Last question go around I got a lot of “what would you do if…” questions. I thought a video would better communicate what I was trying to say.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. Like you said, passion is everything. Doing something you love is the key. What’s with all the videos lately with bloggers in their cars?

  2. I really am not fan of doing business online. Alot of hypes on this industry. However, it pays for the hosting fee of my sites. But its always healthy to have a real job. Jobs which pays for your food, pay your bills and secure your children’s’ future. Net income is relatively proportion to the effort you put in advertising your site. No one is paid more for less they do. Everyone cannot be rich.Face it.. internet marketing is much more complex than you think. You cannot make money just by placing *googs adcents and other revenue generating affiliates without investing your real money before taking your cut.Internet marketing is an art and not just a direct selling approach to the buying public. No one can get reach here. Ask the boss..

  3. Bro…this is funny man….your blogging while driving! They are trying to outlaw talking on your cell phone while driving…they better not bother us Bloggers! Regarding passion, I have a passion for money and making more money…so I blog about that!

  4. Jeremy,

    Great post reminded me of something my dads friend was telling me the other day and my dad they said it takes time. Which my father has ran multiple business through his life and his best friend which I think I told you started BCW which was a inc 500 company he set down for probably 3 years researching and etc before he got that going then boom i just took off on him world wide the guy has homes all across the country and I know 3 of them here in town were around 1 million plus a piece then hes got a home down in florida just unreal then owns multiple car lots.

    I would have to agree with you though running business is not for every one I *STILL* get phone calls today asking me how I put the keywords I did in the top 5 with then 6 months and honestly I don’t think it was that big of a deal, but I worked solid 16 hours a day 7 day a week before I even got to that level and it really gets on my nerves when people call me all the time asking me questions about how to rank keywords on the search engines.

    Then I get the people that want rankings and I tell them this is what we need to do then we do it and they still don’t understand why there getting them for example I had one client we put in the top 5 for keyword printing well the guy don’t think the links worked hes thinking that it was his meta tags and I tell him over and over again it was the links now hes trying to rank other keywords and keeps calling me asking me questions thinking it possible to rank with out links hard to explain…

    Stuff like that really irritates me when I literally tell them what they need to do, but they just don’t understand or better yet I get people that will do a link building campaign with us for 6 months and then there ranking for very highly competitive keywords and then I tell them looks like that money was worth the investment and they’ll reply I don’t know it has been that long yet I don’t know if the links did that or not I’m thinking to my self you got to be kidding me and generally these people struggle because the fail to see what works and what don’t work.

    But yea I don’t really care anymore thats why I’m moving full time into affiliate marketing and etc I could combine organic search with affiliates, but I think PPC is much better in a way..

    K that was a long post πŸ™‚ too much coffee πŸ™‚


    Good video though

  5. sounds like a nightmare with the eBay business with all your other tasks. Mister Shoemoney, I wanted to ask you a question: How did you first get a passion for ring tones? Was it like a hobby or something?

  6. i wanna know how you find time for everything. I can barely find time for a meal doing 3 percent of everything you do

  7. You know actually I was just setting here thinking about that I do consulting for around 300-500 an hour with people well I talk everything over with them and there like great like there mind is on track and with then 1 week they go right back to there old bad habits well I can’t consider it bad habits, but its stuff that really don’t matter.

    I mean I will literally throw things out on the table and there like great, but then there right back to what there doing its almost like a Drug Addict, I think honest from my perception how people will really learn is through trail and error and that will be by failing many times before succeeding, so in other words learning the hard way because a lot of people are extremely stubborn including my self I’m very stubborn to be honest, but I’m stubborn enough to not give up and keep going at it and finding out what works and then replicating it and working it.

    Hard to explain what I’m talking about πŸ™‚

  8. Hmm.. I definitely agree on the whole sticking to your day job thing. After all, safety comes first, huh?

    1. Having a day job is a nice fallback. When you are consistently making more money from your online activities (lets say for 6 months) than your day job, then maybe it’s time to do it fulltime.

      Alternatively you could outsource certain aspects of your online business.

