In my recent post about my current setup I alluded to possibly posting pictures of the evolution of my office(s) over the years. Well here it is.

This is the first picture I can find of a office space. It was taken May 29th 2002. I was working at the help desk for Wells Fargo Financial in Des Moines, IA. They decorated my table/cubical for my birthday.

I moved up the ladder pretty quick and soon had my own little secluded cube at Wells Fargo and it looked like this:

My Job Wells Fargo was now the Lead Unix Security Admin which sounds like a cool job but really sucked cause I would have to audit all the boxes for exploits and stuff then sitdown with the Unix Admin team and go over all the stuff they needed to fix. You can see how well liked I was here:

Not to long after that I moved to Omaha (after getting fired for working on all day) and worked for Commercial Federal Bank by day but here was my office at home. I had 2 20″ sony 80lbs trinitron monitors which had the most beautiful picture! But they were HUGE!

I was fired in 2004ish from Commercial federal for working on my own websites all day (again) and started doing everything from home. This is when things started to go well for me. I had weight loss surgery and as you can see my monitors lost some weight too. I switched to dell 20″ LCD’s

In 2005 We moved from Omaha to Lincoln Nebraska and I setup this in a extra room (which is now susans office). It was a 36″ (i think) widescreen tv/monitor and then 3 20″ Dell LCD’s powered by a Dell XPS. This was totally a new temporary setup for me until my new office was being built in the unfinished part of the basement.

This was my first day in my newly built office. It still was not finished yet. I had a 60″ tv put into the wall but as you can see it was not yet framed in. On my desk I had 3 20″ dell monitors and also could use the 60″ LCD as a 4th for when I wanted to show things to other people. If you want to see this in its framed state before the drywall check this out

Here is a little better view from my point of view in the cockpit. In this instance I was running windows on the box to the left and mac on the 2 on the right. This setup did not last long. It was much easier to leave the windows box in my server room and just remote desktop into it then to have all the bs on my desk

I also played around doing some recording of some video “shows” with barry scwartz and other guests that never made it to the web =( It was fun though.

Its not always just about having “fun” playing on the internet though… When the Xbox 360 came out I was found A TON on xbox live! You can also see now the 60″ that is framed in with nice wood thing I had made for it.

back to computer setup pics! – So a bit later I moved to the Apple 30″ display from the 3×20″ and wow what a difference. The apple display is well worth the money.

and that leads us to the current setup of 2 30″ apple displays and a dual intel quad core 3ghz macpro desktop.

So thats it!!! Now tomorrow I am moving into my new office out of the house. I am REALLY excited because its a cool place… I will get some pictures soon. In the new office I am going to take one of the 30″ monitors and my old quad G5 apple.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

177 thoughts on “Evolution Of My Office(s) 2002 To Present”
  1. It’s a nice improvement for your office.Regarding the job history, I can not miss the part with being fired for working on your sites…kind of what I do since some time now 😉 , well…

  2. Pretty cool evolution office desk. From thin monitor to large LCD, from fat to slim body. GOD never give prefectness to use, we must change it…!!, Is it right Jeremy..?

  3. Like my favorite group Pete Rock and CL Smooth says,, ” I went from life sucks to major bucks…..” nice going shoe, hope I can be like you some day im in omaha now my self and I feel things are gettin betta for me holla…

  4. hey shoe, nice pics of your workspace. What kind of chair do you use? also have you ever fancied a aeron chair or something like that. I suffer from backache as i work all day at my desk.

  5. I can’t put this into words. I drooled over my laptop for a bit. 😀

    Good Luck with the move tomorrow. Can you film your move to the office? and show it us when you can. 🙂

  6. You gotta smile more in your pictures dude 🙂

    look forward to seeing the new office, did you talk about why you’re making the move?

  7. Shoe,

    You are the American Dream personified. It is always a blast to hear about your “evolution”. Can’t wait to hear about your future adventures. You’ve earned it!

  8. How did your employer find out you were working on your own websites all day?

    I must say, based on this and previous posts, that you have an odd obsession with displays/monitors, their sizes, and stats! 🙂

  9. Exceptional post!

    It is amazing what a person can do with their life in just a short period of time.

