ShoeMoney BusinessweekI had like 18 emails in my inbox this morning congratulating me on the business week article… only I had no idea what they were talking about. Then after looking at web refers I found this article on the top money making blogs on the internet. They not only mention this blog in the article but also AuctionAds and Nextpimp. Very cool!

I am really really proud to be mentioned in the same breath as the other bloggers on there. Very cool to see my friend Darren Rowse profiled as the one of the 14 bloggers chosen for this also 😉

You can read the article here

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. Wow, congrats Shoemoney, You rock! and just to let you know – I am already enjoying loads of $$ through AuctionAds, thanks to you!

  2. Congrats on being mentioned–the more people like you are mentioned in the mainstream press the better!

  3. Very nice.. and they even spelled your name correctly(?), the ultimate sign of quality 🙂

  4. Congrats man. I read Shoemoney and both everyday. You give some of the best and deffantly the most honest tips on the net. I belive one of the reasons your so popular is that your totaly honest with people and not shoving constant sales piches down your visitors throats.

  5. wow what a article! good for you jeremy 20,000 uniques a day wow thats allot of traffic I bet you must make hundreds a day from auction ads a day!

  6. Congratulations!!! I can’t wait until you hit Forbes list. I know you will. I’ll say you’ll make that list in about 10 years. 7/16/2017. I am sure each year your income will just double. Congrats again!

  7. I’ve never had a complaint about you Shoe, until now. Auction ads is down and your making blog posts!?

    A principle i have always believed in is that it is much more valuable to retain a customer than it is to gain new customers. I would focus on satisfying the existing auctionAders by making sure that the site stays up.

    It really is a great program, but it can’t go down!

  8. $12k is 3% of your companies revenue? Did they get the numbers from Bootmoney?

  9. Congrats! I hope my blog will get as big as yours, even though mine focuses on the automotive industry 🙂

  10. Yeah congrats Jeremy, what a cool surprise! Good to see you posting frequently again. The guest posts are cool, but they definately aren’t like reading a genuine Shoemoney post.

  11. WOW man thats awesome. It is always an honor to get a major plug from a newsmedia source! Congrats!

  12. Great news man. But are you ready to be in a movie? a documentary about bloggers?

  13. Way to go man. Better believe all the equity guys saw that one!

    The story echoes the advice we see over and over from bloggers who’ve made it: Don’t give up. The most common mistake that bloggers who hope to turn pro make is quitting too soon. Don’t we all want to believe that one!

  14. Congrats, Shoemoney. Oh, and i was one of those that sent you emails about AuctionAds 🙂

  15. Michelle Malkin claims to be running her blogs at a loss even though she gets 220,000 page views per day.

    It’s because of her powerful servers you see.

    Sounds like a bit of a tax dodge to me.

  16. Keep up the good work!!! You’ve earned it! Now, mabye they’ll give you a free subscription! Then again, mabye they’ll give you one of those clock radio thingies.. no that’s Time.. mabye a free ball gag? No, that’s some S&M magazine.. oh, I forgot its name.. I’ve got a copy around here somewhere.. oh, in the bathroom.. I’ll be back.. in like an hour or so…

  17. Congratulations. It’s great that many bloggers are achieving celebrity status.

  18. I’d like to know how you can possibly make $12000 a month from your visitors. I been entertaining 8000 uniques a day for 5 years – this week I made $0.45!

    Have you ever posted on how you do this?

  19. Congrats Jeremy, you deserve it. I was shocked to find out how much Perez Hilton makes monthly.

  20. It’s always cool when the mainstream media notices our little world. Nice work.

  21. […] other news, check out Shoemoney – he is profiled in the current issue of Business Week. affiliate marketing Business 2.0 CNN Money […]

  22. […] a journalistic perspective I would give the article about 6/10 though since some of the bloggers clearly weren’t approached for an […]

  23. Yeah there’s the blog world and then theres the mainstream media world, thats a whole different bucket of traffic to monetise 😉

  24. Shoe,

    Granted you work harder than anyone I know to be recoginized,which is most likley the reason you had been selected. The squeeky wheel! Honestly your gross revenue is not a big deal in our industry nor is how your co has grown in the past 2 years. I can site 20 co’s with fewer than 5 employee’s that have grown 3 times your co’s growth in the same period.

    Anyway congrats on the stride..Not bad for a turkey neck..

  25. Congratulations! I just finished the article, and it is well done to say the least!

  26. Even with a ctr of .5% you would be making more than 2 dollars a month. Blend your ads better.

  27. Yeah that’s what they said. Their math suggests Shoe is pulling ins 400k/month total. Wowza! 🙂

  28. Just curious Shoe,
    If you only spend 30 min. writing for your blog…What do you do with the rest of your day?


  29. Just read the article. Congratulations. Really good stuff, you deserve it:).

  30. Shoemoney,
    Don’t you have a adorable little girl and an amazing wife??? Then why do all of your “work trip” pictures include yourself with hot chicks!! Just something I was pondering…..~Clara

  31. Awesome! And here I was, proud of something I am working on getting featured in Pronet Advertising 🙂 You’re a pimp, what can I say?

