Started playing with the Myspace Advertising platform. I really dig it.  Its very easy to use… by far the easiest I have ever used.

When you first hit the page you just choose the name of your campaign and if you want to build a ad on the site (wait till you see how slick this is) or upload one you have previously made.

I choose to build my own ad… for ShoeMoney Tools.

Now when you build your own ad you have 2 choices in size. The standard 728x90px leader board or 300x250px rectangle. I choose the rectangle. Then you are presented a TON of premade templates that makes making your ad very very simple.

I choose the plain white one and uploaded a shoemoney logo using the image tool then using the text tool made some small copy.

After you are happy with the design of your graphic banner then you can save it.

Then you simple pick your destination url and pick your demographics:

At the end you post your budget:

Now the campaign above is not one I am going to run. I do not feel MySpace would be a good place to market shoemoney tools =P. But I did do some other stuff I am interesting to see how they do. There reporting looks pretty good.

I really like the possibilities with this advertising platform.  I think the ability of the demographic targeting being so specific you can do some interesting things with some brick and morter companies (like my dentist neighbor).

I will share what I find out soon 😉

So have you used the Myspace Advertising platform? What has been your experience?

Full Disclosure: We have been talking to MySpace about advertising their advertising platform on for a bit. In doing research on the platform I started using it and thought I would make this post. Its quite possible in the very near future you will see advertisements from MySpace for the platform. This post was not any part of that advertising deal.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

106 thoughts on “MySpace Advertising Platform Is Pretty Slick”
    1. It is pretty slick, I definately agree with you HSD…
      I have a question for you shoemoney. Do you dig it or do you digg it???
      Haha online mmo jokes are so funny

  1. Looks good, I have to say I’m impressed with both facebook and myspaces platform. Compare them to Yahoos, which In my opinion is the worst out of the bunch. I haven’t had much success with facebook ads in terms of click through rate, but I’m still willing to give myspace a go.

    1. On the contrary, I’ve had tons of success with Facebook. It offers much better targeting than Adsense and other campaigns.

      1. I guess it just depends on your campaigns. To me it just seems like advertising gets ignored on social networks because people focus more on who commented on their profile, messages, etc. The ad copy or banner must have to stand out to get good click through rates then.

    2. clog, remember John feature a guy who gave him his first 10000.00 he made from face book. You should check it out. I went to the guys site but was overloaded with the….sign up pop ups all over the place. I don’t know if it has changed or not or even how the “new” fb has changed advertising. It seems that you can use advert in any form at any place as long as you focus on the niche… fact there is a book entitled…..”riches in niches”

    3. I disagree, although Yahoo has its flaws, it’s still a solid ad platform that can provides a audience that converts well..

    1. I’m Canadian and I still set one up, just put in a US postal code / city. I put the rest of the info as my real.

  2. Very informative post about myspaceads. Hope you will post more details about your experience with myspaceads later.

  3. I launched my campaigns the night it opened. Finally I got approved yesterday evening.

    CPC’s are going through the roof already and im seeing hardly any clicks and have had no conversions.

    I am running similar campaigns to what I ran on facebook at their launch & so far I am not impressed.

    Also, their whole “AGE” crap is blown. How many underage people on myspace make their age 99 years old so their profile is public, same for how many of age people make their age 99 so you don’t know their real age.

  4. I set up a campaign this morning and it’s already doing a 20% conversion. I am liking myspace ads so far.

    1. how did you get approved that fast? Current approval wait times are up to 16 hours.
      “Please note: Ads are reviewed in the order in which they are received. We appreciate your patience during the review process. During the beta test of this advertising platform we will have MySpace SSAP agents approving ads Monday thru Friday, from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM (Pacific Standard/Daylight Time). “

      1. Actually your right my mistake. I was only looking at my affiliate network and noticed an increase in one of my campaigns I was testing which I was also doing some testing with myspace. Must have gotten them mixed up. As it stands the myspace ad isn’t yet approved. My bad.

  5. Looks pretty slick. I might have to check that out later. Echoing what was said above, mention of how the click-throughs turn out would be good to know as well.

  6. Wow.. It is good if we can advertise on myspace..
    They have millions and millions of user..
    If we can get attention about 0.01% of them it will give more traffic to our blog

    1. I’m not sure if advertising your blog on myspace is a smart idea. It’s really meant for companies that want to target kiddies or affiliate marketing.

      1. I’m sure if you convince them to read your blog and stick around (must be a topic of interest to kiddies and teens, ie: Cars) you could convert them later.

    2. I don’t know about that one Bryn. Every age group uses Myspace. However i think your right that you will probably find more in the 12-16 18-24 age range. But thats changing. I know some chiropractors and real estate agents that use Myspace specifically for their marketing and they have had huge success targeting people interested in coming in for an office visit for back problems or wanting to buy a home.

      1. Things are changing, but certain age groups are doing so much slower than others. Retirement age folks are starting to catch on, but many of the “computer savvy” folk I’ve met in that age range prefer to spend time visiting forums. At some point I think you reach a critical difference in the preferred form of communication.

  7. Looks pretty damn slick… I was looking at this just yesterday but skipped on it as I didnt think the MySpace crowd would convert for me. Thanks for the post!

