DealightedI admit it I am a deal nut. I routinely check woot, slickdeals and fatwallet to find the latest and greatest deals. Well now there is a new sheriff in town and its going to save me a ton of time. Dealighted aggregates data from Slickdeals, FatWallet, and Anandtech, and identifies those deals that are the most popular (usually around 125 deals). As soon as a popular deal is identified, the deal appears at the top of Dealighted’s homepage.

They also have a sweet comparison shopping engine. I was testing it out for iPods and also Sony Vaio (which I recently shopped for to replace mine). It has a nice 2.0 style to it and the pictures mixed with text are very easy on the eyes. Its not much different than any of the other comparison engines, but it works.

Obviously their business model is to make money off of affiliate links to the products but I also think they do a good job of integrating Google AdSense at the footer of their page. Now most people would think this is silly because it even goes against Google’s advice of placing the ad above the fold. Again though with AdSense you have a 1 click and gone effect so its hard for a site like this to ever get started if all users do is click on ads when they first find the site. However putting AdSense in the footer of the site gives the site a great “last chance” to make money before a user might otherwise leave the site.

I do have a few complaints though. One deal that looked really hot and was only 4 hours old was already dead when I clicked on it. Thats one of my favorite things about slickdeals; they’re very quick to mark deals as dead. Another problem in my opinion is that a lot of the deals just aren’t that exciting. Like I don’t really care about a deal on deodorant. That might be different for other people though. They would probably do well with some social voting stuff, and the ability to mark deals dead.

If they could integrate an accurate coupon engine into this, that actually gathered active and valid coupons they’d have the million dollar baby.

Disclosure: This is a paid review, if you wish to purchase a paid review for your website or product you can purchase one from ReviewMe. I reject all that I do not feel would be interesting to me or the readers of

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

65 thoughts on “Dealighted – A One Stop Shop For Deal Finders.”
  1. Sounds cool…

    When did you stop showing the full text of the post in your Feed? It’s a little annoying. 😛

  2. damed if you do damned if you dont =( I got a lot of emails asking to just do summary cause it was to much.

  3. I just noticed that too. The title gives enough of a summary. Full text or bust.

  4. Awesome! I too check slickdeals,woot, fatwallet, hardforum, and a few other places daily 🙂 Deals are awesome.

  5. Ha! I just came to the site specifically to comment on the change in the feed. Please, please, please bring back full posts.

  6. I am a deal and freebie junkie also! I will add it to my sites to check out. I was actually going to work on something that did this but i was to busy doing other stuff.

  7. Not a bad review. Shoemoney, it would be really interesting to ask Dealighted to review their experience with RevieMe. I am sure a lot of aspiring bloggers out there would like to know if the paid review paid off for them.

  8. Bookmarked for future reference. I frequent those sites for bargains all the time, and having them aggregated is definitely a plus for me.

  9. Maybe you should have to different Feeds, one with the Full Post, and one with a Summary?

    It’s too inefficient to have to go to my Feed Reader, then have to go to your site just to read the Full Post…

  10. You posted quite a nice review. if i were you, i would have made comparison between this site and its competitor unless this site is at lost compared to its competitor. I hope this is not the case here. i don’t really know how the review stuff works yet.

  11. My only gripe with that type of site is the same as yours, not removing dead deals. Those are the worst. Well not the worst but almost there.

  12. They can be “the worst” when it’s something you really want and then find out it now cost 100x more… not so much of a problem with deoderant and white t-shirts 😉 LOL

  13. Thanks for the review and the helpful feedback. Regarding dead deals, our code was failing to update thread titles whenever the user modified the title to add the word “Dead”. That has been corrected, so look for “dead” in the title to avoid any expired/dead deals.

  14. yeah there will always be people complaining no matter what. but I still think the vast majority out there prefers full feeds.

  15. I once worked with a guy who could have used a buy one get one on deoderant. Could hardly stand next to him.

  16. This will save a lot of time. Thanks.

    Can you talk about deal hunting on one of your next radio shows? I would like to know your criteria for a good deal, etc.

  17. It’s a great site, but I do agree with you that it would benefit from social voting.

  18. blah… I read the 2nd sentence of this post and I knew it sounded to “pitchy”. Shoe, you’ve got an awesome blog with a ton of great information on it. I hope you don’t go overboard with these reviews like JohnChow did.

  19. I look forward to the day when someone pays me $2500 for a review on my blog. Sigh

  20. Summary are fine for me too, it makes it more of an experience to actually visit the blog instead of just getting the text.

  21. Yeah, why not two feeds? Or those that hate full feeds could practice some self control and just stop reading after a few sentences if they’re not interested.

  22. Wow, shameless self promotion in the comments of a review that someone else paid for!

  23. that site has potential definitely.. but like shoemoney, i’m only really interested in the expensive stuff. not the small things under $50..

    i love a great deal but i don’t mind paying a few extra bucks in a shop for something.. saving $2/300 on something by buying online is what i want 🙂

  24. I’m just happy that sites like these exist, or half the deals that I find I would never find. Btw I have a sony vaio, and it rocks ;0

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  27. Wow – $2,500! One of the most expensive review I’ve seen yet.

    But where else can you get personalised editorial from a site in the Alexa Top 2000 (almost 1500) like this?

    I hope it gives the Dealighted guys a boost. Good on ’em for supporting a blog which gives us so much info. 😉

  28. That’s funny, you use your domain as your user name and then call out someone for posting their domain. lame.

  29. I love deals. I checked out the site, but I think I would still rather use

  30. Yet another vote for full feeds here … though I love commenting so I’ll head over anyway 🙂

  31. I wish they would increase their tag box .. its too bunched up right now, difficult to tag-browse..

  32. Preview is better for me… It takes sometimes too long to load the page if there are long posts.

  33. That’s like saying “online retailer sites are becoming a dime a dozen”, or “news sites are a dime a dozen”. Each site offers something different. Dealighted isn’t trying to be “another deals site” where some staffer posts a bunch of editorial deals every day. It aims to aggregate user contributed deals posted to forums and to weed out the junky deals, and I think it does a good job of it. I’m already hooked and check it daily.

  34. Nice deals site, but too many small $$$ items. Would love to see thumbnails next to descriptions on the hot deals section so users could scan quickly.

  35. Through Dealighted I found a 160 Gb Seagate USB hard drive for $49, no tax and no shipping. Sweet!

  36. About 3 weeks ago I saw an internal WD 500gb HD for like 100$. Deals are out there and people need to take advantage of them.

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  38. If you liked Dealighted you may want to take a look at Boddit, Roosster or WiredDeals who do essentially the same thing but in a different way

  39. So I realize you were directing us to dealighted (looks promising) but I had no idea about the other sites you mentioned apparently I’m behind the times. I have been getting all my deals from dealmac. Thanks for adding to my list of websites where I can find stuff I don’t really need.

  40. I think I have seen this company reviewed on every site possible…somebody is blowing through money! as I type

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