This is a guest post by Paul from He shared this story with me privately and after I verified everything he said he was doing I asked him to post a summary for

If you’re truly an uber affiliate marketer, you’ll have the ability to see a new opportunity, exploit it as much you can, and walk away a lot richer in a short period of time. About a week ago, I blogged about Facebook opening up their CPC advertising via Facebook Flyers Pro. Aside from my stupidity of posting about it and letting the world know, I started thinking about how I could take advantage of this new system and use it to profit. I’m going to walk through my entire process of thinking, testing, and exactly how I used Facebook to profit pretty well for working on it for a few days. I was peaking out initially at around $10,000-$15,000/day, and then that rapidly declined as Facebook started catching on (as I’ll post about). If you have the ability to realize and properly exploit a new market, you can make some nice coinage before saturation and rules set in.

Step 1: How Does The Network Work?

I had no idea how the Flyers Pro network worked, so I did the best thing to do: tested it out. I put up an ad for ringtones I think it was and looked at all the targeting options I had :

I chose to target all people in the United States ages 16-28 I think, used no keywords, bid $0.05, and set the max budget of $50. I refreshed the stats after about 5 minutes, and I had already gotten about 20k impressions…crazy! My CTR was horrible but that didn’t matter because I was getting really cheap clicks and a lot of impressions. This campaign ended up profiting nicely. Although I noticed that after about an hour or two, my impressions just completely died. I also realized when I tried to create another flyer, it wouldn’t let me because the maximum daily budget for the account is only $50 (weak). So I had to stop and think for a minute, because my traffic died and I couldn’t spend any more money.

Step 2 : How to Get Around the System

After thinking for a few minutes, there were two possible ways to get around this obstacle :

1) Create another Facebook account and make a flyer for it.

2) Delete that flyer and make a new one.

I found out that you can delete the flyer and re-publish it, and you’ll be able to spend over your daily limit as well as get that initial surge of insane traffic.

Step 3 : What Would Really Convert?

Ok so at this point I had a system that gave me crazy amounts of traffic for a really low cost, but I wanted to think of something that would convert really well and was targeted to my audience. Facebook used to be a college-only network, and is now for the most part a younger age network. So that got me thinking education offers. Next, college kids like a few things, including booze and free things. I’m not sure if there’s a beer affiliate network out there (hmm maybe wine would have worked well…), but there are plenty of “free” offers out there. So I have to find an educational product that offers something free. College scholarships? Ding ding ding. These offers give college kids a chance to sign up (for free) to win a college scholarship. They pay out on the first page submit, and were just what I was looking for. So I deleted and recreated some scholarship ads, and I was doing really well with it.

How to Make it Convert?

So now I had an offer that was targeted and converted well. When I first started running the offer heavy, I had no targeting at all on (hence my bad overall conversion rate in the stats I’m going to post). Once I changed targeted to match kids only in college, and ages 18-24, conversion rate tripled. Here’s some stats for just the scholarship offer at it’s peak day :

That was just my biggest offer with a couple networks, not total earnings. I had about 6-7 offers running with different networks. Now you know what I made with it, now we’ll get into the real juice on how I really exploited it.

How to Act Like an Uber Affiliate

This all happened in a matter of a few hours. By this point I had

-found out that Facebook was rocking
-found how to continually get high traffic surges and beat the $50/day limit
-found a niche that was targeted and converting

Now I had to really exploit it. I’m not a programmer or anything, and I did this all without any programming knowledge. There’s a FireFox plugin called iMacros, and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen at that point in time. This really goes to show how networking can help a lot, as it was a friend who told me about it. What iMacros does is, records an action that you do inside FireFox, and then can replay those actions whenever you want it to. If it sounds confusing, you’ll understand 100% in a minute.

