Seriously WTF … You have this wicked cool product, were collecting marketshare for blog search like mad and you just sit on it for like a year while Google/Yahoo/MSN Blogs comes along and totally kills your marketshare and you spend ZERO on advertising then you go and spend millions on a superbowl commercial about your new WTF product well I got some WTFs for you.

  1. What the fu*k are you thinking with the Big Lebowski. Ya I dig it… But I am 32 years old. I doubt the majority of the kids you are trying to attract.
  2. Why the fu*k do I get a error everytime I click on one of your WTF headlines.
  3. Who the fu*ck thought it was a great idea to tell someone about a new product when 99% of the people watching have no clue who technorati is. Ever thought about just explaining what technorati does/is?
  4. WTF – Where is the fire? WHERE IS THE FIRE?!?! Thats the best you could come up with??? Is the whole purpose of ths to play off of the WTF. Why not ORYL CMON 2.0 – Hi 1970 called with “the where is the fire”.
  5. Where The Fu*K is my “welcome to the technorati top 100” shirt? Or stickers. Ive been in the top 100 for over a year now. Adam said he sending it like umm 7 months ago.
  6. Do you really think playing off of what the fu*k is going to get you back included in the major news papers?
  7. Freaking fark technorati you make me frustrated. Ive pimped you, Ive loved you, but I feel like if your around at this time next year as much as your just chilling out I will be suprised.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

45 thoughts on “Technorati Seriously WTF Dudes”
  1. Hey, I liked this commercial. But you are right, it’s probably not helping them “go wide” with their audience. They should probably start with “WTF is Technorati?”

  2. Trying to get some search engine ranking for when/if Technorati’s WTF digg-clone goes live? πŸ˜›

  3. I cant get ANYTHING past you seo’s =( Next you will figure out how much money there is in ranking for those terms!

  4. Isn’t a commercial supposed to SELL a product? They seem to have been going for the same idea that Blizzard was going for with the Warcraft/Office Space mashup…but at least that mashup showed Warcraft being played in Office Space (I wonder if they’ll rerelease the movie with that one edit…that’d be kinda funny). This showed me nothing of Technorati being important to the plot, whereas the WoW/Office Space commercial did.

    I would have done a completely different commercial, but that’s just me.

  5. I think your post is a little ambiguous. Can you tell me what you really think of Technorati? lol

  6. wow, that is one bad commercial. They could’ve paid me $2.6 to explain WTF to 10 of my friends and would’ve probably gotten a better return.

  7. Actually I really really like technorati a lot I just think they are really dumb about marketing

  8. Yeah… that has been a common weakness amongst tech Super Bowl advertisers over time. On a hit/miss scale, most that I have seen in the last 5 years seem to be high on the miss scale.

  9. hahaha best part is that you squeezed in the technorati 100 jab amidst a whole slew of haymakers about WTF… nice

    just give the man his damn shirt already, he heard it

  10. Wow. That’s weak. I guess they figure their brand is ubiquitous with the hand-down-pants, couch football crew…

  11. I didn’t even see this commercial during the Super Bowl, but after watching it, I don’t feel like I missed anything. These guys need to take a look at reality and realize that the mainstream population has no idea WTF Technorati itself actually is.

  12. All that plus their site is painfully slow and the search is really bad. It’s like watching someone with a gift just throw it away.

  13. Yep, this commercial never ran during the superbowl and was instead an online viral campaign. I do agree that Technorati could have done a little better though.

    And shouldn’t they be buying PPC ads for WTF now?

  14. 100% AGREED, Jeremy. Technorati was valuable to bloggers before I really got into blogging, so all I can offer is an opinion as of late – and it’s not a positive one. Technocrapi is near worthless imo, and this WTF deal is setting them back even further. Thank you for posting about it. Glad to see others, like yourself, feel the same as I do.

  15. Yeah Jeremy it must be a real shitter to have someone promise you a t-shirt then 7 months later still not have it…. personally id be really annoyed if that happened to me… *cough* ahem πŸ˜‰

  16. well lets look at the ratio… they have 100 top bloggers to send shirts to.. They also have a ton of employees. I have given out over 1,000 shirts in the last year and I have 2 employees. I think I have a better ratio.

  17. high on miss scale I would say most times they dont even register….
    BTW nice way to try to get a jump on the rankings incase WTF techn. takes off πŸ™‚

  18. One word curiosity…they know the majority of the super bowl audience has no idea who they are, that is why they are marketing there – 30 seconds is not nearly enough time to explain what Technorati is, once curiosity is stimulated the first visit to their site will explain it. Technorati is exploring a different market and opening new doors. As for the big lebwoski they are creating a relationship with something that the “super bowl” market is familiar with. I don’t remember seeing this commercial on the super bowl however.

  19. there’s T-shirts for top 100’s?

    at least you got a promise of one – I’m on about a 15% response level to emails. T-shirt would be nice – but occassional customer service within six months of sending questions wouldn’t go astray either πŸ™‚

  20. Wow that ad REALLY sucked. I bet they’re ROI with that ad is going to be soooo terrible. That sucked.

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  22. Mr. Shoemaker, it’s obvious you didn’t really ‘attend’ college, according to your bio page. Try running your posts through a spell checker program first. There’s nothing more unprofessional than a large site such as shoemoney that is rife with spelling errors. Having said all that, I love The Big Lebowski but just like “Donnie”, the commercial and the WTF service, completely miss the point.

  23. james thx we have evolved passed grammer here but 1 tip for you dont try to sneak ur spammy links in k thx

  24. As a 32 year old…I thought the commercial was epic! BUT…

    You are spot on, I don’t think they were hitting their target demographic.

  25. A really bad commercial and instead of introducing a pointless new service, fixing the problems and bugs Technorati had for a very long time now, e.g. the pretty much broken ping feature, would have been less expensive and better for their business.

  26. Total waste.
    Whether it showed on the superbowl or not, there’s still product cost involved.
    They would’ve done better to drive PPC traffic to a WTF is technorati page and got more bang for their buck.
    Someone was smoking crack to come up with this concept.

  27. I have to agree. While the ad was funny, playing off the letters WTF is not going to get you very far.

    Seems more like an act of desperation than marketing.

  28. This could be a nice way to get free referral traffic. My experiment below…

    One of the top 10 searches is FON and only had 1 WTF and 2 votes. I added another one to see if it results in any referrals. I only have 1 vote so I’m listed on top. Anyone want to vote for my WTF to help with experiment (only if you think my WTF gives you good info).

    Also, noticed that #9 has no WTF and #1 search for YouTube only has 11 WTF “blurbs”.

  29. To heck with all that noise..

    Fix your system!
    Links don’t work
    Blogs are not updated (last updated 62 days ago – duh).

    Do what you do well, well.
    Leave the SB ads to Monster.
    Or Bud.

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  32. I completely missed their commercial. Kinda random techno company to be playing w/ mainstream commercial arenas.

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