I had this post in my drafts for over 10 days now. That is pretty much the cutoff point for delete or post. Its rough and I wanted to go into more detail but I will just post it.

1 – Give me the option to not allow links in comments on my sections.

2 – Allow me to moderate comments on my sections.

3 – Implement a social voting system on comments and thresholds for negative votes so people are removed when they get to many negatives.

4 – On my page show me the last time a person visited in addition to the last visitors.

5 – by default make me moderate friends.

6 – give me the option to only let friends comment on my community.

7 – Fix your report spam so it doesn’t send you a email.

8 – Set thresholds on how many friends a user can add in one day.

9 – Set thresholds on how many comments a spammer person can leave in a given time.

10 – Grab real screen shots… use alexa or some service to grab screen shot thumbs.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

29 thoughts on “10 Things I Wish MyBlogLog Would Do”
  1. I want the ability to drive traffic back to my blog. At the moment the last posts are way down the bottom – they should be featured highly.

    I want to be able to link back to key points in my site.

    I want to be able to start discussions on different topics in my community.

    At the moment it’s so static – even with the comments ppl leave (many of which are spammy)

  2. I would like to be able to group my contacts into interest groups (like “stock traders” or “affiliate marketing gurus” ;)).

    I would also like to have feedback about the frequency someone visits me (.g. like a “tag cloud” only that this should be a “visiting cloud”.

  3. I wish MyBlogLog would:

    Buy me a new car;
    Pay my bills;
    Get me a cold Guinness from the fridge;
    Do my Xmas shopping;
    Go to the dentist for my checkups;
    Walk the dog;
    Backup my website from time to time;
    Post wonderful blog articles for me;

    Last but not least, spend some quality time with my girlfriend, thus allowing me to spend many an hour in the pub, watching football and getting drunk with friends.

  4. Shoe … that’s a pretty good list. I am sure they’re reading.

    I’d also add something like a “PageRank” for every member. It would depend on how big his/her community is and assign a PR # to the icon.

  5. I agree with all of these, I don’t see how there would be much trouble in doing this, hopefully Yahoo with implement some spam reducing features.

  6. Seeking clarification, by your numbers:
    1. We’ve added nofollow tags to the comments to remove the incentive. Do you want us to take the no-link extra step too?
    2. I.e. you find ex-post-facto deletion insufficient? You want to approve before posting?
    3. It’s in-process but will take us another couple months to get to, but you are exactly right.
    4. Nope, too much of a privacy problem.
    5. Please explain further.
    6. Extend what is on your personal profile page?
    7. Which emails do you wish to avoid?
    8/9/10 — yes.

    @ Darren, we want you to be able to re-configure your page on your own. that’s a major redesign for us that won’t hit until Q2 or Q3.
    @cyberworkspace, we need to integrate delicious at a level that allows you to do that. See KentBrewster.com for a teaser. “Most Freq Visitors” widget is on the list but requires us to do some spam prevention work before we can release it.
    @David/Darren — Can’t we simply use delicious for you to tag which pages you want featured? If you tell us what your delicious account is and we agree to a tag, e.g. “MBLsitemap,” you simply tag your own pages and we’ll display them off the appropriate delicious feed.

  7. As with any new project there is tweaks that have to occur to make it better. But shoe has hit on many of the key points that need to available to make it rock!

  8. Hi Scott very cool to see you guys active in the internets.

    1)nofollow does not stop people from spamming my blog =) I think you should not only take that step but make it default. (you have to turn on live linking).

    2) I do… I think also it will bring more people back to your site to see the new comments they need to approve. Also another incentive not to spam.

    3. Cool glad to hear

    4. ok I understand

    5. right now anyone can add me as a friend and I show on there page as a friend. I think it would be cool if you could moderate these (optionally)

    6. I was thinking more related to 5 in that only people that i approved as my friends could comment (another spam level)

    7. I meant when I report someone for spam it sends a email to you. I think most people dont take this seriously (i did not). Make a ajax button let it send you in the background 😉

    Cool on the rest 😉

  9. Great to see Scott is tracking this.

    NOFOLLOW does nothing to stop spammers. All it does is prevent spam from contributing to search engines.

    Igor’s idea for a page rank number is interesting if it can be done in a productive way that doesn’t encourage spamming. Look at what the Technorati Rank has done to promote the site.

    Going along with the “report user” it would be nice to have a “report avatar” feature… get enough reports and the person has to choose a new avatar.

    but that might just work in to whatever reputation feature you guys are planning.

  10. One idea for del.icio.us integration… hot posts based on saves in my communities. Kind of like the del.icio.us popular page but filtered by the blog communities I’ve joined.

  11. Great list Shoemoney. I want to add I’d like be able to arrange my communites and contacts by how often I visit their blog and visa versa. The more they come to my blog the higher they are listed.

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  13. I think the screenshot feature is a must. My current blog photo is some crappy print screen shot from adobe.

  14. Hey Jeremy, they just added features to the contact list for reporting spam, deleting notes and so forth. I just posted about it.

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