Please read this post first before commenting. This was a 1 hour case study on political link bait.

George BushI watched the state of the union last night and wow… amazing. Even Nancy Pelosi could not contain her admiration for the most powerful man in the world. Every time she stood up and clapped (as I think all Americans were doing) as he talked about his plans for Iraq, health care, social security reform and of course the deficit it was pretty amazing.

George Bush has come such a long way. From rebuilding our country post-9/11 to making Iraq the 51st state (unofficially). Its just too bad he only has 2 years of leadership left. I only hope Rudy Giuliani when he is elected by the people in 2008 will continue the amazing legacy set forth by George Bush.

Curious as to your thoughts on our president. Is he just a great president? Or is he the greatest man ever elected to hold the highest office by the American people?


By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

221 thoughts on “George Bush – Great President Or Greatest President Ever?”
  1. Its unreal the leadership george bush has displayed under such duress . A weaker man would have surely crumbled.

    1. This is Pres. Bush and I disagree. I have a bounty over your head now. Like I said fool me once shame on……me….. well you fooled me once and ya not going to fool me again.

  2. I love when Shoe tells people he never intentionally linkbaits.

    Just to piss off everyone who is political equally, you should put up another post about how Bill Clinton is the best president ever.

  3. dude are you stupid thats not even a option. That is like saying the american people are the worst. We elected the man

  4. Ditto on another option, Worst President Ever. It’ll take decades to fix the ill will he’s caused throughout the world towards Americans.

  5. “That is like saying the american people are the worst.”

    Not all … but the ones who elected him 😉

  6. I thought that Mexico was the 51st state followed by China as the 52nd and Iraq as the 53rd. Sorry I just lost count seeing as all of these places seem to own more of America than the American people.

  7. I can’t believe what a faux pax it has become to admit publicly that one supports George W. It seems that the online world is even worse than that of the “real” world in its hatred of the man. Though I do not agree with every decision he has made (supporting the sale of our ports to the UAE) I still admire the man and his tenacity. It’s refreshing to see that there are others in the online community that do also.

  8. Jeremy,
    How can you be contacted privately? I know you’re busy, but I sent you a message on myspace, as I thought this to be the only private message i could send you.

  9. Shoe – that’s your worst post ever. I feel the complete opposite – he IS and will go down a one of the worst President’s ever.

  10. Lol, Jeremy… Smart link bait, seen that, been there etc
    It’s very obvious, especially the part where you force people to either think hes great or the greatest. You must love Colbert. ^^

  11. What? The man is a blundering idiot and a danger to world peace. An idiot, voted in by (dare I say it?) idiots.

    Warmonger + Danger = Bush
    Money + Oil = Reasons for war

    Bin Laden, framed.
    911, inside job.

    Bush and Blair should be tried for War Crimes. They have the blood of 800,000 people on their hands.

    This is Vietnam II – Wake up.

  12. Wow! Jeremey’s now testing one-sided, inflammatory, political linkbait! 🙂 That said, I like Bush, he gets a bad wrap.

  13. George bush is the worst president the US has ever seen and the fact that 50% of the US population voted for him is even more discouraging…

  14. You need another option for bad president and leader. He has one of the worst approval ratings ever and has divided us more than united. He had such a wonderful opportunity after 9/11 to lead, but his poor policy has most of the world, even the UK, laughing at us and wondering what happened. Spend some time outside the USA to see what the world thinks of Bush.

  15. I think history will show W was right about a lot of things and the haters will continue to hate no matter who is president.

  16. Dude? Are you deleting comments that call this out as linkbait? I just watched mine and another vanish!

  17. Linkbait, linkbait, linkbait, linkbait.

    Heck, Shoe, if you’re going to delete my comments calling this linkibait, I may as well go all out. 😉

  18. Worst president ever, he has made the state of the world and country far far worse than I thought possible. He lied to the american people and he has let down all the soldiers in Iraq with his stupidity.

  19. Now I get it. The real linkbait is the deleting of the comments. You’re daring me to blog that you’re deleting comments on this post that mention linkbait. 😉

  20. I can honestly say, that I have never felt more betrayed by a single person in my entire life. Not once, not even after 9/11, have I ever felt this president has fought for the best interest of the American People. I feel he has sold his soul to lining the pockets of his friends and allies while the majority of America is forced to side with him or face allegations of hatred towards our country. As someone who is not an affluent, white, republican, I truly feel betrayed on all accounts. Our schools, the deficit, the general belief that it is possible to trust those in power, have all crumbled under his leadership, and I truly believe that we are fighting a war not for justice or freedom, but for monetary gain amongst the richest in the world. And it makes me sad that you support him shoemoney.

  21. I consider myself as a libertarian & supported most of Bush’s polices (except abortion & stem cell) but for some reason it remains an unfashionable thing to do (atleast among the techies).

