Here it is! The ShoeMoney RSS Contest. As you know… Me and John Chow are in a contest to see who can get the most “new” subscribers for the month of October. I asked for sponsors for the contest starting last Saturday and closing yesterday. I am happy to announce we have right at $13,000.00 in cash and prizes. Everything from a bowling ball to a xbox360 guitar hero package to full conference pass to Search Engine Strategies Chicago and Tons of other just cash prizes and advertising/web development/SEO prizes!

Here is a full list of prizes:

  • $1,895 – 1 full conference pass to SES Chicago – From Incisive Media
  • $1,500 – 1 drupal customized site. You pick the niche, and they will create a 15 page site loaded with some really cool drupal features – From Swimming Pool Knowledge
  • $1,485 – 5 copies of – From
  • $1,164 – 1 year subscription to – From PLRPro
  • $1,000 – 10 free pages on Million Dollar Wiki – From Million Dollar Wiki
  • $948 – 12 copies of the SEO Book – From Aaron Wall
  • $804 – 1 year subscription to – From PLRPro Ebooks
  • $650 – 1 full site SEO Analysis, includes: 1000 directory submissions, 4*200 article submissions, 20 one way links and social bookmarking – From
  • $550 – 1 Xbox 360/Guitar Hero Package – From Groovle
  • $500 – 5 pages on the Million Euro Wiki – From Million Euro Wiki
  • $500 – 1 SEO Site Audit (keywords, site architecture & inclusion, on-page factors, competition, link profile & other analysis tips) – From
  • $500 – 5 “Sponsored Listings” from the Site Sift Web Directory – From Site Sift Web Directory
  • $450 – 1 entertainment package – From
  • $449 – 1 free blog makeover – From Weborithm
  • $420 – 7 free words on – From WordHugger
  • $400 – 3-5 free press releases and submission consulting – From
  • $350 – 1 license of Web Application Tool – From SoftLogica
  • $348 – 1 year free subscription of SoloSEO, SEO Project Management Software – SoloSEO
  • $300 – Promotional BIC PENS – From BIC Promotional Pens
  • $250 – Free reviewme review on – From
  • $209 – 1 WordPress coding spot – From
  • $201 – 3 licenses of Backup Platinum – From SoftLogica
  • $200 – 1 Executive Gift Pack containing: a MP3 Player/Dictionary, Leather executive bag, Leather organizer, Copy of the Business Credit Book and a TGI Friday’s gift card – From
  • $200 – Bowling ball – From
  • $180 – 2 year subscription to GoStats Pro – From
  • $144 – Advanced Web Hosting package from Tribune Hosting. The package includes 5,200MB of storage and 160GB/month of bandwidth. Setup is free and hosting is free for one year – From Chris Jacobson
  • $104 – 1 free blog review – From Virtual Marketing Blog
  • $100 – 2 months of advertising in under “Glady Cool Sites” – From
  • $100 – Google Adwords account – From Darin Carter
  • $100 – 1 limited edition Spiderman statue – From
  • $100 – Cash prize – From
  • $100 – Refund on any hotel booked through – From
  • $100 – Gift card to – From
  • $90 – 1 460×60 banner advertising on one of the directories for 3 months and 1 ebook “Ancient Healing Techniques” – From
  • $90 – 2 slots for 3 months (125 x 125 Button Ads) – From
  • $75 – A review on the blog and a square banner to the winner on the sidebar for 2 months – From Codematics Technologies
  • $75 – 1 domain registration plus 6 months of free shared web hosting – From Web Hosts Report
  • $60 – 1 hour of Blog Consulting courtesy of blogLOUDER – From blogLOUDER
  • $60 – 125×125 banner on for 3 months – From
  • $50 – 2 free for life 125×125 ad spots on the site – From
  • $50 – Amazon gift certificate – From Desktop Nexus
  • $50 – Clockworkz Party Shop gift certificate – From Clockworkz Party Shop
  • $50 – Cash prize – From
  • $50 – Cash prize – From
  • $50 – Cash prize and a free comprehensive website review by Milov Patel – From Milov Patel Blog
  • $50 – Cash prize – From
  • $36 – 1 copy of Steven Coveys “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” – From
  • $34.99 – 1 link on as well as one year premium link on – From
  • $25 – Cash prize – From
  • $20 – Cash prize – From
  • $20 – Cash prize – From
  • $15 – 2 months free advertising – From
  • So what do you have to do? Its VERY SIMPLE:

