I am hearing pretty bad reactions to .me registrations this morning.

Here is my experience:

Last night my GoDaddy Rep emailed me and asked what .me domains I was interested in and said he would register them for me right when the land rush started… cool…  I gave him a short list:


ringtones.me (ringtone.me) was reserved but not ringtones.me



fuck.me (hey its funny)

I got into the office a little later this morning about 10:15 and checked my email… hmm nothing from GoDaddy yet… so I tried the API to register them… no dice for .me domains.  Then I went to their bulk registration page and pasted in the domains I wanted.  It said they were all available.  I guess thats bad news good news…

I purchased them all and checked out.   Here is my web receipt:

Then bragged on twitter that I got all the domains I wanted… in which I got hit with a barrage of replies saying they did too but then later got rejected… just then I got the email confirmation:

That made me feel a little better… but then I started getting the bad emails =(


Others around the blogosphere are writing about their frustrations as well. While it seems to be mostly aimed at GoDaddy I think that might be a numbers game as the few people I know who use Enom are reporting the same frustrations.

Bryn Youngblut has writting about his experience here (also great looking blog their Byrn)

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

200 thoughts on “The .me Registration Not Going So Well”
  1. Thanks Jeremy 🙂 (btw it’s Bryn not byrn, but hey I’m used to it)

    This whole domain thing was pretty frustrating not knowing if you got the domain(s) or not but I did manage to get friendfeed.me so I’ll just have to see how that turns out…hopefully no legal issues.

  2. Yeah same exact thing happened to me. After 20 minutes of not getting a rejection later, I started to celebrate. As soon as I thought I was safe, BAM, comes the failure letter.

  3. The weird thing was that I did hand searches one by one for mine and some actually said they were taken so for the ones that said available I thought hey, cool I can get this one” I had about 13 registered and approved until I too got 26 emails stating they all failed. The two I wanted the most was google.me and willyoumarry.me. I was even excited that I thought I had seo.me until a few people on twitter said they did too. But hey it was lots of fun thinking of all of the dirty URLS to get. Still laughing that someone registered pisson.me too!

  4. I also got suckered into a $10 “membership” purchase at Blue Razor (couldn’t get through on Godaddy so I tried other alternative) only to find my domains were already registered.

    Ever get kicked in the nuts? This feels like a virtual one of those.

  5. same here – I tried to register 6 names, just to try it out.

    Went through…shortly thereafter, i got the same rejection email.

    i tried a total of approx. 20 names, all were not successful.

    ahh, F it – might as well spend the money elsewhere. more important matters….then speculating on this bs

  6. I registered 7 – they seemed to go through and then all but one were later rejected.

    I was reading all these posts so I went back right after I placed my order and it said my domains were taken after I took them, so I thought I was save. I didn’t try until 9am PST so I was really surprised that cars.me was still available!

    Shoe – did you ever talk to your GoDaddy rep? It sounds like she dropped the ball, too. I’d be curious to hear what excuse she has.

  7. Glad to see i’m not the only one with a frustrating morning of trying to register some fun .ME domains! After waiting through a slow Godaddy checkout server processing I got my email saying it was registered – YAY – then about an hour later got the boot – BOO – so who knows who got what in the land rush. All I can say is keep trying tomorrow when it all starts to shake out?

  8. […] to see i’m not the only one experiencing problems. Go check out ShoeMoney’s page on his experience this morning with .ME domains. Digg It – Stumble It – Etc It Tags: domains […]

  9. I searched for the one I ordered previously (now in auction w/ others who wanted it) and saw it was available, so I ordered it again. Then got the rejection letter. At least I got in on the “Land Rush” and now can bid on the name I want. Question is how much ($) do I really want it???

  10. Same thing here. Couldnt get what I wanted, but godaddy was quick to take my money.

  11. Was going to register a few but after seeing all the noise on twitter I figured I’d wait and see what’s left after a few days in.

  12. Only registered one (doyoulike.me) and got rejected after the fact. GoDaddy is going to be pushing out some serious refunds.

