Google appears to have soft launched this site for Google Chrome, its open source browser, which is slated for release on Windows tomorrow.

The site provides the screenshot above, plus a set of demonstration videos that can’t actually be played because they have either been removed or set to private. We’ve uploaded the splash screens to these videos so you can at least get a fuzzy sense of what Chrome’s features look like.

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By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

138 thoughts on “Google Web Browser Aka Google Chrome Sneak Peak”
  1. I’m sure this will get a lot of press and a lot of people trying out Google’s new browser.

        1. You do have to wonder how FF will react since google is its default homepage and they have a partnership of sorts… (Google partially funds them)

        2. They’ll probably still sponsor FF. And I predict that they’ll merge the two browsers together sooner or later.

        1. Why stop at a toolbar when you can build an entire browser to collect information? 🙂

  2. If i could bet on one thing, the new browser should be verrrrrry powerful. However, I don’t think it will become an opera killer, since I can access just about anything google with my default. Should be interesting. Great find shoe!

    1. you’re right!
      If google didnt want people to see it early, why did they put the page up originally? :-S

        1. More like generating buzz… now people want to know more but they can’t get more!

  3. Wow, expected but still caught me by suprise, at least this is good: “we are making all of our code open source as well”.

    Windows only (for now), might be my first reason to try boot camp hehe.


    1. It looks really nice. And anything by Google is gold. Me thinks Firefox has some competition.

      1. It will probably still take a while to get used to but will probably be good for the long term

  4. I wonder if it’s possible to crash googles servers if enough people are downloading like firefox download day, most likely not but anythings possible.

    1. might not come close… could just be better… with the kind of resources at googles disposable, come on you can expect micracles

      1. I agree with you JumboCasher I just hope it is compliant so that we dont have to start coding for another browser

    2. yes, it would be pretty hard for Chrome to outrank Firefox with his first version. But, never say never, we’ll have to wait and see.

  5. Can’t wait for the release. But maybe I should wait and see so that all the bugs get fixed after the first release.

      1. mozilla may move to yahoo or microsoft that will benefit the biggies n even they might be thinking of this

    1. What if these two will merge together in the future ? Or, this one could finally became a serious competitor to Firefox.

    2. I believe i read somewhere they have agreed another 3 years of funding with firefox. I may have been dreaming 🙂

  6. How long before this turns into a person web OS? It will not matter soon what computer you are on. All you will need is the Google web browser and you will be able to do everything you need.

    1. Yip thats exactly were they are going with this, its brilliant and there will be a solution for the OS in the time to come.

    2. That is what I was wondering. Seems they will have more control over the sites if they own the browser… It could be good for end users though. I don’t want ads on everything though.

  7. Ahh yes, Google Chrome! Of course.

    Reminds me of a scene from Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels… remember, where they’re introducing the villains… [ in a cockney accent] “Now this is Google. And Google doesn’t just have their thumb in a few pies, they have their thumb in every tech pie there is.”

    Now of course, I’m not suggesting that Google is a villain; just that they have their thumb in a lot of pies. It was just the first metaphor that sprang to mind… 😉

    They’ll have their own satellite soon. And a colony on mars before NASA…

  8. Cool, shoe I just wanted to tell you that your blog theme is looking messed up and images are over riding the text in sidebar!

      1. This is Google we are talking about, they can do anything they wish and the benefit to them is having all the apps nicely packaged into the browser it makes perfect sense now that it is out or on the cards.

  9. sweeet! can’t wait. i love how google sponsors initiatives like this, i think it fosters competition and results in cooler products for us.

  10. This is a great advancement for Google in their ever growing field but I honestly believe that Mozilla’s Firefox will never be beat out. Sure it has it’s up and downs but I guess we can’t say for sure until it’s actually released.

    Also Gossip, this is what will encourage further development of Firefox, because competition only leaves room for improvement and further advancement. To Mozilla, they only see this as a chance to better their service and to beat out Google.

    1. Same, but they have made some changes that set chrome apart from the rest – tabs as separate processes etc

  11. One thing Google learned early is to not play around, go for the jugular and finish the job fast. This could very well be the fatality for Microsoft if this pans out to be as big as everything else that google has done to date.

    Only Time Will Tell…

  12. A google browser, hmmm… Well I have a good feeling about this, Google most definitely delivers excellently in everything they produce. I think this browser will have several tricks up it’s sleeves that will surprise us all and push the benchmark of browsers. Let’s wait and see…

  13. I wonder how many people went to GoDaddy first to see if was available?

  14. […] is a demo video from ShoeMoney of Google Chrome for all our viewers to […]

  15. […] is a demo video from ShoeMoney of Google Chrome for all our viewers to […]

  16. […] Google Web Browser Aka Google Chrome Sneak Peak […]

  17. […] (Image from Shoemoney) […]

      1. What else reaches such a broad spectrum as the Internet. Its the closest to the world that

    1. As I see they manage their company damn well so that shouldn’t be a negative perspective.

  18. Looks like the soft launch page and everything else related to Chrome has been pulled, seems odd considering the effort they went thru to get exposure.

  19. I love google. I do. But I hate that mac versions are always ‘to follow’. I accept reality that Windows dominates, but really – why not work on both and release BOTH” at the same time 🙁

  20. Chrome looks like it will have some great security measures in place (sandbox isolation of processes). It’s user interface could be an improvement too (but Firefox is already so easy and intuitive). I can’t wait to try it out.

  21. This is definitely going to be huge. Google does it again by taking something we take for granted and improving it many times over!

  22. This is awesome but will it render as beautifully as Safari? Yippppeeee…. just one more web browser for web designers to design for, how fun for them.

    Google usually simplifies a process so I am excited to see how this idea turns out.

    1. google messing with web standards in their new browser is a nightmare I don’t want to dream.

