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For the Jan 30th episode 26, season 1 of Net Income my guest was Brian Axe, Google AdSense Product Manager. I have got a lot of questions recently about my opinion of Google’s changes to there Terms Of Service and I thought it would be nice to have on someone from Google to explain more on them. I was hoping to get someone who would not just read the TOS out loud but rather give us a overview of what the goal was of the changes in the new Google AdSense Terms Of Service so that people can better understand them. Also after it was confirmed that we would have Brian on I took questions on my blog and posed those to him.

Brian was REALLY awesome to have on the show. I give Google a LOT of props for coming on a live show like mine where we take calls and also questions live from the chat room. I also did not provide any questions ahead of time to Brian. This may not seem like a big deal to most people reading this but I can tell you about 65% of the companies who wanted to come on my show later declined because I refused to do a pre-recorded show for them. I want to do live shows with live callers and questions. Anyway I just wanted to say that it was super cool Google came on for a live show.

During the show Brian talked about the goal of the recent changes and shed a lot of light on why they made the changes and other interesting aspects.

The first issue that was covered was AdSense and copyrighted content. Brian went into really good reasons as to why this is a new change. – The intenet is so users can not make money from AdSense off of other peoples content. (mp3’s, images, term papers) Google is taking a more active approach then waiting for the DMCA to arrive.

Changes to referrals policy – new things are text links and new buttons – I asked Brian some of the questions about why the referrals are not just text links so they can be mailed or put in rss code (as asked by someone in the blog). Brian’s answer was pretty straight forward that they are making progress but they want to be very careful that its not something that is easily abused.

Competitive Ads Policy
– Brian talked about how they removed the word “Contextualâ€? and why. He also went on to talk about the reasoning behind the policy change. We talked about many examples and uses and also clarified the pages vs site question. From what we discussed the intent I got was that Google feels they have established a certain “look and feelâ€? to there ad units. The policy change is not to block out competition but to rather prevent users from click on ads with the same look and feel as what Google AdSense has.

That pretty much covered the changes to the TOS so I started asking questions that were posed on the blog.

AdSense Banning Policy:

The first question was the banning policy – Brian talked about the appeal process and how serious they take it. He said he has been involved in a few personally and thinks they do a very thorough job investigating every banned user that goes through the process. Andrea asked a great question about how a person can be best prepared to appeal – Brian answered this saying any data the user can provide would expedite and aide them in the investigation process.

Pre-empting The Ban – We also talked about how people should communicate if they see weird account clicks on there account and also covered people accidentally clicking on there own ads. – Brian acknowledged that they understand they are putting users in a weird situation asking them not to click on there own ads when they could be genuinely interested however they cant have users clicking on there own ads repeatedly. He said they have identified it as an issue and they are looking for the right solution on how advertisers will be able to click on there own ads in the future. Brian also talked about a preview tool they have now for internet explorer that allows publishers to click on ads without costing advertisers money.

Smart Pricing : What is it and how does it work? Brian talked to quite length going into great detail about how it works. My deduction was that its more like smart targeting for Adwords publishers so they get the best targeted.

Search Engine Arbitrage – During the interview Brian said that Google was not against arbitrage and infact they respect it as a business model. Brian clarified more by saying Googles main concern is the users experience.

YouTube Revenue Sharing – Brian confirmed what I suspected that Google AdSense would be the avenue in which the YouTube revenue will be paid out. So you will need to be a AdSense publisher in order to get YouTube Payouts. He also talked about the time line for the release.

What was the most ever paid out for 1 click on AdSense – OMG WAIT TILL YOU HEAR THE ANSWER

Website Revenue Sharing – Brian talked about how digitalpoint forums pioneered this and worked with Google AdSense in its implementation. He also said they are working on some new tools and doing some testing for website revenue sharing owners. Look for some new tools soon is where he left off on this. I added more to this by saying Google AdSense has always been open to new ideas and inventive ways to implement AdSense. Shawn Hogans Digitalpoint Forums is a primary example of that.

In close Brian talked about how much they love to hear about success stories and they want more publishers to send them in!

Thanks Brian for taking the time to address these issues and questions.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  2. Shoemoney, you got a terrible grammar mistake all over your articles. You use ‘there’ instead of ‘their’.

    For example, “… my opinion of Google’s changes to there Terms Of Service …”.

    It should be: “… my opinion of Google’s changes to their Terms Of Service.


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  6. Congratulations on a great show and it shows the power of the “Shoemoney” brand when Google are happy to appear on your show and openly talk about so many of the sensitive topics covered on the broadcast.

    I really hope that we see the return of Shoemoney Radio or Even the launch of Shoemoney TV where users could interact with the guests

  7. “What was the most ever paid out for 1 click on adsense” this was my question in the chat. LOL I know it is of little practical use, but I thought I’d throw something fun in there. His answer was funny…

  8. Great show indeed. Net Income’s one of the shows on Webmaster Radio that I never miss!

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  11. What was the answer to the question about the highest pay out for 1 click on adsense? I’m on dial up, so downloading a 50mb mp3 is something that will have to go on my ‘to-do’ list.

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  16. Great show (as always). I thought you were taking a break from doing the shows for a while? I always look forward to tuning out my job and downloading the MP3 on Wednesdays… so I can fast-forward through the commercials… 😉

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  19. The one thing that disappointed me after listening to the mp3 was that Axe basically said you can’t run/test similar looking ads from other networks on the same site. Meaning… so much for swapping between Adsense and YPN based on referrer or some other magical function. Different pages mean nothing… if my site is Adsense, then it is all Adsense. I’m sure one could wiggle around that with the right IP-based user experience approach. But is it worth it?

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  22. This was a great show to listen to…. and with Youtube revenue share get ready for some great videos but TONSSS of crappy ones.

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  28. Thanks. This is good information. We just started using AdSense and one of us, not naming names, clicked on our own Ad. How do they know if the publisher is clicking their own ads though? It can’t be that hard to determine, but I wasn’t sure.

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  33. I don’t buy the crap about the appeal process. My account was banned when a person with a vendetta clicked my ads repeatedly to get back at me. I can only assume my appeal was denied because I haven’t heard back from Google – who kept all my earnings, including everything from the 99.8% of clicks that were legitimate .

    The fact is that unless your account is making Google enough money to justify them spending their employees’ time reviewing the suspicious clicks and subsequent appeal, Google just doesn’t give a crap about you. It’s just easier for them to ban you and keep your earnings.

    AdSense sabotage is a serious problem that is only getting worse.

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  35. That was highly informative material. I feel sad what the heck i was thinking 2 years back :(.

    Thanks again.

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