  9. God nebraska sucks… Of all the places to live you chose there. Honestly, you didn’t drive by one interesting thing in the whole six minutes you talked.

  10. Great video, Shoe! You business is either going forward or backwards everyday. No easy path. Plant the seeds today.

  11. Passion is where it’s at. Passion is what makes dreamers into doers. You can’t get it overnight as you very well know.

  12. Agreed with your video. It does not matter WHAT you do in life – you gotta have passion for it, and you HAVE to work at it. Too many people in this world do not want to actually have to “work” for anything. They want everything the easy way and at the snap of a finger.
    I work 40 hours a week, come home, be a mom, and also a blogger that is actually starting to see some money roll into my site. I have spent many long hours just trying to get everything in place, and learning the ropes.
    Blogging is my passion though.As are many other things.

    Will I make millions? My guess would be no. But if it pays enough so I don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck – then I am a happy gurl. πŸ˜‰

  13. This is where the Make Money Online thing is going crazy. People are genuinely believing its an overnight thing. The fact of the matter is that everything takes work and dedication. Video blog is nice as it breaks things up and there is something about seeing someones expression when they talk that makes a message more meaningful.

  14. That was a great vid !

    Off the cuff, it seemed almost p2p talking to the passenger etc.

    You were VERY gracious to that individual asking for your code. Anyone asking me for code would know better than to do so.. the mind boggles.

    PS: Some people DO make money overnight. It’s usually the ones selling the promises to those chasing overnight success. πŸ™‚

  15. Wow! That was probably the best Internet Marketing advice I’ve ever heard.

    It’s crazy how many people think they will be instant millionaire’s overnight. I made a very small amount of money promoting affilaite products and now everyone wants me to show them how to do it. One person even asked me to give them one of my sites!

    It’s crazy.

    So please make this video permanent so I can post a link to it anytime someone comes to me asking for an instant money making website.

  16. Good point brought across about the french guy who called you. People expect to have these greatephp backends for free. ha
    Like I see on forums threads like “where to get a Youtube clone?” “I need a facebook or myspace clone”…right..
    Like there is all these magic scripts that pulled out of nowhere and just available for free somewhere? c’mon people it doesn’t work like that! πŸ˜‰

  17. Awesome video. Shoe, next time they ask, tell them to take that $100 and go play online poker…at my table.

  18. I missed the original post (maybe you can link to it here Shoe), but I think that many of the people asking you “what do I do with this $100 in my wallet” are also just looking for leads in the right direction. 80 to 90% of the people who read your blog are probably sitting on $100, looking for some of your insight.

    It’s kind of like asking a financial advisor “where do I invest my $100?”

    You’ve become a modern day internet icon. People send you t-shirts for link bait. 14 year olds look to you as a role model.

    Don’t be a dream killer!

    ps. How does one become “passionate” about ringtones (unless they make bank)

    pps. I think the french guy analogy wasn’t fair to most noobs looking for insight. By the way, please send me the code as well! πŸ˜‰

  19. Yes this is true we have to balance and work.. And I’m scared you said 90% fails Hmmm… Thats bad will I shoe?

  20. Seems kind of silly to me, are you saying you had a passion for ringtones? Please… you had a passion for not wanting to be a loser in real life so you decided to take it online, you were one of the first to be the blogging superstar and now you got thousands that are in the same shoes you were and following you.. hell how much of your income is made by shoemoney wannabes clinging to you and following your affiliate links? Dont lie to people, everyone is doing it for one thing – money.

  21. I’ve been an RSS subscriber for some time, but have never posted a comment. Thanks for that post – it’s just brilliant.

    It’s really obvious that most people are after quick solutions when trying to make money off the internet. Sort of a gold rush I suppose, but people don’t realise it’s not just going to be as easy as getting lucky – most people who have done well out of it have done so because they have persevered and stuck at it because they enjoy what they do.

    80-90% fail? Now that’s being a little generous :-P… I would have gone with a higher number there.

