I am always amazed at how scared people are to fail. I fail all the time…. or at least what other people would consider to be failures. I would rather call them experiences.

Learning from your failures and trying until you find success is an amazing experience.

People always ask me if I can show them how I learned to make money, program, market, build websites, etc. Here is the secret. I FAILED! And failed a lot.

Whenever I come up with an idea, I start working on it… not planning…not strategizing. Just doing!!

  • Look at this blog. I wrote it for years before anyone read it. Many people would call those years a failure.
  • With NextPimp, I built a site from the ground up with zero previous programming experience and it never made a dime until years later. Many people would call those years a failure.
  • As for the Elite Retreat conference, it took 3 years for me to sell out the event and really become profitable. Many people would call those years a failure.
  • With AuctionAds, we failed a lot before we got it right.
  • Many people look at Fighters.com and see a site that has not been updated for months and appears to be a failure.

Even look at my life in general. Until I was 30, most people would consider me a failure. I was massively overweight, had tons of credit card debt, and had zero work ethic.

I could go on and on with my “failures”.

I don’t consider these things “failures”. I call them educational experiences – every single one of them.

Some of you know what I am talking about… some of you will find out… and some of you will always be to scared to fail.

What are you doing? Are you “failing” or are you “succeeding” in a “safe” 9-5 job for the rest of your life?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

408 thoughts on “I Am a Failure”
  1. Well getting the success on the death of failure have amazing feelings.

    I know because I feel it many times and now I am not afraid of failure any more.

    1. It comes when you finally realize that I don’t have anything to fear…If I do nothing I’ll get nothing anyway, but if I do something it’s better than where I was…

      Then you have to stop caring about what other people think. They will fight you when it’s not going good and love you when it is.

      They are wishy washy…and you can NEVER be all things to all people. Just be you.

      If people like it…great if they don’t that’s ok…

    2. I completely agree with you Jeremy

      You will never succeed until you try, and if you’re afraid to fail, then there is no hope to succeed

      The only way to get a good reward is to take a good risk, and sometimes that means the possibility of failure

    3. I would never call myself a failure… I know things can be gr8 post the gestation period….

      1. Any successful person had to fail before they succeeded and they still fail at certain things pretty often. You need to take it as a learning experience.

    4. The person who overcomes FAILURES is the one who SUCCEEDS. Everyone has to face failure one or the other time in his life. Its a great teacher

      1. You might add a related video or a related pic or two to grab readers excited about everything’ve written. Just my opinion, it might bring your blog a little livelier. Othervise good blog.

    5. Here’s the thing: if you fail a lot but still have one trick that makes you a ton of money, the failure doesn’t matter as much. But if you are having no success, it feels a lot worse

      1. The great thing about success is that you can fail a million times but it only takes once to succeed. Also, you can be absolutely terrible at everything except one thing that makes you a ton of money.

    6. Without failure there is no success! I fail all the time, I created over than 100 sites no one works and I sold most of them, am I a failure?

  2. I am failing at a good rate, but picking up and learning at a faster rate. I am not afraid to fail, I love the oppurtunity to learn from it!

  3. Shoe,

    Thanks for sharing this. This is one of your more impactful posts, I think. Many folks don’t understand what it takes to be successful. They look at characteristics of successful ppl, and try to emulate.

    But it’s the intangible perseverance. Belief. Drive. Purpose. That gets those successful people through the toughest dips, and onto the highest peaks.

    Forget all the tactics Shoe has taught you. Take this one to heart.

    All other “tactics” are secondary.

    Thanks, Shoe.

  4. Good post Shoemoney. What is the deal with fighters.com though? Did you guys decided resources are better spent elsewhere a la shoemoney tools?

    1. its actually a lot more then that 😉 I wish it was that easy. Its really not in a position right now for me to openly discussed but its not dead 😉

          1. I suspect he’s trying to motivate Jeremy, cos one shouldn’t be that ignorant after ready d post.

        1. yes they are probally planning something big for it in the near future if he says its not dead

  5. Glad to hear that you have failed too:).
    Sometimes it is really frustrating to fail, especially when there are many people bragging about “magic formula” for quick success, I also believe continues effort is the most important factor.

  6. Jeremy, this is THE reason why I created Success Circuit! To many people are afraid to fail. Yet how could you possibly succeed if you do not know the reasons why people fail? My biggest failure so far (lonely designs) was what gave me the idea for Success Circuit, and I am so glad I failed that time!

  7. Because you learn from your experiences, you’re failing “up”.

    I was fortunate that some years ago in a company far far away, I had a manager who pulled me aside and told me I wasn’t failing enough. By which he meant that I wasn’t taking enough risks – with risks come possible failure, but also huge success. That “permission” to fail most definitely changed my performance at that company, and probably my entire outlook ever after. I started enjoying that job for the first time in over ten years, and within a year I was making almost twice as much in bonuses.

    Now that I run my own companies, I hope I can not only keep to that ideal, but also instill it in others I work with. Being an impatient type, I am kinda “failing” at that last part.

  8. Great post, Joey.

    I think we have failed only when we give up. By some people’s standards I might be considered a loser, if not a failure, but by my own, I’m kicking butt. (You’d have to know my personally and know all I’ve been through.)

    I’m working a dead-end job (working on fixing that,) I did not get a degree (hope to fix that one day, when there’s money for it,) and am almost 40 years old while doing these things.

    On the other hand, I have started a business, and my products get a lot of positive attention, even though they don’t fly off the shelves (yet.) I feel my day will come.

    You are absolutely right: It is the experiences and what we learn from them.

    Great blog!

    1. JEREMY, I apologize for getting your first name wrong. How embarrassing!

      Eh, you’re sharp–you knew what I meant! 😉

  9. Not just a good post, but a great post that got me thinking. I’m doing a lot of failing right now. A lot of things that were working for me, aren’t anymore. But looking at the bright side of things, I’m learning now more than I ever did.

  10. Jeremy,
    What happened with Fighters? Hire a couple writers and let me write the content. Dude!

  11. Damn… I have failed at more than 80% of the sites I manage! The 20% that are stellar though, more than accomodate the time I lost! 🙂

    If you DONT FAIL, you aren’t trying hard enough to push the limits!

  12. I’m also a failure. I have a lead gen business right now with some clients that aren’t making me money until I optimize them. Once I do optimize them I guess I won’t be a failure but until them I am one. But one with clients so I ‘m going to keep failing away.

  13. I like this post a lot. In order to succeed you need to fail at some time or another. It’s the only way to learn a valuable lesson. Like Aaliyah sang, “If at first you dont suceed, dust yourself off and try again.”

  14. Awesome stuff Shoe. I think this will really hit home for a lot of people. And more and more as people are waking up and realizing that their can be more to just a 9-5.

    I started a blog recently called Because I Have a Dream… it’s about overcoming fears and quickly going from start to finish with their dreams.

    Fear cripples a lot of people.

  15. great insight…

    Making money and getting where you want to be is for those who “Do”.

