On my dev box I upgrade via subversion every night to the latest version. Its what is called “bleeding edge” and not considered stable (or even beta for that matter) but I love to dink around with what is coming.

It should be noted wordpress 2.7 is scheduled for release on November 10th (more then 2 months from now) and I suspect these things will drastically change.

There was a lot of speculation of new things coming in wordpress 2.7. Threaded comments, subscribed comments and lots of other interesting things have been thrown around.

2 things have been implemented that got my attention.

The new dashboard is super slick.

I really love the new design. 99% of the time when I log in its to make a new post and the new dashboard has plenty of options to do that.

Another new feature that got my attention was the “inbox”.

Not much is known about this new inbox system but it looks like it could be a message system of some sort between bloggers.

I will let you know as I see new features implemented in the bleeding edge.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

92 thoughts on “WordPress 2.7 Preview”
  1. Wow. Very slick. I had a problem when I went to 2.6. It didn’t play nicely with my database. Did you run into that when you went from 2.5 to 2.6? And/or did that seem to go away after 2.6.1?

    Thanks for sharing. See you at Blog World Expo?

    1. Hi Chris-

      everything is good so far. I wont be at blogworld doing izeafest instead (I am keynote speaking)

      EDIT – I will be at blogworld now!

      1. is this a plugin or v2.7 beta ?
        How you got that wp panel and these threaded comments before the release ?

        1. I have never gave a keynote speech before. It will be good experience for me. Blogworld I am sure will be a blast it was one of my favorite conference last year

  2. So you saying that Threaded comments is coming in with the 2.7 version?
    What if we don’t need it?

    Btw the dashboard panel looks superb and sleek!

    1. Even though threaded comments was rumored to be included in 2.7 it is still not in any form. If I had to guess I would say it is not going to be included in 2.7.

      1. Then its good and cool. And the other options too, should be optional as everyone would not like them.

        1. Any threaded comments functionality will come in the form of an API, and it’ll have to be added to your theme.

      2. which threaded comments plugin is this? it’s integrated quite well though the textarea doesn’t wrap to fit the smaller “reply” box (not a big deal though)

  3. That inbox feature is news to me as well. I’ll also be doing a WordPress 2.7 preview as well this weekend to highlight all sorts of changes that may be coming down the pike.

    1. It seems pretty logical. For sure bloggers should be able to exchange messages if there are multiple on one blog. However, I would think that even comment notices would come here as well.

  4. Hmm… Maybe I should get an hands-on experience with it. The screenshots definitely look good and the threaded comments feature is something that I’m really looking forward to, because I always prefer built-ins to plugins.

    1. Can say Im a fan of the new WordPress admin theme…. Its better than the old one but I thought I would see something slicker/

  5. This looks like an interesting development.. inbox feature now what’s that.. am all excited now!

  6. this looks nice and i appreciate you beta testing.
    when it comes to finding bugs
    better you than me

    have you noticed any plugin or other issues yet?
    thanks and take care,

  7. Doesn’t look too bad, although like you said, it is still 2 months before they even release it.

    I’m sure a lot of things are going to change with it before then, some for the better or maybe some for the worst.

    1. They need to start adding some real features though… Other than 2.5 most of their updates have been minor improvements and bug fixes.

  8. New design looks really cool. But WordPress itself is just awesome. I’ll never regret moving my blog to WordPress.


  9. I wonder how much are they going to add to it and when is it going to stop. I know that from a business point of view, they just need to go on but come on, how much to add to it?

  10. concerning your 2nd point – “inbox”:
    I guess the WP-guys are trying to bring the first features of BuddyPress (Social Networking) into wordpress. but that’s just my thinking.

    1. That’s a pretty good guess I’d say. With social networks being extremely successful, it would be a smart move to integrate this sort of functionality directly into wordpress instead of relying on third party services.

  11. Looks nice – I like the upgrades, I just hate having to go through the update process every month 🙁
    The inbox feature looks good

      1. Didn’t some people have a problem with that mucking up the upgrade?
        I seem to remember seeing something about that plugin mucking up on the wordpress forums…

  12. Yay we can reply to comments again!
    The “new post” button does look useful indeed. As you said: most of the time you login, it’s because you want to write a post.

