When Google first went IPO I remember calling up my father-in-law and telling him I wanted to buy $250,000.00 worth of stock. He thought i was crazy… really crazy… He went on to explain to me how stocks worked and how overrated GOOG was even at its opening price of $100.01.

Well now its years later and I still have that stock and its up over $700 per share. I am holding tight. I still don’t know anything about stocks but one thing I do know

Google Gets It.

They learned by watching Microsoft just how far you can push before you are broken up by the government. Google knows where its bread is buttered… Its all about putting as many ads in front of people as possible.

Where Google is smart is they never actually own any of the products that make them the most money. For instance Firefox. Google makes a philanthropic donation to Mozilla for 200+ million dollars. Googles “donation” to Mozilla actually accounts for 80-90% of THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF MOZILLA’S funding (depending on what report you read).

So what does Google get for this philanthropic gesture? Well nothing “officially”. I have made the claim that the reason Google is the default search engine on Firefox is because Google is funding them so much but Firefox developers commented on my post saying they only use Google because “its what the users want”. I am sure they would switch to Yahoo “if the users wanted it”. Regardless of Yahoo’s zero donation to Mozilla compared to Googles 200m+… ya right 😉

So a while back when people said Google was coming out with the Google Computer I was like ya WHATEVER Google will never have their own branded PC. It does not make sense for Google to be in the hardware business. Remember where there bread is buttered? Ya from Advertising… not from making gadgets.

What would make sense and be Google’s style? Well making all the applications web based where people would be required to have a Google Account to use but keep them free. Basically make a office suite and a email program but throw ads at people instead of charging them for use.

Well now ladies and gents I present the unofficial Google PC at Walmart for only $200 It comes equiped with the G-OS with full integration for Google’s web based applications. It also is fully integrated with Google maps and Google411.

So now there is buzz about the Google telephone. IMO Google will not release the telephone. Its just not there style. BUT they might fund the operating system on the phone and build all the applications on the phone in order to control all the mobile advertising. Because after all Google is… A advertising company.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

72 thoughts on “Why Google Owns The World & The Google PC For Under $200”
  1. I agree on google being an advertising company. That is the only reason google has been able to provide all the services for free.

    Also about the google phone hype, exactly, google Idon’t think is going to get in the hardware business. They will certainly develope apps and other mobile advertising as they know where its headed. Google is smart and Shoe you are smart for buying all those shares, google isnt slowing down and no matter what I write on my blog or what anybody else says, google has got it down and has it down good!

  2. Even at $200, who would want to buy a pc that doesn’t run Windows apps? I’ve never heard of gOS operating system and I be most other people haven’t either.

  3. Might have to get one to play around with a bit, might wait for a laptop though. Google does seem to get it. Are you not on the mailing list or one of the 50,000 lucky ones to receive a google phone for Christmas (to start developing)? It is an HTC phone…

  4. Linux/gOS can do lots of things. This wouldn’t be a gaming rig, but it could do what most will want.

  5. So much about the Google tech hype these days. First the gphone, and now the Google PC. I concede, Google is much of an advertising agency. 🙂

  6. I am running Knoppix now… 😉 No need to us the OS on the computer when I can run in ram and do everything I need to (gimp, openoffice, firefox, etc…)

  7. Lets hope Google won’t spread itself too thin to the point where they becomes incompetent in areas where they’re the strongest.

  8. I’m thinking google will help put the brains into a phone and have the “G” on the phone so everyone will know you have a phone with the google brains.

  9. was it me or did shoe say he has 1.7 million dollars

    when i grow up i want to be you …………. with hair lol

  10. Excellent analysis! I think that Google stock will raise to $1000 from now to 2009… and maybe the Google PC (from a third party manufacturer) could be the real cheap computer for poorer people in the world that MIT claims to be building, with no much positive results yet. Those people could be an incredible (and not yet exploited) stream of incomes for the advertising market.

  11. It could be the web 2.0 bubble of stocks, beware stock holders. Google does in fact get it…so did Microsoft and still does, but stocks are a very tricky thing…I’m not a stock expert, learned a few things here and there.

    I had a post titled, Is Microsoft the Next Google with some interesting points.

    BUT, unlike most companies, Google is not only the largest advertising company in the world right now but becoming huge in technology which tech stocks are holding well. I call the GOOG a MediTech company, Media Technology.

  12. I don’t have the official Shoemoney timeline memorized, but i didn’t know you had money back in 2004. For some reason I thought you were still working the J.O.B. s back then. Maybe I am thinking of 2003.

  13. The only drawback to Google creating all these new services and products, that they don’t charge anything for, is a decreasing profit margin. They are adding staff and increasing overhead at an incredible clip… and yet nearly all of their income comes from paid search. Google still has all of its eggs in one basket and I’d like to see them diversify into other profitable tech niches rather than just sent new users of its free items to a google search bar so they can make money.

  14. I think he should sell the stock and make a donation to Firefox. Maybe Firefox 3.0 will come with a complementary “Shoemoney” button, because it’s what the users want 🙂

  15. $100 dollar for google shares was a smart buy! but when is the time to sell smart?
    I suppose if you dont need the money, you can take a punt on the right time.

