With blogging, the most obvious things that we should all do are usually the ones we forget to. If you are looking to increase the popularity of your blog in 2008, here are some simple things you need to start doing:

Email Subscriptions – if you are using Feedburner, you are probably already using the email subscription service. What you may have not noticed is that when you use the Feedburner email subscription service, when someone gives their email to Feedburner to subscribe to your blog it doesn’t mean that they are a subscriber. They usually get a follow-up email from Feedburner verifying that they subscribed, but many people end up missing this email and never fully subscribe. So if you log into your Feedburner account and go under email subscriptions you will notice that some email address are not active. For those non-active email addresses, take them and re-subscribe them to your blog. This way they get another verification notice to subscribe to your blog and many of them will end up subscribing.

SEO – a lot of people claim that they are SEO experts or that their blog is already optimized for search engines. Yes, WordPress is not that bad out of the box, but there are still a lot of modifications you need to make to your WordPress blog if you want more search love. If you want to make sure your blog is SEO friendly, check out this video.

Participate on other blogs – if you are trying to make your blog popular, you are probably concentrating fully on your blog instead of other competing blogs. A great way to increase the popularity of your blog is to find all your competitor blogs and start participating on them. By placing valuable comments on them others will find you and most likely subscribe to your RSS feed because they are targeted visitors.

Share some love – don’t expect to be popular if you are not willing to link out. If you want others to link to you or start reading your blog then start linking to them. When you link to others they may end up linking back to you or they may end up finding your blog interesting and start reading it.

What’s your edge – if you want people to read your blog you need something that differentiates yourself from the competition. This could be your attitude, your content, or anything else like that. But if you don’t have something that differentiates yourself from the competition then it is going to be hard to grow your readership.

Although these tips are basic, hopefully they will come in value to you during 2008. Just think about them every once in a while and you will start seeing growth in your blog traffic.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. I agree with the whole participation thing, but I think that the other thing that’s needed is respect. Time and again on my blog I get people e-mailing me after 3 or 4 posts asking me to promote their blog for free. They also leave comments with keyword rich titles, or put a signiture in their comment with 2 or 3 links in it. I feel that if you are to truly turn a blogger you like into a reader of your blog, you’ve got to not only provide an intelligent mind, but also be respectful and not take more than you deserve, certainly not to begin with.

  2. Good to see you are still working after getting the black card. I like a few of these tips. I am going to try and find a few blogs that are like mine to steal people from 🙂 I mean share people with. While I do that, everyone else can DIGG and STUMBLEUPON my latest posts. 😀

  3. Sweet tips! I just went into my feedburner account to send emails to unconfirmed subscribers. Thanks.

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  5. These simple tips are more than just simple. They’re basically the holy grail for getting traffic to a blog. Yes, there is more to it, but blogs can get successful just from these 5.

  6. Shoe, you should link to all the blogs in one post 🙂 Now that would get some attention 🙂


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  8. I always enjoy reading the simple, “backbone” tips that are as was stated by Sly “the holy grail for getting traffic.”

    I find that most of us new bloggers see people like ShoeMoney and automatically try to emulate them, but we can’t because we need to learn the basics ( as delivered in this post).

    My new philosophy: Pants first THEN shoes!

  9. Intriguing pictures and videos with a theme.

    It works wonders on social sites and visitors people loyal

  10. Initially, I felt like you are giving away all of the secrets! But, you really only touched on some basic things to do. Awesome job! Now, the real players will dig to find the rest of the story.

  11. I agree with this. Since my blog is called MrBaconpants.com I post an image with bacon in it with every post. Even if the topic is not about bacon I still somehow incorporate it. Reads seem to enjoy it.

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  13. I think blogs are a great way to introduce yourself and your business as well as networking with other network marketers. I often read and comment on blogs and I do that with my blog at http://mlmbreakthrough.com. It’s generally for Melaleuca distributors but we also discuss many marketing issues and try to keep up with the latest marketing trends. Diane

  14. Those were great tips, I’ve been working on finding links, exchanging links and everything, I hope I’ll gather some visitors and readers from that

  15. Neil, thanks for the re-subscription tip. On one blog I have about 35% of the people sitting there as unverified.

  16. Good Points.

    I didn’t think of the feedburner subscription technique so thanks for that 🙂

  17. This is a great post, im following your advice now by posting a comment on your blog!

  18. I might just have write these down or save them to notepad…a few of these I do anyway, but they are so simple its easy to forget.

