Everyone seems to love numbers so I will give you my full stats from 2007 (well at least up until the 25th).


Server cost: The server I host this on sits in our company rack. The server cost me about 3,000. Its a dell 2950 2x dual core ( model 5120 Intel Woodcrest CPUS). It has 8gb of ram and 5x 160gb sata drives in a raid 5 configuration. I paid like 3k or so for the server.

Hosting Cost: The blog is hosted in our 200mb rack at Iphouse in MN. The blog consumes less then .2mb on average so its not even worth breaking out the cost.

Income: I have been working pretty hard the last couple days trying to figure out how much this blog brought in in 2007. We started doing advertising in January of 2007 but the blog was only bringing in about 5k per month by last May. I made a easy to use advertising page and that drastically increased the income per month by 4x by June 1st and since we have never had a open spot for advertising. Often times they are sold out 3-4 months in advance. In November the blog made right around $30,000.00 for the month for the 2nd consecutive month.

The premier sponsors for 2007 were Azoogleads, ClickBooth, Facebook Ads, and Rocketprofit. We have signed longterm deals with Clickbooth and Facebook so you will see them around shoemoney.com for some time to come ;).

From a quick look shoemoney.com will profit over $200,000.00 in 2007 from a combination of direct sponsorship, affiliate links, and other various things.

Total Dashboard:

Nothing here should be too suprising. Keep in mind this is from Google Analytics which only counts 1) pages that have google analytics on them 2) browsers that parse the javascript.

Webalizer logs show about 5x the traffic but that is due to a lot of spiders and hotlinked images.

Most visited pages (with Google analytics code):

Traffic sources:

Search engine traffic stats:

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. I like how one of your top search terms is [britney spears shaved head]. So did you pay her to get the shoemoney look as a celebrity endorsement? Who knew! 😉

  2. wow – i think we can all learn a lot from this post – was any of the traffic PPC? or all natural and from refferals?

  3. $200k profit (I’m not taking expenses into consideration here, just a rough estimate on my part) and 4 million impressions…an average of abour $20 for every 1k impressions for 2007. It is quite clear that the 5 first months are at fault for this fairly low (compared to the potential of the blog) average, since your $30k income for the previous two months would bring your current monthly average close to $100 per 1k impressions, which is definitely impressive.

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  5. Nice job $hoe, 200k profit in a year. The neat thing about this is when people ask you how you did it, you can just refer them back to your site, since you posted about every step along the way, not really making it a secret, but instead sharing with everyone.
    Thanks Jeremy

  6. thanks for sharing, I think it helps people to see if they are getting the most $$$ out of their site or not. I am at 6x the pageviews and double the uniques but only make about 220k p/year in the automotive field. Gonna try hard to push it to 300k in ’08.

  7. Nothing here should be too suprising. Keep in mind this is from Google Analytics which only counts… Is something missing here?

  8. dude thats amazing I was just searching for your traffic stats last night and then you posted them today

  9. I don’t know, I think girls that like celebrity gossip may be interested in affiliate marketing. Maybe…

    Though, I’m surprised you didn’t find an affiliate program that you could quickly redirect the traffic to and come up with a huge check. 😉

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  11. I bid on shoemoney and some other things when we have promotions… but ppc traffic doesnt even show up its less then like 1000 hits total

  12. I don’t understand Jeremy you announce 1.4 million visits for the year but in advertising zone it is 20 000 uniques per day. that would be 7.3 million per year ?
    So, in 20 000 do you include rss reading?

  13. ya good point. the serps page and the marketplace did not have google analytics until very recently and also the forums and gallery… which account for many of the impressions. Rss was not included. You can also see the overall traffic spike near the end of the year when Google Analytics was implemented on those pages even though the overall traffic was way down due to the holidays

  14. Impressive! You did well and your marketing skills are great. Looking at your stats, I realized that we should definitely work on getting sponsors for our blog as well, the traffic we have is pretty high as well.

    Anyway, good job Jeremy and I hope 2008 will be an even better year.



  15. I remember noticing the word “clickbank” in the post as well and something didn’t seem right (I am not exactly a fan of clickbank products). I think he has edited the post now, it was most likely a typo.

  16. Great post. Thanks for sharing the details. Did you spend anything on marketing beyond this? I guess speaking at conferences broadened your audience too. Congratualtions on the great year. Looking forward to 2008!