    Would like to quit “succeeding” at my 9-5 and start “failing” as soon as possible…

    1. So that means you will keep failing … because I know Jeremy is going to show everyday … new one 😉

  16. I do agree that sometimes failures are not from us but it is what people think about us.

    If we accept blindly what people say about us, we will be what they think who we are aka a failures.

    But, if we do know that those people are simply telling something when they do not have any clue who we are and we know that we can be better, that’s mean it is definitely a sign of achievement.

    We can be better in something which have no clue at all. Is that great?

  17. Awesome point. I meet a lot of people running my brand new little business (this is my second try, mind you) and this is the kind of story I tell them. At the ripe young age of 24 I’ve “succeeded” at the 9-5 and it ruined my life. Now I’m barely making ends meet and loving life more than I ever dreamed. I hope more people run head first into their fears to find something that gives them joy in times such as these 🙂

    PS-thanks for the add on Twitter.

  18. You only fail is you don’t learn in the process… So Jeremy, you did not fail you just learned. You have to learn everything in life… how to hit a baseball, how to drive a car, etc… Life is not a failing experience, it is a learning experience

    1. Very positive thought … but the real winner always capitalise its learning experience and looser always take it as failing experience … isn’t ?

  19. As Einstein says.
    Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new 🙂

    keep on making them mistakes/failures, thta’s the only way to true success.

  20. Failing faster can work well too. Like a PPC campaign idea, it’s better to try out some ideas and throw away the losers and pick the winners after a short time instead of waiting a lifetime to try one idea.

  21. “educational experiences”, nicely said!

    I believe that the more you fail, the more success you’ll have.

  22. Without failures we wouldn’t hit homeruns. To make a baseball analogy the best hitters in baseball “fail” 65% of the time but during those failures they are learning. They learn what the pitcher looks like, they learn what kind of pitches he likes to throw, they learn to time the pticher so next time up at bat they can get a hit or even a home run.

    Same with business. Yeah, we might lose money and time on some projects but if we are smart we learn how to succeed the next time.

    1. nice analogy joe. A batting average of .300 is considered really good.

      Although that means that “failure” is 70%. I think what is true measurement of success is consistency. Sure you may strike out, but what do you take back to the next at-bat?

      again, nice analogy!

  23. Great post and very true. After spending many months “thinking” about starting a new blog, I went out and just did it. Since early January, there has been one post per day. Only 3 feed readers but that’s okay. Everything has a beginning and you just need to keep going.

  24. I love this post. I *totally* get it. What people don’t understand, is why we’re having so much fun failing. They think that lack of immediate results = failure. It’s been 9 months since I decided to start taking blogging seriously. In those 9 months, I’ve made collectively about $1000. The money is now going from ‘dribs and drabs’ to a ‘steady trickle’. I know that if I keep going, keep trying, keep plugging away and trying new things, soon that steady trickle will be come a constant flow, and maybe I’ll get a full on flood. Either way, I’m happy to be learning, earning, and having a blast doing it.

  25. Hopefully when I utilize all I learn next week at Elite Retreat, I will be less of a failure. 🙂

  26. Failure is some bullshit 9-5 and not living your life.

    Bust your ass and take risks. fuck people. it’s not that hard.

    1. “utilize” is the keyword there. I know dozens of people who have spent tens of thousands on seminars and training, but they just don’t execute. As long as put the things you learn there into action, you should do well. Good luck!

  27. Love it, Great Post. That is the reality of success. There is 10 years of hard work behind every over night success.


  28. You can’t define failure while you’re failing, it can only be defined properly after you have succeeded.

    1. That is so true, you can only look back at it once you have finished failing, in the middle of it you won’t understand why.

  29. I have to say, what you said is so simple it sounds dumb but is one of the most profound things you’ve written. I needed to hear that because I’ve doubted myself a lot in the past, but I know that all my work will pay off and is slowly starting to already. (Also, great comments!)

    Be cool!

  30. For sure your post will not fail to have tons of comments. Why? Because honestly most of us are in the “fail, learn, fail, learn, fail, learn” state. Success shall come my friends!

  31. Great courageous thing to say. This is a great source of inspiration. May your words affect lots and lots of people.

    Keep up the good work.

  32. You have to fail to succeed. If you succeed first, you were probably lucky and didn’t really learn much.

    I went to a local group that was mostly people looking for an easy way to make money rather than work for it. I offered to tell everyone about my failures and what I learned and to help them.

    I don’t think they got it. Better for my time anyway.

  33. If you have the money to Fail then BRING IT ON IN SPADES because you learn through trying even if you fail.

    Unfortunately if you don’t have the money to recover from a failure sometimes kids go hungry, you can’t fail when you have a family.

    This post is great for the single person!

  34. Its good to see that you considered the failures learning experience and never gave up. Now you are not a failue

  35. Great post. I too have failed many more times than I have succeeded, but with each supposed failure comes more knowledge and experience. One of my favourite quotes comes from Thomas Edison “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

  36. I would like to add:

    “An arrow can be shot only by pulling it back. So when you feel like life is dragging you back, relax… It only means that GOD is going to launch you into something BIG!”

    I think the real secret of your success is never give up.

  37. If you fail 1,000 times before you succeed, are you still a success? Stupid questions, right?

    1. Yes it is. Thomas Alva Edison Light bulb invention took him about 2000 times steps in order to succeed.

  38. failure is nothing but part of a learning curve…so many business ideas develop to a certain stage before falling apart at which point we head back to the drawing board…if you can take some lesson from those “failures” and implement them into a more successful venture, then its not really a failure.

  39. I use a shotgun affect. Being that urls and web hosting is so cheap to start a website I throw a ton of crap at the wall with the hope one may stick. It’s the one that sticks that will pay you back 10 fold.

    I am so use to the failures I just look back at them and laugh. Some failures I wonder why they did not succeed and sometimes am amazed at why my successes worked.

    That’s the zany internet world for you.

  40. I fear failure because right now I’m a hair away from being broke and getting pretty damn worried about how I will pay my bills. I wish I could control my fears better but I’m feeling pretty down and the dumps and depressed lately. I know… boo hoo hoo and everyone hopes I die.

    1. Bob,

      Cheer up Bro. I am there as well. KEEP pushing forward. No matter what.
      I am learning about Internet Marketing and I am late to the game, under capitalize due to closing down a prior business and starting over from scratch on the brink of bankruptcy. I am trying to finish up some awesome world changing products, surround myself with a dependable team, learn AND launch everything the RIGHT way and get things out the door before everything collapses around me.

      I am staking everything on this and if it fails…I will file bankruptcy, move into a friends basement with a bed, laptop, broadband and…do it again.

      If I lose everything, as long as I have breath and a brain I can get up. YOU can get up.

      Learn from failures and false starts. Find and follow mentors (like shoemoney) and forge ahead. In the midst of the dumps and depression don’t succumb to the death of defeat.

      Heed the words of Churchill when looking into the eye of the storm of war –
      “this is the lesson: never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never…in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in…”

      See you on the other side Bob.


      oh – good post shoe

  41. I bet it becomes easier for a spouse to accept “failures” after one really succeeds. 🙂 Thanks for the motivating post!