  8. Very cool, but I wonder how effective advertising for a make money online type blog would be.

    1. If you are selling a product I’d go for it. I have a small handful of niches that could possibly benefit from myspace ads, so maybe I’ll try some ads this winter.

    1. I think the bigger banner placements may prove to be better but minimum .25 cpc is the tradeoff.

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  10. I think this is going to be as tough as Facebook. But, at the same time, I feel like you should be able to figure it out just like with Adwords.

    Find the sweet spot and slam it home, but I think the Myspace sweet spot is going to be harder to find.

    Will give it a try though, like always. Thanks for the post!

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  12. This is interesting would work really good for my site.. I may have to check into it if it’s not to expensive 😛

  13. I cant wait to see what the ROI is for myspace. I am a bit skeptical about it! But the ability to target such small groups could be very helpful! I look forward to the next post on this!

  14. Holy crap, I had no clue MySpace even had the ad serving platform and thought it all was solely trhough G placements. I’m launching a new community site soon, so this is definitely a good thing to know.

  15. Wait a second… From the screenshot… “Consumers click on your ad, they go to your profile”. What the heck??? So in order to get the MySpacers to my site, I have to convince them to click twice?

    1. Yeah..I don’t like that either. The whole point of even advertising on there would be to take them to your page or affiliate page.

      Getting them to that point takes twice as much effort and does not make sense with 0.25c per click without even getting to the actual landing page.

    2. Where do you see the statement that says the link goes to your profile? I see This is the page on your site people will visit when they click on your ad and Shoe has his page’s URL in the field.

        1. wow…Didn’t gave any attention to that part. If it’s so, then advertising on MySpace is pointless.

  16. thanks for the disclosure. I haven’t used myspace in quite sometime and have put it on things to do. thanks to your post i think that I am going to go back and attempt to empliment it into my social network of sites. like any other site…your ROI depends on how you do it. It goes for the same a realestate. If you do it right you can make a lot of money … if you don’t….well ….we know the answer to that one.

  17. This is a good review of the Myspace Advertising Platform. I am getting ready to do some experimenting with this system myself. From what I can tell, it seems fairly similar to Facebook’s. I wonder which one will produce better results.

  18. woah.. interesting they are doing banner advertising vs simple text ads.. I guess I will have to check it out I think the avg IQ drops 30-35 points on myspace vs. facebook so should be some good conversions! P.S. don’t get pissed, I am on myspace 😛

  19. thats REALLY cool im going to definitely use this in the near future for my website that im working on…thanks Jeremy

  20. Interesting review. Have you actually considered using facebook advertising, instead of Myspace?

  21. Jeremy don’t you think they might not advertise on your site now after you did it for them for free ?

  22. It’s not working for me.

    I go to the advertise page. I click on “click here to get started”, then I type in my campaign name, but it won’t let me click on either “build your ad” or “upload ad” or w/e. It says “error on page”.

    Maybe because I’m in Canada…

  23. I dont know I can really advertise on myspace using there advertising avenue. Pls for those who are into it already, can u pls say which one is better, Facebook ads or Myspace Ads

    1. Yeah, it’s a bit expensive unless you’re selling something. That said, it’s not too hard to find things to sell nowadays!

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  25. I’m going to be honest. When I go to Facebook or Myspace, I’m not trying to click on ads. I think the mindset of most people going in is ” to see who left me a message or commented on my profile”. I think there is some “banner blindness” with advertising on Facebook and Myspace. Don’t know of to much people who have had success with it. Shoe let us know how your campaigns favor.

    1. It WOULD be interesting to see a report on ad clicks in Myspace. vs Facebook, and even Myspace vs “ordinary” websites.

  26. That does seem pretty slick, I guess I never ever visit in fact I have probably only typed it in about 5 times to view profiles other than that of bands… It just never caught my interest…

  27. This may sound very odd, but I’m unable to click on neither the “Build An Ad” button nor the “Upload My Ad” button. Does anyone else have that problem?

  28. I like this idea, but it sounds similiar to Google Adwords. Like I said before, I hate Adwords. You lose way too much of your money. Is this some sort of bid on keywords thing? Or are you paying for the amount of time the ad is displayed?

  29. Well I tried the facebook system and I think it was easy to use. I just never saw good enough results to warrant keeping on it. We mainly targeted back to school bedding for college students using the interests of college/dorm as the target Using out site Did a further subset for female, etc. Mayb’e I’ll try it again now that they have their new template.

  30. Ha, learned something new. I agree MySpace would not be best for this platform. Great for online stores and other Template sites. I will try it and see how well it does. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  31. I want to ask you something – do you think using facebook advertising coupons codes are really worth it? Do they give some real traffic to a site?

  32. How long have people been waiting to get their ads approved? I’m wondering if larger campaigns or campaigns with larger audiences get approved faster.

  33. Myspace advertising is an interesting concept but Id think you would be better off advertising on facebook

  34. Every is trying to come up wiith something like Google Adsense, but i am sure google adsense is the best and probably will be best, always..

  35. Hi – I’ve tried using MySpace ads and neither the “Build an Ad” or “Upload my ad” button. I’ve tried using IE & FF!

    Any ideas?

  36. Hi,

    I’ve tried using their ads, but neither “Build an ad” or “Upload my ad” buttons work in IE or FF. Any ideas?

  37. if you use adblock you can’t see anything. just an FYI. Also seems like a golden advertising opportunity for musicians.

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