  17. Wow Shoe! You’re definitely making it big now. In a couple years, if you’re at a steady pace, you’ll become a millionaire 🙂


  18. Jeremy is showing you that it can be done. You can either be motivated and work towards achieving similar goals (and, why not, even higher ones) or you go along the “I could never do it” path. Doesn’t the first option seem a little more productive?

  19. There are some decent products sold through Clickbank besides GRQ scammy ebooks. Build A Niche Store is one of them.

  20. Have you seen the $132K Adsense check, the Azoogle Ads check, he sold Auction Ads, ringtones. Ya, I think he’s a millionaire.

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  22. Hey Shoe,

    Nice of you to be so open about the exact figures, traffic and financials for your blog. It is good for cross referencing it with my own stats and figures and make assumptions about the performance of other blogs.

    I guess the little side project gained a little bit more importance by now. Also because of the indirect benefits of speaker and press passes for conferences etc. and the better access to people you want to reach and vice verso, because the increased likelihood that they know you (or think that they know you) from reading your blog.

    Happy Holidays and see ya at Affiliate Summit in LV in February.

  23. What is interesting about the stats is how Digg and Stumbleupon bring more traffic than Yahoo or MSN

    It would be great if you could share more of your keywords and show which specific Digg stories brought in the most traffic

  24. StumbleUpon brings me more traffic then Yahoo and MSN too. Many users don’t really use Yahoo and MSN search engines for “webmaster” “make money online” type stuff.

  25. Thats because, not many people who make $132,000 with Google Adsense brag about it like Shoemoney did 😉

  26. Congratulations on your success! And thank you for sharing your stats, it’s very appreciated. I’m sure 2008 will be even better.

    I also hadn’t realized that your direct advertising page had increased your revenues by four times. That’s very significant. Again, thank you for sharing your information.

  27. Of course, but the useless/over-hyped and overpriced ebooks give the company a bad name. I’m surprised that there are people who actually fall for such products.

  28. SU works great for me as well (and I’m saying this even though I’ve made the digg frontpage this month) but that definitely doesn’t mean that SEO should be neglected

  29. There will always be people that make more money than you. I don’t think Shoe is bummed out that Bill Gates is making billions, he’s got his own cut of the pie. That’s all that matters. Determine what your cut is and go get it.

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  31. See, everyone thinks Chow is the big man when it comes to blog income but it looks like you’ve still got him beat. $200k from one blog is quite simply amazing.

  32. I think that just shows how pathetic Y and MSN are at search right now. We need someone new to take on the giant G.

  33. Lol now if we’ll all look right at the red light on the shiny pen, we’ll get everything taken care of.

  34. If I can get even 25% of these stats for next year I’ll be stoked and I’ll be makin some cash too!

  35. They have similar earnings at this point, with John having made $27k from his blog in November and with Jeremy having earned $30k for the same month.

  36. Well done. really appreciate on your stat. at least we get some reference to evaluate our performance. You just show it can be done to earn money online. as long we put our efforts into it and be patient we will succeed.

    Traffic is the main component to generate income online. i’m now still learning on that part. hope can achieve that much traffic someday.

    I believe you never thought the money could be that much while you started blogging. so do i but you have done it so let ‘s all do that and make money online.

    Congratulation and Happy New Year.

  37. woo. thats a huge traffic and money.
    Congrats.. 🙂

    why dont you share your tricks and tips. :p

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  40. Yikes. Social Bookmarking sites sure brought in a decent amount of traffic. Looks like Britney’s shaved head brought in some nice traffic too haha

  41. Shoemoney – congrats on the success of your blog. I love seeing that only 10% of your traffic comes from the whore known as Google – proof that you can make money online without the search engines. Let’s see that number double in 2008!

  42. I think I got 3 visits on my blog last year.
    should be easy to figure out the earnings 😛

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  45. Thanks for posting. It is really hard to get data that you can count on as accurate. Big help to new blogs

  46. […] people will actually WANT TO BOOKMARK and comeback to. When I showed my stats from Nextpimp and this site people kept asking how I get so many “direct” hits. Its like people don’t know […]

  47. When I saw the picture I found so close to my screen as I enter in Google Analytics. Hahaha (Using Google Translator)

  48. Hey Jeremy,

    How is it that you stopped using adsense if you used to make $100k/month with them? What happened?



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  50. Thankyou for your blog stats , very impressive , nice backbone for your blog also 200mbps Sweet

  51. uuh, it´s impressing how many direct visitors u have. Seems you don´t need any SEO ,o) Ralf

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