  42. I don’t believe in failures. If you make an effort towards something its always a learning experience. I’m a big “Learning Experience Junkie” if you learn something from you’re ventures you never truly fail. Although I do think “learning from you’re experiences mistakes and misfortunes” is a great way to better yourself and understand how to improve whatever you’re doing.

  43. As a matter of fact, I look at you today and think about the example you’re leaving for your kids – about how you are hanging out at conferences with half dressed women hanging all over you and totally disrespecting your wife and the only thing I think is – what a failure. So to me – I agree on that point – you’re a complete failure. So, you make some money – who gives a shit. Everyone else is looking and going “How does this woman live with such a loser?” I know – you’ll respond just like Howard Stern – “It’s all part of my schtick”. Whatever. You’re a loser.

  44. I believe I am also has experienced many failure in my life,I am sure what you saying about “learn from the pain ” is what make people learnt faster and better for there life chance a head,However thank for the share shoe,what you tell me here,make me ,energize more to do what I do ,in which today I am sure is inside that “Failure phase”with a signal of my yahoo and google link popularity that I dont know somehow it is decreasing and decreasing

  45. I have been “experiencing” life for a long time now. lol But I will never give up. I will keep doing what I am doing and in a couple of years be good to go. 😀 Keep it up Shoe your doing great!

  46. I dont agree with this post — a failure is when somthing dosnt work! You cannot say somthing is a failure because it takes time for an idea to develop.

    If you buy a lotto ticket, and win — you dont count the time before you won a failure!! It’s only if you had lost at the end, and lost your $1 with no benefits.

    You didnt start Elite Retreat expect it to start making money stright away — you KNEW it would take time to get going. Its all predicted times without benefits. Like how youtube isnt/wasnt making money.

    If “Many people would call those years a failure.” — they are just idiots.

    I would like to know how many of those ideas you just left for dead for months before picking them back up again? Get atleast somthing going on fighters 😉

    1. Ultimately, they are not failures but they were failures for a long period of his life – if you would’ve met Jeremy back then during the times he was trying to pick these projects off the floor – what would you have said? This guy is wasting his time right? – but it was his persistence to overcome those failures that led him to where he is today – it all depends how you look at it but those were failures (at one point) that turned to success…..failures are just stones that we trip on but when we truly fail is when we give up….i’m rambling but you guys get my point, right? lol

  47. Hey Jeremy, cool post. You’re right, we should never digg our own grave by keep remembering our failures. Instead, we remember them as a lesson so in the future we will get success. Michael Dell also went bankrupt several times before he became like what he is today.

  48. Why does everyone on the Internet have to agree with every single post on popular blogs like this.

    I’m could be wrong, but I don’t think Shoemoney minds if you disagree with him once in awhile! C’mon people! Get your balls on the table LOL 🙂

    1. Yeah quite agree but I do not think that Jeremy have told anything wrong at here. Yeah there are some links in this post but theme is absolutely right and I am sure you also feel that as well …

      1. Thanks a lot for sharing your opinions. Being a author, I am continually on the lookout for fresh and different solutions to look at a issue.

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  50. Really good article, i think people like them have taken 2-4 years it will take 10 years to me to do it lol

  51. As always, thanks for sharing Shoe.

    Everyone has to realize, it isn’t the idea, it is the execution of the idea. Some will fail to take hold, but if you can stick with it and find a way to execute in segment, you can have your success.

    I have a favorite saying with regard to the stock market that can also apply to startups from serial entrepreneurs like Shoe.
    I am never wrong, I am just late or early!
    I think Shoe’s paintball gas station idea is right for another time. Perhaps it might have to be a time when Mad Max is around, but a great idea. Jeremy, how about marshmallow guns?

    You are never wrong, you are just late or early. Keep that saying in your head and stick to your plan. Revise as necessary.

    Good luck all!

  52. I plan to work a 9-5 job for a couple of years after I get done with college. Then in those years I want to work on my own blog and maybe even an ebay store or something. Then from there I don’t know.

  53. I have to agree with most of the comments here. This was a great post Jeremy. Puts a lot of things into perspective for people just starting out. I’ve heard many entrepreneurs say they fail a lot, but they don’t give up and keep trying new things.

  54. I agree, you have to stay with it. Persistence is one key. I almost gave up many times, stayed focused, then low and behold-success!

  55. Every business is a learning process that has to go through a series of growing pains. If you are not ready for those learning years you shouldn’t start a business.

  56. This is a good reminder for all of us. I think entrepreneurs, especially need to remember to execute regularly bypassing that fear ‘stop sign.’

  57. Jeremy,

    Great Post!

    Failure = Success :).

    I know there is 1000’s of things I do that don’t work out for me, but sooner or later I just boom run into the needle in the haystack that generates some good revenue for a long time :).

  58. […] us respect this dot com mogul as a very successful entrepreneur, Jeremy is constantly reminded that he is a failure. Life isn’t easy, so you shouldn’t be afraid of failure. These are all learning […]

  59. If you’re scared to fail, then you’ve already failed.

    We succeed only through our failures.

    good post Mr Shoemoney.

  60. You’re not failing because you have the money to invest while others do not. Yes, we can take a risk, but we can lose all while you do not 🙂

  61. Is playing it safe failing? I have played it safe for 11years with my career and it has gotten me nowhere. Now I’m trying something new and have a huge chance of failing, but who cares. The excitement I am getting form trying something new is priceless. I feel like I am living not failing.

  62. Inspiring story Shoe, motivate me as well.Great work…..how does the feeling during those days….when not making any dime?

  63. That post rang so true with me. It’s like you was writing about how I feel or felt sometimes. One thing I can say to those who are reading this post. If you don’t start doing what you really want to do, you will never know if you will fail or not.

    Stanley Amazan

  64. Failing is a part of life. You dont fail, you find other ways of not doing that thing that way :p

  65. Poor fellow.

    Don’t worry Shoe.

    Eventually you’ll make it.


    (that was a joke… perhaps failed one…)

  66. I have to agree with that!
    Success is built above failure. How much you’ve failed, that’s tha amount of your success.

  67. I’ve still trying to struggle through “failures” but I’m learning all the time. I consider it time well spent and stay hopeful that I will make it work in time.

    Thanks for the words of wisdom Shoe!

    1. Your article is important; the issue is something that not many people are speaking intelligently about. I’m really happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this. Thanks

  68. I’m also a failure jeremy..till now i cannt make any wealth income through internet, but i believe i will..

    1. Thanks for magnificent info I was looking for this information for my mission. I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more.

  69. Failing, failure, and falling all are same, it pumps your adrenalin to fix mistakes and do more study and research, how to suceed and put into practical manner is an attitude we have to do sincerely on daily basis.I am not afraid of failing….i failed too many times in my life./….lol

  70. So inspiring. It’s just such as a lightning that build awareness.
    You just feed the hungry people who need a spirit. GBU

    1. Hi! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the superb work!

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  73. […] maya 16 Feb Saya orang gagal stored in: Coretan Terjemahan dari posting shoemoney I’m a failure untuk memotivasi kita […]

  74. I can definitely relate. People always want to throw labels like success and failure. No cares about the behind the scenes struggles and determination it takes to truly reach your goals. They measure you based on where you are today. If you appear to be successful, then they think you’re King Midas(ie. Shoemoney). If you’re barely scraping by and working towards your goals but are not there yet, they come down on you and don’t believe in your potential. Being an entrepreneur is a lonely road. You have to believe in yourself because no one else will. They will all think you’re crazy and should fall in line like everyone else (ie 9-5).