  32. That’s unbelievable but whatever, if she ever gets audited then the truth will come out. 🙂

  33. When they mention the blogs making the least amount of money maybe I’ll make the cut.

  34. Also, you must be getting crazy promotion from that. Great inbound link haha. Congrats again. Tons of comments.

  35. Hey, any type of publicity is good, right?! Congrats on being picked, even if you didn’t know about it ahead of time 🙂

  36. Yeah. Looks like they just ganked a photo from your site and went to town. Was a great slide show of articles. Congratulations on the inclusion!

    This is my first visit to your blog. A new reader you have.

  37. this is my first time reading your blog but i’m liking what i’m seeing so far 🙂 pretty cool about that article, you celeb you!

  38. Hello, congratulation.
    I thought johnchow earns more than you, but I didnt even see him in the list.

  39. Its pretty hard to believe.
    She should at least put some ads for that loss amounts if not for profit.

  40. Congrats. What a great work this guys do! Wow. I hope someday get around that value in a week =] Thanks for the tips in the other article. :mrgreen:

  41. Congratulations. It’s always cool to get exposure, especially on a scale like that.

  42. Since posting the first time, this article has surfaced in my inbox 20 times over. It has taken on a life of its own!

  43. Just saw the Business Week article and decided to take a look at the sites mentioned. Yours is new to me. One comment only:

    Learn the difference between “there” and “their” fcol.

  44. I’ve been watching your for a while and have loved your blog. Your clear writing and no-nonsense “everyday” approach to blogging and writing has helped me alot. You truly deserve the publicity. Thanks again for all your work.

  45. That is so awesome! I can’t imagine the feeling of discovering that. It kind of set the mood for the rest of the day, huh?

  46. I read the article and discovered your site as a result. I am a fellow blogger, and your story is a real inspiration. Nice work!

  47. Ok..I had a good laugh today..i was trying to explian making money online and adsense to a friend and brought up your site nextpimp and my friend was like..O yeah, I use that site!…he followed with my sister told me about it!.

    Need I say more! 🙂

  48. Dude i remember the old days when you just had google check and some before and after pictures – now BusinessWeek!.. Shoemoney is making the big time now!

    Although i dont think BW is post worthy since they didnt send a t-shirt.. rules are rules


  49. A worthy article no doubt, now if Shoemoney would only be so kind as to divulge the tools he uses to parse and import his 200,000 long keyword lists into google adwords editor…buwawawawah!

  50. I think there is an error in the article. I don’t think Jeremy makes $12k only from this blog. 20,000 uniques/day is only 600,000/month. I just don’t buy it. Considering Jeremy didn’t know he was going to be in the article, I think the figures are incorrect… as far as revenue just from But, maybe I’m wrong… anyone want to validate the article’s claim? ahem… 🙂

  51. wow you need to diversify your revenue on your site! .45/day is way too damn low for 8000 uniques a day!

  52. i bet lots of people who come across this article will be inspired to make money online like you

  53. Nice to be there in this mag. That is just pitty that they dont give you free backlink.

  54. I would suspect it would be more venture capitolists and larger companies looking to improve their online presence seeking him out then individuals. That Magazine isnt read by your average Joe

  55. The Daily Show is getting ready to start so I’ll keep it short by saying hats off to you and congratulations.


  56. Hi . I’m inspired. I am a virgin blogger. My blog just went live. ANd I have a know in my stomach! I feel like I don’t really know my blog yet..and it doesn’t know me , but we definately want to hook up!! I’m coming back to your site alot to learn as much as I can. Thanks for sharing what you know. That’s a wonderful thing.

    lori smith

  57. Congrats on your exposure. Which is the best method of making money from your blog, if I don’t want too many ads on my site?

  58. i’m sure the figures are incorrect.

    it’s really great for him, you really could see a spike in his feeds subscription 🙂

  59. Big congrats on the biz week article. I was away on vacation and looking forward to reading it.

  60. You are not #1 there though, kind of disappointing. But then again, you don’t earn the real money by blogging anyway.

  61. I cant believe this article is still circulating around the net. I have probably seen it on 15 blogs, and of course, I added it to mine!

  62. Lol, ready for the personal privacy barrier to be broken shoe?! You’re becoming a celebrity! Agreed that you have a cool wife though, it’s not everyday that women are so trusting! congrats!!

  63. WHO HOOO!..Just made my 1st Adzoogle sale! Thanks shoe for the motivation to get me started!…

  64. You should get a real-life printout of that legendary photo and put it somewhere in your living room. It has made history in the affiliate/webmaster community already.

  65. congrats on the good press and thanks for auctionads! i’m starting to reap the rewards too

  66. I know SEO can be a dirty word..but gosh that picture has paid off! I bet it generated more traffic $ then the amount shown. Good for you!

  67. that’s a great article–it’s still online–I’ve read it several times for motivation. congrats to you for being mentioned.

  68. I wonder who got more reades – Business Week through the link on, or Shoe through the link on BusinessWeek?

  69. that must have been a pleasant suprise to wake up and find an article about you. congrats

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