  13. I’ve got (along with many others) that same Theme Bryn. I have not edited mine like you have though. I love what you’ve done with it.

    I was going to sit there and try to register .me’s but i figured it’d be a waste at 10am as MANY web junkies would be using all of their tools to get every domain possible.

  14. I haven’t done too much except the title and a few minor tweaks here and there but yeah it’s not bad I like it for now. I am very picky when it comes to website design…I like the whole simplicity thing(most of my websites are simple and to the point like google) but I noticed it’s not much of a trend for blogs as you want “stickiness” and lot’s of information so people stick around and read your blog.

  15. That’s why they call it a landrush, imagine everyone running downhill like a buncha chickens rolling over each other.

  16. This should really help with the uptake of use for these TLDs… seriously, it was questionable if they’d be well received to begin with, then they totally botch the sales process with them. Brilliant.

  17. Just filled out their customer satisfaction survey…. I had a few negative things to say about this .me BS.

  18. I got half.me , but I didn’t use Slowdaddy… 🙂

    Moniker rocks when sh*t starts to happen…still… there are are thousands of good unregged domains yet… 😉

  19. Useless??? Do you have any idea what the direct traffic volume for totallyhotbabes69 is? It’s astronomical… really, I swear.

  20. i registered phones.me and cars.me – and like jeremy schoemaker i got the confirmation email, and was very excited but the excitement only lasted about twenty minutes or so until i got second email, that read the same as mr schoemaker’s
    p.s. the same thing also happened with ringtones.me – oh well fuck – em!

  21. Well I think I’ll let the furori die down & see what shakes out. No particular rush just because it’s a new thing.

  22. This same thing totally happened to me too as I only got 1 of the domains I was trying for and rejection letters for the rest. I did make out with joshing.me 😉

  23. GoDaddy had their way with me as well… they were only too happy to charge my card for the domains and send me the confirmation emails. One of my domains had already been registered in the sunrise period and I failed to notice (Thanks for charging me for that one GoDaddy). The second simply didn’t work. The explanation I got from the CS person was, and I’m not making this up, “We actually have no control over whether or not you get the domain you register”[and get charged for] and “You’re free to try one of the other registrars to see if it works there.” Awesome.

  24. Epic Fail! How can you get a confirmation and then 1 hour later be told the registration did not go through. Worse of all, it seems like they are only offering a GoDaddy credit instead of refunding via the credit card.


  25. I searched for 2 domains, they were available… I added them to my cart… by the time I was going to check out they were gone… so I gave up after searching for a few hundred more variations… probably just saved me 80 bucks… 😉

  26. Shoe,

    Nice to hear it’s not just me. I registered several with GoDaddy, received order confirmation and called to confirm they were in fact mine. The rep confirmed “yes, they show up on your account which means they’re yours” and noted how lucky I was to get some of them.


    About two hours later I received the failure notices. The only ones I got to keep were nospam.me, proofread.me and caffinate.me. Bummer. Anyone want them before my wife kills me?

  27. One more thing i noticed
    I booked pizza.com and the site is already up (by the actual owner).The who is data is also present. The other sites i booked do not have a who is data yet.

    Also i got the emails twice, meaning that the system is still trying to identify who bought it first. Or may be, i am just optimistic…

  28. those few 6-figure mobi domains are the exception.

    and even now, in retrospect…i think it’s rather unanimous that .mobi domains are going down the toilet

  29. Yeah it has been a pain in the ass all day. I still don’t know if I got mine or not. No frickin emails from GoDaddy at all, but my card has been charged.

  30. Dude, how can I comment on this article with all of these pictures of hot women on the page. Stop it man…I’m married!

  31. […] of people have been experiencing problems with the .me […]

  32. You can’t make this stuff up:

    Afilias got a sweet deal registering this and tens of thousands of premium .me names back in April.

    The best part is they got a trademark on all the names in the year 1900, 100 years before their incorporation.