  75. Actually…what I should be saying is:

    Where do I start if I want to build a website? I know very little html, have dreamweaver but I don’t know a thing about it. Any ideas anyone?

    Thanks for all your input.

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  77. I like that attitude, nobody ever becomes successful without taking your fair share of failures along the way.

  78. Making a living in online marketing is certainly not the easiest way and those who don´t try hard enough and quit may feel like they failed even though they have learned a lot.

  79. making money online is no different tan building your business offline, it takes 5 years to established your names in the market.That’s my opinion

  80. Great Post Shoe. When I was growing up,my first high school coach told me something about life, and it rings true in everything I do:
    “Its funny when you coming in first,but you hope that it last, you just hope that you last”.

  81. Disagree.

    As you will when your employees (assuming you have any) start failing. Your post needs context. Global failures (or learning experiences I’ll call greed) have put a lot of people on the downside of success.

    Sweeping statements don’t cut it Shoe. Not in the real world of business.



    It remembered me of this saying:

    If you try, you risk failure,
    If you don’t, you ensure it…

  83. I’ve been a failure most of my life! I’m still failing, but I’M ALIVE! And I’m DOING what I LOVE! Thanks Shoe!

  84. I agree that failure is an important component to success. If you don’t try new things and learn new things you will likely be doomed to a life of mediocrity.

  85. wow – very inspirational! I float on the same boat – i come up with with ideas, start trailblazing without a plan nor strategy, and so far all are great experiences. Failures is life’s reality check, it hurts but it has to happen.

    ’til next time, gonefarming!

  86. It’s really a wonderful experience which Jeremy has shared & this is the truth as well. We always fear to fail, actually failures are our best teachers but we are ready to teach lessons from it. …

  87. It’s not the failure that scared people it’s beating frustration time over time and searching what works and what doesn’t in this business.

  88. It would be cool to hear about “failure” experiences that actually didn’t end up successes later on. Those are more interesting to your regular readers because we all know about the ones that ended up doing well for you.

  89. I feel as long as you never really give up, you really never fail… the process in which leads you to success is learning.

  90. I like your thinking. It’s only a failure if you don’t learn anything from it. If you learn, then as Jack Canfield would say, you are failing forward and forward motion in business is always a good thing.

  91. To succeed requires thousands of failing and falling, it’s an art to bounce back fast and get up again to fight for your success

  92. Great post Shoe, in the online biz the biggest success come from failure, that is how we learn and in reality just the hard work we put in is a success in itself.

  93. This kinda reminds me of that jordan commercial where he names off his numerous failures before you saw the success.

    It’s intresting to look at the perspective of someone we percieve to have always seen success, but the truth is that people are really only tuned to see success.

    This post reminds me alot about my own life experiences. Although I’m 20, people seem to think I just KNEW that I was going to make money online and just DID it.

    They don’t know the whole story, and very few people want to hear the truth…

    ah well, good one.

    — Josef Benjamin —

  94. When I was in Iraq in 2004, I told my soldiers who were on combat missions with me that “If we fail, we will fail forward”.

    Thanks for reminding me which direction I need to be facing at all times.

  95. […] dari posting shoemoney I’m a failure untuk memotivasi kita […]

  96. Many of our web sites projects are ended with failure, only few of them quite success. But We will move on.. Thanks for your inspiration Shoe..

  97. Having previosly failed before it sure makes you stronger for it and more determined

  98. Do you have a points system to review the effectiveness of someone’s blog brand?

    For example the blog brand scores:

    54 out of 100 which is: “average/poor”

    78 out of 100 which is “excellent but still scope for improvement”

    I have been looking for something like this where I can clearly evaluate the brand effectiveness of my blog.

  99. Failure is a methodology of success by learning what works and what doesn’t, it takes mind power to stay focus and relearn the whole thing

  100. I agree with you 110% – failure is a major part of success. Really. And anyone who disagree hasn’t reached success… or else they were just one of the lucky ones that managed to hit to lottery. A big problem a lot of people face is that they are afraid to try anything because they MIGHT fail. This post is great because it really enforces that a failure really can be considered a step towards success…

  101. Search and Social Media Marketing Consulting | Stuntdubl SEO Consulting » » Stunt Train Search and Social Marketing Manifesto 2.0 says:

    […] Lose to win. Conversion rate is a metric for failure that only tells us about our unrealized […]

  102. I think you hit the nail on the head, Bob. Jeremy is right that failures CAN be learning experiences, but when you’re one step away from being broke, you can’t AFFORD to fail. And that’s why many people fear failing.

  103. Everyone’s definition of failure is different. I believe that you fail on the day that you stop trying.

  104. Shoemoney Exposes Himself in Public! | The Niche Store Builder - Succeed with Build a Niche Store says:

    […] built his site and started blogging! It took him several years of trial, error and yes, many failed attempts, to finally find a niche that actually came to him, versus seeking it out!The biggest thing that […]

  105. Failing big time right now to match my full-time salary from a year ago but I’m not bankrupt (yet) and each month is better than the last. More importantly, I’m learning a ton through my experience that I simply wouldn’t have picked up repeating mundane tasks in some cubicle. On top of that, I enjoy what I’m doing. If I can continue down this month and make just enough to live a decent life, that’ll be enough for me.

    It’s easily one of the biggest risks I’ve ever taken and I may end up flat broke but it’s much better than being stuck in a box all day.

  106. In all honesty Shoe, I welcome failures as tough as it may be.

    Right now, I think that I can neither classify myself as a failure. I’m in this transitional phase that to be frank, sucks!

    I’m 1 year away from getting my master’s degree. I do have a job, though it’s not something I ever wanted to do, and I HATE it… but it pays the bills, which I need.

    I will say, I do have a beautiful and amazing wife, so I am a success on that end, and we do have a child on the way, which I consider to be a success.

    I guess my start up business a few years ago can be considered a failure, as although it generated some money, it never was worth the amount of time invested.

  107. […] Anyway… Not to detract from all the fun everyone is having laughing at the world failing. […]

  108. […] Anyway… Not to detract from all the fun everyone is having laughing at the world failing. […]

  109. Web 2.0 Weenies and Bullshit Social Media Economics | Internet Marketing | SEO and SEM Tips, Techniques, Cheats says:

    […] are so you don’t walk off, after that you’ll have to get off you butt, work at it and fail more than once, if you want to make some […]

  110. […] are so you don’t walk off, after that you’ll have to get off you butt, work at it and fail more than once, if you want to make some […]

  111. […] Lose to win. Conversion rate is a metric for failure that only tells us about our unrealized […]

  112. There is no such thing as failure, probably already been said, but there is such thing as choosing to fail.

  113. it’s very great to have accomplish from those failures, i believe no one will ever succeed if you don’t fail first, failure is the mother of success! keep up Jeremy Shoemaker, you’re an inspiration!

