A couple weeks ago we were in a really tight spot. It was about 10 weeks out from the Elite Retreat and we really needed a press release. We were about to make a big push for this years event in San Francisco (April 3-4) (yes shameless plug) and I was reaching out to various sites and media outlets but had no press information.

Trying to talk to news outlets who have no clue who you are without a press release behind you is… well pointless.

Dr. David Klein about the same time was talking to me about the Elite Retreat and asked me if we needed help with anything. I told him we were in a real pinch for a press release and asked if he knew anyone that could do it. He said he would like a crack at it so I said, “sure go for it!”.

He spent the next couple days researching everything about how to do it then came up with a really awesome press release that we ran the following Tuesday. He did a incredible job and the press release was a big hit. It was included in many “news” sites and I even got a few interviews as a direct result of the release. The biggest advantage was that now I could include a press release when reaching out to the media. A couple days later I had 10e20’s Chris Winfield on my radio show and he talked about how well it was written. Now that is saying something!

DK has written a great blog post about how he did it and I think its a very educational read. He chronicles everything from the first initial contact to getting the press release out.

On another side note… I get a lot of inquires from people that want to work with us. People who take the ball and deliver results (and ask for nothing) are people that I really love to work with in the future (lol that makes me sound like a cheapass but I think people know what I mean). This is a great example of someone who just wanted to be involved in something successful so he dove in and showed me what he could do. I will for sure in the future be excited about working with Dr David Klein. Another great example of someone doing this is Unique Blog Designs. They offered to redesign my blog for no charge an did a great job… as such I have sent them an enormous amount of business. So if you have what it takes you can get some awesome referral business by impressing the right people.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

22 thoughts on “Dr David Klein Coming Through With a Big Press Release”
  1. Mr. Shoe,

    Complements humbly received and with great thanks.

    I totally agree with one of your major points about helping. In doing my research on this, I also read an interview with Neil Patel (a major player and one of the Elite Retreat speakers) where he states something to the effect that the way he became so successful at such a young age was simply by helping others.

    The funny thing is that when you help others, even if you receive nothing back, you still have the satisfaction of a job well done.

    I must also state that even though I have asked for nothing back from Jeremy, he has been extremely, extremely generous to me. Jeremy, thank you very much for the opportunity.

    a.k.a. purposeinc
    and yes in another universe known as Dr. David Klein

  2. Great post about starting from scratch!!

    (ahem….ahem) I’ve offered a few times to do something with your BANS shoemoneyshoes site… free labor from someone who is successful with BANS. Getting you to accept is actually one of my February 08 goals… I’ve still got 14 days to get you to accept! LOL

    Thanks Jeremy, great reading as usual!


  3. I know exactly what you mean when you say that Dk is an “example of someone who just wanted to be involved in something successful, so he dove in and showed [you] what he could do.”

    I’ve worked with Dk for years now and know what the man is made of- he’s an honest, hardworking, Chipotle eating machine!! (Sometimes I wonder if he even sleeps!) Over the years, I’ve learned not to be surprised (or worried;) when he takes on an adventurous new project. Dk’s always the first to step up to help others by doing what’s needed, and not necessarily what’s easy. Even when he initially knows nothing on the subject, he always pulls through with success.

    Dk jumping at the opportunity to write the press release (when he’d never done one before) is just an another example of his, I can do anything I set my mind to, way of thinking.

    Another job well done, Dk.


  4. I didn’t realize UBD designed your blog for free. I guess it obviously paid off.

  5. David Klein is like Superman…except Jewish… Which makes him my brother, basically… Go tribe!

  6. What level or included features of a press release did you guys send out with PRWeb? I’ve spent up to $200 on a press release and not had it do much good. Be nice to know how much you spent Shoemoney.

  7. That is so true. It’s “give to get” marketing – you do a good job once for free, or give away a great sample or service, and people go nuts! 😀

  8. PRWeb worksas long as writters seeing it believe it has stickiness. It really is so dependant on what they are looking for right then.

    To timely, sticky and easy to pick up…thats the key. This has all of that!

  9. lord, what a noob, shoe. never write a pr before. how you ever make it online? let’s see, don’t know seo, dont know grammer, dont know pr……wow!

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