Warning: This post is about a weight loss procedure I went through about 2.5 years ago. It contains no information about making money online.

A lot of people have noticed in the photo gallery there is a new section called I used to be fat . Also I have posted a few places that I had weight loss surgery but I never really talked about it. Many people think I had the surgery that Al Rokr had called the Gastric Bypass. I had a newer more advanced procedure called the Duodenal Switch.

Duodenal SwitchI was 28 years old. 420 some LBS. I had sleep apnea so bad that I would stop breathing in excess of 180+ seconds in different spurts while sleeping. I was in the beginning stages of type 2 diabetes and my kidneys were working so hardcore that I was dumping protein in my urine. Yea I was in BAD SHAPE.

My girlfriend at the time , Dr. Shoemoney, now my wife, did tons of research on the two procedures and also performed Anesthesia in several surgeries of both so she got a lot of great information and background about each. The Duodenal Switch is a little less barbaric but has MUCH less reduction of patient weight regain.

On the day of surgery I weighed 420 lbs. I was really scared. I thought I was going to die. I made a envelope of all my passwords to my websites and accounts and gave a copy to my wife and another my mom. When I woke up from surgery I felt like someone had stabbed me in the stomach with a telephone pole. After 5 days in the hospital I went home and tried to drink these protein shakes. The thing that sucks right after you have surgery is that they want you to get in protein but since they just carved on your stomach its really hard. 2 weeks out from surgery i was eating soft foods like beans (pintos and cheese from taco bell was the win) and other stuff. At the 3rd week I was back to work and feeling more and more normal.
Duodenal Switch
I lost 200 lbs in about about 7 months then it took me another 3 months to loose the remaining 40. I have been holding at 190ish for the last year or so and feel very comfortable at that weight. My surgeon says I have about 30 lbs in loose skin they could wack off but I am not going to have cosmetic surgery. I made a deal with myself that this was strictly for health reasons and I am not going to back out on that now.

I have since counseled many males and females who were thinking about having weight loss surgery. I highly recommend this site for all questions related to the weight loss surgeries.

So whats it like now ?

Well I was 300lbs when I was 14 years old.. I was always a HUGE kid. It is a total change in quality of life. Many people said to me “why don’t you just diet and exercise”. People just do not understand the morbidly obese. One time not to long ago I was on a airplane and when I sat down there was a empty seat in between me and this woman. She turned to me and said, “I hope one of those fat ass people do not sit in between us. They should make those people buy to seats”. It is amazing how ignorant and cruel people can be. But that leads me to my next point… I think being SO OVERWEIGHT for so long really gave me some advantages now in my later years.

  • Cruelty – People are always asking me why I never get mad or upset about what people might say about me online. Please.. I was called so many vicious names by so many people and worse you think some critique online is going to make me upset?
  • Envy – I never feel envious of other people… You kind of get over that after always being picked last for teams in high school and never having any girls want to be more then a friend.
  • Working Hard – I always had to be THAT much better then all my competition for almost anything because of my weight. Society is pretty hardcore on the overweight and I probably had it easy being a male. Overweight females really get it bad from our society. You learn to pull your weight (no pun intended) and then some.

So I think those can be the upsides of being handicapped for years and years by being massively overweight. Not that I would recommend it but looking back I really feel like it helped me see the world in different shoes.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

327 thoughts on “I used to be FAT until I had A Duodenal Switch”
  1. Wow. Pretty poignant post Shoe. I have a tremendous amount of respect for you in so many ways – I can’t imagine a more difficult challenge to face. Kudos for having the courage to see the need for a change, the action to actually make the lifestyle change, and then the wisdom to understand your journey and to help spread the word about your experience to help other’s make similar positive changes in their life habits. Shoemoney – YOU ROCK!

      1. Ya your the man. No wonder your in the shoes your in right now. It’s like the obesity was testing you to become a more stronger person in the future. No wonder your pounding the dough in.

        You better be hitting the gym and eating correctly now….

    1. wow I cant believe I’ve never read this post! Great work and congrats for keeping the weight off.

      1. That is really awesome my man. Even though u have heard it like 1 billion times and does not really mean much to you…. Congrats!

    2. @ Brian, that is so true, sometimes we do not realize we need change. All I have to say is hang in there bud, you will be just fine.

