Lincoln Nebraska PoliceNo I did not lose to a bunch of urban youth in a dance off. I did however get served papers by the Lincoln Police Dept. to testify yesterday. I had previously refused to meet with attorneys about comments made on my blog. Now they have officially subpoened me…

I talked about this very briefly before here

You can see the paper here:
Shoemoney Subpoena

Other references to Quick Connect

Loren has been covering this also at SEJ

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

36 thoughts on “ShoeMoney, You Just Got Served!”
  1. Shoe, pardon me if I am doing a shameless promotion here, but this is a perfect example of why international / offshore hosting is a good fit for bloggers.

    [disclaimer] I work for a company that offers international / offshore hosting.

  2. Like Matt said above, I think you are showing other bloggers a different way to monetize our blogs! Keep us all posted.

  3. if you drove the h2 over shoe did that check even cover the gass bill to the lawyers office and back home lol

  4. Shoe, I think you need to take a picture of yourself with the letter and put it under the adsense pic. That blows that you got subpoened though; I know that your time is worth far more than $20, even if you only have to think about it for a few minutes.

  5. You’re a unix security professional. Logs are nothing more than a series of lies put into place by hackers. It is your duty To tell them 31337 blackhats control the internet.

    For all we/you know Company A could have hired a good Blackhat to put slanderous comments on the blog masquerading the ip/name of company B.

    Don’t lie! Tell them the truth! Which should be something along the lines of….

    “I can help you with nothing if a reasonable doubt means anything to you people. I know my stuff with computers and I can make ANYTHING to appear from ANYWHERE online. Really it sounds difficult to someone who is illiterate in computers but I align zero’s and one’s in proper order for a living. Quite frankly you can tell from my H2 in the parking lot I know my line of business. I CAN and DO turn zero’s and one’s into millions of dollars. David Copperfield ain’t got nothing on me”


  6. Print a few thousand pages of logs and hand them over to them. Wishing them good luck, would also be a decent thing to do.

  7. […] Schoemaker has posted a copy of the subpoena on his blog. Although Schoemaker is being vague per the advice of his lawyer, it seems this revolves around a web design firm Schoemaker hired for a design project called Quick Connect and his unhappiness with their results. Schoemaker posted about it and some comments were made that Quick Connect considered “slanderous”. […]

  8. Wow. So do you think this will be addressed by legal disclaimers, or do you think it will lead to comment shutdowns?

  9. Erase the comments, and claim you don’t remember them. It’s your right to alter the content of your website however you see fit.

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  11. If quick connected made the web page and someone made a
    nasty, and hey did not like it mmm sounds like someone
    made a poor site with no filters, do some more weed and
    redo the site. Go for it Schomoney, freedom on the web for everyone.

  12. […] How do you kill a blog you love? By forcing it’s owner to hire an attorney, because you decided to sue someone who posted a comment for slander. That’s pretty much what’s happening here, with the popular blog ShoeMoney. […]

  13. […] Jeremy Schoemaker, a Technorati top 100 blogger, has been subpoenaed to testify about comments made on his blog. This will be a case to follow and could set a president for who is liable for what in comments of more | digg story […]

  14. If I say something slanderous in Thailand and then fly to Los Angeles next week. Am I breaking the law? Will I get hit for a 20 buck fine too? 😉

  15. Hmmm…me thinks this looks a lot like linkbait! Even if it is, it’s a interesting read!

    By the way Shoe, I don’t know about up there in NE, but if the story is real, look into becoming an expert witness. It shouldn’t be hard for you to do.

    Then you can show the attorney what to do with that $20 check….when you send him your fee for “expert” testimony. You’d be surprised at how many of those bottom feeders quickly drop you from the case when your fee is more than theirs. Get the money up front! I can tell you from personal experience, attorney’s are some of the worse people to get money out of. They cry, scream and yell if you owe them money but when the tables are turned, it’s like getting water out of a rock.


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  17. […] ShoeMoney, You Just Got Served! (Alexa rank: 1,373) Jeremy Shoemaker is a dot com mogul who’s probably the very first blogger to be summoned to tesify in court because of what others had commented on in his blog. It has something to do with slander. […]

  18. Ok, I created one, but its not updating. I guess I needed to use the screenname “Matt”, but I used “Mattmdesign”.

  19. […] I’ll start out with the biggest news. For the first time that I know of, a famous blogger is being subpoenaed over comments on his blog. He didn’t actually make the comments but he quoted them. I met Jeremy of Shoemoney at Affiliate Summit for a brief moment. His blog is in the top 100 blogs. Yeah, while others in my state are trying to spot film celebrities, I’m in Vegas, flagging down a famous blogger. […]

  20. Good luck.

    If you lose, the whole blogosphere will fall, as webmasters will start disabling comments in their blogs to be safe.

  21. Can you believe this hullabaloo, I remember when you first posted the issue. I just cannot believe they want to go through with it, its pathetic.

    I wish you the best I hope common sense will prevail

  22. […] Jeremy from Shoemoney is being sued for a comment that someone else left on his blog. This is an interesting test case that could have significant ramifications. This is an interesting test case that could have significant ramifications. Apologies – Jeremy has ben subpoenaed to appear in court to testify in a case where someone else is being sued over a comment left on his blog. […]

  23. Problog Quest » Blog Archive » The Legal Rights of a Blogger: Apple Inc. indirectly helps Clarify says:

    […] Along with this I have been wondering about the legal battle Shoemoney is heading towards.  Lets hope we get some good news from Jeremy aka “Shoemoney” soon. […]

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