Anyone who has followed me for the last 6 years knows one of the core principals of ShoeMoney Media Group INC. is to find a service that is needed and fill that void.

Right now with tons of people out of jobs due to the economy and with the making money online niche being the new “cool thing” to do; tons of people ARE filling that void by selling informational products on the real *secrets* of making money online.

This all started because last fall I had a conversation with one of my childhood friends who recently lost his job. He called me up and was like “Hey man, I really want to get in to this making money online stuff and it seems so easy. I was checking out these online courses but they are like thousands of dollars. Also I saw your Elite Retreat conference and thought about going to it. I just want to know if I can handle it.”

The last thing in the world I would recommend to a person looking to see what internet marketing is all about is to buy a product. But unfortunately there is nothing I could recommend to him.

So we started cracking ass on a 100% FREE 12 week course that covers about every possible topic on internet marketing. I call it the ShoeMoney Xtreme course because that is what it is… it’s a massive crash course in the world of making money online complete with info, real life examples and weekly assignments.

I have also teamed up with MySpace, Facebook, and Microsoft. They’re going to give you free money to spend on their advertising platforms so you can test them out without spending your own money.

Why would I release this amazing content for free?

Giving away great content has always paid off massively for me. This blog is a prime example. Without it, neither my Elite Retreat conference or the ShoeMoney Marketing Tools would be successful.


I want to teach you the basics of internet marketing and educate you on how the online marketing world works from my 13 years of experience.

This course is for the extreme newbie.

All this course requires is that someone works hard.

I am going to take you through the ins and outs of how all of this works and also give you free money to try some of the advertising venues.

If you feel making money online (or my course) is not right for you at anytime, simply hit the unsubscribe button. No cost to you.

My hope is that by the end of this course, you have found out whether or not this is the right industry for you. I also hope that you’re encouraged to take your ideas to the next level. Who knows – maybe you’ll even sign up for my marketing tools or internet marketing conference (of course, these things aren’t required :P). So if you’re ready to dive into the Internet marketing world, I invite you to sign up the ShoeMoney Xtreme course.

To get started with the 12 week free training course, go here to sign up.

POSTSCRIPT: Many People have been kind enough to translate the content to serveral languages around the world.


By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

264 thoughts on “Making Money Online for Newbies”
  1. I don’t know why but then I complete sign up and receive email Thunderbird say me that this email could be scam lol..

  2. just signed up, curious how the course goes, one email per week, homework, forum what?

    I can wait, just curious and twelve weeks is a long time but looks awesome 😉 thanks

    1. to answer my question, just got week one, it appears it will be an ebook/lesson per week with a todo list todo the rest of the week until the next lesson.

  3. Great Idea … You’ve really opened up the opportunity to a lot of people!

  4. Was the first chapter sent out? I signed up the other day, but never received anything.

  5. I’ve signed up. Looks like a good read and a great opportunity. I wish I could figure your brain out 🙂

  6. Looking forward to it – haven’t received the first chapter yet. Thanks Shoe!

  7. Shoe Just got the first chapter. AWESOME stuff man. I cant wait until next week!

    Thank you so much for doing this.

  8. Cool! Thanks Shoe, I’m always up to learn new things online….priceless…..

  9. Looking forward to this Jeremy! Even though I have been a web dev guy for 15 years and building affiliate websites for several of those, I am genuinely interested in this offer, because you can NEVER know enough!

    Thanks for the invite… already signed on!


  10. I signed up this morning. I can’t waite for it to start. Thanks Greg Ellison

  11. Is it mostly for people who are thinking to start or for more advanced affiliates as well? 🙂 Whats the price?
    I see you use HasOffers… 🙂

  12. All three of us are signing up from NursesPTO – we’re going to meet and discuss what we’ve learned each week (at least until the 3rd or 4th beer has kicked in). Thanx!

  13. Just signed up, Jeremy. With your 13 years experiences and your big brand, it seems there will be more free courses like this available online. I hope. 🙂

  14. Great post and signed up! Its cool to see folks who have succeeded help those getting started when jobs are so hard to come by!

  15. That good idea. I attend this kind of course of my hometown. Really impressive and informative. But the important thing is working hard earn money from Internet stuff. There are many ways to do that.

  16. Sounds like a great course… I hope to learn a lot from it, even though my main goal is not only to do “money making online”, but also expand my knowledge in online marketing strategies. I expect a lot from this course 😉

  17. I like the part you teamed up with MySpace, Facebook, and Microsoft.

    Everybody could use some free credits. COOL bro.