  2. what doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger.

    thanks for the post – interesting to get a peek of what makes the Shoe tick…

  3. Kickin ass and making money….thanks for giving us a look into your personal life, nice to see the guy behind the logo 🙂

  4. Watching you suffer during those years makes me so proud of what you have become inside and out. Empathy isn’t inborn- it has to be cultivated.

  5. Wow, dude. Before I read this post, I had much respect for you becuase of you business skills and your willingness to share your experiences. Now, I have respect for you as a human, becuase of your discipline, philospohy and again, your willingness to share. Great post.

  6. so did you have a thiroid condition or something that was causing the obesity other than a very very slow metabolisim? I am asking because if you had the surgery without a medical condition causing the weight gain I think you had causmetic surgery and should go ahead and get the 30lbs of skin cut off. I have helped many many people who were 350 lbs plus get below 200 lbs with no surgery. They had to change there lifestyle. getting your stomach stapled but then going to taco hell is crap! The surgery should only be after you have spent 18 months with a nutritionist and specially trained exercise specialist. Then, if the weight is not coming off…. I see to many people usineg the surgery as a cop out on actually getting healthy.

    1. I feel that you are wrong in saying tht the surgery is a cop out. First of all when you are severely overweight with health complications its sometimes hard to be involved in an exercise program, not only that some people have medical conditions that may not go away with just losing weight and exercising for instance, type 2 diabetes is gone for most people after surgery. This is not based on losing the weight because some people go home form the surgery off of their medications this is without losing one pound. Another thing is that the surgery can be sabotaged the person having the surgery must be motivated to comply so there is work involved for the patient. The doctor does surgey on your abdomen not your mind, you must still resist unhealty urges. Also no one gets overweight or unhealthy eating moderately or controlling their portions so eating out is not off limits to people who have weight loss surgery.We are human just like thin people and there is no reason why we like those who are thin and healthy although they are eating fast food can’t indulge from time to time.

      1. I also wanted to say congratulations on your weight loss I am proud that you were up for the challenge and succeeded.I pray that you will continue in good health grace and peace be multiplied unto you

    2. you try losing weight at 217 or more lbs. ive been working with a trainer and a dietician since. may and have loss only 5 lbs. it will take. 10+ years take it off. and.i need a job now. fat people dont. get. jobs

  7. Even if you sometimes somewhat arrogant (arrogant is this the same meaning as in german? duh, i dont know ;o)

    But i think you are a honest person and you are one of those that have the right to BE somewhat arrogant from time to time because you are one of those that have worked for this right a lot in their life!! Just like me 😀

  8. That is truly amazing Jeremy. Many congratulations on your health and success.

  9. To be honest I’m a bit overweight too. I’m 19, it’s not as bad as you were, but about 45lbs too much. I think I need to do a bit more sport but I’m busy the whole day keeping my internet business running 🙂

  10. By the way, have you ever thought about writing a book about losing weight, the road to success and making money on the internet?

    All these topics are pretty popular, who knows how well such a book would sell 😉

  11. Congrats on being healthier. I’d never guess from seeing pictures of you that you have 30 pounds of skin that could be removed. Is it mostly concentrated in one area (stomach?) or fairly spread out?

    At least now when someone points in your direction and mentions fat, they’re probably just talking about your wallet. 😉

  12. Good to hear your story, it kind of makes this whole internet money making thing seem not very important.

    Do you think that if you had the opportunity to have the procedure done in your teens you would have taken it? I’ve read a lot about different types of weight loss surgery (not that I need it, in fact I’m skinny and I can’t gain weight when I try!); it appears to me that the only legitimate controversy is people having it done before 18.

  13. You definetly got my respect man! I also used to weigh about 30-35 pounds to much, which was about 5 years ago – now I´m fit and healthy and it feels great. Although it´s hard work to stay like that, I think it´s extremly important for people like us working 12-14 hours a day in front of a computer!

  14. I’ve been following your posts for a long time on DP, shoemoney, but wow mate!

    It’s fantastic that you pulled through that…

    Yeah, they do say exercise just to maintain your weight. To actually lose weight naturally you’ve gotta limit your intake.

