I have been really slacking in this RSS contest with John Chow. But trust I will prevail.

We have had some unreal things going on @ shoemoney media the last week. We had a new employee start monday. Dillsmack came down for the week so we could work on some projects. We made deals to do 2 more MAJOR MMA fighters ( we already do Matt Hughes website ) websites and do all of there online marketing/advertising. We also have several pretty cool new websites we will be launching and also will be having a contest where we will be paying for 1 lucky person to roll with us in vegas for pubcon. (we will pay for flight, hotel, pubcon conference, and 500$ spending money to the winner). Details Will be announced the last week in October for that. We are also sponsoring a major event at UFC77 and getting that all squared away……

Ok so other then that! I have this little contest with John chow going to see who can get the most RSS subscribers and I havent had time to do crap with it. So the last 2 weeks of this month I am going to start giving away a prize a day and we will also offer a really nice grand prize.

If you want to compete for the prizes it would be in your best interest to subscribe to the rss feed by feed reader and also email.

Right now we are looking for sponsors for the contest. Email your proposal to rsscontest@shoemoney.com

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

72 thoughts on “Sponsor The RSS Blog Contest”
  1. There is no doubt that your blog is better than John Chow’s ….maybe you are a bit behind but you are the best….Post something more about PPC and affiliate tricks that made you rich & trust me you will beat JC by a HUGE margin!!!! ALl the best!!!

  2. Well, I’m subscribed but don’t have enough money to sponsor you. I’m broke. Good luck though, looking forward to seeing your future projects you’ve mentioned also.

  3. I just sent a sponsorship offer through – I hope it matches up to the standard needed to be offered. Also, I’m EXTREMELY excited to learn about the Pubcon contest. That’s going to be extremely competitive – talk about a valued prize!

  4. Great idea. πŸ™‚ I am already subscribed so I will keep an eye out. I wish I could offer something as a prize.

  5. Well it should prove to be a close call between you to guys. I dont have anything to sponser you with at this point and I don’t think my good looks will help you at all Shoe. I am currently looking for a sponser to my contest I am haveing starting monday where the grand prise is 100,000.00 so if you or anyone else is interested please let me know and good luck bro.

  6. he knows it was sarcasim.

    I take all contests very seriously. I was the one who challenged him to it so… i need to get on it.

  7. John Chow is definetly pushing this competition hard, I read about it in half the posts over there

  8. Chow has been pretty smart about offering prizes/contests through the RSS feed. Shoe coming on board with this strategy should do big things. Also, this whole competition is great link bait (like either of these 2 guys need it). Overall, it’s an incredibly slick marketing tactic, and they’re going to be able to do it on a shoestring budget by effectively trading advertising to contest sponsors. This friendly challenge really showcases the marketing prowess of Shoe and Chow.

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  10. I sugested to Chow that instead of seeing who can increase there RSS subscribers the most that both Shoe and him should pick up a new blog along side them and try and grow both. I guess he thought that challange was to much to handle.

  11. doesnt chow already have some secret blog he has been working on? plus these guys have real business sites they are already running.

  12. That would be really interesting!!!
    I would offer them a keyblog to each one on MillionBlogs so they will start from scratch and see who’s the best πŸ™‚
    I’d also like to see in this contest a few other top bloggers!
    Champions League? What do you say, Jeremy? πŸ™‚

  13. Why would they start new blogs and what would make the new blog valuable in terms of unique content? It doesn’t seem to fit either of their profiles to start something just for the sake of the contest – the contest is designed to effectively market existing, strong performing business entities. A new blog challenge would devalue the existing site if it shared similar content. If it didn’t, you’d see inequity in competition if they selected varied topics to blog about, or if one guy had vastly superior knowledge in a shared topic. Bad idea from my vantage point as it would largely be a waste of their time, simply to amuse a few blog readers.

  14. so, finally i did subscribed to your blog! LOL i subscribed to jhon’s aswell, to make the contest fair, j/k

  15. i think that the winner will be the one who will give incentive to subscribe… for me is to late tho… i’m already subscribed

  16. You aren’t promoting your feed as heavily as him. Likewise you actually make money of people who aren’t your readers.

  17. You got me subscribed to your RSS.

    By the way dont worry about John Chow, you got this RSS competition in the bag Shoe! πŸ™‚

  18. Interested to hear who or what type of person you hired. I still wish the three ladies I told would have contacted you.

  19. Hey, you can check on my blog to see a small table with the partial result of the RSS competition.

  20. I hate to say it, but this post has inspired me to actually subscribe to John’s RSS feed (I was already subscribed you yours!)


  21. Sorry guys, but JC is gonna kick shoes ass into breakfast and back. No apologies either – its FACT !!!

    Shoes not quite in JCs class just yet – and it shows.. he’s barely even kicked off πŸ˜›

  22. Shoe not in JC’s class? Yeah right. More accurately, Shoe has way more stuff going on than just his blog to worry about. Chow is small time compared to Shoemoney.

  23. John… Cow, did you say?

    Small fish (beef?) compared to you Jeremy – go fry that herring.

  24. Nice video …. signed up for your rss feed. Was wondering when you were going to get around to promoting that since you’re in the Chow/Shoemoney rss Feed contest. πŸ™‚

  25. I was wondering if you were going to make much noise about it. John Chow has been pushing it fairly well. Good luck to you both.

  26. interesting new little script when loading the home page… i would love to win the trip. don’t have the money to sponser now, but hopefully will soon.

  27. Wow, I didn’t know you guys did Matt’s website… I’m a big fan of him πŸ™‚

  28. I subscribed to your RSS. Can’t wait to hear about Pubcon!

  29. Nice work on the interstitial – that should boost sub numbers significantly. I wonder how long until Chow implements the same thing…

  30. Shoe–> Anyway you can check the referrer on the RSS sign up? I clicked through on a post in my reader (Google) and it pops up asking me to subscribe. I know you’re in a contest but things like that bug me.

  31. Great, i have added some offer in John chow blog from my side.Hope you will also allow , i will plan some thing and post here.

  32. I’m sure he’s got LOADS going on.. he’ll be lucky to find the time to scratch himself let alone get anywhere with this.. probably why I copped that annoying popup when I visited.. please sign up to my feeds..

    Chow on the other hand is ALL OVER IT – a totally different class of marketer πŸ™‚

    Man, don’t you know style and sophistication when you see it !? πŸ˜›

  33. I think you’re going to have to come up with something a bit bigger than giving a way a few prizes to those that sign up, something John Chow is also doing. I do believe that the content on your blog is much better than his, but he is way more EVIL than you are. Perhaps you should reward people for unsubscribing to John Chow’s Blog.

    A few years back at a FlashForward conference in SanFrancisco Macromedia and Adobe were both giving away free copies of software that competed with each other. Macromedia had a huge dumpster next to their booth and they would give people an extra copy of Dreamweaver if they would throw their Adobe software in the dumpster. Thats the kind of thinking you’re going to need to beat John Chow. My two cents.

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  35. Today when I came to shoemoney I had a popup that asked me to subscribe. I think he is making an effort.

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