Ok so I did not think the rank for shoemoney thing would be that big of deal… but today when I checked my inbox I had at-least 50 emails saying “Hey d*ckhead quit spamming me!” and stuff like that…

Then I had over 200 comments in moderation that were like QUIT TRACKBACK SPAMMING ME!

So come to find out a few people are mass spamming in comments and trackbacks with the username shoemoney.

Now I would ask that you stop doing that or that anyone who is doing it will be disqualified but… then I would never find out if you can nuke me out of google/yahoo/msn.

Besides contrary to what some people might think… I could give a crap where my blog ranks in search engines to be honest. It actually pisses me off that my blog which makes me next to nothing has some of the best ranks of any site I have ever made.

Also I see some people are 301ing to me to try to nuke me out. I really do not think that will work… 301 hijack is so… 4 years ago… Good luck with that though.

Also I just want to say the shoemoney.co.uk site is pretty hilarious with its media clips … lol..

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

17 thoughts on “Shoemoney Contest Really Getting Interesting”
  1. Funny. The reason I found your site was because I got a spam trackback from you. So that wasn’t YOU? (P.S. – and no, I wasn’t one of those people that emailed you about it; just posting here and trying to find an explanation though)

  2. Talking about comment spam and shoemoney.co.uk…

    Subject: [Hone Heke Kimihia Watson] Comment: “Shoemoney”
    From: shoemoney@ Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert ,
    Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2006 12:54:04 -0500

    New comment on your post #189 “Shoemoney”
    Author : shoemoney (IP: , dsl82-163-35-83.as15444.net)
    E-mail : mailing@gmail.com
    URI : http://www.shoemoney.co.uk
    Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
    The problem I find is accurate news stories.

    You can see all comments on this post here:

  3. just because a site has a 301 to yours, doesnt mean they are trying to nuke you out of the SE’s…

    you should just wait and see what becomes of it…it could get interesting..

  4. I can’t believe that are studid peolple buying your ideas.
    I know you wouldn’t publish this comment because people will finnally start to think

  5. Shoe, stop this silly games (YOU WIN!) and try to outrank me for -literatlik-. It´s completely non-commercial SLOVAK site about up-to-date local literature (mainly focused on the young authors) with only slovak and czech posts (do you remember the evil czechoslovakia from the cold war times?). The name LITERATLIK means Literature + Ratlik, ratlik is a small breed of dog (a really miniature one). Is there anyone who tries? will you need seconds… minutes… hours? I offer NOTHING AT ALL, it is just a trial.

  6. I also found your site because of 2 spam trackbacks I had today.

    Does your challenge it’s open to anyone in the world?

  7. I got a bunch of shoemoney links in my blog from a spammer… Pests 🙂

  8. I have 10 comments on my blog this morning that looked something like this:


    nice shoemoney site at shoemoney http://www.imyourhuckleberry.info/ 4…

    That domain is 301’ed to shoemoney.com. I think someone was trying to make it look like you were spamming me.


    That’s the last time you’ll get me ShoeMoney… the last time.

    ps. nice marketing scam. nicely done. How did you find my site or was it you are all?

  10. I had 7 comments on my articles from you (or someone claiming to be you) all saying the same spammy crap.

    I’m appaled that you’re running a contest on such a thing…

  11. ya they are all tor proxies =(

    Name: tor.waerter.net

  12. Any publicity is good publicity. Of course there will be comment spammers. Run with the dogs and you get fleas. Luckily I know some online canadian pharmacies that will sell you a G3ner1c FL3A L0ti0n at ch3ap Pr1ce$.

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