  23. Not sure if I am going to try this out. I love everything Google but I really like my IE7. I know I know. I should use Firefox.

  24. just downloaded and installed it, definitely very slick. one of the best features is the ‘most visited’ home screen, but I am one of those paranoid guys that deletes all browser data every time I close it so not very relevant for me. 😛

  25. Now you can download Google Chrome. Here’s the link to the download page:

  26. Installed pretty quickly, looks great and first thoughts so far is that it’s pretty good. I really like the “Inspect Element” freature when you right click on the page, it’s handy when you are debugging and need to do find something in a huge page.

    1. Yeah i’m really quite impressed with alot of the features, i’m not sure if there available on other browsers but here are just a few that i like:

      Incognito mode (basically stealth mode, i know ie8 now has it this).
      Taskbar manager with the nerd mode (memory break down including other running browsers).
      Most visited sites page.
      Create application shortcuts (create desktop, quick launch)

      I’ve got to say, for a new release it seems to offer some very nice features, that i’ve personally not found in other browsers, i’ve not looked, so they may be in there somewhere.

      I can’t wait till more developers start getting their into it. Go google! 🙂

    2. Agreed. Very slick for a first release. I’m impressed with the speed most of all. Page loads seem to be much better w/ this vs. opera or ff. As far as I’ve seen, it hasn’t broken any of my sites. Woohoo! it’s at least moderately standards compliant.

  27. I’m not raring to try it out. I doubt it’ll do anything to fill the space that Firefox occupies in my heart.

    1. Firefox imo is getting too bloated 🙁 I did a test running the three browsers and the same webpage:

      Chrome 56,020k
      IE 7.00.6000.16386 93,644k
      Firefox 3.0.1 70,428k

      I’ve not got around to upgrading to IE8 as you can see.

  28. I am going to stick to firefox for now. I just don’t feel like changing up browsers on release because I have bad memories switching over to Vista so quickly.

  29. Jeremy, just drove down to LA to meet with Warner Brothers. (my ‘real job’ is video systems engineering, an senior techical project management), that is until I hit a home run on that skin care campaign…

    Saw your post once I got net-connected. Did you know that Google just broke The Firefox SEO ranking capabilities? In fact none of my ranking tools are working for Google. Evidently, Google wants it’s social networking plans to include not only your YouTube habits, but also they want to target ads based on the social sites you visit… hmmm another pre-Christmas Google-slap to the Affiliates out there?
    “It seems like Google implemented a feature (which is transparent to searchers) but really messes up tools that are used to check your rankings in Google.

    From the forums in cyberspace…

    “WebPosition Gold, as well as other ranking report tools (scraper based tools – including the SEO Firefox plugin) have been impacted.
    “Some are predicting the end of reporting on Google rankings is near!”

    Google does not want us to know HOW their social features affect search rankings.
    Why? Because they WILL be the basis for their new search algorithms.
    Google is already integrating your Google profile with local search.
    Google is already integrating YouTube with your Google profile.
    We already know that Google has integrated your Google Reader, Gmail, a Friends list and your profile.
    Google will know everything about us, what we like and be able to deliver bullseye advertising everytime.
    What is in this for you and me?
    The greatest viral marketing engine on the planet and just by using it you will build advantage on your competition.

    Respectfully, Nicholas

  30. Downloaded it, installed it. pretty slick, nice and quick, really clean..
    user agent is Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/525.13 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/525.13

  31. I’m using Chrome as we speak. It’s already better than FF. It’s quicker, smoother, everything seems to load fluid… great browser. Also, the simplicity and look I think will be it’s biggest asset, like Google’s search engine; the look of simplicity allows them to dominate I think, people like simplicity. This browser is class.

  32. i’m willing to try it out just to see if it works more efficiently than FireFox… if it’s faster than Firefox and isn’t IE, then i’ll use it

  33. Jeremy, Chrome looks like a great way to extend the indexing of web surfers / users like Google Desktop did.

    Now they will integrate data from YouTube videos and what you are watching, with GMail, and Chrome will tie Google’s social maketing statistics to serve the user with ‘relevant ads’. A freaking ‘VIRAL-Marketing’ home run for Google, and you? Respectfully, Nicholas

  34. I have been playing around with a browser called Flock ( It is supposed to make it easier to add things to your blog if you find something interesting on a site you want to include. I would be interested in other people’s opinions on this browser and if it is really useful or not.

    It seems that many browsers are created equal as far as what they can do but for some reason I have a problem with IE just closing itself without warning and it is based on some plug-in that is installed. I read that Flash is giving more browsers problems these days.

    Maybe the Google browser will solve this?

  35. Can’t wait to try it out- actually tried to download it but it didn’t install right for some reason…

  36. Google of the early 2000’s is much like Microsoft in the 1990’s getting a complete monopoly in the internet market. I wonder which company will be the leading internet tech player of the 2010’s..

  37. […] is a demo video from ShoeMoney of Google Chrome for all our viewers to […]

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  39. it will be awhile before google chrome can take over , personally I use both firefox and IE , IE is for everyday browsing it’s just much more efficient and works a lot faster in my computer than firefox.. I use firefox and I like it mainly because of the add-ons.

  40. i really like chrome…the problem….it still doesn’t work for mac. the other commenter was right that windows still dominates but google has the resources to put teams on this thing. well, it seems that that way. Luckly i have parallels. But since Google is trying to be innovative why not start with mac first? if it is a difficulty issue then once the mac version is available then the pc side will come through pretty quickly.

  41. Looks like everone has an opinion on their favourite browser however bear in mind IE 6/7/8 + firefox are enough headaches for webdesigners to deal with let alone Chrome – Google might be a bit late convicing designers to do even more work – chris – web design cheltenham

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