So from my thoughts on how to initially take advantage of Facebook, one of the things was making multiple accounts. More accounts = more flyers = more money. It would take a while to go to, click the signup link, fill out the info, confirm the email, go to Flyers Pro, create the flyer, submit the flyer, enter the billing information, and then logout. Here’s a screenshot of what iMacros looks like :

Here’s what I did :

-signed up for an account manually and was taken to the welcome screen.
-from here, I pressed the “record” button on iMacros.
-went up to the browser bar and typed in and loaded it.
-created my flyer, clicked to continue, filled out my billing information, placed the order.
-clicked logout, then once logged out clicked “sign up”.
-filled out the information to create a new account. for email I just had it type “” (which was one of my domains).
-hit STOP on the iMacro. the signup screen now looks like this :

Ok now we can reflect on what I just did. I’ll clear a couple of points first. The iMacro can’t do two of the things in the signup process: dynamically insert an email address, and break the captcha code. You need to enter a different email address for every account. Instead of setting up 1,500 gmail accounts, let’s think smart and simple instead. Just take one of your domains, and redirect all emails to that domain to your gmail account. Then you can enter,,, etc and they’ll all work, and all the confirmation letters are sent to 1 email.

So all I had to do when the signup screen loaded was enter a number before the @ sign in email, enter the captcha, and click signup. I had gmail in the other tab, and I’d just click on the confirmation URL, and that takes you to the welcome screen. Click to play the iMacro and watch it do it’s thang. I had account creation down to about 30 seconds which isn’t bad.

Exploiting Step 2

New account creation was doing fine, I made 50 accounts in about 30 minutes. But I also knew that deleting and re-uploading a flyer gave it that initial surge of traffic. Here’s how I used iMacros to get on top of that and make things even easier then creating accounts :

-start at the homepage, logged out. hit RECORD on the iMacro.
-login with my information.
-go to
-click on “my flyers”

-click on my flyer, and then delete it.
-click “create flyer”
-make the exact same flyer, continue, place the order.
-logout – STOP the iMacro.

What I just had the macro do is login to one of my accounts, delete my old flyer, reupload it, and then logout. Sweet, so I have this thing refreshing my account with new flyers, now let’s have it refresh all 50 accounts. Ok, I’ll just have to record myself going in and deleting and creating new ads for every account…WRONG. That would be a waste of a couple hours. Instead, click on the “Edit” tab in iMacros, and click to edit the re-uploading macro you just made. It’ll open up in Notepad or something. Copy the code starting from logging in, ending with logging out. Paste that 49 more times. Now every single email will say “”. The only work you have to do is go and change them to go from 1 to 50. Save the macro.

With 1 click of a button, the iMacro will cycle through all 50 of your accounts, login, reupload the ad, and logout. You can now refresh every 30 minutes-hour and get that initial traffic surge over…and over…and over.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

So I now had a system that would semi-auto create me accounts, and fully auto upload ads. What did I do now? Exploited the hell out of it! I was bidding $0.50 in the beginning and getting my clicks only at $0.10. I tested different offers, ads, targeting options, anything I wanted to. If I wanted to change my bids, all I’d do is edit the iMacro, and do a simple find/replace. I’d replace “0.25″ with “0.50″, and all 50 accounts would be updated with the snap of my fingers.

Facebook Starts to Realize

All good things must come to an end. Facebook started to catch on to all this, and started doing many things. They started disabling ads, and then turning off all accounts. Now even if you create 1 account and reupload an ad, they’ll disable it all. They’ve also started banning keywords like “ringtones”..and “scholarships” hehe :-). It’s still possible to make money with it, but they also started banning affiliate URLs, so direct linking is even hard. In the end I had about 500 Facebook accounts all banned.

My Mistakes

Although I was able to make a nice quick buck, I did make a couple mistakes in the process :

1) HUGE mistake – blogging about it and forum posting about it. When I first heard the news about Facebook flyers, I just thought it would make a good blog post on recent news. I also posted about it at Wickedfire and asked if anybody had messed with flyers. That turned into a pretty big thread and got a lot of people working with them. Learn this lesson : if you discover something that you can exploit : keep your damn mouth shut until it dies.

2) Careless mistakes. I was caught in the moment and wasn’t thinking, just wanted to do as much as possible. For a day I was promoting scholarships to the entire network, not thinking that you have to 18 and in college to actually complete the offer.