    BTB, i scary to imagine what would have happened if Al Gore won in 2000 (most probably we would still be in a recession)

  22. What if Kerry won in ’04? While I can’t say I support Bush 100%, Kerry didn’t seem to have much of a spine.

  23. It is great to see such an online “guru” who isn’t a left wing extremist.

  24. Seems to be a lot of anti-americans here. Give me a break “911 inside job” you might want to put down your peace pipe for a second and catch a whiff of the real world

  25. It’s amazing how someone who seems so smart could make a post like this.

    Wake up! There is no difference between the republicans and the democrats besides rhetoric. Actions speak louder than words.

    Bush is working hard trying to create a North American Union with Canada and Mexico, creating national ID cards, and has been caught lying more times than I can count.

    I don’t want a dem in there either…they’re both corrupt and unless we admit that, this country will continue down the drain.

    Besides, Bush didn’t win in ’04, the electronic voting machines owned by his insiders did.

    The Repubs almost took the Dems during the midterms too because of these machines but they are only in like 35% of the country so they can only steal close ones with them. And when you’re party’s approval rating is hovering around 20% in (non-Foxnews)polls, it’s hard to explain how you won.

    Yes, Gore would have been a disaster, so would Kerry (Bush’s distant cousin- yes, Google it), and Bush is. These people vacation together- wake up!

    Fox news bashes Hillary all day long and now Rupert Murdoch is having “planning” sessions with her and taking her out to lunch. I guess if Fox news starts promoting her the repubs will start loving her as well.

    George Bush could get on TV in a devil suit and horns and people would still love this guy because they associate their power with him.

    During his speech he was citing terror claims that were debunked by the freaking FBI themselves over a year ago as hoaxes and he cites them as real threats just to keep you scared.

    But no one notices because they are busy watching football and eating fast food and hey, American Idol’s on so I can only think so much in one day.

    So just wave your “made in China” walmart flags and love George Bush… /puke

  26. Wow, are you serious???!!! I was a HUGE fan of this site until I saw this. This isn’t April 1st. The fact that you didn’t even offer a dissenting option for the poll indicates what a far-right-centric person you are. That is what is wrong with this country. I have nothing against Republicans, just GWB. And I guarantee N. Pelosi was NOT clapping in admiration! Unreal Jeremy! I had such admiration for you!

  27. I wish you could see the actual internal clock going on in the heads of people as they read this post.

    Which clock runs out first? The enraged bush clock or the is this a linkbait post clock?

    By the time realization rolls around they’ve already submitted their rant filled post.

    love it.

  28. Spine? I’m pretty sure he had a spine, he is a vet and he is smart. Bush… hmmm, well he watched a good movie once with a war and ummm well he… is dumb.

  29. OK, I get it. It’s some wild SEO contest and this is your link bait idea. Right? Please say yes?

  30. ha! It seems some people actually bought that fahrenheit 911 was a true “documentary”.

    fahrenheit 911 = reefer madness

  31. wow, someone behind the scenes is being *very* selective with which comments get though.

    while editing an ongoing conversation on your site to support your worldview is your right, I don’t think it’s going to do much to pull Bush out of a low 30s/high 20s approval rating slump.

    Could cost the blog some subscribers, though. What’s going on here exactly?

    This is some kind of experiment, right?

  32. Option number three missing! Something like the worst president? or US president who killed the most innocent people etc etc

    Nice link bait by the way!

  33. The best part about the speech was all his commitments were to be accomplished long after he is out of office. He might as well have said “we” would cure AIDS and Cancer and Global Warming.

  34. Watch out – he deleted a similar comment from me earlier… apparently we aren’t allowed to cal him out for linkbaiting.

  35. Hehe… the blind leading the naked.

    As the bumbersticker says: Somewhere in Texas a village is missing its idiot.

    : )

  36. On first reading your post I thought you were joking, ignoring the politics for a moment, I don’t think Bush is a particularly good speaker. The idea that he would suddenly improve struck me as odd. My solution was to pop across to the whitehouse site and to take a look.

    Apart from lacking any real substance (not really the point of such a speech) there wasn’t that much to criticise. I found the talk about climate change to be interesting and overall nice to see. Though you’ll (as a country) will need to be careful about the whole biofuel issue. I was reading a research paper a couple of weeks ago that suggested the advantage over oil is slim at best.

    Talking about the war, terror and peace there was a lot of good news from 2005 and then bad news all the way for 2006. Does anyone have any idea what the status of this ‘voluntary reserve’ would be under the Geneva convention. I can easily envision some of these turning up in some country being held as ‘enemy combatants’.

    He actually got me suspicious right at the start when he was talking about spending. In my book any politician who claims to be able to improve services, increase the size of the army, cut the deficit and keep taxes the same is deeply suspect.

  37. now this is some nice linkbait, pretty obvious, but the 70 people above me that commented didnt seem to notice 😉

  38. Shoe, I never knew so many of your followers were on the left until now. What ever happened to free speech? Oh yea, the left is trying to squelch that unless your a registered Democrat.