    Domain registration for mobile.me
    registered Afilias: 4/29/08
    trademarked applied: 1/1/1900
    trademarked registered: 1/1/1900

  33. I bet GoDaddy is going to lose customers thanks to this. Also, read on some other blog that someone who “purchased” some domains, got his cc charged and that he got his refund in his GoDaddy account as a credit and not on his credit card.

  34. Debbie Downer is behind a desk now at GoDaddy pushing the fail button on everyone. wahhh wahhhhhhhh

  35. I’ve been a long time customer and although I’m pretty unhappy about this, I’m gonna let this one slide…only because I’ve been very happy with their services in just about every other area.

    BUT… They should be held to a much higher standard than the other crappy registrars and they should IMMEDIATELY change their .me registration process. Seriously GoDaddy – is it worth hurting your reputation on a TLD that is eventually going to be worthless?

    At the very least, they should not be charging unless one has successfully registered a .me domain. If one had deep enough pockets, this could turn into a nice legal mess for them.

    GoDaddy – you are acting in a very desperate manner. Shame on you!

  36. .me will never take of. Just like .us .name .mobi etc. It’s .com and .net that rules, and if you don’t got them for your domain you will lose traffic.

  37. I paid for around 20 domains… 3 of which went through … yet I paid for all 20. Now we will see if I get my money back in 1 business day like they suggested.

  38. That was I expected, It’s not the big deal .me is like any other extension .ws or whatever!

  39. Yes, Im totally agree with especially for the .com because people just trust .com they think that you have a serious business, .me is just like a joke!

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  41. .me landrush registration a huge FAIL for many…

    Today at 8 am PDT / 11 am EST registration started for new domains ending in “.me”. I personally attempted many domains most of which were gone already within minutes of opening. Some I searched said available still which I figured was jus…

  42. And at the end of the day, after going thru what seems like a million domain names and hours of trying to get GoDaddy to work, I scored only 1 domain: directions.me. Bastards. I bought in the first batch junk.me and airplane.me. Both sold over the phone. Airplane got taken by someone at ENOM but junk.me was taken by someone at GoDaddy. I checked the WHOIS as I was on the phone with GoDaddy. It was avail. I purchased it, it was avail. Then somehow, GoDaddy had already sold it to someone else. I understand cross registar problems, but within the same company. IDK.


  43. I was able to get mine without issue, well aside from the GoDaddy website being slow as could be. Of course, I only registered the .me version of my name, robertnelson.me

    Nothing really exciting.

  44. I’ve never liked Godaddy, glad I gave this one a miss. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go look for words that end in me ( there are 646), that should keep me busy, like ani.me or inco.me etc. Vanity value only in my opinion.

  45. So you never got the domains? and did you get a refund or did they keep that just to celebrate the failer of .me 😀

  46. .COM is the only way to go. period.

    F .net
    everything else is a joke, to consider starting a site based on any of those extensions.

    that’s the reality of it.

  47. Some c*cksmoke already has a page up trying to sell the one I really wanted. What a d*ck!! 🙂

  48. According to 3 different CrashDaddy reps: “Full refunds will be issued within 3-5 days”

  49. Wasn’t able to get a response either… i get 5 .me domains all about my family names and no response still..

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  51. Yesh you’re right but some people want other TLD’s just for the novelty value. Like with Matt Mullenwegg having MA.TT

  52. Would the only value of a .me domain be registering your real name?

  53. LMAO, how bout BLOW.ME?
    That one probably gets a lot of searches.

  54. LMFAO—–OH that is a classic, there could be so many possibilities.

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  56. I had domains coming out my @#$, but then I ran out of money before I could register them all!

  57. Shoe mentioned enom had issues as well.
    Shoe did you manage to get any of the domains you were after?

  58. Even if you don’t get them right now they should be reserved for your right?

  59. I felt like I hit jackpot after my try for insure.me and quote.me was accepted and I was dreaming how much money I would make with those domains as well as 15 other domains I paid. Sure enough, within 2 hours I got emails for Godaddy saying blah, blah, registration failed…..

    Oh well, back to work.