    But it sure does look like you’ve maintained youself…

  15. I have been approached a few times about different topics but I think its obvious I am no author =)

  16. Its very strange because since having the surgery I have altered my eating habits totally… I NEVER eat french fries or crap like that .. just the thought of them makes me sick. Is it the surgery or the fact I want to eat better now ? Not sure but its defiantly changed my eating habits

  17. That was really brave, my hubby has been looking into this procedure, thanks for posting. I will pass it on to him.

  18. Very impressive Shoe, you’re an inspiration. I also think that you should get the 30 lbs. of excess skin removed because it’s not 100% cosmetic, the extra weight is still creating an unnecessary strain on your body. I can understand the sentiment that you don’t want cosmetic surgery but removing the skin isn’t something done entirely out of vanity, there are health reasons for removing it. Good luck.

  19. This is an amazing story shoe..also i dont see the harm in removing the excess skin?

  20. David – It’s unbelieveable how ignorant so – called “professionals” can be while self-promoting their views and I wish they would take the time to get their facts straight before they consider “helping others” with their weight loss advice.

    To say that all a person needs to do is make a lifestyle change clearly indicates to me that you have no idea what this surgery entails.

    Having this surgery is making a huge lifestyle change! In order for it to be successful, you must be dedicated to exercising, eating healthy and taking vitamin supplements – FOR LIFE!!!

    Cop-out I don’t think so – it’s COMMITMENT!

  21. That is an amazing accomplishment. I just topped 240 myself, and I am simply too lazy to get my big butt on a treadmill (I do have one). I couldn’t imagine the frustration and helplessness you must have felt.

    Seriously Shoe, think about removing the loose skin. I am sure there is some health-related reason reason you could come up with 😉 Just think about all of that extra work your heart does pumping blood. There’s gotta be at least an extra pint there!

  22. Well shit, blow me down with a feather !

    It’s quite an accomplisment – I’m a tad overweight myself, and in fact would never discuss it in a public forum. I grew up the veritable rake, and it’s (albeit unwanted) new to me.

    You continue to surprise me Shoe, and it’s all good. 🙂



  23. Shoemoney,

    That is an outstanding post. Very human and very honest.

  24. ShoeMoney,
    That’s an amazing story. Besides being thinner, you are also standing mighty tall in the eyes of your readers:-)

  25. In life you meet few people who inspire, while remaining selfless and open the way that you are. Your actions are a sign of genuine kindess and immense leadership potential. Your story could be told to inspire millions. I’m honored to have met you personally and I look forward to hearing you speak at SES San Jose. Get this guy a Captain and Coke!

  26. Shoe, when you told me this story in person, I could hardly believe it, but seeing the photos makes it all the more real. Huge kudos to you for overcoming something this huge (literally). Keep on kicking ass, best wishes. – Alex

  27. I am amazed and inspired. I have put on a lot of weight since I started spending more and more time on computers and after the hurricanes put a stop to my regular aerobics classes. Age isn’t helping either, I’m in the mid-life spread dept.
    But I want to thank you for your photos and story. You are giving me a kick-start to getting my extra weight off.

  28. “Many people said to me “why don’t you just diet and exerciseâ€?. People just do not understand the morbidly obese.”

    Honestly, I don’t understand the morbidly obese, because I would have said the same thing. You didn’t expand on why you couldn’t diet/excercise, so I’m still sitting here scratching my head wondering why someone would choose to undergo surgery instead.

  29. ….and all this time I thought you were a skinny punk Shoemoney!

    You have to quit fooling me man!

  30. Hey Shoe…I am so enjoying all of this. We all knew you were a great kid. It just took you time to discover it. As far as a book deal goes…I bet I know some English teachers who would help you write it!

  31. […] Is that shoemoney in the pic? If it is, dude not only lost weight but now he’s shredded! […]

  32. […] Is that shoemoney in the pic? If it is, dude not only lost weight but now he’s shredded! […]

  33. […] But somehow I ran into a post about his Biliopancreatic Diversion Duodenal Switch Surgery… (phewww, hope I got that right!) and was blown away by how much weight he lost through this surgery. […]

  34. I just read this b/c on your Andy Beal post today. I had no idea. I have to say I had a huge amount of respect for your accomplishments as an Internet marketer but that now pales in comparison to my respect for you as a person.

