened to me, too).

    It would be nice if there would be more disclosure when it comes to canceling accounts. It would also be nice if they can disclose why the money being held is not released when this happens.

    Al Gore is an interesting person. Even MORE interesting is the commercial I keep seeing for the Obama Chia pet!

  2. Wow! I’m not sure what is more interesting, your article or your disclosure that not only did you vote for Obama but you would do it again.

    Maybe you can take time to write an article letting all your readers know why you think a socialist racist is good for the country.

    1. socialist racist? are you kidding? How ignorant are you buddy? Please name me a socialist country you have visited and how it is the same to the country you are living in now? (i assume you live in the U.S.)

      1. @Paul- Do you need to visit a socialist country to identify socialism? By comparison, must a person actually consume dog crap to draw a conclusion it tastes bad?

        In my book, the government dictating what executives make, taking control of the car companies and banks, and trying to destroy the best healthcare system on Earth with a single payer system qualifies as socialism.

        If you don’t like that then SMD.

        1. Wow. Best healthcare system on Earth?

          Common buddy. Do you think our Police Departments are socialists? Our Fire Departments?

          How about our public education system? Socialist?

          A “for-profit” healthcare system does not work for the benefit of the people. It works towards profit. Can you imagine if our police and fire departments were for-profit companies?

          The US is the only industrialized nation in the world that does not offer a public healthcare option. Why? Because the lobbyists for the insurance companies won’t allow it.

          But rest assured, you will get your wish. The healthcare insurance industry stands to lose too much money over a public health option. They will never let it happen…

          1. @Sockmoney – Basically you want me to pay for your healthcare. Anything else I can buy you? How about a hooked on phonics, so you can learn “come on buddy” isn’t spelled as “common buddy”.

            A for profit system obviously works well enough that companies invest in R&D and develop new equipment and techniques for preventing and curing disease. It also works well enough that people from all over the world that can afford it come to the United States for treatment rather than waiting 18 months for a hip replacement in Canada.

            You just keep standing in those welfare lines and keep feeling entitled to my earnings.

          2. The bill will never happen, huh? Well, it did and it’ll add to the socialization of us, believe it or not!

            *wondering if the relationship b/w Google and the dems is a conflict of interest. AND what it could mean when the power swings back.

      2. You are the one who doesn’t get it. Obama wants the U.S. to become a Socialist country. It’s not that NOW but he is building the foundation for it. Give him another term and he will get his Hope and Change. Don’t you understand what that meant……dud….,

  3. Where else would Google’s income come from? But some very interesting thoughts…

    1. In their original SEC filing before going IPO they said it was about 80% if I remember correctly with the rest coming from subscription based services, fees, and hardware applications.

      1. Do ya think Google will someday acquire the enterprises based at Shoemoney Towers?

      2. “The article also reveals Google AdSense accounts for 98% of all of Google’s revenue.”
        I am sure you mean Google AdWords?

        Btw. you can find such information in Google´s quarterly results and other official releases. The Google AdSense-program brings in 30 % of the total revenues. Google-owned-sites 67 %.

  4. OMG you voted for Obama! Aren’t you ashamed?

    Just kidding. I just wanted to be the first one to leave such a stupid comment.

    I’m a French US resident so I can’t vote but I would have voted for him too.

    This being said, I’m not sure I like how friendly Obama Team and Google are…

  5. Yeah that was an interesting read. I actually just got done reading that about an hour ago.

  6. Interesting article, and really no surprise…

    I hate to on a tanget, as I voted for Obama as well, however, I would NEVER consider voting for him again.

    They guy has done nearly nothing important for our country, other than SLIGHTLY improving relations with other countries by apologizing (wtf is he thinking) for us being the good ole’ USA!