  10. cool building my office right now I like your office now real good looking and congrats on all of your success so far and hope it continues

  11. So why the move out of your house? Yeah, yeah more room and what not. But comeon! Isn’t that what most of the population want (to work from home)?

  12. I must say, its an impressive move from a regular large sized tech geek, to nice and skinny internet guru (or whatever you want to call yourself)

    The moves from monitor to monitor is great, boy do I miss the image from the old big monitors. Sony made the best back then….

    Congrats on all the moves! The seperation of office and home is going to be such a welcome relief. I’m sure you’ll feel it after the first day or two.

  13. Things change. having a 1 year old in the house and a nanny + building contractors (we are doing a remodel that will take atleast 4 months) is just to distracting during the day.

  14. shoe that’s very unique on the evol. really great story – and again love the wood framing around that tv! really like the looks of that.

  15. Hey Jeremy…smart to take pix of all your office spaces over the yrs! Is that guy really giving u the bird or just kidding? hehe.

    Look fwd to seeing the pix of your new space..also want to see pix of your home remodel, if u care to share when it’s done..r u getting granite? I agree a 1 yr old can be distracting..they stay distracting as they get older too. 😉 – Julia

  16. That really is an amazing transfornation/progression (both the offices and weight). You can sense Shoemoney is pretty proud of it and he has every right to be.

    BTW – This is going to be some gold linkbait for Shoemoney!

  17. Shoemoney commented a while back that he has already been working on a book. I think these pics demonstrate it would be an interesting story.

  18. man.. that is a pretty cool set up you got there.. i like how you made the gap for the tv to fit in

  19. An 80 lb monitor! thats a little over half my wieght, monitors certainly got better fast. I dont even think the 30″ cinema displays are much heavier than 20

  20. I find it very amazing and inspiring how you basically changed your life, nevermind your office… All I can say is do what your doing and things can only get better.

  21. Shoemoney — what a great story and progression of your career. I just left corporate America in April to start a business myself, and your story is quite the encouragement!

  22. Your personal transformation is even more impressive than your office transformation (although I do love the toys). Congratulations!

  23. Congrats Jeremy on all of your successes, very interesting to see the evolution through time 🙂 keep it up mate!

  24. Whats the verdict on the best monitor — does a single Apple 30″ beat everything? Is 2 30″ers too much?

  25. I know of no one who looks happy at their job. I look forward to getting fired myself, and at the rate things are going, it won’t be long now 🙂

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  27. nice evolution! but I gues tv (especially with video games) is so distracting… my respect for loosing weight, man!

  28. Kudos shoe…as everyone mentioned – this gets me pumped. I work on my site throughout the day at work (not in-depth) but to see the transistions you went thru is truly inspiring….keep it up!

  29. You got fired for working on your personal Web site from work? Well, it looks like that turned out to be a good thing. I could get so much more done w/o a day job, but I’m not ready to take the dive yet.
    Cool evolution.

  30. amazingi hope i can have some screens like that in few years..

    great job!
    greetinz from Brazil

  31. I have fired people for using the Internet at work (they usually did other pretty bad things to though) but I bet none of them have an office like you do.

    Do you think there’s a connection between losing all that weight and getting a better office – like a confidence thing? Or is it just a coincidence.

  32. Moving on up. Cant wait to see the new office. Make sure you get a diet coke vending machine installed

  33. Good god you looked miserable at your WF job. That was a “please god just let me die” look if I ever saw one. Sort of reminded me of Dilbert, the dude giving you the bird could easily be Ratbert. LOL

  34. LOL Crazy history. Nice to know someone else that got canned for working on their own stuff at work. I love the setup now. It’s so nice to see you after the weight loss surgery. I’m too much of a chicken so I want to keep losing weight without it.

  35. WORD Dude, thats .. ehm .. let me think about it .. sorry i can’t find the right words but i think “amazing” is a good start :).

    Greetings ..

  36. Hey Shoe, thank for posting pictures not just of yourself but of yourself. I lot of people hide parts of themselves but not you. Looking at your weight then and now, it is obvious that you are a person who is capable of achieving his goals. Thank you for being such an inspiration in so many ways. God bless!


  37. Also, I love that you got canned for working on our own websites at work. I’ve doing that for two years and so far so good! I guess that’s the benefit of working in a remote field office a 800 person corporation! LOL’ing in comradeship with you.