    While I think most of what Bush has said is all good. I don’t like the way he’s handling the illegal alien and border situation. There are some other things I don’t like as well. I can’t stand the fact that people get jumped on for supporting the troops. That is just insane.

    “Besides, Bush didn’t win in ‘04, the electronic voting machines owned by his insiders did.”

    This is the most ignorant and asinine thing I have ever read in my life. People need to get over the fact that Bush won and STOP WHINING!

  39. And I want to nominate Hu Jintao as the greatest ever person to jointly hold the positions of President of the People’s Republic of China, Chairman of the Central Military Commission and General Secretary of the Communist Party of China. One person doing three jobs is an indication of great abilities. A true ally of the United States!

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  41. I think I am in the wrong place … and yes I think americans are stupid and yes Bush is the worst . 30% decline of $ value – his fault . Next president will have “some” work to do to fix things .

  42. Shoe my man leave it to you. Wait till Bush pisses off everyone including his supporters and then pull this. Now tell the truth did you vote for him? I did, twice!

    I bet this thing is going to get dug hard!

  43. Hey Shoemoney – what you gonna linkbait next? Pedophilia is cool? The holocaust never happened? Dickhead.

  44. Could not agree more. Nice view of the SOTU, and an even better poll you have there. I’m in a MoonBat FREE ZONE!!!!

  45. Wow, I just saw the vote count. Looks like most people think he’s the greatest president ever. Isn’t democracy great?

  46. If we still exist and are not suffering from nuclear fallout in two years, the Worst Dictator – I mean Worst President can go back to Mexico – I mean Texico – I mean Texas.

  47. When I see a post as beautiful as this one, my heart swells and I get all choked up and teary eyed.

    Bravo shoe, bravo.

  48. As a Swedish person with some sort of a neutral view on it all, he’s the worst president ever. For gods sake, how blind could the American people be?

  49. I’m really not a political person but I am staggered that you have this post on your blog. I am in the UK. Do you Americans realise that the world laughs at this man. He is a complete idiot. It is beyond belief that so many Americans voted him in. As they say in the States. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee. Your president is a total numpty!

  50. >>I love when Shoe tells people he never intentionally linkbaits.

    totally agree; this is hilarious.

  51. dude, I know all of those and I am american.
    Looks like they picked the dumb ones out of us

  52. Transparent link baiting. You should have gone with the tack “Is this the most useless person on earth?�

  53. Imagine my surprise… after all this time I’ve been reading your blog, I had no idea you were such an ass. Go figure.

  54. […] ShoeMoney is really a master of linkbait… George Bush – Great President Or Greatest President Ever?: “I watched the state of the union last night and wow… amazing. Even Nancy Pelosi could not contain her admiration for the most powerful man in the world. Every time she stood up and clapped (as I think all Americans were doing) as he talked about his plans for Iraq, health care, social security reform and of course the deficit it was pretty amazing.” […]

  55. Bushy is even “greater” than Nixon was.

    Nice linkbait by the way, political blindsiding always creates a stir.

  56. Shoemoney when did you take up comedy writing?

    The thing I like about you Shoemoney is even when you lose you still act like your a winner!

    LOL, how are those mid-terms and the wholesale rejection of Bush and Cheney sitting with you Mid West Republicans Shoe ???

    PS: You’re the only Republican in America that I like Shoemoney!

  57. Thank you for posting this- finally somebody sees the truth. The liberal media is making our president out to be a crook, but we know that he is the greatest president ever. If only a president could have three terms…

  58. LOL, you should join Shoemoney writing comedy!

    We should have outlawed the Republican party after Nixon got busted in Watergate!

    Republican tactic # 1, blame the “Liberal Media” instead of the criminals that commited the crimes against America and it’s citizens.

    Do you think Libby is on trial because Cheney is a good guy man?

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  60. I think it is sad how so many people in the united states are blind to the fact that Iran, Russia, Cuba, China etc.. are all buddies and want to wipe isreal and the united states off the map infact Iran has even publicly stated this Bush is the only person that wants to keep them from doing so. These people dont hate us because we are in Iraq they hate us because we are Americans and they hate Isreal because they are Jews so realize this when a nuke goes off and kills millions of people in America it will kill as many clueless anti American liberals as conservatives

  61. i support my President at all times and i say all who do not support the war on terror support terror and need to be locked away forever in gitmo!!!

  62. Nice one, Shoe……!!!

    The very WORST President EVER was JIMMY CARTER!!! His legacy speaks for itself!

    As for Dave and his conspiracy theories………wow……..leave the LSD alone, will ya??

    In WW 2 we as Americans were concerned with one thing…….winning the war and destroying our enemies. Who cares what other people think of us? Put it this way, how many times have WE had to rescue them (those that you would worry so much about how they think or feel) Too many!! Brush up on your history, man!