  114. I some feel like giving up.

    At age 22 I had a new boss who told me she saw nothing that I was doing for four years. She also told me that we would be the two people in the department with a degree. Memo was the order of the day and I had to leave the job.

    Leaving was good as I did another degree and was able to fight on my own. The journey was never easy as my friends at work would help me and then use it against me.
    My biggest problem is after years I am facing the same problem as I seem to be either very out spoken or very quiet.

    My group is merging and I asked some very strong and respectful question and now it is used against me.

    I don’t know what to do.

  115. @Dee

    I can totally relate to what you are feeling. I go through the same thing at my day job: i work hard, I do my best, I get negative reviews, I try to improve, I get the same negative feedback. It’s hard to know how to please people who are so negative.

    Every day, I do something to advance my own, tiny little business, so that one day I can give the corporate world a big, red “F” and move on with my own Work.

    Jen M.

  116. Failure is the greatest teacher. I consider failure as an experience. cool post!

  117. I always am willing to fail because when you do, it makes you that much stronger. The more I fail, the more I learn, and that is what makes people successful!!

    Great Post!!

  118. Someone said failure is a stepping stone to success and now this had been aprooved by money.

    This will work as a energy booster ! Thanks

  119. Hell yeah that’s my real name, can’t you appreciate that? So anyways I keep trying to dunk, but it just isn’t happening. Why can’t women dunk? Should I just give up or should I buy better shoes, or should I lower the basket, oh my. I guess one doesn’t learn from every failure or as Yogi Bear would say… Smarter than the Average Bear (Eats too much picnic food). Oops now you have my email address whatcha gonna sell me big boy?

  120. great insight…

    Making money and getting where you want to be is for those who “Do”.

    Would like to quit “succeeding” at my 9-5 and start “failing” as soon as possible…

  121. Notice the difference between what happens when a man says to himself, “I have failed three times,” and what happens when he says, “I am a failure.” – this is what you have to remember!

  122. You failed and you climb up again, thats good.

    There are people who failed, and will be glad to fail again and again. Like my parents, no wait, i dont even acknowledge them as parents!

  123. People who try do not fail. They just make mistakes.

    People who don’t try fail.

  124. I have a book to recommend, basically it helps people in situation similar to U .. it does not contain holy scrap etc.. the name of this book is ” JOY ” by OSHO it will solve Ur problem, what has not helped in past 3 years this book will do in few day’s

  125. I don’t believe that we should take failure as a way to bring down ourselves. Failures should help us learn and improve. If I am a failure now, it doesn’t mean that I won’t be able to succeed.

  126. I don’t agree. Life just gets worse and worse until you die.
    Sure you’ll fail and fail lots. My WHOLE life is a failure. I’m 40 and SO tired of picking myself up again only to fail once again.

    The dream is a lie and death is the only salvation.

  127. […] written about the need to fail before, and Shoemoney did recently as well.  Along those lines, I loved this quote from Chris Larsen, Founder of E-Loan.com and […]

  128. Success is not only measured in dollars. And it takes time to build your reputation. There is always going to be a market for people who over deliver value to customers which takes time to develop. And the short sighted can only see dollars signs… the real money comes from the backend clients who return over and over. So who cares if you throw some money out the window as long as you can see “Big Picture”. Failure is a building block to success.

  129. Hmmm….I’d rather go with, “I’ve failed many times, yet still a success”…than call myself a “failure”….Uhm, a ‘failure’ is simply one who succeeds at ‘failing’….are u really one?!

  130. Like the rest of us, everyone fails some time. I think fear of failure may be the number one thing holding many people back. It was a long time before I realized that and that so many people wanted to go through life without failing at all.

  131. Every failure needs to be a learning experience, If you do not learn from each failure, you will keep doing the same thing.

  132. Failure, more than anything else, is a state of mind.

    You are only defeated if you think that you are.

    Your attitude towards a certain situation determines whether or not you have failed yourself.

  133. Great post. Expect some attempts at various endeavors to fail. Even famous inventors such as Edison failed hundreds and sometimes thousands of times before achieving success.

    I never fail. I just find out what doesn’t work.

  134. I ‘failed’ a few times – for a couple years actually, before I became successful on the internet. I don’t really look at it as failing thoug – I look at it as “Keep trying till you find something that actually works.”

  135. This is just so right. Even though I don’t make much money just yet, but at least I’m now going towards my goals and success.
    You words “not planning…not strategizing. Just doing!!” reminded me a great inspiring book by Richard Branson (his autobiography): “Just do it” the book cover says.
    That’s What I do – don’t know how I’m going to exactly get to my destination but I’m just going there

    1. Keep going friend. You are right, when you know NOTHING about marketing how can you plan and strategize? You first need to “DO”, then fail, then learn your lessons, then plan to make better from next time.

      Failure is inevitable, unless you have deep pockets to hire a mentor. However I did not quite like the tone of the article. It could have been written in a more generous manner!

  136. I personally think that fear of failure is the best thing. I am a successful business women and fear of failure has always been the driving force behind my success. If it wasn’t for fear of failure I wouldn’t be half the lady that I am today.


  137. Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. If you can’t fail you can’t succeed. As I recall Edison took some 10000 goes to design the light bulb. If he couldn’t fail it would never have happened

  138. Your story touched me as im also in 30’s , your history gave me a positive strength to move on. Wish you all the best for the future.

  139. I’ve been trying to find success in an internet business of my own for a few years now. From all those failures, I’ve finally learned enough to make some incredible progress. You must fail to succeed.

  140. Hi Jeremy,

    Excellent post, however I am afraid its tone is not very realistic. I think someone else wrote a similar article a while ago “Fail faster for Success”. I think it was Joel Comm. While both the articles are spot-on, I feel that they are written with a distant viewpoint.

    For example, you say that failures are steps to success. You know you are right, I know you are right, but how could the average newbie know? Turn back the clock and visit your past, when you were a “failure” as you say-could you have said the same thing to yourself as you are saying now? Now that you ARE successful you have finally realized that one needs to fail to succeed; however, when you have tons of credit card debt and bills to pay off, when collection agencies hound you like wolves, then you are too afraid to fail for you feel that if you fail again you will sink deeper in the murk and your situation would get worse. Yes, you could succeed, but what if…

    This “what if” is what keeps newbies from failing. Personally, I used to be scared of failure too but now of course I have learned my lessons. I have been conservative with my expenditure anyway (I still am) so debt has never been a worry for me.

    No offense meant. I read everything you write and respect you for the excellent free advice you give; however I feel that this article could have been written better if you could put yourself in the shoes of an average debt-ridden marketer. I am fortunate that I don’t have debts to pay off, but many of my friends do have piles of credit card debts and mortgages, and I know what they go through!

    Thanks anyway!


