The Wall Street Journal today has a article that says Yahoo and Microsoft are in merger negotiations. The Wall Street Journal failed to mention that this was predicted to happen already in 2007 according to shoestradamus. Here is my 10 reasons why Microsoft will acquire Yahoo In 2007 That I posted last year.

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EDIT: A author from the new york times pinged me to let me know they did credit me here and will include a credit if it goes through **HOTNESS**

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

46 thoughts on “Yahoo And Microsoft In Merger Talks – Wall Street Journal Reports”
  1. Yahoo and Microsoft merging?!—Could this be a force big enough to take on the big G?! Well, if M$ is involved…prob not…

  2. You’ve got some nasty blog spam in that article you wrote back in 2006, Shoe. 🙁

  3. Why would a company in Product / OS space want to get in to the world of internet….. Its moving away from its core dusiness… Does it make sense for them…. They should be considering selling MSN…. One more good option would b a stake in Google…. is it nt???

  4. So MS is going to eat up Yahoo, and probably let it go to hell. This is a damn shame, but an easy way for MS to jump into contextual marketing since Yahoo has a good thing going. I wonder how long it will take them to bring YPN worldwide.

  5. Hopefully Microsoft’s pulls this through finally. The rumors have been flying around for a while now.

  6. i kind of dont like this, even though y and m together would be able to compete with google. The more options that are available the better.

  7. I really hope this happens but I hope they use Yahoo’s algo or maybe a hybrid of the two. MSN is too easy to spam and I think that would keep it from competing with G even if they do acquire or merge with Y.

  8. You know, if MS spent enough and a lot of Yahoo’s people felt comfortable walking away for a while, that’d be a huge talent pool starting to do their own things. The result could be a really creative time in the online world. There could be a lot of really cool startups as a result.

    Maybe we need a contest for startup ideas to give to retired Yahoo employees. 🙂

  9. Its already in the world of internet. MSN, Hotmail, AdCenter etc, etc, its where the money is. They are being owned in the OS world anyway….

    …Longhorn anyone?

  10. Aside from YPN, I actually like Yahoo. I’d be sad to see Microsoft buy them out and turn them into a flaming pile of crap, like everything else Microsoft has touched in the past few years.

  11. I really like Yahoo also. Even YPN. I just wonder if there quality people like Tim Mayer and Jeremy Z will work for the man at M$

  12. Who cares? Who uses either Live or Yahoo anyway?

  13. No one as evident by the traffic on my site which is on Live’s first page of results for a highly competitive kw. (#):D

  14. I like Yahoo better than MSN… atleast you can find out why your keywords were declined where msn it is a guessing game..

  15. less people use both of them but put the two together and you got some decent traffic… plus MSN conversions is higher but lower traffic… Buyers surf MSN

  16. I hope they do! anything to take google down :\ sorry for google lovers but i’m not a fan.

  17. I bet they will acquire Yahoo. I think its also interesting to see Yahoos stock jump – it means the talks are being taken seriously.

  18. I predict 2008 will see the attempted purchase of the Shoemoney brand. A bit like a nike deal for tiger woods 🙂

  19. YPN is great, the payouts are excellent and their targeting has greatly improved recently

  20. because you generally credit people that predict certain results when there that far ahead

  21. “I predict 2008 will see the attempted purchase of the Shoemoney brand. A bit like a nike deal for tiger woods :)”

    And I have a prediction about your prediction…if it is done, it will be by

  22. I disagree – I like MSN Adcenter much more than Yahoo search marketing. They’ve got a lower minimum click price AND telephone support.

  23. I think that a Yahoo/Microsoft merger might SEEM like giving Google one true competitor. But that’s like picking two nitwits and saying that the two, when working together, could get a better SAT score than the school genius.

    Even together, there is no way Yahoo and Microsoft could ever really touch Google. They just don’t get the internet like the folks in Mountain View do.

  24. I have mixed feelings about this – whilst it may be necessary for Microsoft and Yahoo to get together to try and seriously compete with Google, it would ultimately lead us to a duopoly which cannot be a good thing for the consumer.

    – Martin Reed

  25. I wonder if they will merge their search statistics data… that would be an awesome merged source of stats!

  26. won’t solve the problems for either parties. if you have 2 losing companies, you combine them and you will get a bigger losing company.

  27. MS is not getting owned by anyone in the OS world. They still have a 96% share of all WORLDWIDE desktops, and they are content to let Apple (which MS owns 1/2 of) make funny commercials and let Dell sell unbantu boxes.

    MS knows that the future is software as a service, and their own attempts to develop a successful model in this industry have failed. Heads have rolled, people have been “reassigned” and now they need to make up lost ground.

    Yahoo has an instant audience, some ad technology, and a ton of intellectual property. Yahoo would not allow Microsoft to directly compete with Google – yet.

  28. Well it didn’t happen yet, 6 more months left in 2007. Let’s see how it plays out.

  29. They would have a tough road ahead of them, but you have to look at it through MS’s eyes. Steve Balmer recently said that Google is king of the search industry, but every non-search thing they are doing is “cute”

    Microsoft’s biggest problem is that they are always trying to monetize first rather than building a following and then trying to monetize all of the traffic later.

    In fact, the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that a business can’t patent “obvious ideas” to prevent competition could mean that all of those search algorithm patents that make G superior are now fair game.

  30. Yahoo recently signed contracts with 12 newspaper publishers to run the company’s ads on their Web sites, and these publishers represent more than 260 newspapers and the Web portal of Comcast Corp.

    C’mon, Yahoo, stick to the content. You’re still have your “cool Web start-up” status. Don’t lose it by selling to Microsoft!

  31. Should we by shares of Microsoft or Yahoo? It looks like it will be moving soon somewhere.

  32. Well google is all set to capture the market as much as possible. So microsoft is thinking to overtake yahoo and then compete with google.

  33. Well there is only one way to be number one by capturing the topmost sites.

  34. I am skeptical of the MSN / Yahoo deal, I do think it makes sense for MSN, but I just don’t see it happening. Yahoo won’t sell for cheap, and I don’t see Microsoft spending a premium for a property that is loosing market share to Google.

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