I can cross another one of life goals off today! I met MC Hammer.

Hammer was in the pit talking about his new site dancejam.com

Mc Hammer + Shoemoney

Dance Jam (not publicly available yet) is kind of Digg meets Youtube meets danceoffs. Basically people record themselves dancing and can challenge eachother. Also you can vote up or down peoples dances. Its pretty fricking badass.

Hammer wanted to get a video of me and him doing the running man to kick off the site. should I do it?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

79 thoughts on “Uh Oh Uh Oh Here Comes The Hammer – TechCrunch40 Coverage”
  1. Why not? I can see all the buzz it would create over the web – “ShoeMoney does the running man, thinking about a career as a backup dancer”

  2. Are you serious??? finally I’ve been wanting to dance off against the world.. and here i can showcase it. Muahahahah

  3. This idea just took all the people who love to dance in the battle circles in a media viral audience… i hope they can categorize the battles, between breaking, bboying, popping, freestyle, hip hop, and more.

  4. And you have to ask us??? Do it man!!! should be fun

    By the way not a bad idea, hats off to MC Hammer.

  5. There is a market for this, because I watch countless youtube videos where people choreograph to a certain song. Yet the responses options in youtube are limited or not highlighted.

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  7. Where was this at?? b/c I know MC Hammer just performed in LA at the Nike Run Hit Remix.

  8. Hell yeah you should, go hammer, go hammer, go hammer, go shoe, go shoe, go shoe

    One of my guilty pleasures is this stupid show called pants off dance off where people show off their *ahem* dancing skills

  9. My boyfriend met MC Hammer at the Emerald Downs Racetrack in Washington. He was performing as an opener for the races. The “concert” was free, and he actually performed a new song off his upcoming CD, “Hard Times,” without a hint of irony.

  10. That is awesome. I should buy some Hammer pants and see what I can do with my dancing… after I practice for a while…

  11. If you don’t want to do it tell Hammer I’m available! I’ll even spin on my head πŸ™‚
    …DanceJam seems like its going to be a cool site, it needs to have cash prizes for competition winners. Great photo ..and in case you didn’t get my drift …HELL YEAH YOU SHOULD DO IT!!!

  12. I’m pretty sure I heard about this before from the internet celebraties but didn’t think it was true. Hammer is back people and you STILL can’t touch him.

    oh and to answer the question Shoe – break it down and represent!

  13. That is pretty badass. With someone like him running the show, I bet it won’t be hard to get media attention either.

  14. Appears that Hammer has nailed down a winner!! I’m sure it will provide hours and hours of mindless entertainment…recipe for success!!! All the best to you Hammer!

  15. Wow, small world. I’m about 15 miles from Emerald Downs.

    Shoe, I think everyone would love to see you do the “running man”, lol.

  16. Awesome! MC Hammer is one of the few celebs I would like to meet myself. You better do the video. Hammer seems like a really nice and level headed guy. Was he that way in person? Did he know he was talking to the guru of internet marketing?

  17. Do it.

    Then you can do the STOP Hammer time dance.

    On DanceJam that is an awesome idea. You could have DDR battles and then have freestyle dance battles. Just an awesome idea and with MCHammer on the proj you know he brings some credit to the subject.

  18. Hell yes do it !

    Thats a name from wayback – MC Hammer..

    I’d do it, just for the laughs πŸ™‚

  19. Hell yeah, do it! What better way than to get a chance to expose your brand in more mainstream (ie non-webgeek) media? Just so long as people don’t say “Who’s that with Hammer, Vanilla Ice?” πŸ˜€

  20. That would be instant traffic for the Hammer. He ought to give you some of those cool pants he used to wear in return for the pub he would get.

  21. thats awesome man!!! hammertime πŸ™‚ did you ask him where his parachute pants were? πŸ™‚

  22. When you met Hammer was he like,”Oh my God!. I read your blog all the time. I love you Shoemoney!”

  23. Without a doubt.
    Yes! You should do it.
    Because if we can’t mock ourselves, who can we make fun of?

  24. haha this should be an interesting site, hopefully he doesnt spend all of his earnings on solid gold laptops or something

  25. It’s not every day you get to hang with someone like MC Hammer. It’s a once in a lifetime thing. So what if you look funny doing it. It’s the fact that YOU did it.

  26. Get yourself out on the dance floor and RUN! It’s a great life… do all that you can.. add it to the resume and the memory-banks.


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  28. […] wonder at what point MC Hammer references will leave my mind… This song rocked. […]

  29. […] wonder at what point MC Hammer references will leave my mind… This song rocked. […]

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