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  141. Good on you ShoeMoney! I’m of the same opinion – nobodies perfect therefore, you are bound to make mistakes. A smart persons knows that and learns from it.

    To answer your questions:

    are you “succeeding” in a “safe” 9-5 job = afraid so but it’s only for cashflow purposes.

    What are you doing? = building my online empire from the ground up, even though people think its a waste of time!

    I would rather die wise than regretful!

  142. Hey Jeremy, I agree and I disagree.

    Right now, I am at least aiming for my dreams instead of sitting nowhere in a dead end job for 10 years (which I already did).

    There are great risks and consequences of serious failure. So as long as you can avoid serious failure and going broke, you are OK!

  143. Failure teaches us to work effectively and move towards success, we need to work hard to achieve things.

  144. The positive attitude to take failure as a stepping stone to success is required much to succeed.

  145. […] I Am a Failure – Shoemoney […]

  146. A light bulb moment comes after thousands of steps (read fail) .Its only that we give up too soon.

  147. Failure is not terrible, the key is how to deal with their own failure, the next time, you may be successful.

  148. Hi Jeremy,
    I myself am starting from scratch now. We will see how it will go :). Hopefully it wont be a failure 🙂

    Nice posting!

  149. Understanding your failure is the best ways to get success in everything.always learn from your mistakes mate 😀

    1. Failing is easy but waking up and learning from that is the hard part. Edison’s light bulb invention keeps me going.

  150. Hi, I discovered your blog while browsing looking for something entertaining to read. Suffice to say, I’ve found it! I’ll definitely be coming back to read more. I really appreciate the time you’ve put into this.

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  151. of course everybody fears failing. it’s makes us try harder so we won’t. it’s what ultimately makes us succeed.

  152. I read this post and its really one of the best experience of mine..Thanks for the nice post.

  153. Just because you “fail” over and over again it doesn’t mean you *are* a failure. It simply means that you successfully proved what will not work. When you have eliminated everything that does not work you will eventually be left with the solution to your problem.

  154. Dreaming making money drag one to do many thing in life which is never expected. I think everyone fears failure at some point but that doesn’t mean stop dreaming and doing what you got to do.

  155. You will never succeed until you try, and if you’re afraid to fail, then there is no hope to succeed

  156. This is a great post you have written. Having this information will prove to be very useful going forward. Thanks.

  157. This is such a great post Jeremy, it has inspired me to believe in myself more. I think it all has to do with the right mindset, I don’t believe in failures either, I’ve only been trying for 5 months but I’m not giving up. Thanks for the post.

  158. No doubt about it Jeremy failiure is the start of success. I have failed more times than I have suceeded but the successes more than pay for the failures.

  159. Eddison failed over 10,000 times before he had a working lightbulb. I think the trick is knowing when to quit, not continuing on a project that you can and will never succeed at.

  160. It might sound “cliche,” but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and also if you don’t fail you’ll never learn. Life and work are lifetime learning experiences, you HAVE to fail to learn how to succeed.

  161. Failure can be measured by many aspects of one life. However; who’s doing the measuring.Usually yourself…

  162. You’re right. People should not be afraid to fail.

    But the problem comes when you keep failing again and again.

    People need to learn from their mistakes. But sometimes, the mistakes are almost impossible to spot.

    What you say is absolutely true but I think you will be the first to admit: a little simplistic a description of the situation.


  163. I’ve also failed many times then I would realize what i was doing wrong and then succeed

  164. […] che nessuno possa infrangere il tuo sogno e dimostra il contrario con i fatti. Oppure leggi questo articolo di ShoeMoney riguardo al […]

  165. mindset is important for anyone who wants to successful, thaks for share

  166. Great post! Every successful person out there has failed at one thing or another, persistence is key.

  167. Seems like any comment I can come up with is cliche, so oh well. In my opinion, there is no such thing as failure, unless you don’t keep trying. That is the only way you can fail!

    1. Thank you for providing the perspective. I just read a part of the article, so I don’t know much what to say. Good luck for the new member!

  168. I think you hit the nail squarely on the head Bob without a doubt. Jeremy is right that failures can be used as experiences to learn from. BUT you cannot afford to make mistakes if you’re so close to broke. And that’s why many people most likely fear failing and just won’t step out and take action.

  169. I agree, mistakes is the best teacher… I made a lot of mistakes in my life but I learn from it and make up for that mistake. Some people would also call me failure but then now, they become proud of me after making up for all my mistakes. It feels great though…

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    Happy holidays

  171. You are not a failure unless you stop trying. Mistakes are just part of the journey and help us improve.

  172. I have heard it said many times. ” That the difference between successful people and mediocrity is that successful people have failed many more times than mediocre people. They litteraly fail their way to success. “

  173. I hear ya.. successful people work at it everyday and they don’t let NO or Rejections take them down. They come back fighting even harder and stronger.

  174. Standing up and fighting again after failures is the only way to succeed in life. And Jeremy you are a great example of success, so we all get inspired from your achievements.

    Great post


  175. really appreciate your writing this article. So much good information considering I have failed many times. Its much of an experience along with the failure you learn from your mistakes.

  176. Really great share. Hope we can see more articles like this
    in future also..!!

  177. i like your problem and i think that you how make sure that this time you will be the best one from other

  178. Yes, we all start as failures, but if you really work towards something, you will reach it. Set your goals and get busy!

  179. I guess feqring failure is actually one of the most important reasons for failure!
    One should always try to remain optimistic and dedicated.

  180. I totally agree. It much better to be a do-er and not a think-er.

  181. These posts you write, where you talk about failure, I like them because I can relate….but unlike you, I’m failing a bit more than winning….ahh well, I’ll get there.

  182. You have some motivation Shoe … keep it up… don’t go off the track!

  183. You are only a failure if you feel like you are. Everyone can be a winner!

  184. This is a Great post and I agree, you must fail a few times in order to succeed.

  185. for me after many failures i started to succeed, it’s all about finding something that your good in

  186. nobody success without failure. so I think failure is kind of normal and hope someday will be succeed

  187. “If you have made mistakes, there is always another chance for you. You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call “failure” is not the falling down, but the staying down.”

    From someone which I really believe.

  188. […] I Interpret: Those with drive, motivation and passion are most likely to succeed. Sure, they might fail, but they learn, adjust, and move […]

  189. This is an eye opener. Really, we get can so stuck on the fear of failing that we fail to understand that persistence can take us far.

  190. Failure is ok if you learn from it and do better next time. However, failure can be nasty if people around you start to ridicule you because of it.

  191. Failure is on of the secret point to get a success, this is my opinion from two years ago until today. and this will burn my spirit when i fall to a failure.

  192. I’ve been failing for years. I’m tired of failing, yet, I know if I give up, I’ll be a dead fish swimming with the current.

  193. as zack de la rocha said that anger is a gift. when you get fail, just show your anger to them. 😀

  194. This is a pretty interesting outlook. We all have failed at some point or another but the ones who succeed are the ones who learn from their mistakes.

  195. Great post. I know exactly what you are talking about. Fear of failure is the reason why most people are not living up to their potentials.