  38. Hey great set up…. I am full of envy……lol. All except for two things….. I see Tums and Tylenol??? on the desk…….lol…….. not stressing are we? Continued good luck and prosperity….. cheers…..eric

  39. Wow, i really love the way your office has evolved. It has given me quite a few pointers.

    Kudos to you as well concerning the weight loss, you seem to have turned yourself completely around.

    I look forward to the next office pictures.


  40. pretty amazing evolution
    the 2 trinitron photo isn’t bad either, comptuer lab style, mess everywhere…kind of my style 😀
    I love your current place

    if you don’t mind, why did you need 6 computers ? (in the trinitron pic)

  41. Hah – shoe sent people from digital point to his blog – now they’re sending them back :p Evolution?!

  42. Are you going to miss having your daughter near by?

    I often think about renting a proper office to meet clients but I think of the opportunity costs of commuting. Did you consider that? It is nice when the commute time is 30 seconds and doesn’t require gas.

  43. No doubt it’s an audio book as Jeremy has said he listens to them more than reading paper books. Can you imagine him on a Nightingale Conant program?

  44. Who is the baseball dude mascot, who seems to have followed your screens over the years, and where is he now?

  45. Hey Shoe.

    You look awesome man! You have really come a long way. Are you eating healthier? I did see like 10 coke cans on your desk!

    Noob question: why do you need so many comptuers and screens? What are they all for?



  46. $hoe a heartly congrates, we cannot just expect how much pain and hardwork you would have taken to get here .. 🙂
    Btw, you look cute in those photos

  47. Shoe you are always a source of inspiration i learned so much from your blog and see you as a role model how you started and how things went fine you work hard and now get rewards.

    The Pictures are another source of inspiration and i am motivated again to work hard. When i am down and out i came here read articles and the energy run through my veins gear up again to work hard.

    though i am down and out today my girlfriend left me going to marry someone else as her parents wont accept me 🙁

  48. Forget all the tech (although it does look sweeet) – I want to congratulate you on the physical changes. How much weight have you lost? It’s an amazing turnaround and one that should be applauded.

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  51. I “stumbleupon-ed” your post. Fascinating! I look forward to seeing you new digs outside the home. I wish you success.

  52. Absolutely class. Your new office is awesome and 60″ in the wall! nice! can’t wait till I get to your level. Great post.

  53. Well it looks much better than my office… I have my laptop an I got good table and good healthy chair because chair is very important for this kind of job… second most is the monitor and than the rest…
    I think you could improve your chair a bit.

  54. Fantastic. Wonderful changes in your life and career. (both healthy choices!) I don’t even know you, but I’m proud of you. (and that is ONE SWEET basement/office.)

  55. this shows how, in america, you can start small and work your way up to the top. Great Job and you look great after that surgery!

  56. Yowza, now that’s improvement one can really see! Congrats on moving on up and progressing with both your office and health.

  57. what a fat loser

    bought weight loss surgery instead of exercising

    i lost all respect 4 u

    i bet ur a virgin 2

  58. U lost a lot of weight it seems… may be 50kg+… what is the secret share with us ??? other than hard blogging 😛

  59. Shoe, you are just an inspiration to all. Such an awesome personal transformation and a great home office.
    I would be thrilled even if I could achieve any one of them. I am working towards it.
    You rock !!

  60. wow hey i know you’ve heard this before but you look great after losing all that weight (and so does your office…except that really had nothing to do with the weight but it still looks great too). Congratulations i know losing that much can be hard ( i did it back in 2002). In addition to that, your office is friggin HUGE. Hopefully someday i’ll get there too 8P

  61. biggest loser is the biggest winner… Good job on losing the weight, getting the girl (a doctor no less) and having a child.

  62. I’m more impressed at the weight loss … good on ya brother. Takes a lot of dedication to get rid all that.

    Best of luck


  63. It surprises me how many people think it is ok to steal from their employer. The great irony in some cases will be when they get to the point of hiring their own employees who then do the same thing to them, spend all day working on their own personal projects, that is, stealing from their employer.