    Enough of the political games. That is what got us into WW 3…………

    I am a Patriot. I may not always agree with President Bush on everything, but at least he has the balls to identify and KILL our enemies, instead of the super-liberals policies of taking long showers into the middle of the night with our enemies.

    Again, CARTER the placation king = the WORST President ever!!!

    By the way, it is uncool to call those with which you disagree “idiots”………..we are not!

  63. Dude, how about the Terrorists being the danger to World Peace!
    Bin Laden framed? He CONFESSED to doing it! Have you not seen Bins own tapes and words………
    911 Inside job…………wow! For what purpose? Oil……….come on, doesn’t even pass the logic test. We got caught with our pants down and Bin gave it to us good!
    War crimes? Now that is just plain silly.
    Vietnam 2? Really……… that is interesting. Not sure how you drew that conclusion………, again.

    You are entitled to your opinion. Thank God, your opinion is NOT shared by the CLEAR thinker or most of America.

  64. I don’t know if the above mentioned poll is a serious endorsement of Bush, or just a link bait scheme as some have mentioned here. Be it link bait or not, the spirit of it is refreshing nonetheless.

    I get really tired of Bush Derangement Syndrome, that seems to afflict most people with just the mention of this name. Most of the anger toward the administration is unjustified, unfounded, and without any real substance, and mostly idealogical in nature.

    I have never seen a man more vilified than Bush. Even Nixon caught a little slack, despite his very personal and criminal failings. Calling him (Bush) dumb is also very funny to me. I realize he is not the most articulate person on the world, but speaking well is not the only indicator of intelligence.

    Slick Willie, with his Road Scholar status, was probably one of the most morally bankrupt Presidents we ever had. He has done more to destroy the Democratic party than any other President of memory.

    He lost more house seats because of Hilliary care, and, despite hanging chads, voter disenfranchisement (no solid evidence was ever formulated that people were prevented from voting – or that certain votes were not counted – despite several investigations) it is one of the reasons that Gore lost the Presidency.

    He (Gore) did not run on the Clinton record, and Slick Willie was more interested in helping Hillary get into the Senate, then helping Gore get the Presidency. Yet, even though he is a thin skinned narcissist, some in the Democratic Party think he is some sort of political rock star based on the fact he has decent oratory skills, and the ability to be a charming lier.

    Whatever you think about the war in Iraq, Bush has done a good job taking the fight to extremists. Six years without an attack is a pretty good track record. A third of Al Queda leadership eliminated from the planet.

    Don’t care about the argument that we have created more terrorists “dribble”. Seems they were pretty mad at us before the occupation. They declared war on us in the 90’s when they tried to destroy the towers the first time. I never saw much being done about terrorism under Clinton’s reign.

    For a supposedly dumb guy, he has managed to score a number of legislative victories despite the hostile congressional environment he has to live with. From tax cuts, to dodging the daily slings and arrows of congressional threats, resolutions, schemes, and all manner of protest, he is sticking to his guns about the war, and does not seem to be rattled by much of what people have to say.

    For a “miserable faiure” he has also performed admirably leading a sustained, growing economy, while contributing to a lower Federal deficit. But, I am sure that war spending does not help to do much to bring it lower still. Lower taxes, despite the conflict in the middle east is bringing in more revenue.

    According to CBS, no conservative organization mind you..

    Federal Budget Deficit Lowest In 5 Years
    Politicians Debate Presidential Tax Cuts’ Role In Red Ink Reduction
    CBS News – WASHINGTON, Oct. 11, 2007

    “The deficit for the 2007 budget year that ended Sept. 30 was 34.4 percent lower than the $248.2 billion deficit recorded in 2006, reflecting faster growth in revenues than in government spending.”

    While spending in Washington, and Bush not employing the Veto pen often enough is still way out of hand, I would be willing to bet that not many people will give any credit to the Bush for making strides to lower the nations financial burden.

    On the other side of the financial coin, the stock market hovers around 14,000, up eleven percent as of this month, Oct 07. The unemployment rate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for Sept of 07, is at 4.7. Considering we have a war going on, both of those statistical revelations are astounding. Clinton at his best, with no war, was 5.2.

    However, not every President can take all of the credit, or all of the blame for favorable economic numbers. But, lowering taxes, improves the business climate, investment, employment rates, and will bring in more revenue to the Federal coffers. It worked under Reagan, and it is working under Bush.

    Lower taxes also helps small businesses expand their business operations, product lines, and the ability to hire more people. More people hired, more consumer spending, better economy. Simplistic reasoning you might say?

    Consider the fact that Small Business does most of the hiring in this country. They are the first to be hit the hardest when economic conditions are in a downturn. If small business goes, so goes the economy. Tax increases and schemes will hurt them the most.

    Personally, I don’t want to go back to 1979 when the top tax rate was seventy percent, and the prime lending rate in 1980 was 21.5. Around the same time period, inflation was at 10%, and unemployment reached 8%.

    If you think things are bad in 2007 just wait till the Democrats take the reigns of Government. Free everything for everybody. Tax everything, and everyone to pay for it.

