I know its so cool to call anything and everything link bait now adays but to me its all link building.

Check out these 2 latest awesome examples of link building.

Bloggers Face Off – Basically this guy is just getting random bloggers and squaring them off in a kind of battle. Even tho there is no poll or points being kept track its really pretty interesting. The first battle has Problogger Vs ShoeMoney!

This is also a good example of how to get someone who is super busy to participate in your interviews. This guy just sent me a list of questions. I answered… that was it. I can do that all day. 90% of the time when people email me questions or interviews there email says “I want to interview you what do you think?” that is a bad start. So Tip to people who want to interview busy people is just email them questions and dont get caught up to much explaining exactly what your purpose/goal/life is about. Thanks to the daily blog tips for making me apart of this. Now I wonder how long until someone implements a voting like system! That would be some serious link building (hint hint).

Blogger – Celebrity Look alikes – I thought this was soooooo hilarious when I saw it. This dude finds celebrity look alikes for some pretty good bloggers! Check it out and see Jason Calacanis, Jen Slegg, Darren Rowse, Aaron Wall, Jill Whalen, John Batelle, Lee Odin, Rand Fishkin, Matt Cutts, Robert Scoble, and yours truely. Awesome job dude! BTW I always thought Patrick Gavin looked a little like Justin Timberlake. (just dont tell him i said that).

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

46 thoughts on “Link Building Examples – Links From Authority Blogs”
  1. Jeremy thanks for picking this up. I wanted to make a friendly face-off, but I guess that the voting could add some salt to it.

    Also a lot of people said you rock on the comments over there, I guess it would have been a tough challenge with Darren!

  2. I think the blogger face off is a pretty cool idea. I think a better blogger face off would have been like Shoe and Jon.

  3. Both you guys are pimps, I think we can just settle it at that. Not gonna lie though, Darren does tear up blogging.

  4. this is really interesting. and thanks for the tip i am planning to interview few people related to my niche and this tip will help me.

  5. Interesting but Jon is lame as a blogger and as a affiliate he talks a lot but hes pretty much a joke everywhere but his own forum. (where he bans or deletes those who does not worship him)

  6. I just saw the Blogger Celebrity lookalikes post. Scoble = Philip Hoffman … that was really spot on.

    Always thought Aaron Wall had a pretty cool aggro look lol

  7. I knew you looked familiar! lol

    Nice call on how to get something back from busy people. The less they have to think about something the more they’re likely to get back to you.

    BTW, tabindex=5 to Add comment button makes are lives much easier. 😉

  8. I really enjoy your website this is the first time I’ve ever been here but I’ll definately be coming back.

  9. Bloggers Face Off is a great idea! Keep up the work on that man I’ll tune in for sure 😀

  10. Yeah, and another funny thing about that page is that it says visit out sponsors … but what sponsors are they talking about?!

  11. Maybe he got the idea from the ‘Rocky Balboa’ movie facing off with a much younger opponent in a computerised fight?

  12. Pretty cool and thanks for the tips. I will definitely be using the question strategy.

  13. Now I’m just thinking of link baiting ideas with a voting system intergrated into it . . . you’re gonna be the first to know if i come up with anything . . thanks for the tips

  14. The face off is definitely a good idea, but I liked the look-a-likes post better. I’m sure that a face off with voting and points will follow soon, just due to your tip.

  15. I used Adbrite on that page, but I removed them so I can place Turn Advertisements (I got accepted into their BETA program), just forgot about it until now!

  16. Are you seeing any real response or benefit from Adbrite? Is it worth the time & effort? I am guessing not, because you have dropped it to try something in Beta?

    Thanks for the comment.

  17. Link baiting = Good copy writing

    I do not understand the issue here, unless it also means that the title has nothing to do with the article or comment…

    Thanks for the article

  18. Cool to name everything linkbaiting ?
    Its a silly little misnomer that I basically ignore. Spend some time taking link building seriously and it quickly fades into the background (as the title says).

    Its just more of the usual dross. Call it what you want, link building takes ingenuity and persistance. Its quickly becoming less costly to hire people to manually build, than it is to buy (given SE benefits).

    There ARE tricks (call them efficiencies) that help along the way though (I mean technical issues that increase efficiencies 100 fold).

    My motto is build intelligently, build efficiently, build for longevity. Most of the time it works too 🙂

  19. Thats pretty awesome. The one of Rand Fishkin and Colin Farrell is hilarious. Good find.

  20. I had a double take there when the names were switched underneath them. The Hoffman match was very good.

  21. Haha, you really do look like Darren.

    It was nice to see answers to some of those questions in the blogfight. The only question left is “Who won?”.

  22. Haha you really do look like Darren.

    I liked the questions asked in the face off. The only question left is “Who won?”

  23. okay, i think my previous post has been blocked for it contains URL. but I want you (jeremy) to see the post I made too. okay if you can visit my blog as linked on my name, maybe it’s better and look for the post entitled “What’s On That Bald Head?”

  24. Since there was no voting system for the first face-off between Jeremy and Darren both of them get a free pass for the second round 🙂

    There is a new face-off online between John Chow and Matt Coddington, this time around you can vote to declare the winner.

  25. I saw the “Face Off” a while back. That is actually what led me to this site. The look-a-like page is great. Funny stuff.

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  27. […] Were Aaron Wall and Matt Hughes (UFC fighter) separated at birth? This was a fun blog post were I tracked down famous look-a-likes for several of SEOs finest and the results were pretty funny if I say so myself. Check it out and see the look-a-likes for Jason Calacanis, Darren Rowse, Aaron Wall, Jill Whalen, John Batelle, Lee Odin, Rand Fishkin, Matt Cutts, Robert Scoble, and Shoemoney. This was a great piece of linkbait which resulted in links from BruceClay.com, Problogger.net, Stuntdubl.com, and Shoemoney.com.  […]

  28. Once again I have found another jewel in your archives. Is there a reason why you don

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