  64. First of all – amazing transformation, man! I guess I’m between pics 4 and 5 physically and pic 1 professionally, so a lot of work to do…

    On the other hand at least I got a good chair (Wilkhahn) 🙂 Not cheap (got mine at a liquidation), but sure no back pain. They say it’s more about moving your body while working than about number of levers and buttons on the chair, which is probably true. Not sure if they sell “over there” yet, You’ll have to find that out yourself if you like…

  65. Man, forget the evolution of the office, the evolution of Shoemoney is the real story here, those pictures are worth way more than thousands of words, I say you should kick Jarrett out of his job with Subway and use that as more of your base to take over the world.

  66. Nice to see those pictures. Evolution it is. I was much more impressed with the weight loss.

  67. The employer should give the employee an allotted amount of time each day to work on personal projects (personal enrichment) and this wouldn’t happen. I know that Google did this at one time, I’m not sure if they still do or not.

  68. That’s a good policy. Actually enriches both employee and employer. But if the employer doesn’t that doesn’t make it ok to steal from him by working on your personal projects all day.

    I am unimpressed by people who become “successful” through dishonest means. I’ve seen plenty of it. I watched a couple of wildly successful heads of major companies get started the same way, spending day after day using their employer’s hardware and software resources to develop code, business plans, marketing collateral. They didn’t get any more honest after their business took off. A couple of those guys I know are now the targets of securities and banking fraud investigations.

    It’s about quality of character.

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  75. Oh man,

    That is like the setup, dual monitors so rocks, but a dual quad core with 2 30″ screens.

    Very very sick.

    I think I left a spot of drool on my keyboard.

    On a second note, you use Mac’s mainly for most of what you do?

    What do you prefer?

    How much do you actually use your windows box?


  76. nothing beats how messy my office is!
    nice to see how it he goes from cubicle to mansion, lol.

  77. Wow!..@.@…your office is really really deserved what you have’ve worked hard for it..^^…Good job Shoe..^^

  78. Hopefully your new office features more natural light. I imagine it to be very difficult for the eyes to remain in an office as dark as yours for hours ensuite.

  79. I seriously don’t believe you were that fat in the past.
    Are you in a fat suit for the pics above?

  80. […] in September, Shoemoney posted a series of pictures showing the evolution of his office space (and himself). It was a great pictoral and if I was going to rewrite it as a portrait, would you be […]

  81. Tums + Tylenol + prescription + cheeseburger + underwear in the last pic, you ok Shoe?

    Sweet looking setups.

  82. It’s utterly amazing the changes you managed to accomplish in just five years, both personally and professionally. You truly are an inspiration.

  83. I want your office. The only thing I would do is change that paint and go with a lighter wood. But man, nice office!

  84. Wow….. what a change – in every aspect.

    I never know you had weight loss surgery, you were looking so different back then and now see the hot girls clinging to you in every photo back there. And the office went on looking more n more smart like you….

    I switched from my desktop to a brand new DELL Insipron 1520 laptop I bought with my affiliate income. And that’s pretty much good… Well, I have something more to say as well about it – can you believe I have done interiors of my home with affiliate income? Well, it’s not known to each and I did not blog about it yet.

  85. You seriously have the best office I’ve ever seen, although I’m still happy with my work area. Problem is it always gets messy – and I find it hard to concentrate when I have clothes, and rubbish piled up around me.

    ~ Dave

  86. Is that really you ???
    the body looks very different 😀
    How can you decrease your weights ??? what sport do you do ?

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  89. lack of smiles clearly means lack of happiness. strange… because I understand happiness is for sale.

  90. I like your progression too. But I like your office, your office is so beautiful. Why you working now out of house? If I was you I want to stay home and work home, I think that is better. Enfin, do you have children? Because I never see photos of children?

  91. I like seeing the progression, shows how much weight you lost, that was really crazy. Also the office looks pretty pimp. I have the same issue with working on my websites all day at work, but I am sort of a manager and its not become an issue yet (aka everyone is too busy to notice 🙂 )

  92. i love your office. My office is my dorm room, and it is worst then your first office trust me. Hoping to progress.

  93. You seem to have lost weight in progress of your development too! Good. 🙂

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  95. This is a really good piece. I found your website from google while searching a similar subject matter. I really ate up what you had to say. Keep up the great work!

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