    Charles Rangel, Chairman of The House Ways And Means Committee is gearing up for the “mother of all tax increases” if Madame Hillary stays the front runner, and ultimately wins the Presidency.

    What he can’t get now through the Senate, will once again be brought to the legislative forefront if the Dem’s finally wind up controlling everything.

    So, the bottom line is, I will take a dumb, inarticulate President, who is willing to do the heavy lifting when it comes to defending the nation, lowering taxes, and showing some form of leadership.

    I don’t agree with everything Bush has done, but he has done more then people give him credit for.

    I hope those who want the Government to be all Democrat, all the time, get what they wish for. I hope that you are not a small business owner, a sole proprietor, or an affiliate marketer, self-employed, or just work for a living. For those of you who want Hilliary Clinton for President, just remember, this is what is in store for you..

    While addressing a Democratic fund-raiser Madame Clinton said this…

    “Many of you are well enough off that … the tax cuts may have helped you,” Clinton said, according to the Associated Press. “We’re saying that for America to get back on track, we’re probably going to cut that short and not give it to you.

    “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”

    Lovely.. And this woman is the front runner? Can you say Karl Marx? If she does not have a divided government, and the Democrats are in charge, together with Rangel, they will reak havoc and release the tax dogs of war. Be careful what you wish for..

    As far as Presiden Bush is concerned, is he the greatest President ever, no, I don’t think so. Good for this moment in history, and for this economy. You bet. Better than any Democrat on the ticket today..

    Thats my rant..


  65. History will show that bush was one or the worst presidents ever even worse than the neo-fascist ronald reagan. All of his servile minions on this comment section must be living in an alternate universe. This “man” has squandered all the moral capital the united states gained in ww2 in 6 short years!! Hell of a way to start the 21st century!!!

  66. Did he run over your dog or something? cause you dont sound like you like the guy.

    Yah hes made mistakes and listened to the wrong people (cheney) and while I normally am against bush, he does look like he hasnt slept in 6 years so while he may not be a great president he is at least a good person.

  67. It seems that you are another ignorant American who has no idea whatsoever about the world, and about the evils of the war. I pity those who openly claim such ideas on Bush, you may think you guys are the best or whatsoever but be sure that the rest of the world shames people like yourself. But then again who is rest of the world to an American citizen who think Bush rules?!

  68. Say what you will about those who voted for him. Just thank God it’s not Mr. Inconvinent Truth at the helm. There are over 100 million people in the world praying every day that they see mushroom clouds over every major american, and for that matter, non-muslim, city in the world, and that man is making documentaries about glaciers. Bush has made mistakes, but at least he has the guts to face the “real” truth. We have real enemies and doing nothing to stop them from attacking us adds up to 911. Why doesn’t anyone notice the gun to our heads?

  69. Sometimes its hard for me to comprehend the silliness of some of my fellow Americans.They always use the same excuse for the “war” and it goes alittle something like this,if we dont fight them over there,they will kill us here.That shit is so tired.Do you people even look at the news(and I aint talking bout Fox).Bush has fucked up so bad,our kids are going to pay for this.Our country is on life support,we r dying and yet there r still people blind to that fact.The Canadaian dollar is now worth more than the “Almighty” greenback and the Euro is kicking our ass.The CIA said that this “war” has created terrorest,we have made Iran more powerful in the region.
    I love my country and if it came down to it I would die for it,but im no follower and I will not allow myself to be led blindly into WW3,by idiots like Bush.People always talk about Gore like hes some softy who would have let the terrorest bully us around,bullshit.Gore and Clinton tried to kill Bin Laden 3 different times.They kicked Al Quedas ass a few times but couldnt catch Laden because he was to rich and to powerful in the middle east. Lets not forget it was Bushes people who knew the 911 hijackers were in the states and did nothing about it until they left a crater in the middle of Manhatten . Bush is the worst and dumbest president we have ever seen,more worse than Nixon and Grant.If you guys cant see that after 6 years of F-ups after F-up after F-up,than some of you guys need to stick to SEO and leave the politics to rational people.

  70. In response to Chris – You are a typical, pathetic liberal bullshitter. Go crawl back under a rock with all the rest of your dailykos and moveon cowards. I love when idiots like you imply you are “rational”. If you actually lived thru the 70’s, and suffered thru the Carter years, your “rational” mind would concede that the Carter-era was the worst ecomomically and internationally we have suffered since the depression. Think gas rationing, 18 percent interest rates, unemployment at 7.5% and a small group of assholes holding U.S. citizens hostage for a year and a half.
    Bush is nowhere near my favorite but compared to Carter….
    Take your “rational people” nonsense and your “Clinton tried to kill BinLaden” idiocy and slither back to Kosland.

  71. One thing the linkbait proved is that affiliate marketers, like Google employees, are 85% liberal progressive Bush bashing socialist. The only real mistake he made since 9/11 was not letting Tommy Frank & our our soldiers whack every Muzzie carrying a gun in Iraq for 3 more months. Instead he turned the bravest troops against global jehad into policemen targets after just 3 weeks fighting.

