ALERT Lost fans season 3 part 2 starts up in a few weeks and spoilerbuzz has the new exclusive promo up. I had goose bumps watching this I am so frickin excited for lost to start again!

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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14 thoughts on “New Lost Season 3 Spoiler Trailor Part 2”
  1. OMG! I am such a Lost junkie! I am SO excited for it to start again! It was starting to lose me a bit there before the break, so I am hoping it picks up again.

    Laura 🙂

  2. I totally agree… Season 2 rocked so much then the beginning of season 3 was ok but it kind of has been boring. Hopefully it will pickup the pace.

  3. I loved season one…season two wasnt as great imo, but the start of season 3 was great. Is there anything to the rumor that ABC is ordering more Lost episodes for this year to make up for their other programming which is being cancelled left and right?

  4. I hate to be a spelling Nazi, but you’ve spelled trailer wrong. [I left a similer comment on your last “trailor” post a few months ago, but I guess you didn’t see it.

  5. Touche, haha. I’m afraid I was a bit rushed writing the comment, as no doubt the author of this site was when he wrote his post. Fortunately I didn’t make the mistake in a headline of a major post.

  6. When is it actually coming out? Can’t wait to continue downloading the series.. another die-hard LOST fan here 😀

  7. When the show LOST first aired I thought I’d give it a chance – I like those survivors-pitted-against-the-hazards-that-be shows. It was interesting with the initial character development. Lots of glam TV stock characters that almost broke out of their stereotypical roles. Then it got all Gilliganish, with endless suprise sources of resources, additional characters and plot lines. If I wanted science fiction I would have turned to a number of existing superior representations. I keep expecting a character to wake up and say “It was all a dream!”. And what’s with the fat guy – how do you maintain that mass on a starvation diet? Lost is crap.

  8. LOL..O no! Not you too!…I broke ma foot ma on new years and started getting lost on DVD..from then on..I was rushing through traffic and forgettin to pick up my sister to watch lost!…can’t wait for the next season!…although i think it’s should be called Found from what i think will happen!

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