My friend Jennifer Laycock, owner of thelactivist, needs some help. She is being bullied by a Nazi group trying to say she is infringing on there trademarks.

Now this issue really hits home with me because I am a huge proponent of breast feeding and breast feeding rights for women.

You can read all the details on here blog here

I also urge you to let these people know your opinion

You can email the Pork Board directly. Or, you can contact the relevant folks in the marketing and PR departments.

Jeff Hartz – Director of Marketing Communications
(515) 223-2629

Joy Johnson – Vice President Marketing
(515) 223-2631

Michael Wegner – Vice President Communications
(515) 223-2638

Teresa Roof – Public Relation Manager
(515) 223-2616

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By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

32 thoughts on “Big Bully Pork Group Stomps on BreastFeeding Moms”
  1. Thank you for shining the light on this! Maybe the little pork roaches will scurry off now.

  2. I shoe, please make sure Jennifer gets this. This same BS happened to me when I owned my old business. The company that ran us down was Big Dogs apparel (don’t shop there) anyhow. She may be under the same protection that this guy used to fight Hasboro. (read under his parody link) — BTW this is a genius online/offline viral marketing piece.

    Trademark lawyers for big firms do not understand the Internet and never will because they are in it for the money and have to show their clients that they are being useful.

    F Them!

    Good Luck Jennifer!

  3. Another completely ridiculous lawsuit, without merit nor honor. I’m e-mailing these fools right now and giving them a piece of my mind. Thank for bringing this to my/our attention, Jeremy.

  4. Thanks for the help guys! I cannot stand it when big guys try to tromp little guys. Anyone that reads Search Engine Guide knows that my passion is for the small business owner. We HAVE to show them that they can’t just push people around anymore. We will not stand for it.

    To note, let me know if you blog/post on it as well, I’ll be compiling a list on the Lactivist Blog of everyone that’s helping spread the word.

  5. […] I first read about this over on Shoemoney’s blog. He included the contact information for the Pork Board on his post, and it’s on the post at Lactivist as well. […]

  6. Breastfeeding Blogger threatened by the Pork Board…

    This story is so far one of the dumbest, most ridiculous things I\’ve heard about so far this year.

    The Lactivist (a hobby site run by a blogger who is a work-at-home mother, whose intent is to educate the public, create awareness, and promote bre…

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  8. […] Shoemoney is maintaning a list of blogs where this story is being posted. […]

  9. I also posted on this at SearchEngineRoundtable, and linked to a discussion on it at Cre8asiteforums. Danny Sullivan posted a contact form to the Pork industry site. Where I did not hold back 🙂

  10. I know we have shared a love for the breastaurant, Jeremy… This is CRAP.

    The positive side of all this is exposure is that it’s good for the breastfeeding cause. 🙂

    I just posted about it in our Off Topic section with a plea for help if anyone has any connections. I don’t think they understand the collective power of the Internet…


  11. Just take the shirt off, that simple. The fact is she is selling a shirt with a similar saying (clearly devised from “the other white meat”) that the pork company put millions into promoting, and she may in fact be damaging the NBP’s brand by diluting the power of this trademark, but that’s for the courts to decide.

    I’m sure if they sold a shirt with a takeoff of one of her slogans, she would certainly sue.

    If anyone is interested, here is the rule for trademark dilution by a similar mark from Moseley v. V Secret Catalogue, Inc., 537 U.S. 418 (2003): a plaintiff must show 1. that consumers would associate diluting mark with the plaintiff. 2. the diluting mark had lessened the capacity of the plaintiff ‘s mark to distinguish and identify its goods or services.”

    Please remember nothing is black and white in the law, everything is gray area. This isn’t a company trying to stop the babies from being fed, they simply don’t want you to remember what brand/ company “the other white meat” is associated with. This is hard to do when their are takeoffs of it everywhere.

  12. You know, it is sort of like Google stopping the the verb ‘to google’ to acquire the meaning of ‘to search with a search engine’ as in any search engine, not Google. Truth be told, though, when you think of a search engine, which one comes to mind?

  13. right but look at Xerox, the phrase “to Xerox” is now synonymous with “to copy” with no brand association. The power of their brand name has effectively been diluted by the over use of the phrase.

  14. […] Already, a good number of bloggers have written in disagreement on the actions taken by the National Pork Board. I first read about his on ShoeMoney, and that’s one good thing about the blogosphere. There is a channel where voices and thoughts can be made known to just about anybody. […]

  15. […] Thanks to a post by Shoemoney, I’ve learned that the National Pork Board is concerned that a website supporting breastfeeding mothers is infringing the National Pork Board’s trademark through the sale of a t-shirts. […]

  16. When will organizations like this learn that you can get more done with being nice than being a bully. Hope the larger media picks up on this, then lets see what happens.