  196. Top read. Aaliyah was stunning. A celebrity I both respect and miss. It’s a shame what happened to her. The original painting I bought of her is stunning and will be kept forever!

  197. Good post Shoemoney. What is the deal with fighters.com though? Did you guys decided resources are better spent elsewhere a la shoemoney tools?

  198. I have “failed” over and over! Just a matter of whether you get up and walk on…

  199. Your right, one person’s trash is one person’s treasure. Fighters.com is an awesome name, hope you get it developed into a full site

  200. Failure is just part of trial and error. It’s a costly way to learn but anything you learn through error will be a lesson well learned. People shouldn’t take failures as absolute, rather just a small obstacle for a bigger objective.

  201. I have “failed” over and over! Just a matter of whether you get up and walk on…

  202. I am experiencing failure. I know there might be many of them await ahead. But I just know I will succeed in the end. Thanks for those inspiring words.

  203. Not only does it make you stronger it allows you to appreciate your triumphs even more. Being consistent and doing something you are passionate about are key to success.

  204. Failure… hmmm… I think this is well known word in this modern world. It is more importent how you react on failure, if this is something that gets you stronger, than no biggy, but it can have oposit efect and drive you down to the bottom.

  205. I use the quote from Ford.

    It goes something like this.
    “Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again. This time more intelligently.”

    And even though it’s the most frustrating thing in the world, working your ass off and getting nothing, in the end it’s all worth it.

    Everything in this world has a price that you have to pay if you want to have it.

  206. Fear of failure is understandable enough. Sometimes though I think that fear of sucess has been holding me back most of the time.

  207. Fear of failure mostly makes it difficult for me to speak in public…I really hate it. Fear to say something the wrong way…and afraid of what people may think of me when speaking.

    So fear of failure also depends on the context and the situation you are in. In some situations I don’t mind to fail and on others I do mind(like in an important job interview, etc.)

    The best mindset would be to relax and to let it go. Almost be like a buddhist.

  208. Good to see the high spirits and rising up from failures. This is what the stuff of legends are made of. I wish you more and more success.

  209. Thats what its all about isn’t it… we definately learn from our failures. The secret is to never give up.

    cheers for the post.

  210. Dude you are so on point with this.

    Life is all about failing quickly so you can learn from your failures.

    I fly helicopters and let me tell you what, you fail a lot when you learn to fly! Though luckily there is an instructor there to help you out.

    The motto should be, fail quickly so you can get it right!

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  211. well not all who fell down can get up straight right at first, but that’s how it goes. life is basically just about surviving the game. if you fell and gave up that easy, you’ll lose in no time…

  212. I was just like one – afraid to fail. However, after I started to accept failure as part of life and think positively, I managed to overcome gradually. Just take failures as an experience and learn from it.

  213. I always believe that a failure is just a step to the success. Without it we won’t appreciate success.

  214. I remember when I was in the Army, I used to see many of my fellow soldiers failed their physical fitness test. Some failed not only once but several times as physical fitness takes time to train and improve. However, despite the many failures, with the proper motivation and encouragement, everyone seemed to somehow improve and passed the test after several tries. what I can say here is, DON”T GIVE UP, keep on trying and you will eventually taste SUCCESS.

  215. It’s always a slow grind, especially when trying to chase success in this economy. But it’s all about keeping at it, a can do attitude really goes a LONG way.

  216. I think going trough failures is just making you stronger! This phases are must for anyone who want to compete in some way.

  217. Its a good job Thomas edison didn’t decide he was a failure – otherwise we would all be in the dark!

  218. Yes you cant learn by your mistakes if you dont have failure, dont wish it was easier, wish you had more wisdom.

  219. Things of that nature seem relative. We will remember the hits and forget the misses. Positive reinforcement .but the placebo effect has this benefits.

  220. Sometimes you eat the bar, and well, sometimes it eats you. That there ain’t no eastern thing either dude.

    Tak’er easy Dudes

  221. I am a failure too. At least in my (ex) girlfriend’s parents’ eyes.
    They didn’t like me because I had no degree and was about to give up my 9-5 job for an IM career.
    Eventually I broke up with her because I couldn’t stand that mentality anymore..

    That’s probably just the way it is.

  222. You gotta crawl before you stand… gotta stand before you run! Interesting post 🙂

  223. I have to agree with ‘real estate agents’ above.

    Sure, to win big – you need to take risks in life. But what if you keep taking them and you keep failing. Ten times? A Hundred?

    Theres only so much each of us can take. At some point, you take so many risks and fail at so many more, that you lose the will to take them on.

    I agree one may need to break out of the 9-5 routine – if thats what bringing one down. But what if your 40 and have adult responsibilities? What if you’re a single mom barely making ends meet? Or what if youre like me – under 30, no responsibilities but cant get anywhere in any career you’ve tried? How do you face the risk, how to think of introducing anyone into your life, if you cant even take care of yourself?
    If anything, being risk-averse is what has kept me able to just look after myself, rather than multiply my problems.

    When do you stop and say ‘Okay, Reality Check time’?
    Life isnt like the movies – theres not necessarily a happy ending when you take enough risks. You can get sad endings, and perhaps even more crudely, no ending at all. It just is what it is.

    While I may not agree entirely – it was an inspiring post to read. Thanks for writing – I wish it will inspire hope in someone out there.

  224. After all of 49 years, I have had my ups and downs in life, some call a success good luck and failures bad luck. But in my opinion there is no such thing as absolute success and absolute failure. We all start with small steps, small successes which finally add up to a complete “grand Succcess”.
    My opinion is – thing of small successes, small steps, enjoy each and every such achievement, and finally we see ourselves on the top.

  225. That was a great post. It gave me some hope and put things into perspective. Overnight success doesn’t happen to most of us.

  226. Thanks for sharing. It reminds me of a great quote:
    “The person who overcomes FAILURES is the one who SUCCEEDS.” Its a great learning.

  227. To dismiss democracy in such a nonchalant manner is reprehensible. Elections are the time to judge competency and due diligence. Sadly, as a centre right voter and National supporter this is my line in the sand

  228. I always stick to my school motto, which is “Try and Try again until you succeed at last.”

  229. Assured that i’ll be coming back to see more updates and read great thoughts again in your blog! Thanks!

  230. This type of blog post will surely hit to many viewers. An excellent content and valuable for its content. Many thanks for posting it up!

  231. I think that every failure is just one more step towards success. Keep on keeping on. That’s all that we can do. 🙂

  232. A person has to treat failure as just one more step in the road, then keep pushing on. If not, then he will stop and fail permanently – if one keep moving he hasn’t ‘officially’ failed yet.

  233. Failure is part of life you just need to keep plugging away at it till you acheive what you want.

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  235. Very inspiring and motivational post. Thanks for sharing this experience with us.

  236. I felt like a failure for a long time while I was working in a coffee shop because I knew inside I wanted to get out of that job and travel the world. I decided to quit the job one day and move to chicago in a sink or swim effort and it was the best decision I could make. I have been traveling ever since.

