This is a guest post by AJ Vaynerchuk.


Using Shoemoney’s SERPS script, I took the time to see where Twitter and Facebook rank in Google for some popular names in our industry. The following list will show you a name, where Twitter ranks in Google for the search of the name, and Facebook’s ranking for the same term. The results are based on a random assortment of 50:

* The highlighted cell shows which ranking is best.

Name Twitter Facebook
Kevin Rose 12 68
Michael Arrington 4 28
Allen Stern 5 14
Guy Kawasaki 5 n/a
John Gruber 3 n/a
Gary Vaynerchuk 5 24
Veronica Belmont 7 32
Darren Rowse 3 20
AJ Vaynerchuk 2 28
Robert Scoble 5 29
Jason Calacanis 3 n/a
iJustine 6 47
Anil Dash 5 39
Scott Beale 4 15
Alex Hillman 3 11
Tara Hunt 4 25
Leo Laporte 6 42
Cali Lewis 5 n/a
Ze Frank 7 n/a
Chris Brogan 3 25
Loic Le Meur 3 n/a
Pete Cashmore 8 4
Tantek Çelik 6 n/a
Nick O’neill 4 3
Chris Messina 4 31
Name Twitter Facebook
Dan Cederholm 8 n/a
Jeff Pulver 6 4
Ariel Waldman 2 27
Stephanie Agresta 3 7
Mark Wielgus 6 5
Fred Wilson 9 58
Michael Galpert 10 n/a
Frank Gruber 9 29
Ryan Carson 11 59
Mel Kirk 3 n/a
Bryan Thatcher 6 7
Jim Louderback 12 n/a
Matt Galligan 6 8
Aubrey Sabala 2 6
Cal Henderson 15 45
Brittany Bohnet 4 2
Zadi Diaz 5 n/a
Scott Raymond 8 n/a
Sarah Myers 4 18
Andrew Baron 11 14
Paul Stamatiou 4 n/a
Leah Culver 15 45
Erik Kastner 4 27
Andre Hyde 6 14
Matthew Levine 25 n/a

Twitter outranks Facebook in Google for 90% of the Above Names

Facebook manages to outrank Twitter for only five of the above names. Facebook ranks higher for Pete Cashmore, Nick Oneill, Jeff Pulver, Brittany Bohnet, and Mark Wielgus.

A chart of Facebook vs Twitter

Twitter is Indexed in Google for Every Name

Twitter is indexed in Google for 100% of the names above. Facebook on the other hand is only indexed for 72% of the list. Facebook fails to rank for Guy Kawasaki, John Gruber, Jason Calacanis, Cali Lewis, Ze Frank, Loic Le Mur, Tantek Çelik, Dan Cederholm, Michael Galpert, Mel Kirk, Jim Louderback, Zadi Diaz, Scott Raymond, and Paul Stamatiou.

Chart of Twitter vs Facebook in Google indexing

Ranking on the First Page of Google

When it comes to ranking in the search engines it is very important to rank on the first page of search. The difference in exposure and traffic from page 1 to page 2 is monumental. In this study, Twitter manages to obtain a first page rank for 43 of the 50 people on the list (a 86% success rate). Facebook, continuing on with the theme, pales in comparison only managing to achieve a page 1 rank for 9 of the 50(a 18% success rate).

Google first page rankings for Twitter and Facebook


While this is only a small sample of users, most of the list is comprised of “Internet Rockstars.” These names get searched often, and it is surprising that Twitter is beating Facebook by such a large margin. My guess is that when these names come up in blog conversation the link-backs will always point to the individual’s blog, or twitter – not Facebook. Everyone knows that anchor text plays a major role in SEO, and it seems Twitter is winning that game.

Do you think that this is an important issue for Facebook? Why do you think Twitter is outranking Facebook by such a large margin?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

68 thoughts on “Google Twitter and Facebook Rankings”
  1. I think it is like you said, very few of these people are actually using facebook to promote themselves outside of facebook. As such, when conversations about them arise and backlinks are created, it is very rarely to their facebook pages. More than likely, it is about their site or something they said on twitter.