    1) Make sure you are a email subscriber and your account is active (you have confirmed). THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT

    2) Sign up and add rss feed to the following services: (you can get up to 1 entry per service per day).

    3) Every day for the next 14 days there will be a “Click Here To Enter Todays Contest!” Link within the RSS Feed. You simply click on that link From your rss feed reader service and then enter your name and your email you subscribed to in feedburner.

    This is what the actual link will look like in your feed reader(s)

    Rss Contest

    Subscribe with GoogleSubscribe with NewsGatorSubscribe with Bloglines

    Thats right! We will have 1 drawing per Google Reader Subscriber, News Gator Subscriber, Bloglines , and Other (all other readers combined). Being currently there is only about 300 active email subscribers your chances to win are very good 😉

    So There will be 4 drawings everyday and then a GRAND PRIZE drawing on November 1st (for all who have entered the whole month).

    So you will want to make sure you get your 4 entries in every day to have the most chances to win the grand prize!

    By Jeremy Schoemaker

    Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

    139 thoughts on “ShoeMoney 13,000.00 RSS Contest”
    1. HAHAHA

      Talk about evil. Jesus. Your rss is about to skyrocket. Awesome job shoe! Can’t wait to compete!

    2. this seems a bit over complicated… i assume if we register this way we will count 4 as four feeds.

    3. Does the bowling ball have anything inside of it? Such as a rose or a hand or anything of this nature?

    4. Surely the contest is to get the most unique subscribers though? If we all sign up for the 4 RSS services and the email service then we will each count as 5, isn’t that cheating?

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    6. Asking people to sign up for your RSS 5 times. Are you serious? What a lame way to try and win a stupid self promotional contest. You and Chow have been sinking to all time lows recently.

    7. HEY –

      There is a bowling ball on the list 🙂

      Thats actually awesome, looks like there are prizes for everyone 🙂

    8. Maybe someone can do a better job of posting the prizes… so we all can read them better. 😉

    9. i should have created a new blog and blogged about it tonytsai style… interesting method to try and get subscribers 5x’s over.

    10. Yes – It actually says “Here is a full list of prizes: (I will be editing this post more tonight but here is the list in online excel format):”

    11. OK, OK….You convinced me. I usually read you on my Google reader but now I have started a NG and BL feed as well…and added the widget to my igoogle for both.
      All I need now is the confirmation email from your feedburner. Hopefully it is lagging because everyone is signing up to help you win.

      Good Luck!

    12. Shoe! Guess what? My birthday is November 1st..heh no I’m not looking for prizes, I just wanted to mention that 🙂

    13. The formatting of the prize contributors is freakin’ brutal. Why don’t you list what the prizes actually ARE.. and then put a link to the company.

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    15. I wish I could see the face of John Chow while he is reading this blog post
      :)) haha

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    17. I don’t see the “Click Here To Enter Todays Contest!” link in the RSS feed. I am not quite sure how this works exactly. So you want us to sign up for the Google reader in order to view your RSS feed? Or are we getting emails every day and we click on those to enter the contest?

    18. thanks for putting up picture of where the link is, that was quick! Now I am having a little trouble signing up under the 4 different readers. I have entered through “the others feed” but how to I get it through the google one, gator and the other one?

    19. It appears that I have not received a link on a “google reader”, I believe think this might be the problem.

    20. I have entered 3 of the 4. Those are some kickass prizes! Is the bowling ball a shoemoney ball or custom logo on it?

    21. Show: I see John chow is starting to influence you…

      That huge “SUBSCRIBE TO OUR RSS FEED” popup is highly evil and annoying.