  13. really excited to see this in action in our dev environment. curious about the inbox addition.

    1. was question was ironic, right ? Because I don’t see a solid reason not to use threaded comments.

        1. I feel the same…with threaded comments it’s much more easy to follow the discussion.

  14. What a big improvement over the predecessor. This will make my wordpress experience a little bit more different from now on. Nice work WordPress Team. Also nice post from Mr.Shoemoney!!

  15. On one hand I’m glad to see subscribe to posts and threaded comments integrated into the base install, both are great features that shouldn’t be just plugins.

    1. Agreed, they should be options that come with the default install. Along with contact.

  16. Most times I dread upgrading to the new WP, because it’s blown up my database in the past – but with all these features (hopefully), it seems like WP is getting very close to being a complete CMS system. SWEET.

  17. can’t wait for 2.7 to be released. I don’t mind installing a new version so often 🙂

    1. I think it might be overkill.. don’t try to do too much

  18. I can’t wait to get 2.7. I really don’t like 2.6 it just doesn’t seem to flow right and it makes editing new websites with wordpress and getting them set up a pain. It takes me about an hour or so longer to set up a great blog each time. Hopefully 2.7 will have a quicker interface and make everything on one page so I don’t have to click through 3 pages to get to a simple editing task.

  19. …………………………

    Are you SERIOUS?

    … Go and fix wp 2.5, wp 2.6 bugs first. Release 2.6.2

  20. Thanks for the preview Shoe. I’m looking forward to this upgrade. And for the naysayers who complain about updating, I’m using Automatic Updater and it is a snap. “knock on wood” I haven’t had any problems so far with it.

    1. I think Keith Dsouza did a great job recently in making the auto-update work flawlessly. I’m joining the “no-problems” club. I just hope 2.7 doesn’t play havoc with my existing threaded-comments plugin if it does have any such functionality.

  21. hadn’t seen anything about that yet. Looks very interesting, but i MIGHT wait a bit before upgrading. A lot of my stuff got borked going to 2.6 and there was not specific overriding reason to upgrade.

    1. IMO, that would be wise – The last time I upgraded to 2.6, some of my plugins return fatal errors 😛

  22. I still haven’t upgraded to the 2.6.1 that the message at the top of admin keeps telling em to do.

    2.7 sounds like it’ll be pretty cool. I’ll probably delay the update for a couple weeks as usual.

    P.S. I got the ShoeMoney shirt from the comment contest. THANKS! I’ll be sending my pic for the gallery shortly.

  23. Thanks for informing me and i will try to use wordpress now since they have default sitemap and i want to use it.

  24. The admin site looks great. I think its time to update – my blog is still running version 2.3.

  25. Looks great as usual! I’m really excited with all of the admin changes that have been happening lately, the back-end is really coming together from a usability standpoint.

  26. That interface is looking slick! I’ve still not upgraded all my blogs yet so I think I’ll wait the 2 months for 2.7

  27. At first glanced the thing that impresses me the most is a more standard navigation structure. Keep us posted Shoe.

  28. nice, I can’t wait for that one. WordPress has really been upping the features these past few updates.

  29. Jeremy,

    That inbox might be an interesting one – Keep us updated, will ya?


  30. Definitely liking what I see here, and have been a fan of the new design that came with v2.5 so maybe that helps too… 🙂

  31. Good stuff shoe, it looks like a bright and promising future for the wordpress crowd. I have to give props to the developers for doing so well.

  32. I am not a wordpress user but that looks great. It looks like it has way more features than blogger.

  33. Hi, ShoeMoney

    I have some problem with my main page has some problem which all the sidebar widget are display at the blog’s footer. But everything become normal at other page – contact page, online page & etc. I have not idea what is going on my web blog. I already deactived all the wp plugin but still received same problem. Any idea what is going on my wp blog..?


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  35. Hi, ShoeMoney

    I have some problem with my main page has some problem which all the sidebar widget are display at the blog’s footer. But everything become normal at other page – contact page, online page & etc. I have not idea what is going on my web blog. I already deactived all the wp plugin but still received same problem. Any idea what is going on my wp blog..?


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