    1. Yes- This is a very nice addition to allow people to test a little with some free money.

  18. ive been in internet marketing for only a year now and have a ton of stuff left to learn.. i have been wanting to get out on my own away from other projects i have and get into affiliate marketing just got part 1 of your course and im thourghly impressed..

    prolly why i signed up for the tools awhile back.. i think anybody can take an example from this being that if you stick to a service people want and make really great content people want to read they will come back and your status/traffic will grow

    thanks shoe for making the guide free ill look forward to trying the techniques out and having an awesome reference on the basics and beyond… and the free promo coupons are icing on the cake nice..

  19. i have sign up for the 12 free course in friday, and hope i can get the ipod,haha!

  20. This is something really awesome you are offering Shoe. First thing i am going to do is Sign up and enjoy learning the lessons. I am following you since past 3 years now and i have already learned many things as far as online money making is concerned.

  21. Just signed up, so im going to check this out and depth, thanks for offering such an opportunity Shoe!

  22. All I can say is that for the most part, I keep following Jeremy’s advice, and it keeps getting better and better. 🙂

    Big props for the amount of work it took to get this done.

    I hope you point out the tools in the course too.

  23. спасибо за статью… добавил в ридер

  24. I’m still quite skeptical about these type of “courses” where you learn from experienced people. I really don’t know why 🙁


    1. You should be skeptical.

      Do your homework on people and see if they are legit or not.

      Do they use a real address in their whois or privacy?

      Do they have a easy way to contact them?

  25. Shoe, if you were starting now, would you really care about forming an LLC before getting some actual site out there, getting some traffic and making some conversions? 😉

    IMO, your legal and financial advice should be paid for by your first real income $.

    I know bootstrapping has its limitations, but still, that’s how I did it :p

    1. I would not for a company before making a site… Unless its a requirement to do business.

  26. Well sounds like a great deal! I get a course from shoemoney for free w/o any cost, i get to learn things more, and i get free ad coupons from those companies to spend with… 🙂

  27. It’s all right here in your sentence

    “Giving away great content has always paid off massively for me”

    The golden ticket right there. Most bloggers seem to spend more time on the mundane tasks then on creating great content.

    In reality, If you’re selling on your blog, 99% of new readers do not want to buy anything, but give away the good stuff, and they’ll be back in a more ‘receptive’ mood.

    Thanks Jeremy, good lookin’ out.

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  29. I suggest doing what my sister-in-law does for spare cash… she buys things from thrift stores and pawn shops for cheap and then re-sells them on ebay for a profit.

  30. I don’t want someone to suggest an ebook to purchase, or refer me to a program. I am looking for someone to correspond with via email to help me step-by-step in making money online.

  31. A friend of mine told me a while ago that she found a site where you could submit articles, and in turn, the website would pay you money for your articles. However, my friend never told me the URL to that site so I’m looking for it.

  32. Basically you want people who are interested in games to visit your game links, or the link to the free page you set up. It’s not hard to track how many people you’ve referred (and how much money you’ve made, once you start earning).

  33. The Flash demonstration on their site can explain the program better than I can. When someone buys a game after following your link, or after visiting a free web page you set up using their tools..

  34. I have a good SEO method that’s been working for me but your program comes highly recommended by Justin Brooke. I trust the guy and I am going to have to try this out.

  35. Hey Shoe,
    I debunk online money making scams on my site and I keep getting people asking in comments if there are any free/cheap courses that are worthwhile.

    I’m want to start sending them over to you.

    Do you have any affiliate links lined up so if we do send them to your free course and then they do sign up for your Tools or Elite Retreat we can get credit?

    The Electron Plumber

  36. I think I will become lucky people if I can attend your course, but you are far a way from here, 🙁

  37. This is really a great help. You’re so kind Shoe! You deserve what you are now.

  38. Sweet! I signed up for this course. I’ve only gotten the first weeks and already like it 😛 I’m excited to read what’s yet to come..

    Also noticed about 10,000 people or so signed up for this since a few days ago your RSS count was at like 36,000 and is now at 45,000.

    Nice work!

  39. Jeremy,

    What is the status of your selection for an intern this summer? This online course is dwarfed in comparison to having an opportunity to receive real world mentoring.

  40. Well I of course signed up, but I more importantly wanted to say thanks. I know this is legit and loaded with great info that you could easily sell. Its just what I have been looking for. I already make 9K a year online, but I don’t know how to take it to the next level. I am looking forward to the next 3 months!