    It’s odd when you listen to someone on radio, love Net Income, and you sort of get a feel for a person in your mind like you almost know them personally. I pictured you as kind of a happy go lucky guy who kind of stumbled into a situation where once you arrived your innate intelligence lead you to success. I’ve vastly underestimated the trials you endured to get where you are now.

    I have to say thanks again for spreading your hard earned Internet knowledge but even more so thank you for showing such personal conviction and courage when you could easily hide behind a facade. I wish you and your family all the best.

  35. […] never took my health that serious until I was in my late 20’s and it was to late. As I posted I had Duodenal Switch surgery about 3 years ago when I lost 280 LBS. I was so fat as a youth and teen until my late 20’s […]

  36. Congratulation on your amazing weight loss, and thank you very much for sharing your story with the world. I myself came down from 396 to 192 (and dropping), and it always does me good to hear about others recovering from the condition of morbid obesity.

    I agree with you that the unique world view of being an obese person has tremendous positive effects that are often forgotten or overlooked. Thanks for refreshing my mind on that point.

    You rock!

  37. No wonder why you don’t care about what people think of you. It is easier to tell someone to lose weight until you try it. I just want to lose 15 lbs and it seems like the hardest thing in the world. It isn’t as easy as people think. I used to work in the gastric bypass clinic and met so many patients and realized the pain and suffering they went through. Although I have never heard of your procedure prior to today I can only imagine what you went through. I am glad that you are a survivor. People need to stop being so mean to others.

  38. Hey There…
    A friend of mine turned me on to your post about your WLS. I had gastric bypass in August of 2004. It was the best thing that I ever could have done in my life. As you can imagine, I have lots of hanging skin also after losing 200 lbs. Although I’m a different person, it’s still difficult after maintaining a steady weight at 190 for over a year to see the “new” me.

    Congratulations on the decision that you’ve made to save your life! You look fabulous!

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  40. […] telling techniques online. I’ll name two that pop to my mind immediately. Shoemoney was a humongous, in debt, gamer who couldn’t hold a job who turned his life around. He worked hard, married a […]

  41. Now you look very smart , your weight loss program really worked more then your affiliate programs.Over weight is always big problem and as age increases it will trouble us more.

  42. OMG! When I first saw your picture at the front page I never thought you were this huge. I just looked like a cute looking guy even without the money. I’m not trying to make a hit on you, I’m happily married.

    My husband lost 40lbs trying to lower his cholesterol, he did it naturally though. I have been struggling with 20lbs and I have been teased when I was younger about being FAT, so I partly know how you felt.

    I’m happy that you were able to find someone who really loves you not for what you have now but what you were before you success.

  43. This is an amazing story, truly inspirational on a human level. I never really commented on your site but been a long time fan. You deserve all your success, I can’t imagine going through a surgery like that. Much respect Shoemoney. May you have continued success.

  44. Not much can be said but congrats on your courage and persistance!

    People are cruel, so you simply ignore those people and move forward with the positive people around you.

    Geeks Rule!

  45. […] I decided to check out Shoemoney’s post again. I also went back to another Shoemoney post – “I used to be fat.” But was he really ever […]

  46. Thank you for sharing! I am a woman, 304 lbs, 45 yrs old, have been overweight/obese since I was 6!… I totally connect about what you said; having to be smarter than others… ignoring criticism… not being envious… I’m thinking about surgery but I’m afraid of pain and also of the fact that the effective techniques are not reversible. Your story encourages me a lot!

  47. Thanks for sharing your story. I hope all those poor fools who called you names see your pic with your adsense check! I think I suggested in a post some time ago that you tell this story. Now there is still one question that remains… the hair, or the lack of it I should say. Why does my hero have no hair?

  48. I think it’s really great you’ve put this up in your header. This is the kind of thing people should hear, the truth of the whole situation, not just Lose weight and Feel Great! It’s so true that people don’t understand how the body works, metabolism and heredity. It’s not always simple. You are the picture of success in so many ways. I agree that you become tougher by having to deal with adversity. Great post.

  49. congrats and respect I know it is very hard to try to lose weight and try to keep it off def when you are in business and schmooze with clients. Congrats and respect

  50. Hey – I know this is an old post, but it’s at the top of your page, so whatever. Thanks for sharing your story. I know that’s not always easy to do. My dad had the gastric bypyass procedure a year ago this past May. I know you had a different procedure, but I know it’s a huge adjustment, too. Hope you’re still doing well with it!