  60. The same shyt happened with me…I got 3 nice domains with .me and later i got rejected. err.

  61. I hear that a lot of people will have to go to auction if they want to have the same domain. Anyone else hear this?

  62. I attempted to register 3 .me domains with godaddy only to be rejected as well. NOT HAPPY AT ALL! Let’s all be sure to call them and complain if our refund doesn’t happen in one business day like we were told from the email. BAH, no more godaddy….

  63. Thats pretty ridiculous. I guess I would be quite frustrated too although I didn’t really have too many ideas for .me domains.

  64. Well then I’m actually glad I had trouble with GoDaddy right at 8AM PDT. It was lagging for me. Then I figured forget it!

  65. I checked out that URL, It seems like they were just being stupid about the whole thing. It make sense if it was a purchase conflicts between different registrars but the same one.. sounds a bit odd.

  66. Tomorrow will be too late for those types of words. The two you mentioned are gone for sure.

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  68. Glad i didn’t bother with .me . I learnt my lesson after trying to get some .asia domains.

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  70. I think its probably a novelty item to keep for yourself. I doubt it will hit the ceiling but its not bad either. .com is definitely popular but you have to be really unique to find a name thats easy to remember and one that makes sense.

  71. looks like I have some buying to do, or do I wait? Well, even if domains are getting messed up in the reg. process, I will take a chance and try to score a couple….

  72. I thought intelligent people posted here…If you genius speculators (tight wads) would have thought ahead and purchased during the pre reg period you would be better off. Do you think Godaddy owns the names..if you do you are retarded. They are simply the middle man making like 2 dollars off each name, the only reason they do cheap domain names it to sell other products with more margin. Yahoo charges like 30 dollars for .com renewals, networks solutons..wow enom, tucows..they are all in it for the same reason there is no charity, speculators have created this so we must deal with it…I have many contacts in godaddy, they were saying people were trying to buy the names like crazy…the whole reg thing was out of their control…the people handling .me were pulling names and creating premiums before the servers could make then unavailable. it’s hillarious seeing posts by people trying to buy stupid domain names and can’t even afford to renew them in 2 years….get real make this site better by dscussing issues in the it world not godaddy being crappy…I have a server on tucows..it’s down lets discuss that.

  73. This whole thing is getting out of control… All I hear about these new domains is: ” ItAlsoHappenedTo.me ” 🙂

    First success, then celebration and in the middle of doing that little dance we do when we manage to get the domain name we want, then BAM! RE-JECT!

    Guess that’s life…


  74. Still to get feedback from godaddy registered some domains for my clients.Now the clients are frowning on me 🙁 .Just wish it gets sorted out soon

  75. Yeah, it seems that some *other* registrars are somehow faster in registration processing, so that’s the main reason why so many poorDaddy customers left unhappy.

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  77. […] zijn, GoDaddy wist de landrush van .ME namelijk gruwelijk te verpesten melden verschillende bronnen die hier veelal zelf ook de dupe van zijn […]

  78. I find it idiotic that you guys actually think you could go on the website and register popular names, just like that. Give me a friggin break.

    Anyone with a brain would have written a short automatic script to register the domains they wanted for them at exactly the minute of opening. Writing such a script is trivial. By 00:01 from the opening the popular domains were all gone.

    Obviously, GoDaddy could’ve processed the domains faster so that they don’t show up as available for the rest of the people, but there could be tons of reasons for this, including it not really being their fault at all.

  79. Also, I’m not sure which registrars were or weren’t allowed to register the domain, but if one of those faux registrars one of the domainer people own were in on the list, chances are that registrar just owned everyone as they registered all the domain in the first seconds.

  80. Agreed! They’d better get their act together if they want people to embrace their .me domains.

  81. Had a look at your blog, and gave it a StumbleUpon thumbs-up. Will pop by there more often. Keep up the good work!

  82. That happened to .me too! I registered ani.me and then it said that the domain was already registered. Now i got abwt.me and I hope it goes through 😉

  83. And although you’ll eventually get refunded, after bank charges and the like you end up out of pocket. Let’s hope you didn’t promise any of these domains to clients!