    History will record GWB as the one person who had a true mission and clarity of purpose after 9/11. Few still get it as the world news cries out daily that the only way towards world peace is contained in just 2 words….. DISARM ISLAM. Nothing else of any import.

    Village idiots don’t read 90+ books per year like GWB, who barely out does Chenny, bypassing the TV drivel. Emperior Bush is a master tactician playing the drooling liberal socialists like a fine tuned instrument. Name us one GWB/USA hating head of state still in power who has any sway on the direction America takes to Disarm Islam. I hope he bombs the crap out of the Iran nuke plants before retiring next year. What does he have to fear? Bad press and hatred from those siding with our enemies on the War on Islamofacist Terrorism….. LOL.

  72. Yeah Shrub (and his sidekick Dick-head-Guy Cheney) he’s both great and the greatest — in the sense that it means EXACTLY the OPPOSITE. Sure, He’s done a great job:

    • rendering the constitution meaningless
    • enriching his oil and war profiteer buddies
    • screwing up everything he and his religious ideologue appointees touch (except for when it comes to getting rich at the expense of working people)
    • telling people without health insurance they can just go to the emergency room to get health care
    • lying incessantly
    • obsessing over his bike like a 9-year old boy
    • starting an illegal war in Iraq then totally screwing it up while not catching Bin Laden, who actually was behind 9-11
    and so on and so forth … you get the point — if you actually can think for yourself

    “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.” – Sinclair Lewis

  73. as a UK citizen, i admire him for his strength of commitment to his actions even if those actions arent agreed by everyone. Its one job i wouldnt want, would you?

  74. [quote]If you actually lived thru the 70’s, and suffered thru the Carter years[/quote]

    I find it pathetic that your still crying about the 70s old man.Second,you can call me anything you want,but never ever call me a Liberal again.I hate the Democrats as much as I hate all you hick-minded,hypereligious conservitives.One party is made up of cowards and the other party should be in jail.Your problem is that you truly are a idiot,you think that were saving the world in Iraq,your old yet,so naive.People like you and Mike Hyladn are so damn silly,you still think its a red and blue thing,GROW UP,OUR DEFICIT IS 9 TRILLION.How the fuck is Bush great.
    To Mikes comments,this guy thinks that Bush is some great visionary.Wow I didnt even know Americans like you still existed, a civilian Bushie,im going tio start calling you Mike Rove.So I guess your one of those people who thinks that Clinton was one of the Worst presidents ever.I bet you guys both own a Confederate flag and a Ronald Reagan poster.I was right Huh,you people are so predictable.People like you scream war but would never have the courage to go into combat.Just look at Secretary Rice s employees,they support the war but are openly affraid to go to the Embassy in iraq and do there jobs,in a war they help start.To think that we can just go to the middle east and make these people follow our culture and way of life is wrong and so simple-mined.Most Muslims,in that part of the middle east thinks the way we live over here is immoral,they will never get in line with us.The smartest thing for us to do is get out of there business and watch them from a far to make sure they dont blow anything up on our soil.If you guys can name one substancial thing we have done over there in 6 years I will take back my statment.This isnt a movie guys.In WW2 the soilders used a word to describe there situation in combat when things got scary,FUBAR(Fuck up beyond all reason),this war is that,you pro-war people have know idea how bad we messed by going into iraq. We changed the path of the future so much and you cant even see it.People like you dont feel the war because we dont have higher taxes or the government isnt telling us we have to donate to the army or the navy isnt saying we have to donate our scrap metal,we dont even have the draft anymore.You people are all talk.Bush talks about Hitler and Stallin,Bush woulnt have enough smarts to lead use through the hell
    of a situation like WW2.You guys are the typical Followers,your not qualified to speak of on such serious politics.Even the smartest Republican,Alen Greenspan said Clinton was the Best and smartest President he has ever worked for and he served under like 4 Republicans ,even Greenspan said Bush is a fuck up,but tell me again how hes a visionary.You think he reads 90 books a year,come on man, he didnt even konw what Sovereign meant,its obvious you guys can be told anything and you’ll believe it.So can you both do me and my country a favor and dont vote.

  75. Clinton? can you name 1 thing he did besides sleep w/ an intern?! a man w/ that kind of integrity does NOT belong on the list of best presidents ever.. period.

  76. I think you’re missing the point. Regardless of his personal life and the actions he chose to take regarding this, it has nothing to do with his ability to be a president. That’s like saying the world’s greatest chef has crappy food only because he cheated on his wife. Just because he made immoral judgements in his personal life, doesn’t mean he did them as president and I am sure many can agree he was a damn good president. Argue how you want, don’t hate a guy for getting head, hate him because he’s an awful president (aka Bush)

  77. After graduating from college, Bush worked in his family’s oil businesses before making an unsuccessful run for the U.S. House of Representatives in 1978.
    The point is here. Now I know who is ‘Bush’.