    I have been working on the web for about 5 years now, and only just beginning to see or feel any sort of recompense for all those hours. But the great thing is (and certainly I think the thing you realise is) that it’s been fun all along the way. Do what you’re passionate about and then success is going to be much more likely.

    Kudos on the post and best wishes for everything that you do.

  22. Shoe, I was the guy who asked the question and you stated that, thanks for the longer answer. I didn’t necessarily mean anything about money, but you did answer it. Thanks again.

  23. it is a very useful and true fact mentioned by you jermey. I started laughing at the question from the guy who asked you for your codes. I get these so often and my next response is go away before i really start being rude. It is just so frustrating. People think it is very easy to make money online while it is not. I will go more into depth of what you said i know it is a very hard topic to explain, but will link to your post definately because you did have some good examples.

  24. Great post Jeremey. Another thing that really irks me is the folks that think they do not need to put in their time… and they try stealing your content and ideas. I’ve been online for over 8 years now and it is like clockwork every year… a new site pops up with the exact same look and feel of my site… and what do you know… they have even copied 1000 pages of my site to kick start their site…

    I actually talked with Matt Cutts about this topic at Pubcon. He was the first person who had ever agreed with me that these type of folks who try and act like legit sites but are really just copying other folks content is spam… Most folks think if spammers/scrapers as the obvious automated systems we see all over. But Matt agreed that these more legit groups of people who steal content and try to pass it off as legitimately their content on a large scale should also be considered spammers.

    I was grateful to hear his perspective on this, since we had been battling this lazy copycats for years.

    Bottom line. There is no quick and easy road to success. Those of us who have made it put in years of hard work expecting nothing in return…

    So that is what the answer should be to anyone who asks…

    “Take your $500 and buy some books… take some classes… and work your ass off for 2-3 years… then if it doesn’t work out… well you fall into the 90% bucket of online businesses that fail… At that point you can either press on and don’t give up, or move on to another field.”.

  25. Imposter! Great post, Shoe. It’s interesting to hear about how you created NextPimp. You never really talk about your programming days. Do you still write code?

  26. You know how I started making money online? By being that jerkoff with thick skin. Basically just don’t ebb and flow with your emotions. Be a stone cold meticulous killer that just keeps churning out quality day after day. Do it for long enough and you’ll start to break out.

    It also helps if you can present yourself in a unique manner. All of my sales material is super quirky and off-kilter. I just take everything to extremes. Sometimes you can make up for a lack of salesmanship simply by being entertaining πŸ˜‰

    I like the fact that you tell it like it is. People, including myself, sometimes need to get grabbed by the jugular and slapped around in order to exit fantasy mode and grow some balls. a nice welcome to reality.

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  28. I think my other comment was eaten by the spam filter since I’m a bad boy and have a dirty mouth.

    I’ll summarize for the sake of brevity: I agree 100%

  29. These “make money online” blogs thrive on people that are looking to make money overnight, for everyone hating on those people and run make money online blogs, you might wanna take a look at your reader base.

  30. Really interesting in a couple ways:

    Passion is the key. If the passion is just for money there are easier ways to make a ton of money.

    The next Shoe or John Chow isn’t going to be someone whocopies what they do. You have to bring your own creativity to the party!

  31. You have an interesting way with words πŸ™‚

    But well said. I suggest all affiliates get the book “Eat That Frog” – It’s about how to overcome procrastination and GET TO WORK! Every sentence in this book has meaning, and it’s been very helpful to me as a full-time affiliate marketer.

    The second thing is get a program called “Interuptron” ( )- It’s a free program that tracks your productivity. It’s a desktop application which counts down from 60 minutes (or whatever time you set), and tells you when to take breaks. It also has a simple function to help you track your non-productive time.

    If you are just getting into this business, you need to obviously read and learn as much as you can. But you need to balance that reading with ACTION. By implementing what you read, you will actually LEARN it. So try to make it a habit to learn by implementation, instead of simply reading blogs/RSS feeds/Emails/opt-ins, which consume rediculous amounts of time that you otherwise could be productive.