  84. That does seem like the prudent thing to do. This whole saga just serves to illustrate the desperate need for fresh real estate in the internet world.

  85. Paypal is another issue that one can write several blog posts about! Let’s not even go there, as I can start spewing forth for hours when it comes to their “service”…

  86. The biggest issue is not that the domains were not availible, but that godaddy charged for domains that where not availible!

  87. GoDaddy was very very slow this morning…. and I was way too cheap to buy anything.

  88. Less than a day later and I could care less about .me. GoDaddy totally torched the .me reputation/branding/etc. with this BS.

    Forever live .com!

  89. GoDaddySucks.ME ! – I got it, I got it!

    Oops, I had it.

    Read my report at Linkmoney.org

  90. I completely forgot about the .ME registration until last night. Of course all the names I wanted are gone…

  91. just an update: if anyone is still reading on this post godaddy refunded my $79.0? what ever it was idk. so i’m happy about that but i still say fuck- em, i be doing business with moniker in the future yesterday was total b.s. and i’m not happy with them.

  92. I was going straight for single word urls. I wonder if it would be a better idea to not allow API’s to access this kind of thing in landrush type scenarios.

  93. I had the same experience with Godaddy with .asia

    I had to keep emailing them to get a refund.

  94. The same here. Got my confirmation mail with my shiny new .me domains, and then one email for each domain saying it was already taken by somebody else.

    very, very proffessional…

  95. […] was the only provider of the domain. Others were even having some issues with .ME registrations. ShoeMoney had multiple issues with his domains and everyone on twitter was expressing their feelings as well. I was all about .ME […]

  96. i just comment here those keyword’s a cost big buck’s because unrelated as far as i can tell

  97. i just learned about .me the day before from my friend keeb so your comments don’t apply to me especially the one about not being able able to renew i made two million last year

  98. Yea, I was going through the same thing. Pretty much the same email proccess also. I was happy then pissed.


  99. Oh man, we had major issues yesterday with GoDaddy as well re .ME domain. Its comforting to know others did as well. We had successfully ‘bought’ a handful of domains, and all were rejected in the end. We were told that the registrar was having issues with the high volume. Why didn’t they anticipate this? isn’t this their business? ridiculous. We thought that something fishy was going on…let’s face it, domains are like shares..they all have value. Perhaps there is some insider trading going on…who knows.

    Director, Mediatrust

  100. johnny, was this pre reg period on godaddy? I was unaware of a pre-reg. In your opinion, are their better, more effective ways of buying new domains when new extensions are released?


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  102. Has anybody actually gotten rebates yet? I paid GoDaddy through PayPal and haven’t received anything yet. 3 domains at $40 a pop.

  103. Is anyone else *still* getting denial letters? I just got another one for the.me, hopefully they aren’t charging my card each time they re-try!

    Remember, if you don’t get a refund from GoDaddy, you can always initiate a charge-back with your credit card company.

  104. […] The twittersphere was abuzz with “I just registered 10 awesome domains” as everyone placed their orders. Almost everyone was sorely disappointed, however, when they started receiving “failed to register” emails from GoDaddy. Essentially Godaddy took a lot of people’s money but failed to register most domains. […]

  105. Julian,
    Sure there are.. It takes a little digigng , but usually when a new .com or whatever comes out the company that owns them will have a website..for exaomple .me is on domains.me…they have usually 3 stages 1) invitation only IE: trademark, big companies that want their names. 2) I think it’s called sunrise where anyone call go to a registrar and pay usually quite a bit more and apply for a name…then finally the Landrush which was the fiasco yesterday…I feel if you have a need the pre reg period is woth the money..for example I wanted justine.me one of my daughters names…well it was created july 9th…so it seemed the person who got it thought ahead..and secured it early/ thanks

  106. GD just called to apologize about the fiasco. Not a huge deal to me – but slightly disappointed I did not get the two names I thought were in hand: Hire.me and Notify.me

  107. we had every single one of our .me domains that were accepted and charged to our corp account rejected. Customer service and account reps had no info or any help. we will never use GoDaddy again if we can help it. btw on a lark we entered
    and got them!
    bad experience all around after getting 10 very sweet URL’s

  108. Those are copyrights anyways. You can’t register those

  109. Hey Chad,
    I was going to rego proofread.me as well, but then managed to snag proof.me and went for that instead.