  41. Just registered. This looks even more promising than John Reese’s which I subscribed to and found that it isn’t really for me.

    Customer support of sucks right now. Trying to get a refund and cancel my account.

    Good job shoemoney

  42. i gave it as a gift to the wife to get her started, let’s see how she does with it..

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  45. Hi thank you for this great article and your course i think the best think of your course is that its free ..lolz well i will surely subscribe for it because i was really looking for such courses …

  46. Very true. That is why I started one of my blogs to show people who have lost their jobs that there are still ways to make money onlihne.

  47. I think the guide is nothing special (yet – lets wait for week 2), but the Action Plan is very good!

    Action Plan is where 99% will make it or break it!

    Jeremy: If you manage to get 100 – 200K subscribers your list will be worth a few millions a month…

  48. i am going give this good looks cool 🙂 i have also told few people i know about this hope they will enjoy it 😀

  49. I am surprised it took you so long to do this Shoe, but now is certainly the time.

  50. Здравствуй! Спасибо за подаренные хорошие эмоции…

  51. Certainly lessons from those people who came from the grass wood level have their own advantage. As you people know every moves and every path of this.

    Looking forward to it.

  52. Кстати, если закончаться фото Одри, то можешь в фотошопе старые фото накладывать на новый фон, так и разнообразие будет и ты работать продолжишь

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  55. Very nice idea.

    I think you will get a great response with this.

    I’ve signed up, I have a few years experience though so am looking forward to the more advanced parts. But I’m sure I can learn something new from any of your writtens.

    I think you should still make the book though. That is, unless this is literally the book material. I don’t think you should water anything down for the sake of making it free.

    I would buy your book.

  56. NIce contribution Shoe. I make a fair amount online but those of us who work at it are always willing to listen to those of you who are doing it full time. I appreciate your willingness to share the info.
    Also, great way to build a list:) No problem with that.
    Keep up the great blog.

  57. Jeremy, this is awesome. Your efforts are incredibly appreciated, I’m really looking forward for the weeks to come 🙂

    thanks again for your hard work man, awesome stuff!


  58. In my eyes, first you should start with idea… From everything can be made money, but idea is important.

  59. Fair play, your one hell of a guy 🙂

    Looking forward to following your stepping stone’s.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  60. Good stuff. Most people think they couldn’t possibly make any money online without paying to learn how.

  61. Great stuff in your first lesson Shoe, looking forward to the second one while going through “to do” things..thanks

  62. Hi Shoe

    Just now got the first Email which talks about Internet marketing industry in general. I can say it is really Professional one Sir.

    PDF i have started reading and i can tell you that it is really Interesting one. How do i market online is really cool one showing various way of marketing online. Now i am going to read entire PDF and will come back with my views on it.

    Thanks once again for sharing such a vast pool of knowledge with me Sir.

  63. Right information for making money online was like hitting the ground with your forehead. But hearing it to the authoritative source is really great.

  64. There are very few people like you who would go ahead and start something of this sort for free. Great going shoe, I am glad I have been a regular reader of and a newsletter subscriber too 🙂

  65. Twelve weeks looks like a long time but I feel its worth enough. I am still looking for my first chapter..

  66. Real good stuff! I was thinking about “investing in knowlegde” until i read about the possibilty to get this quality informations for free. I guess your first part helped me to safe some money. 🙂 Keep up the great work. Viele Grüße Ole (:

  67. Перевелись,по настоящиму улыбнул 8 часть,просто представил такую ситуацию ))).

  68. Thanks for the juicy tips and strategies! I’m staying tuned!

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  70. Thanks for this awesome post! Good to know someone who became successful by doing things online. Reading your stuff is really informative and inspiring! Keep up the good work…

  71. Interesting stuff. I think i might give it a go. I’m always ready to learn from other people. 🙂

  72. Got the first lesson but to be honest it’s nothing special … maybe I read to much these blogs so I already ‘know’ this stuff. Not impressed at all heh

    I’m looking forward to read how do you find affiliate offers, which ones you choose, how do you set up landing pages, how do you choose that you need landing page or not, which resources do you use … I hope it will be on there.

  73. I have confirmed my subscription today and received an email saying that I will receive my first lesson tomorrow. Awesome Jeremy!

    Thank you!

  74. Awesome, I have signed up and hope to learn something from the maestro!

  75. In the past year I made a few dollars but not enough to live. Hope this works.I’m committed

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  77. Shoe, got my first lesson yesterday read through it and spent a few hours soaking up all the info you laid out.