    I am all for better relations, but the healthcare proposal is going to ruin this countries healthcare (if you get seriously ill, you’re pretty much dead), he has spent billions more than was necessary bailing out companies with almost no oversight of where that money went (if I fuck up in managing my business, I wouldnt, or expect to, be bailed out), and pretty soon I will be paying over half my income to support illegal immigrants and lazy ass people that just want a fucking handout (ie. 75% of welfare recipients). Open your eyes people…

    1. The problem with Obama’s plan is he isn’t going for a full single payer health care plan. Currently Americans pay 31% of there medical costs to non medical administrative overhead to satisfy CEO salaries and claim protocals of over 1300 private insurance providers in the states. Over 2 thirds of American bankruptcy cases are because of medical costs and 75% of them had insurance! WTF is that all about. Insurance companies do not work to protect you pure and simple. Research shows that a single payer health care system would actually save us money. There are over 14,000 US doctors, medical students and heath practitioners part of physicains for a single payer system. Do some research it makes sense. Pure and simple we have a lousy healthcare system right now, but we’re american and we’re too proud too admit it. So we continue to let ourselves get screwed.

    2. It is fucking morons like you who could not think their way out a paper bag that voted the bastard into office. Did you even bother to take a look at this jerkwad’s record before you voted? obviously not you shit tard or just MAYBE you could have seen this socialistic shit on the horizon. If I knew you personally I would kick your ass right on the spot if I heard you say this in person….. I can accept the left wing socialist voted for this guy but what I can not accept is dipshits like this who should not be allowed to vote due to lack of any brain cells at all actually being taken in and believing the obama lies.

      1. Wow dude, you really put me down with the vocab there, I clearly have far fewer braincells then you as you mentioned. Though you really had no arguement with what I said. Go ahead continue getting ripped off by Americas Insurance scam and love it. There are millions of descent people that live with socialized medicine and still have plenty of money to save and spend at the end of the month. Get a grip, and open your mind a little, besides we already have socialized medicine for all of congress, senate, the president, medicare, and the VA administration. Creating a full single payer system would typically cost less then the bloated premiums people are paying now.

    3. I say, If you are using Google search, then stop immediately if not before. I refuse to touch It !!

    1. a 2 second search for al gore’s networth gives you the answers.

      According to public disclosure information, Gore was worth somewhere between $1 million and $2 million in 2000. Not quite eight years later, Gore is estimated to be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million.

        1. He put out a movie and a book called a inconvienient truth with a bunch of stuff about global warming. Also started companies around it.

          1. FYI, he donated 100% of the profits from Inconvenient Truth and his new book to a non-profit, non-partisan group dedicated to spreading awareness about the climate crisis and how to solve it.

    2. look at the companies he’s involved with – they sell carbon credits. seriously – that’s his solution to global warming, force companies that produce more to buy ‘carbon credits’ to offset their energy use.
      What a shell game.

      It’s not just Google though- Apple is hook, line and sinker in bed with the democratic party as well. Good to see you pointing this out Jeremy – I got made fun of when I pointed out how google hates conservatives …

  7. I would imagine many larger tech companies in California are also run by individuals leaning towards the left.

  8. Politics Aside – Who the hell wouldn’t want to team up with the most powerful people in the country.

    Oh wait! – I wonder if Google is teaming up with all the world’s leaders

    1. have you had your head in the sand or what? All dems demonize people who disagrees with their socialistic philosophy. They think they know what is best and are willing to step up and inflect this on anyone. This is the exact same attitude google has so now it becomes much more clear why google has been going this direction.

  9. I would imagine many larger tech companies in California are also run by individuals leaning towards the left.
    BTW I love your blog!

  10. STRAWS………..very unpredictable…who wud hav known!!!..lLOL

  11. Good article. Check out the UK to see what happens after 12 years of left wing government. Our grandchildren will still be paying for it.

    1. But at least the little ones will by then hopefully be able to get their payments and other mail to destination time, unlike during this period of impending Royal Mail strikes…..

  12. So discolusres about Gore’s affiliations can be considered revelation of ‘Gorey details’ LOL. Anyhow, there are other ways of benefiting from online ads, including Google’s services, without being a customer or affiliate of Google itself directly……

  13. Do you mean 98% of Googles revenue comes from Adwords? As adsense is a sub-product of adwords?

    1. Its kind of the same thing as they classify it as revenue. Adwords is the advertiser side, adsense is the publisher side.