  17. […] Why do alot of “guru’s” in the “SEO community” link back to one another, and talk about each other, and write about what each other are talking about?  Because there is respect there for what each individual has accomplished.   It got me thinking about the post Chris Bennett did yesterday talking about “What do Faegre & Benson & The National Pork Council have to do with Breasts?”  He read about it on Marketing Pilgrim, then was lead to Shoemoney whose story on it has been dugg almost 600 times (as of the time of this post).  Everyone was going back and forth and helping each other get the “word out”. […]

  18. […] I have to add my two cents on this and how insainly stupid this useless attack by Jennifer Daniel Collins an Attorney at Faegre & Benson (they represent the National Pork Council) on the lactivist blogger is.  Yes, I am posting because Shoemoney asked, but even more so for all the nursing mothers out there.  I have three kids, and every single one of them was breastfed by my wife, and I know the challenges that she faced in doing what is BEST for my kids.  Being attacked because you are promoting what is best for an infant is just flat out wrong.  More should join on this quest to get the word out about this ridiculas law suit. […]

  19. I’m sure I will be flamed into next week – but here goes.

    First, let me say I support breast feeding. I believe my child is healthier because of it, and I hate the pressure we feel when the baby needs to eat and we are anywhere but home.

    That said, just because someone makes a profit with a focus on a good cause does not give them a right to infringe trademarks or co-op someone else’s ad budget as their own. (10% of the proceeds going to a milk bank along with an occasional fundraiser DOES still make this “for profit” – in fact, I’d be willing to bet the site does more profit with being able to say it supports the milk bank than it would otherwise)

    If the pork producers had not spent millions of dollars promoting the “other white meat” campaign, then the lactivist would most certainly not be using the saying “the other white milk”. Inherently, without the widespread nature of the pork campaign, a t-shirt with “the other white milk” printed on the front would be stupid and meaningless and therefore zero shirts would sell and yield zero profit.

    Here is the thing. Trademark enforcement is a tough business and the reality is, our American court systems do not allow companies to be picky and choosy where they decide to protect their intellectual property. If the pork guys allow this infringement to go unnoticed, what happens when the next infringer comes along and sells a million t-shirts…their case to stop that infringer would be weakened if they allowed the lactivist to continue.

    It is completely obvious that the commercial benefit from these t-shirts is as a result of an infringement (see above – without the pork campaign I think a reasonable person would agree – no shirts sell)…so if you assume there is an infringement, why would the online marketing community support this?

    I understand that the woman behind the lactivist is a fellow marketer…and I understand a lot of people may know her and like her, but does that make her actions right?

    Would it be ok if I copied some of your websites???..just borrowed some copyrighted material…maybe modify it just a tick….don’t worry, I’ll only make a little money from it. Or how about if adware just takes a little of the traffic you earned and stole some commissions here and there…not a big adware program like WhenU..just a very small one….and what if they donate 10% of the profit to the United Way? will that be ok?

    I know there will be people up in arms over my post…I know examples will be given as to how stealing material from your website or allowing spyware are different…and I fully acknowledge that. What I’m trying to do here is illustrate two simple points.

    Point 1 – no matter how much we support breast feeding or the lactivist blog – the shirts do infringe because without the pork campaign they are worthless (they do not meet legal definition for acceptable parody under free speech either – but that is too much to get into here).

    Point 2 – Once you acknowledge point 1, the only morally and ethically correct answer is to stop infringing. Infringing “just a little bit” is no more right that stealing “just a little bit”.

    I am saddened that our community has rushed to support someone in doing something that is legally and ethically wrong. I think it devalues our common voice and when we need to stand up as an industry, things like this can make our voices less noticeable and lower our overall credibility.

    Again, I know this ain’t the prevailing view…but I felt obligated to post and point out what I believe is a mistake.

    I wish you all the best.

  20. I certainly support those mothers who want to breastfeed. However, I don’t agree with a statement I heard one mother saying along the lines that it was a natural body function and should be allowed openly in public. This was after all that mishap on the plane. I totally think they should be allowed to do it, but it’s gonna be done tastefully, not out in the full open. Taking a piss is a natural body function too, but I wouldn’t start going in the middle of the mall either. I know, those are pretty different, but not wildly different either.

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