    I’m excited for the free advice and hope to write a great testimonial for you someday!

  78. I liked the first lesson. However, I wish it came more often than “weekly.” It would be great if it were a daily course.

    I know there are technology limitations, but it wold be great if you could set your own pace.

    Just a thought.

  79. Good Lesson I got inspired by this article and like to be part of it soon : I want to know how much time i should be online to do this. – Better if i get a email reply for this – I want to make career in Online Marketing.

  80. So I think that instead of having the course, that you should offer it for free, as a way of giving back to the community. I mean common with people losing there homes across america, you would think that maybe instead of sucking more out of them you could give something back. Just kidding, nice program. I should affiliate market this one.

  81. I liked the touch in your post. What a style. I am here for the first time, joined your course and bookmarked the blog.

    I am a big fan of all professional stuff about online business, because there is so much rubbish. This seems good! Go an man!

  82. It is good to know that successful people like you are taking the pain to teach newbies on the tactics of being successful and taht too for free.

    1. Yes I’m sure he’s doing this 100% out of the kindness of his own heart and not to try and get smt to blow up…not hating just saying this isn’t exactly pro bono

  83. Very interesting program lay out. The one on how to survive the economic crisis should appeal to many right now.

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  85. Does it take 24hours to receive the first chapter? That’s an awkward way of starting the course. I’m prepared when I sign-up with my e-mail, not after 24hours.

    1. Sign up for this program and you will be able to know how to make online money.

  86. Aweber aint sending out my confirmation email (after filling in the signup form on your X site).

  87. Thanks for their Course! I have signed up for it.
    Hoping to learn some of your Secrets to Make it Big!!

  88. Hi I signed up for the course and i recd the 1st week material its really awesome easy 2 digest

    Good to see that

  89. I like this – easy approach, time to devour information and try things between each lesson, and some good preamble that leaves me looking forward to the first ‘lesson’ with anticipation.

  90. Hi Jeremy,

    Without the repetition – appreciate it if you could correct previous message (thanks):-

    I like this – easy approach, time to devour information and try things between each lesson, and some good preamble that leaves me looking forward with anticipation.

  91. Jeremy, I liked especially your comment close to the end:”My hope is that by the end of this course, you have found out whether or not this is the right industry for you.”

    I have never heard anything like this from the mouth of the marketer, i.e. seller, Very honest talk!

  92. I am a Chinese, I started my English blog yesterday. You are very welcome to visit my blog, thank you! Your is famous, I heard ShoeMoney long time ago! 😉

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  94. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime..

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  97. I’m really hoping this pans out. I found you through John Chow’s newsletter as his “arch rival”.

    He had earlier in the spring talked about another person’ts course, but wow! $297 and I didn’t know the guy from Adam.

    Hubby’s a contractor and the climate for that right now is grim, so I’ve been looking to capitalize on my hobby.

    I really don’t want to do another “how to make money” site. I want to make money sharing my expertise with my hobby, which I know that others are involved in as hey, this is the net and it’s used everyday.

    At any rate, I hope this truly does encompass the hobby idea because I go cold at the idea of opening another “how to make money” type site.

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  100. i don’t know how the hell you find time to do all these things…wife, kids, business, travel and all.

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  102. this is amazing for us that we are just rookie on the topic of marketing online I hope that this could help me in my work since I am the marketing leader of a small company of real estate and I really need this course so I am taking all my hope in this thanks my friends you are helping a lot of people

  103. I have been struggling and don’t have a website. I have been trying PPC and have lost a bit of money so far. I am hoping your course gives me another strategy or helps with my campagnes.

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  105. Shoe ….Week 2

    Just now finished reading AffiliateMarketing101 and i can only say that this is so well written from your end.

    Concepts Like what is affiliate Marketing, Spot an affiliate site, explained in very Professional way. Specially i like the Example of building Dog house. Question & Answer session was really cool and i have learn many new things from that. Most important part i liked is Navigating Affiliate Marketing account.

    Thanks for sharing such a vital information about affiliate marketing Shoe.

  106. I had sign up with your training and I think it was really amazing, i really impressed with your writing style.

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  108. Jeremy,
    Do you answer to questions that students of your internet marketing course have? (I sent an email this week)


    1. I try to answer as much as possible but if its a answer that requires more then a sentence its going to take a bit to get to.

  109. Hi, Congratulations to the site owner for this marvelous work you’ve done. It has lots of useful and interesting data.