  2. Well, I will say that it all sounds good for – Twitter has brought me more traffic than I thought it would and will hopefully continue to do so….Thanks for this insight!

  3. that’s an interesting sight of Twitter. I start using last month but it didn’t bring me traffic yet. I hope it changes over the next months…

  4. Great research! Thanks for post it. I’ve found the same stuff as a user, I can never find someone on facebook by their name and rarely do I ever see a facebook page pop up in Google that links me to someone I’m looking for. Much easier to find Twitter names and the fact that you can use so many searches to find people on Twitter, such as Twitdir, makes it even easier to find people.

  5. Even better that you are using twitter since you’re now looking at it closer and sharing info with us. I noticed this too but didn’t look up so many names. Twitter profiles appear to get well indexed. Even more interesting is where twitter ranks for keywords and brands. Your atop the fold with shoemoney. Bet that’s the case for others as well.

  6. Looks like you discovered another trend early on. I wouldn’t be surprised if the gap widened further. Twitter allows for a short read and is good for attention spans. That definitely describes the worlds future direction. The question is how to put Twitter to work for maximum gain!

  7. I think it has a lot to do with the internal linking structure of twitter as well. Powerful accounts get powerful, keyword rich internal links from all over the place. I wrote about this on our blog. Hope you don’t mind the link!

  8. Interesting comparison – assuming all of those mentioned use the same name on Twitter and Facebook. Seeing a trend on Twitter to have two accounts: one for the business name and one for the personal name.

  9. Another thought is how twitter is basically a network of intertwined links pointing from one twitter account to another. Accounts that have a large following and post frequently have a huge number of links from other twitter accounts naturally. This should lead a little link love from google, even if it is all from the same site.

  10. Not to try and hog the thread, but another thought that hadn’t crossed my mind is the fact that much of the content on facebook is restricted from view by everyone and I assume also restricted by search engines. It could be just a natural result of the nature of the two systems.

  11. Speculation, but I’d guess the reason is simple- there’s usually very little value in pointing a link to a facebook page, unless it’s to say “this person is on facebook.” So people don’t link to them. On the flip side, pointing to twitter actually has value since there’s actual content there for all to see. Which means more people are linking to Twitter. Which in turn means more page rank flows to twitter. More page rank = better placement.

  12. Case in point, Scoble’s Twitter has a PR6 and his Facebook has PR2/3 (I got two different results)

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  14. Good point about attention spans. People just don’t have any on the Internet. With images and information everywhere, it’s tough to stay focused on one thing. Twitter captured that niche and catered to it. Brilliant.

  15. Searching my name (well nickname) in Google returns twitter as the number 2 result right after my blog. I have seen some traffic bumps from it.

  16. […] I wrote a guest post on Shoemoney’s blog entitled, “Google: Twitter and Facebook Rankings.” […]

  17. Very interesting…I like Twitter a lot better than Facebook anyways so if it stays like this, I ain’t mad at Facebook.

    Great post AJ

  18. Why do you think the reason twitter accounts are ranking better? What is the reason behind the Google love.

  19. […] going over at Shoemoney’s blog, this time comparing the relative Google rankings for the Twitter and Facebook profiles of notable online personalities. As it turns out, Twitter wins almost every time. Could […]

  20. Twitter has me in the top 2 results for a search on my name (I forgot I even signed up)

  21. great research post AJ. I wonder how friendfeed plays out with google ranking. Since they are updating mor public info than facebook and twitter combined.

  22. This isn’t suprising since only the public profile are able to be indexed by Google and those profile pages are very thin. Additionally, almost all Facebook links are blocked using rel=nofollow so none of the internal pages of Facebook help each other. It’s kinda one of those threw the baby out with the bathwater deals for Facebook. A Facebook page (not a profile) does have some SEO value if you use an RSS reader facebook application to populate your blog into Facebook page 😉

  23. That’s what I keep hearing, more traffic from Twitter. I’m going to sign up right now…

  24. Damn! I cannot believe that Facebook doesnt get their act together and get a wrap on that.

  25. I just signed up like I said I would. Trying to figure out if I can afford to spend the time twittering.

  26. I think that’s what I would need to figure out – if I have the time to twitter. I think if you can get several thousand people to follow you it would be worth the time, but if only a handful of people follow on twitter it may not be worth it.