  78. Yeah, it’s still rolling in the comments. Everyone loves to hate and love the President – whomever it is.

  79. What planet are you on? George Bush is probably the worse, most evil president in American history. He invaded a country that cost thousands of lives and serious injuries with no real justification. George Bush knew Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and decided to go ahead with the war. That is pure evil! He’ll have to answer to God one day for this!

  80. Bill Clinton took us from having a deficit in the budget (under Bush I) to a surplus. He gave us eight years of peace and prosperity. When the price of oil was going up, he opened the strategic reserve to keep prices down. They are now charging over $3 a gallon for gas, which doesn’t surprise me with two Texas oil men in the White House. War profiteer Cheney pulls all the strings and tells Bush what to do.

  81. I think this post is designed to “bait” audience participation. Well, good job, I have been baited. In answer to your question–I would have to say, “no comment.” We’ll see what the history books say.

  82. Man.. you write some really good fiction.. Greatest President.. LOLOLOL.. I almost had to buy a new keyboard on that one.. Thanks for the laugh..

  83. Apparently you guys aren’t Stephen Colbert devotees :D:D:D. As this is a favorite question of his to ask his political guests.

  84. […] Write opinionated content – the more opinionated you get the more comments you are going to receive. If you want proof of this, just look at Shoe’s post on President Bush. […]

  85. Congrats on reelin in so many comments with this parody post.

    I’m 55 years old and have seen quite a number of presidents. None have pissed me off, except this one, so I guess that is one area where he’s the greatest.

  86. shoe this is why i have zero respect for you. it makes sense though because bush and the other republicans have made your wife rich. to bad you to narrow minded to see that the war in iraq is a joke and this is why i will stop reading your blog and tell people how ignorant you are and i forgot to say you were a fat ass.

  87. I bet you can’t site one single thing that would make Bush worse than Nixon, Carter, or maybe even Clinton. I get so tired of people like you who flame the president because you think it is cool or something. I will take a guy who believes in an idea and acts on it every day over some finger in the wind poll taker any day. Did you even vote?

  88. Ok, lets start with oil 101… There is no shortage of oil. There is a shortage of refining capacity. Did the worshipful master Clinton build a single refinery – No. Did the release of oil from the strategic reserve impact prices – No. <– Seriously, economists were lauhing at him for that one. Lastly, Bill Clinton has about as much to do with the boom time economy of the 1990’s as I did. It was the .com bubble that did most of the heavy lifting and the IPOs that came out of it.

  89. […] blogger viene prima di tutto e deve credere in quello che sostiene, non farlo solo per il traffico. Il post più commentato di Jeremy Schoemaker su è un sondaggio per sapere se Bush è il miglior presidente USA di […]

  90. Um, maybe if you were aware of the hidden agenda of the “new world order” and how the was all tied to the federal reserve, the council on foreign relations, and the Bu$h family then you’d turn white, vomit on yourself, and rewrite this article.

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  92. At first I read this post and it was enough for me to never want to read this blog again…then I realized, you ARE joking right?

  93. Bush and Blair indeed should be tried for war crimes there is plenty of evidence to support such a charge – falsified “intelligence” the least of them. There is however no defence that would hold up to scrutiny. If they truly are innocent, as many people posting here would seem to believe, then at least allow this to proven beyond all reasonable doubt in the Hague – innocent men have nothing to fear 🙂

  94. I truly feel for people who are convinced that “every last one of ‘them’ (insert verb here) us” how exceptionally limited of you.

  95. I love the Colbert Report and this is exactly what Stephen Colbert does on his show all the time. I think it’s cool to be loyal to your political party and the party’s leader.

    People complain no matter who is president or what happens. The truth is that it’s a damn tough job and it’s stupid to place all the blame for everything we don’t like about our government on one man. I think it’s a cowardly thing to do, make him a scapegoat for everything we don’t like about our country.

    I support the president because, well, he’s the president and it’s the right thing to do.

  96. I think Hilary Clinton can run circles around George bush and I would like to see Woman president in the white house

  97. As a born and bred New Zealander, I think that G.B.W. is the biggest threat to the world that the Americans have EVER had. Unfortunately, American politics seems to have become a blame-game!

  98. […] Shoemoney recently tried this by deeming the seemingly unpopular US President George Bush as the greatest president in the history of the United States. This generated a mega amount of buzz both on and off the website, with back links cropping up left, right and center […]

  99. Hey. That’s a pretty good question. Did you really file for a copyright for that one Shoe?

  100. Ever notice this President is above the trivial name calling that Reid and Pelosi dish out constantly. While I am a conservative I think the whole bunch in Congress (both parties) need to go. They are useless at getting anything done and really clueless about everyday life in suburbia. But wait………………….change is on the way, whatever that may be.