Overall, the experience was well worth it. I stayed up until 5am every night and set my alarm to go off in a few hours so I could get up and refresh all my accounts. I looked like a complete bum, stubble, unclean, that whole deal…I was in my office dungeon for many many hours with no rest. But hey, I made a pretty nice chunk of change from it and learned a lot.

I hope you guys enjoyed the article, maybe sparked your mind for some ideas. The point of the whole thing is that if you’re on top of the industry and a smart thinker, you can have some pretty nice success in the affiliate field. I did all of this myself, no programmer, just some thinking and turning those thoughts into actions

Take care and good luck,
UberAffiliate – Paul Bourque

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. Cool post. There are several lessons here including
    – be careful sharing tricks that work with too many people until you have exploited completely first
    – There are always new opportunities online. You just have to find them and then go for it.

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  7. That’s a great post, bet you really wish you hadn’t told everyone about it so early? That’s always my mistake. I know I should keep quiet, I just somehow can’t help myself.

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  13. I’ll post again guys, ask all questions on my most recent blog post so I don’t have to be checking back here all the time, thanks.

  14. Paul, stop kicking yourself so hard. Word would have got out anyway. I beleive it was thurs/Fri when they initially rolled it out and by Tuesday it was dead. All the wicked fire cronies hopped aboard around Sun/Mon? if I remember right. Word was spreading like wild fire anyway.

    The lesson here is to MOVE FAST which you clearly did well.
    Have credit on hand to run up a few thousand in CC bills to float until your affiliate payments come in.
    I think where most n00b affiliates miss out is in spending to much time asking questions and doing research instead of getting their asses in there and DOING it.
    Treat it like school. If you spend a fun hundred dollars on adwords and get little return, you are going to learn WAY MORE than you will in weeks of trolling forums, reading blogs and being a nervous nelly.

    I still have a handful of live FB accounts that I am afraid to even log into for fear of them being axed. But a couple hun a day is still rolling in. =). Can’t complain, pays for my pedicures.

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  21. Ugh. Stuff like this is why MySpace is such a toilet these days. Its nice to go out and make money, but another thing to just completely inundate a great website with worthless adspam.

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  26. This feels really blackhat to me. Facebook clearly states in it’s terms and conditions that you can’t have more than one account per person. I guess my position is moral one. Clearly, by playing outside the rules, you’ve managed to make a nice little profit, that you couldn’t have made playing by the rules.

    I’m just curious how other people feel about having a total disregard for website rules just to make a buck?

    Mind you it’s probably that attitude that is the difference between the rich and the poor.

  27. Yup… it now takes facebook all of twenty minutes to disable my ringtone and other affiliate advertisements. I wish companies like google, yahoo, and everyone else that sells advertising would realize that a truly open market benefits them as well. I guess they’ve gotta make trade offs between a quality experience for their users and ad revenue though.

    Arbitrage makes the market efficient.

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  32. My takeaway from this post was to figure out a system that works, but in order to make it work even better you have to know how to use the automation tools that are out there, am busy downloading iMacros right now, thanx for the tip.

  33. Paul, why post this publicly after the crap that you caused through posting at WF? Now FB’s massively changing the system to PREVENT US from doing this. Trying to ruin it even more since you already took a bullet? They clearly don’t like multiple accounts per BrianFB & Jon’s postings at WF.

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    I only noticed the Facebook flyers yesterday and immediately started frothing at the mouth with the possibilities. I was quite surprised that Facebook started with PPC, but it makes sense – it’s a win-win for them.

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    As for the naysayers that say it is all over… It is far from it.
    facilitating or promoting the following will get you banned (from FB Support):
    •Liquor, beer, wine
    •Tobacco products
    •Ammunition or firearms
    •Gambling (poker, online casino, sports books)
    •Smiley downloads
    •Scams, illegal activity and/or illegal contests, pyramid
    schemes, or chain letters
    •Uncertified pharmaceutical products
    •Adult friend finders or dating sites with a sexual emphasis
    •Web cams or surveillance equipment

    Also – in my experience, Email/Zip subs offering ‘Free’ Products that aren’t really free…

  48. I’d be more like 5 or 6 screenshots, as I didn’t do that much with just a single network or offer.

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