  110. Just signed up, Jeremy. With your 13 years experiences and your big brand, it seems there will be more free courses like this available online. I hope.

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  114. The very day I signed up for your 12 week free course, I was thisclose to plunking down close to $500 clams for yet another 12 week marketing course (that one promised riches beyond my wildest dreams, etc)– so this was no coincidence. I found out about your course from an IM forum friend who is very successful and signed up himself.
    I loved the first lesson. I am psyched for the next one.:)
    Thank you so much for doing this. To be honest Jeremy, I heard about you way back in 2006 when I started trying to make money online, but I was such a newb, your blog intimidated the heck out of me.

    Your first lesson was great and I’m so happy to know I can follow along. I really want this to work with all my heart!

    PS–What I liked the most was your own personal story. Humble beginnings and a good wife. So nice and refreshing to hear! So thank you very much from a very grateful fan!

  115. Hey, great post, really well written. You should blog more about this.

  116. I think you are right on the mark, Thanks for sharing your knowledge, thats the way the internet should be!

  117. Great idea Jeremy. I’ve done a lot of marketing myself but have signed up my wife so that she can start learning and helping me out once in a while.


  118. I’ve got all emails so far with download links to the lessons but I’m not able to view the first 3 lessons anymore

    anyone else experiencing an internal 500 error on the links to the PDF files?

  119. I think you make a very good point with “filling the void”. I recently came across a company that is doing something a little different than anything else I’ve found. It uses advertising in a whole new way and splits HALF its revenue with users.

    1. Split on half revenue is not a good deal, maybe you should find another money making method

  120. Great post! And I love the product as well!

    Its good to know that your out to help the newbies.

    I’ve also found a lot of free content too. You can visit many online marketing websites and blogs and find many free training posts and valuable content.

    Thats exactly what I created on my newest website. I want to provide hundreds of articles and lots of free training for new aspiring marketers to feed on.

    Check it out!

  121. I’m really enjoying this course, only in week two so far, but I’ve already learned a lot.

    Thanks for giving this great info!

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  123. […] making money online industry is very strange. You have people of all ages going from 0 to thousands or more per day […]

  124. […] making money online industry is very strange. You have people of all ages going from 0 to thousands or more per day […]

  125. […] making money online industry is very strange. You have people of all ages going from 0 to thousands or more per day […]

  126. I just love this line: If you start spending money like water and stop looking for new opportunities your screwed. And this is exactly what happens to MOST people in this industry.

  127. […] making money online industry is very strange. You have people of all ages going from 0 to thousands or more per day […]

  128. […] I’m a die-hard fan of Jeremy because he’s straight talking and uses easy to understand examples (No ‘Synergy This’ or ‘Self-Actualization That’ in his resource guides). Once you’ve gotten the bug in your ear to make money Online you need to sign up for Jeremy’s Free 12 Week Marketing Course. […]

  129. Talking about internet marketing, is it still reliable for earning money online?
    I never really try that actually. Just once and that was few years ago, didn’t work for me at all

  130. Rather interesting. Has few times re-read for this purpose to remember. Thanks for interesting article. Waiting for trackback

  131. Wow, something I can refer my friends to. Tons of peers on my side wanna go into the online marketing niche. Awesome stuff.

  132. This is really useful stuff for newbies who are interested in trying their luck in money making niche

  133. Nice idea. I have bookmarked your page and would like to refer your website to some of my readers sometime if that’s ok?

  134. hey i tried keeping up but you know how it goes… so much material… so little time! 🙂

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  136. Please e-mail me back. I just need to know how old you have to be to get this jobe and if you could hook me up with a job that anybody could have…on the computer or just something easy.

  137. Please e-mail me back. I just need to know how old you have to be to get this jobe and if you could hook me up with a job that anybody could have…on the computer or just something easy.

  138. I signed up and went thru the whole 12 week course. There is better information in the course than most of the paid products I have shelled out for.

    The course applies to anything you want to sell online (not just making money online telling other people how to make money online).

  139. Hey Jeremy,
    I signed for the Xtreme offering October 26, 27, and 28 … I entered my name and email as required successfully, although I am not receiving the confirmation link. (This is not caused by my personal email settings, filters, etc.) I would appreciate assistance — solution.
    Thank you =D

  140. I thought this was an excellent post. I’m signing up for the free e-course right after I leave this comment.

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    1. You should check out the latest shoemoney system. Although theres no more seats at the moment, you can reserve your spot 🙂

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