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  20. “For those non-active email addresses, take them and re-subscribe them to your blog.” that’s great tip.

  21. This is a really good post, simple but to the point,
    I think all of these are really valid ways of increasing


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  23. I agree, a lot of people spend a lot of time and energy chasing after a fantasy 100% fool-proof system and end up neglecting the basics: content and patience.

  24. Nice job with the article Neil (and congratulations for the AMEX card 🙂 ), I couldn’t agree more: a lot of times, they key to achieving worthwhile results in the long run is having the common sense to uderstand that you need to master the basisc before taking things to another level.

  25. I know you use FeedBurner for your main feed. Do you suggest using it for your comments feed?

  26. I think it all begins and ends with being different. This is how I have built my blogs and it always showed excellent results.

  27. Very good points!
    I never get why it’s so hard for people to show some link and comment LOve – oh well 😉

  28. It is always important to bring something new with your project, to innovate or to at least improve on an existing concept, but there are a few basic aspects which should never be overlooked as well.

  29. Great post. I really believe in the principle that if you want to establish yourself in the social web, you must be willing to interact on other blogs and don’t just be fixated on yours. Thanks for the great post!

  30. If commentors get too bold I delete them or edit them. I had someone post an affiliate link in their name, that’s a little much now.

  31. This comment is not related to the post but I am very impressed on you making more than 100k in a month from Adsense alone. No wonder the picture was most views by visitors.

  32. This comment is not related to the post, but I am very impressed by you making more than 100k in a month from Google Adsense alone. No wonder your picture with the Adsense check is most viewed by visitors.

  33. Great idea about checking on inactive Feedburner email subscribers. I’ve added that to my Weekly Review, along with reviewing Akismet spam for any genuine comments.

  34. Imagine alot of comments in a post about commenting and linking back to a post. who’d a thunk.

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  37. Basic tips but deep meaning. It is always nice to start the year by looking back to the basic.

  38. That’s exactly the point: they aren’t secrets, they are actually common sense approaches which end up being overlooked by people in their search what they think are “sure-win secrets”.

  39. The picture in question has definitely helped this blog a lot as far as branding is concerned and a lot of people still associate Jeremy’s image with it, even though he is now earning a lot more than that on a daily basis through other projects.

  40. Indeed, the basics represent the foundation for your future marketing efforts. As with anything else, an online project built on a shaky foundation doesn’t stand a chace in the long run

  41. Most principles related to promoting blogs are relevant as far as other types of websites are concened as well. A blog is a platform, you can have blogs related to any niche.

  42. Thanks for the great tips Neil. I must confess that I haven’t done a lot to drive traffic to my blog and it’s definitely on my must do list for this year.

  43. I totally agree with you. Some times it´s tempting to leave a couple of links but then I think will not even read the post because you just se a couple of links in the comment. Do you remove those comments?

  44. I didn’t even know there’s a way to check your reader’s email addresses, thank you so much, and I discovered more than 40 of them with unverified status. You saved me, thanks!

  45. These are fantastic suggestions. I’ve always wondered what to do about the newsletter subscription issue. I don’t use feedburner…I use aweber, but I still have the same problem. About 7 right now that have not confirmed their subscription. I had never even thought about re-entering the info. Thanks! Now I’m on my way to watch that video on SEO.

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  48. I don’t have a problem with people leaving links in the comments as long as they’re not a redirect or to an affiliate product. That’s crossing the line for me.

  49. Very helpful tips. I look forward to increasing my traffic A LOT in 2008. Thanks for the inspiration.

  50. My edge you ask? So having clients that make over $100K/month on their websites who resort to me for for ALL their online marketing ventures doesn’t qualify me!? Damn.. What if I cuss up a storm like Zed Shaw and tell everyone to f*&$# off? 😉

  51. LOL!! I like this tactic the best :

    “Go into every comment section for the top 200 posts in Reddit and type “Your Mama” with link back to your site. Sure to draw attention and clicks. People can’t help but wonder what’s behind a linked “Your Mama” quote.”