      Great job 😉

      Just one thing, please remove it after the end of the contest!

    22. when i clicked on it thru bloglines is said “Sorry, this contest is for subscribers only.”, is it because i’m using the beta version?

    23. Well… I knew you would come out with something big for this competition, and you did it. Lets just see what John Chow’s counter is going to be.

    24. It worked in newsgator and bloglines but there isn’t any link for the contest in google reader or in the email.

    25. I’m excited for this contest! Maybe I can win something, seeing as how John Chow never lets me win!

    26. Awesome contest Shoe – lets kick some Chow! – not seeing anything in todays email or newsgator yet just this post announcing the contest….

    27. Yup, you are creating controversy, any publicity is good. 🙂 Great stuff Jeremy, you got some buzz marketing in your pocket. 🙂

    28. What a great idea – I’ll be blogging about
      this awesome “Give away” to our readers
      and probably having my own contest for my
      blog soon =) haha great idea I love it.


    29. You might need to check it against the list above. I’m only offering $20 from each site, although I am planning on running another contest on my sites, too.

    30. Wow… if you don’t win, he must have come up with something really amazing. Anyone who says you’re not a marketer just needs to look here to know they’re wrong. 🙂

    31. This is awesome stuff — i’m green and ready to learn. any thoughts for someone very new to all of this??? feedback welcome.

    32. I wish I could see the look on Shoe’s face after the FeedBurner Chicklet updated and see that he’s only ahead by 23. 🙂

    33. I’ve subscribed as well… I hope I win something! SEO Book, Free 1 Year hosting for my blog… anything would do I guess.

      Carlo Selorio

    34. $250 – Free reviewme review on – From

      You must be kiding, it’s PR2, he should have paid you for posting his link here 😀

    35. From my stats it seems today you are losing.

      As usual:
      Check my blog to see the competition’s stats on my right bar.

    36. winning is winning, besides they dont update for 24 hours 😉 Keep watching that ticker chow!

    37. Clearly some folks overstated the value of their services. Still, it’s a great collection of prizes, and even if it’s only a PR2, I’d take the link / traffic from him. Every little bit helps.

    38. This reminds me of those contest we had in elem school where we bought paper rings to see which class could make the longest chain. The class that won got a pizza party. That was a great way to blow some nickels.

    39. That is an awesome way to boost your stats and stickiness, I usually just type in every day but now it is worth it to actually open up my bloglines account.

    40. When I try and subscribe again through boglines it says I am already subscribed. What am I doing wrong?

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    47. is this the same content to the pubcon passes and hang out with shoe contest in vegas?

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    49. I just saw John Chow’s post and came over to subscribe to your feed via RSS and email….great contest!

    50. The ticker just updated and guess who’s in the lead. 😀 If you like, you can put up my link now.

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    58. I signed up for the emails and I’ll add you to my google reader when I figure out how to do it, lol.

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      1. Then you will notice it everywhere, basically due to the fact men and women are genuinely receptive when you exude the Tao Of Badass.

    66. Ok, I just added your RSS to my Google Reader. Hoping to win me and my family some Shoemoney swag….lol

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    69. Its actually PR4. And I have given the price as stated from reviewme.

      There are other factors that come into consideration.

    70. Its funny, you had more than 20k subscribers last month. Today the Feedburner chicklet shows 13,402. Where have those 7-8k subscribers gone?

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    79. WOW….13k in prizes….i think atleast i will get one prize….This is awesome stuff and great way or marketing

    80. Ohhh what a loss , why didnt i see this offer earler .

      If there are any more offers coming up let me know .

    81. Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your
      post seem to be running off the screen in Internet explorer.
      I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know.
      The style and design look great though! Hope you get
      the problem resolved soon. Many thanks

    82. WOW….13k in prizes….i think atleast i will get one prize….This is awesome stuff and great way or marketing

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