  101. I too think there should be another option! I have (had) too much family in this war and of the 5, 2 will never be physically normal again, 1 has been in mental anguish ever since he came back, and the other 2 are lucky enough to have done their tour and our now back on American soil.

    Not to mention the government not taking care of those who did make it back alive properly, I could really rant on that one!

    Is Bush a great or the greatest president ever??? Please don’t even make me laugh! I would take ANY other president over him in a heartbeat!

    As for voting, that too is a crock, I don’t care how many Americans vote for a particular person, when it comes down to it, the Electoral College has the final say anyway, so what are we voting for anyway, so that we can tell others we voted for the WORST president in history??? Can you tell I DIDN’T vote for Bush!!!


  102. Worst Ever…you have to back a little further in time then 1976!

    Check out Millard Fillmore if you get bored on Wikipedia…Even his own party hated him 🙂

  103. […] 5. 写很有自己想法的内容—你写的越有自己的想法就会得到越多的评论,如果你想证明这一点,你可以看看这篇 “President Bush” […]

  104. Bush is a slimball…he should be impeached for some of the little things that he has done and covered up. Greates…get real….this asshole belongs at the bottem of the list.

  105. Bush should be impeached for some of the things that he has done against the American People. The man has no commom sense and a complete idiot! I did not vote for him either time, and did not believe the elections were on the up and up. Bush and Cheny are crooks,,,yes even bigger than Nixon. He get my vote for WORST President and should be at the bottem of the list.

  106. yep, helarious. good to see people mentioning colbert, but credit should have been given in the original post… or maybe it’s time for another edition of “Who’s riding my coattails now”

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  108. […] of his two term presidency. It marks the one year anniversary since shoemoney readers voted him a greatest president ever (wow that was 1 year ago […]

  109. I’m from Texas and can’t believe the denial bushbackers live in. Just take a look at the numbers …hello!! (The economy, national debt, deficit etc.)…..geeezzz!!!! Those of you that sincerely voted on either of the ‘available’ options are absolutely blind, dumb, from another country or all of the above.

  110. This is obvious link bait because everyone knows that George Bush is a monkey disguised as a human…while I on the other hand… am an ape disguised as a human.

    The Mad Ape

  111. […] wife. There are various other posts of his where you catch his personality like how he feels about President Bush or customer support. Jeremy Schoemaker is a very opinionated person and it shows in a lot of his […]

  112. GEORGE BUSH SUX he did nothing but tare this country apart. i live in michigan and we never had this much unemployment since bush has been in office. Our unemployment is at a all time high of 7.2%

  113. […] il proprio blog. Linko due esempi per chi non ha mai incontrato linkbait navigando per blog, sono George Bush: grande presidente o il più grande presidente di sempre? e Mordendo l’esca, dal grande Jeremy Schoemaker di (nel secondo link però […]

  114. I don’t want to get started because I don’t think I will ever stop. We are almost done with his reign of terror.

  115. i think you need more than the two options there… i’ll say worst president ever. I still question how he got into yale

  116. President Bush is by far one of the worst if not the worst president the United States has ever had.

  117. He provided good leadership when 9/11 happened. But overall, I do believe our country could have had someone else making a lot Better decisions than him. There’s a lot of things that the Bush Administration has done to get shady views towards them. I’ll leave it at that.

  118. Shoe, that post is quite an accolade coming from a bloke who has endorsed Barrak Obama in another post.

  119. Good example of political linkbait Shoe….you sure got a lot of responses to this posting, presumably that serves to illustrate your point?

  120. you must be kidding!!!! it will take years and years to undo the huge mess he created. if this country survives our childrens children will feel the effects of his incompetence. he will go down in as the dumbest u s president in history……..a yale graduate!!! lol,lol

  121. […] Os pongo el link de dos ejemplos, para que veáis de que se trata si no lo conocéis: “George Bush: ¿Gran Presidente o el más grande presidente de siempre?“y “Mordiendo el cebo” de Jeremy Schoemaker de (en el segundo […]

  122. I think this site just shows how stupid, shallow, uneducated, and ignorant we as americans truly are. You who post about how dumb, stupid, ignorant Bush is should really look in the mirror. You just elected a man with absolutely no, and I’ll repeat, NO experience in anything except inciting people. What does he have a degree in? Buying DVD’s, he can’t even properly address a leader of another country with respect, but I guess when you never worked for anyone in your life that is kind of hard. And how much money are you all getting from the stimulus, that’s right not a dime. Look up history and see who wanted regulations on the banks, not the news, look it up yourself, that’s right Bush. Shot down by who, that’s right Barney Frank. Stop watching TV, educate yourself, and do some research, like Clinton who thinks our government came before Europe, now that is second grade ignorance.

  123. William Hague appears to share much in common with another (deceased) popular entertainer, a fondness for youthful people, many of them youths, and a weird childhood. Is William Hague a political version of Michael Jackson?

  124. That’s really extremely sensible for what I’m seem at now, many thanks a bunch.

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