  52. Those are some definite good tips at generating more traffic to ones blog. If we all follow these 5 simple steps everyones blog traffic should increase in 2008. More traffic equals more money. Good luck everyone for 2008.

    Jamie Boyle

  53. When you visit other blogs and make clever comments make a lot of clever comments on a lot of posts. To get to their top comments list.

  54. These tips can help you build a solid foundation but you should, as Jeremy has suggested as well, always have an edge.

  55. If you want your blog to be more famous than you will need to have different and good content so that readers will enjoy visiting your blog.

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  57. I got one of those, “I totally love your blog” posts once…with like 6 links at the bottom…Instead of deleting it – I figured I would tick the guy off more by deleting all but 2 of his links…
    (it’s a pain in the butt to write all those out…lol)

  58. I got the first one of whats to be many I’m sure of those spam comments. Good post neil, thanks for guesting over here big fan!

  59. Neil, I agree that carving out a niche for yourself or “finding your edge” is a major part of blog traffic. Just look at Bill Slawski. Don’t know if you’ll be speaking or attending at SMX West but hope to catch ya around.

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  61. A blogger must his heart into what he is doing, otherwise his blog may appear like a barren land on this web planet. Devotion is the key word.

  62. You’re right about that…He has probably recieved more business due to the check then the check value itself!

  63. I used to spend a good deal of time clearing out spam comments, but Akismet has done a good job since I installed. Its killing abuot 60-90 a day now.

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  65. Yes that right but some time we only focus to traffic to our site and do not care about another blog

  66. Im learning more about this SEO every day and beginning to realize my mistakes firstly by entering a crowded niche. Well time to start again

  67. Hi, Thank for the tips and hope this tips will help me to increase my blog traffic….

  68. Defintely good tips… Content is king; without it, there ain’t much sense in taking on all the other aspects of marketing.

  69. This is a really great piece of advice – nobody ever thinks to post links of other blogs to their own blogs in hopes of getting a link back. Great tips on here!

  70. Thanks for the advice. I was wondering if you can check out my blog and tell me what I’m missing


  71. I can’t believe the utilization of Web 2.0 isn’t a step here. Maybe it’s step 6 and Shoemoney just wanted the top 5. Who knows.

  72. Can you tell me how to go about getting links to and from my blog and other people’s blogs? Is it just a matter of getting involved in their discussions and posting comments on the webpages or is there something to set up almost like you would an affiliate link?

    Thanks for your input?

  73. Great ideas. I really enjoyed this post. I was not aware that you could see which subscribers had not verified, in Feedburner. I already am putting this advice into action.

    Are you going to write a follow up? I am sure that you have many more ideas to share. I would be very interested in learning from such a successful blogger and online marketer as yourself.

  74. My blog is only 4 days old but so far I’m upping my numbers daily – most be all the pics of my boobs. <— lie
    Anyway, I did notice today that when I commented on blogs I saw a lot more traffic on mine so I'm going to stick to that for now. My babies can live off their own fat for a while, right? Isn't that why they HAVE fat??

  75. I share with all of you some tips for getting a lot of traffic to your blogs:

    Tip 1: Make a good content
    This point is very important

    Tip 2: Make a brand around your blog
    This point is very important because your visitors return to your blog in the future.

    Tip 3: Get high quality backlinks
    This point is very important because Google is a major search engine.

    Tip 4: Promote your site on social websites like facebook, myspace and news aggregators like Digg.

    Tip 5: Post frequently

    Tip 6: Be patient
    This is the most important tip because only with years of hard work you see a good results.

  76. Thanks for the tips. I will try to be more active in the blog community from now on. Thanks again.

  77. Thank you for the tips. I especially agree with the one about guest posting on other blogs, it really helps to generate more traffic.

  78. I was questioning if you recognize of the area to gain a fantastic facebook or twitter structure?

  79. This is some very interested information. I will send some of my friends this way to check it out. They were looking for ways to get traffic and it has help me out a lot to. Great Job !

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  81. This is really a great tips. I will follow some them to my blog. And thanks for sharing this tips.

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