  14. I would imagine many larger tech companies in California are also run by individuals leaning towards the left.

  15. Google and Obama are a match made in heaven.

    Their arrogance and condescension are only rivaled by the each others. In either case, it doesn’t matter what the outcome is as long as it is what they want.

    It would be a dream come true to see each of them gone and to never be heard from again in 2012.

    Obama is a master of Chicago style “thug politics”. Google is just a bull in a china shop.

    I have complete disdain for both.

    1. obama.. yes he needs to go. Google can stay if they back it down a few notches. I make too much money from adsense, I don’t want to see google go even though I know in the end it would be a good thing.

  16. Not sure if people caught the joke in this…

    “Disclosure: I voted for Obama. (and would again).”


    (Come on people, Jeremy has a sense of humor. Only an idiot would vote for Obama and then do it again.)


    1. John,

      Looks like some people that read Jeremy’s blog did not like your comment judging by the votes it’s gotten.

      This just serves to prove that Michael Savage was right, liberalism IS a mental disorder!

  17. I voted for Obama, too. The article is worth reading, as well as all the comments to this post.

    Nice discussion.

  18. What article that you linked to says that Adsense = 98% of Google’s revenues? I’m skeptical…

  19. I’m from Ireland so probably not 100% up to speed on this but most of us over here would like someone to be keeping tabs on Google and keeping presure on them to be a little more transparent in the way they conduct business.

  20. Wow, linking Google, Obama, Gore, possible FTC ‘overlooking’ compliance issues… might as well flat out accuse the Democrats of buying an election victory!

    That said, great way to use controversy, current events, and a the whole conspiracy theory mindset as a way of drawing in visitors. If it was a forum post, everyone would shout Troll – but ShoeMoney can get away with it 😛

    1. Its actually called link bait and if I was going to post link bait it would not be on a Saturday morning when this site gets the least amount of traffic.

  21. While I disagree with your vote for president, I applaud you for bringing these relationships to light. Many Americans are tired of this type behavior from both parties, and that is why I believe we are seeing such a grassroots surge by Conservatives. Americans don’t want those in Washington DC picking the winners and losers, because most of us know we will be left out. This is not the American Way. In full discloser my wife voted for Obama, so I understand your emotional vote for president.

    1. I agree. Not sure what he’s done that would want to make anyone vote for him in the first place.

  22. Google should go head to head against Fox News, the arm of the Republican party!

  23. Oh wow, so Google are like, evil and stuff? But that’s totally against their company motto@!#&*$!*@&#


  24. I wonder if more affiliates are moving away from affiliate marketing now. Seems that with all these changes it makes easier to make money on adsense then mess with all the bs going on around affiliate marketing. First big competition for google – selling ads like tla – solved and pretty much gone. Is affiliate marketing next item on the list? 🙂

  25. Here I want to say that I am using adsense on my blog. But I did not get my PIN code till now. I already contact their support team. But they do not reply me anything. I think their customer service is not good.

  26. It is pretty interesting to see how close Google has got with D.C. I guess when you become one of the most powerful companies in the world it is hard to not find yourself in someones pocket.

  27. “There is an increasing body of evidence that Google may be less concerned about promoting a free, open and “democratic” Internet, and more concerned with promoting a regulated Internet for the benefit of “Democrats.””

    Oh? And what’s the evidence for that? Because it sounds like more Republican propaganda.

  28. Anytime businesses reach a certain size, they gain influence politically. It’s only natural.

    Imagine that a northern California-based high technology firm that wants to change the world would have a liberal mindset?

    Not exactly shocking.

  29. Hey friends my blog PR increase from 1 to 3. I am so much happy for this google reward.

  30. I think Google rank fairly low on the scale of evil influences in the world. I haven’t noticed them bombing any innocent civilians yet.

  31. In 2min found full name, Twitter, FB, and work address of someone, based on his son’s PSLE score. *blink* Oh Google. Thou wert always evil.|mercredigirl|

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