    As a bit of a plug, I also suggest you read my blog. I include a lot of helpful tips to anyone getting started in this industry.

    To your success!


  32. Nice vid, you should do more.
    Can’t believe people actually have the nerv to want to suck the life out of other’s success.

  33. Excellent vid! Very true statements addressed in there. I have the problem with ‘work ethic’ as well… I like to think of it as production. I have ADD but when I’m working.. I’m a machine. I just try to maintain somewhat of a productive state to keep pushing.. either by building, promoting or just learning.


  34. I totally agree with you Jeremy. If they want results in one day, than they will not have the power to support the mistakes and failures which will come during any business. Slow and Steady .

  35. When I started with my first site I was hoping just to learn my way around, and figure out what I wanted to do. I did not want to start a site, and know nothing about what was going on and end up hurting my product or what I really wanted to achieve. Now I have 2 sites going as I was able to make enough off the first site to cover the costs of the two and I am now working on my passion.

  36. yea lol. driving while talking is supposed to be dangerous, I can’t imagine blogging while driving :p

  37. I worked with a guy a number of years ago when the polyphonic ringtones were the in thing (the annoying beeps that beeped out Axel F etc…). This friend was a genius at tapping out his own tunes on the keypad on the old Nokia’s and wanted to share them with the world. He didnt have a clue you could make money out of it and did it for passion of just wanting to do something. Maybe this is how shoemoney started… maybe he just saw a cool idea he wanted to run with just for the sake of running a website.

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  40. I think the most important thing that you mentioned in this video and everybody should think about it is: “Make something that you love to do, either if this thing is getting you money or not”

  41. I thought that was pretty good myself, listened to the whole thing πŸ˜€ I would suggest you get into HULU if you do any k ind of video websites, it’s not my website just a suggestion shoemoney, they only accept people from the United States lol. Anyways great video post, make some more I love these video posts and the explanation was dead on, if you want it over night quit, or buy a site already established. πŸ™‚

  42. That is a great video. I ring so true that poeple want instant gratification. I mean I know I do, but in reality it most likely will never happen that way. You always have to keep grinding out everyday. This guys is passionate about he does.

  43. Great video. I would imagine that the people asking what to use their $100 / $500 are looking for the get rich quick offer that really works. There are so many out there, and unfortunately it is the people offering them that are getting rich quick and not the people buying them

  44. in a way those people looking for get rich quick offers are helping marketers because they themselves are customers.

  45. Those get rich quick ebooks sell like crazy even thought they are mostly scams and full of information you can find for free by reading blogs like this one and John Chow’s.

  46. Just got to say I love you forward answers, and the way you just let everyone know that 85-90 percent are going to fail at this. Beats the get rich schemes out there.

  47. theres too many people wanting to make cash in one day and not being prepared to put up a few dollars first, nice video

  48. That’s true Shoe. People normally start or want to start online businesses out of frustration, and when they don’t really make any money online, it leads to more frustration.

  49. I sometimes feel I should quit my day job and focus on my websites completely, but after what you said Shoe, I’ve changed my mind.

  50. Yes, 90% fail because they expect to see the money instanly and when they realise that is much work to do they give up.

  51. Have to agree, to many people are looking for overnight success in the online business and it just doesn’t happen that way. Need passion as you said.

  52. Have to agree you cannot make money overnight online, but if you have the passion you can build a successfull business.

  53. That was awesome. When the video started and you talked about what people wanted, and what they wanted to know, I was seriously thinking “they need to figure out what they are passionate about and driven to do, and do that!” It was so great to hear someone hit the nail on the head that hard. Very refreshing.

  54. You’re right too many people want to get rich overnight. They don’t understand all the time it takes to build your business or website. Everyone has dreams of winning the lottery, but in life you have to work at attaining success.

    You are also spot on about if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, you should probably not be doing it. You should do something you really enjoy doing. You’ll feel more fulfilled after you reach your goals as opposed to doing something that you hate and it sucks all your positive energy out of you.


  55. hav just got sum bucks on my paypal account after 6 months
    taking inspiration from u all

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