  110. So they can make more money. My turn… why did the chicken cross the road?

  111. I think you mean refunds. Rebates are a completely different animal (I should know).

  112. Bust a Name is a great tool for finding quality domain names still unregistered. There are still quite a few memorable .coms out there. You just have to work a little harder, but the effort is worth it. People will remember them WAY better than .me domains.

  113. yes i know. i did it just as a lark!:)
    others we bought and then rejected were
    etc etc
    What can i do to see about getting them. is it still possible? Has anyone ben able to get any of the ones they bought and then rejected? what is Godaddy doing about this?

  114. It’s so funny how many people thought about hire.me 😀
    All the names I wanted to get were already taken. When I finally found that was available, I was held back by the price.
    Will wait until the vagues fades away.
    Will the price go down?

  115. I havent tried registering any .me domains. Just now heard about it when I was browsing Zac Johnson’s blog. Sounds good but I’d stick with .coms and .nets.

  116. Sorry to hear about all the bad vibes with godaddy guys. I kind of figured the server was going to be flooded. Decided to switch my registrar for this huge domain. Like everyone trying to get into a door at once so I chose domainmonster.com a U.K. based registrar. Ended up with encyclopedia.me and a couple other high hitters. Perhaps one of the greatest risks I took. They’re trustworthy too. They registered over 85% of their pre-registered domains.

  117. I registered 5 .me domains and it took only a few minutes until i got die confirmation and i could already use them!

  118. […] etc.) that would exist with the release of the new extension. Many people have called this launch an utter failure, as registrars like GoDaddy had trouble coping with the demand for the new names. I personally know […]

  119. How much success do you think these domains will have? They won’t monetize as good as the old established ones.

    And, if .me is around, what about .you?

  120. The woes of owning multiple domains. I guess they will need to pull up their socks or go bust!

  121. I’ve never really bought into the hype of any but the .name to be honest. That’s earnt respect though imo.

  122. Niet slecht, toch?
    amuseer.me, feliciteer.me, geloof.me, kleed.me, uit.nodig.me, omarm.me, onderzoek.me, ontdek.me, publiceer.me, repareer.me, reserveer.me, schilder.me, vertaal.me, vervang.me, verzend.me
    All bought via GoDaddy. It was tough, but possible.

  123. Niet slecht, toch?
    * amuseer.me
    * feliciteer.me
    * geloof.me
    * kleed.me
    * uit.nodig.me
    * omarm.me
    * onderzoek.me
    * ontdek.me
    * publiceer.me
    * repareer.me
    * reserveer.me
    * schilder.me
    * vertaal.me
    * vervang.me
    * verzend.me

    All bought via GoDaddy. It was tough, but possible.

  124. Hoi allemal,

    Niet slecht, toch?
    * amuseer.me
    * feliciteer.me
    * geloof.me
    * kleed.me
    * uit.nodig.me
    * omarm.me
    * onderzoek.me
    * ontdek.me
    * publiceer.me
    * repareer.me
    * reserveer.me
    * schilder.me
    * vertaal.me
    * vervang.me
    * verzend.me

    All bought via GoDaddy. It was tough, but possible.

  125. […] the much sought after FUCK.ME. After many complaints from numerous people on Twitter, and many blog posts, it seems that many people were able to register these domains, but were then given a […]

  126. […] while later that the names have already been assigned to someone else. Jeremy Shoemaker had the same problems over at Shoemoney and posted the […]

  127. […] the much sought after FUCK.ME. After many complaints from numerous people on Twitter, and many blog posts, it seems that many people were able to register these domains, but were then given a […]

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