  16. $100 dollars for google shares was a good buy! but when is a smart time to sell?
    If you dont need the money, i guess you just take a punt on them rising and rising, and hope they dont fall hard!

  17. what the hell is the “gOS” ????
    i’m a self-confessed linux and google fanboy and i’ve never heard of it.
    is it really a Google flavoured version of Linux?

  18. Shoe – I have to disagree that Google does not make products. There is the Google Appliance. Which they actually sell a lot of.

  19. there is a laptop computer that is under 100 bucks that they are marketing for humanitarian purposes in third world countries. So this computer at 200 is no surprise, does it come with a monitor, mouse, or keyboard?

  20. I don’t think they’ll indefinitely grow for all times – don’t forget the competition.

  21. Great post shoemoney! I was waiting for you to say you listened to your dad, but then you did what I expected you to do. 🙂

    Google is going no where. Investors have super high hopes for them… CRAZY high hopes. Isn’t it worth more than Walmart now?


  22. Did you really buy that much stock and hold on to it? Buy low sell high…

  23. I wonder if Google is setting themselves up for a monopoly lawsuit with the Google PC just like MSFT did by embedding software. Google is smart company. I like to say that they have the money of a giant corp but think and move like a small company. I think that has a lot to do with their success too.

  24. Very true but probably not for a long time. In terms of PPC, Shoe , yourself, and others have both stated and implied that there are more fertile fields to play in. Microsoft also has a billion or so dollars in cash on its balance sheet. You can buy a lot of talent with that much money. An algorithm is an algorithm and any highly competent computer scientist and mathematician can design one. As Barry Diller has said, “I don’t believe it’s winner take all in this game.”

  25. I believe there may be some drops too, but Google is still going to be on top for a while. Especially if they keep inovating like they have been. With their entrance into radio and newspaper and TV advertising – using their bidding model – there may not be a limit for a while. If they fail in these other areas the stock will balance out.

  26. You get for what you pay!
    Anybody knows what’s specification of $100 Laptop?

    same would be with Google $200 pc :p (if it ever happens)

  27. I wish I had a father-in-law like yours 😉 !

    It’s pretty decent specs for a grandma to put-put around with to send emails to grand kids. So it’s Linux too, cool! For the price, it’s a good deal! You gotta give it to Google’s brains, they can own the world!

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  29. personally i find it hard that google will be going to into selling physical products as a business. i think they are most interested to create more online services and virtual products because it is just too profitable being virtual. they will sell physical products (http://www.googlestore.com/home.asp) but only for marketing purpose.

  30. The best strategy after bagging $600 per share profit is to take the original $250,000 out and just let the profits of $1.5 Million ride. At that point there is no risk to the original principal.

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  32. Congrats on holding onto 2 million and plus worth of stocks. That doesn’t include trade commission fees or uncle sam 🙂

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  34. […] Google the pass? It is easy to point to their good PR, and their “do no evil” moniker. Shoemoney blog points to their philanthropic donation of $200+ million to Mozilla. If that’s not charitable […]

  35. Google und die Mozilla Foundation…

    Wie wär’s mit einem Standard-AdBlocker für Firefox, der Google Ads entfernt? Keine Chance: Big G hat sich längst die Freundschaft der FF Community erkauft.

  36. […] gets Google the pass? It is easy to point to their good PR, and their “do no evil” moniker. Shoemoney blog points to their philanthropic donation of $200+ million to Mozilla. If that’s not charitable […]

  37. […] gets Google the pass? It is easy to point to their good PR, and their “do no evil” moniker. Shoemoney blog points to their philanthropic donation of $200+ million to Mozilla. If that’s not charitable […]

  38. […] Google the pass? It is easy to point to their good PR, and their “do no evil” moniker. Shoemoney blog points to their philanthropic donation of $200+ million to Mozilla. If that’s not charitable […]

  39. […] Why Google Owns The World & The Google PC For Under $200 […]

  40. […] Why Google Owns The World & The Google PC For Under $200 […]

  41. Microsoft have just dropped the ball big time with Vista and this is Google’s attempt to just nibble at a bit of their market share (indirectly as Shoe says). This is a very realistic option for small offices where Vista is costing hundreds of man hours of lost work time at the moment, not to mention the enormous expense to upgrade your workforce PC’s to a point where Vista becomes usable.

  42. there wont be any because its not really a google pc but a pc pre-loaded with google software.

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  44. Google is brilliant. We all know that. They have a core that consists mostly of search and advertising and it just makes sense for them to jump into industries where they can integrate. You nailed it, Shoe.

  45. I have read nothing but unsatisfactory reviews this week about the PC. Yes Linux is great, but the PC appears to have a long way to go before it is really solid. I guess it is good if you are on an extremely tight budget and just need some internet/email access.

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  47. […] In its quest to world domination, Google has also entered the PC market lately with their launch of the gPC along with its gOS Unbutu-based operating system. The Everex gPC TC2502 has a 1.5 GHz processor, 512 MB of memory and an 80 GB hard drive. The computer will be available in the US at Wal-Mart for only $199. Such an inexpensive computer is made with the vision of moving applications online like what they did with Google Docs. […]

  48. Now with some of those millions of dollars in shares, Jeremy, perhaps a hair transplants is in order. You’d look better with some hair, not a bald head. We women like men with hair, despite what the media says.

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