  27. Now thats a great analysis.. But i always feel that a page at twitter is faster updated by the user than at facebook and google always likes something new.
    Btw i too am in love with twitter since i joined it 🙂

  28. Getting those thousands to follow require that your be a Shoemoney or something.

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  30. I am with those that talk about the time that would go into Twittering. I see the main advantage for myself as a great way to keep those on my team and members of my club updated as to the whereabouts of myself as I’m traveling to speaking engagements.

  31. Interesting statistics I didn’t knew that twitter is ranked better than facebook. So here we go another method to build backlinks? 😉

  32. I will also immediately become a member of Twitter. I have heard so much about it. By the way, for me, Blogcatalog has brought me quite a lot of traffic.

  33. I already have as many people following me on twitter as I have friends on Facebook and I’ve only been a member of twitter for 1 day.

  34. […] had profiles on various sites but right now, the one that I use most is Facebook. I read this post today on Shoemoney which says some very interesting things about the hits that can be […]

  35. I would like to see where Twitter goes and how it can be used to make some real money.

  36. You don’t need focuss on makng money using twitter or facebook or anything similar. Networking and meeting new friends is more valuable believe me!

  37. The walled garden comment is one that I first heard associated with Facebook about a year ago. When you’ve got way over 60 million users, and growing by the day, I suppose you can afford to be a bit stingy? There are signs, however, that facebook is slowly looking at lifting the veil.

  38. My previous try on this showed that people who are in linkedin are loved more by google than twits. Means searching for a name would give linkedin page result higher than twitter.

  39. Great post AJ! For me personally, I tend to use Twitter for all purposes and have many more work followers on there than I would on Facebook, which I tend to keep more for friends – so I wonder whether that plays a role?

  40. for me the face book never felt like my own since i entered it o2 or o1 or whenever and has felt rather violating and seemed to never be able to do things i wanted it was like everything that i wanted minus what i really wanted. twitter on the other hand is more positive. i think its only the site of the hour but when i go on it once a month its a positive experience and i share deep thoughs with these cool strangers that i call friends. for me the next great service will be called the websiter on where people can build a site top down with all the goods a .com domain and the site is absolutely free…im a little high never the less…

  41. Does not matter who it is, if you are on their site, they make the rules. Best to do everything on your own site so you make the rules. If your are fair, people will come. If you are not fair, people will go. Ebay here in Australia just presented me with the straw that broke the camels back for example. They are removing direct bank deposits as a payment option here and forcing us to use payPal. Yep. they changed the rules, I am gone.

  42. I for one am amazed that, twitter profiles show up in the serps. I shall go and sign up for one.

  43. […] nos motores de busca, ou não fosse um dos fundadores do Twitter um ex-empregado do Google. Num post recente no blog do ShoeMoney, mostrou-se que o Twitter tem melhor ranking que o FaceBook em 90% dos casos […]

  44. Social Media Report » Blog Archive » Facebook the Walled Garden, Twitter Anything But says:

    […] was working on writing a comment for the latest blog post by AJ Vaynerchuk at but it turned out that the comment morphed into something more, so I thought bringing some […]

  45. I would have never thought about this. It seems though that facebook is for a “closed network” of your friends. I should have thought about that before picking a name that i have all but not use anymore for the business. Oh well those things happen. .

  46. well if you take blogspot as a socail network, then it outsmarts them all. Well the magnitude of conetent on the page is a great indexing and ranking factor

  47. I am new to Twitter and have yet to see the real attraction. I do like the simplicity of it though and the lack of parasitic advertising.

  48. […] especially for individual’s names.  Last year, AJ Vaynerchuk posted on that Twitter outranked Facebook 90% of the time.  Owning the social media profiles for your name  is still important since social […]

  49. I think this may have changed recently.

    After my home page ranking #1 for my name, today I noticed my facebook page is ranking #’1 for my name.

    I don’t twitter, so it is possible twitter does better. But I assume something changed recently so probably worth redoing this test.

  50. Well, i try to search my name from google, the facebook become the first one and then twitter in the next rank

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