  237. People often overlook the fact that the most successful people in the world fail more often than they succeed. Baseball is probably the perfect example of a career where, in order to be a superstar, you will fail more than you succeed. A 350 batting average means a failure rate of 65%. And it would put you solidly into the ten best ALL TIME batters.

  238. Great post. I know exactly what you are talking about. Fear of failure is the reason why most people are not living up to their potentials.

  239. The best about your blog is the way you write it. Almost perfect grammar and I’ve learned a lot of things. May I know your twitter account so that I can follow all your new blog? Guess you deserve to follow. Thanks by the way.

  240. i run my own business but i still end up working the 9-5! great article, good for thought

  241. It’s really sad that so many people fail because they quit just as they are about to become successful and never really know.

  242. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. People like to blame others for not accomplishing things. Fear is yet another scapegoat. Stop blaming fear and start taking action and things will start happening. Persistence is the key.

  243. When I first saw the title of this post I was kind of turned off by it, but I totally agree with the concept. I have also failed many times and actually had loved ones working against me and still succeeded!

  244. failure is a must before success. That the experience that you have to go through. Hard work to success would 70 %. Only use luck to be success that maybe just one in the billion.
    Stand up again when fall will bring you nearer to success.

    From 2009 to 2011, you have solve most of the problem you face now.
    Wasn’t that success to you .

  245. When you’re very close from being broke, you cannot afford to fail. Inspirational post, food for thought.

  246. Failure to me is a way to mature in the thing that we failed at, if we don’t give up.

  247. This is really a fascinating blog, lots of stuff that I can get into. One thing I just want to say is that your Blog is so perfect!

  248. Failure only means you need to do more. It’s the way learning process are, sometimes we failed. No one didn’t experience failure.

  249. You will never succeed until you try, and if you’re afraid to fail, then there is no hope to succeed. Take risk and make money.

  250. Great post, I think anyone who is sucessful in life will at some stage have had a setback or failure before reaching their goal.

    As my old martial arts instructor used to say ‘You are only a failure if you give up!’

  251. Failure is just a start to be success. Keep making mistakes, and fixing them for better …

  252. I have failed over and over again on line. Thanks to all those failures I can honestly say it’s because of that that I’m finally making money.

  253. […] are so you don’t walk off, after that you’ll have to get off you butt, work at it and fail more than once, if you want to make some […]

  254. Failure is lesson. Thanks for sharing your failure with us. I enjoyed reading this article.

  255. I like the points where you said failure is an educational experience. Perhaps one day I can look back to all the list I’ve done and think the same way as you think now…Well, I’m trying my luck at building local sites 🙂

  256. Most people are so afraid of failing (learning in my book) that they won’t even try (when that is really the only true example of failure). I have a strong desire to learn and know that success takes failure. I’ll die trying to succeed rather than do nothing…

  257. During my life, I’ve had a lot of near-misses at some wonderful opportunities…but each one fell through. Not because my work wasn’t good (hence the interest in the first place), but because of circumstances, some of them pretty idiotic. So I walked away from my heart’s desire for some years to work a 9-to-5 job…and I hate it. Now, later in life, I’m trying again. I face discouragement a little bit better now, I think. Reading articles like yours really help inspire me, Jeremy, and I thank you. Reading about your experiences has really picked me up. I’m not walking away this time. I’ll keep trying until I succeed.

  258. I think success and failure are relative concept. One who is successful in one sense may be very sad and a complete failure in general. What is more important is to give our very best as per one’s potential and then whatever happens he/she will not feel guilt.
    Our thinking and evaluation of our self makes us either a success or a failure.

  259. I think the best lessons in life come from our failures… though i have to admit the though of failure in anything you do i s a scary one if you are not used to failing.

  260. I think we have all been there at some stage in our lives. Its how you sub-consciously view the world that creates the real success in your life. Many people walk around believing success is something that just happens

  261. What a breath of fresh air! I wish more people would tell it like it is- regarding the ‘benefit’ of failure.

    I worked for a traditional employer for twenty years and rose through the ranks to manager, and then decided to start my own marketing and internet affiliate business. Have I failed? My goodness- it is a book in itself and then some. Failure is how I learned and continue to learn. It is what makes me strong and determined to kick butt next time! I have picked myself up and gotten back on the horse, so to speak, and that is how I progress.

    I know of other people that have been planning for thirty years and are still looking into it! What about you?

    Act and learn from mistakes. If you never fail, you will probably not be doing anything either.

  262. When i ‘hit a brick wall’ once or twice – for any husband and wife decades truly, in advance of I actually grew to be prosperous on the internet. My partner and i put on’capital t genuinely view it as declining thoug – My spouse and i look at it as “Keep seeking right up until you will find something which actually works.”

  263. […] have written about my biggest failures…. or what others would have considered major […]

  264. thats completly right jeremy. it took me a year to make my first dollar online ( i was actually losing money on paid traffic ) and i ended up finally making like 20 – 30 bucks / day and i was a complete idiot because i didnt take advantage of the success and scale to the next levep. it took me another 4 – 5 months to find the next campaign and it was making like 100 / day but i learned my lesson i scalled the shit out of it every where and it was profitable every where netting almost 2 k / day pure profits.

    take ur time believe in what ever you’re doing and good things gonna happen.

  265. thats completly right jeremy. it took me a year to make my first dollar online ( i was actually losing money on paid traffic ) and i ended up finally making like 20 – 30 bucks / day and i was a complete idiot because i didnt take advantage of the success and scale to the next levep. it took me another 4 – 5 months to find the next campaign and it was making like 100 / day but i learned my lesson i scalled the shit out of it every where and it was profitable every where netting almost 2 k / day pure profits.
    take ur time believe in what ever you’re doing and good things gonna happen.

  266. Great information. Lucky me I discovered your blog by accident (stumbleupon). I have bookmarked it for later!

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    It is pretty worth enough for me. Personally, if
    all web owners and bloggers made good content as
    you did, the net will be much more useful than ever before.

    I could not refrain from commenting. Well written!
    I agree in part to this opinion, but maybe i need to
    think about it more

  268. I am also a failure.
    In IM failure is the pillar of Success.
    When you need to get success in any project, you must fail twice in that to make your success even better, and bigger.
    As it’s human nature that we donot remember those where we haven’t put our effort.
    through failure, we used to spend more and more time on a particular project.

  269. Aw, this was a very good post. Taking the time and actual effort to generate a superb article… but what can I say… I hesitate a lot and never seem to get anything done.

  270. I don’t consider it failing unless you give up and you don”t learn anything from it. If you learn something from it, it was a successful learning experience that will help you in your next go. If someone just gives up, and doesn’t learn anything out of the experience, then yeah, that sounds like a pure failure.

    “Failing” is part of the learning process.

  271. Anxiety is unquestionably an naff and eating monster. It helps make unfavorable emotions flare up less hard, and you are likely to be no fun to get all all-around. Many persons have panic daily, that’s not vital. Try out and about the ideas in this posting, and you’ll be able to rest a lot more and cut down oneself connected with stress.

  272. […] are so you don’t walk off. After that you’ll have to get off your butt, work at it and fail more than once, if you want to make some […]

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