  51. That was a great post man. You look like you are doind 100% better today. That procedure sounded like it had a bit of risk. But I guess to benefits outweight the risks involved.

  52. awesome post. i have been looking for more on your weight for a while. good to see more into you than all this money crap.

  53. and butheway, I can see that he’s not fat anymore. controlled diet? scientific or medical procedure?

  54. This is long way before me. I am now less than 100 kg, but I feel that quality of my life is worse. I want too also change my habits and loss some weight.

  55. Thanks for sharing this story with all of us, Jeremy.
    As others already said, I have a lot of respect for you.


    Floren Munteanu

  56. I came across this post in the firefox Stumble attachment and I must say after reading it…. I am more and more determined to loose the weight *I* have. Recently (about 8months ago) I started playing with the fact that I might be wheat intolerant… I was right. I’ve been struggling to loose weight and making a VERY hard choice to stick to a weight lose plan. It’s been about a year and I’m glad to say I’ve dropped 18kilo (almost 40pounds). I had toyed with the idea of surgery but I’m so scared of hospitals all together that I will not do it. I rather loose it slow and learn to keep it off. I will how ever in the end do surgery for the skin if I need to. If I take the “long road” so to speak, I want to look as good as I feel. I also believe there are benifits to having the skin removed though because the extra skin can cause some problems such as rashes and very bad infections if not taken care of right. Kudos and good luck in the rest of your life! And BTW I’m female 😉 But EVERY bit encourages people like me!

  57. Now that you have a new physical presence, make sure your self image changes, too. I would highly recommend to you Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s timeless technique called Psycho Cybernetics. See http://www.nightingale.com/ Or go to amazon.com and pick up one of the many used books by Dr. Maltz on his technique. I suggest his first, which was published in 1960, called, simply, Psycho Cybernetics. See a helpful summary of the technique at Making Money Online Blog: http://streetlessons.com/470-an-overview-of-psycho-cybernetics.html

    By the way, I have no financial or even friendly interest in any of this. I started using the technique in 1965 and have taught it to my two children. Nothing can stop you with this technique. As Dr. Maltz, a plastic surgeon, observed, once the outer scars were eliminated by plastic surgery, many patients still had “inner scars” to their self image. This will heal your self image.

    Good luck, my friend.

  58. […] intend to trample through as much material on his site as time allows. You see Jeremy Schoemaker of shoemoney.com used to be fat. Even fatter than me, […]

  59. I can feel your depression then. Anyway, you have pushed through, and you are great in your business. I’m long for your methods to push through. I’m not fat but I am suffering serious depression, so serious that it really hampers my work. Sometimes I guess I just need to work at home like you, but I don’t know how to start and get success. I’m really so depressed that I want suicide pretty much.

  60. Hey Shoemoney, Congrats on your weight loss. I know this is kind of an old post, but a friend pointed me to it and it touched me. I’ve recently lost nearly 150 pounds this past 15 months through diet and exercise, so I know how much of a struggle it is. I’m still working on the last few pounds here, but I’m determined to get it off. It’s no longer a diet, its a lifestyle change. However, unlike you I gotta have my fries! I only have a few, but they’re one of my only weaknesses left. I really think its the ketchup…

    Again congrats. You’re strong for sharing this with your whole audience like this.

  61. only reading through your recent blog posts and some photos of you… never know that you used to be so big. i am really impressed… because you have slim down further after the surgery. you are proud of it and you deserve it 🙂

  62. Wow, that’s an incredible transformation. Congrats.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    (I found your site last week and I’m just starting to get throught the older posts)

  63. […] – Jeremy Schoemaker. I’ve always admired Jeremy’s willingness to speak so openly about his past battles […]

  64. Times are changing and you have battled your obesity successfully. A very inspirational post that shows how radically we can transform our bodies within a short period of time.

  65. Jeremy-Been listening to your podcasts for a while. (1+years) Just found this post. I really admire the way you always put yourself out there’ for everyone. Thanks.

  66. great post shoemoney, i used to be an army pti,super fit, when i left i started smoking and put on weight like you wouldnt believe. It wasnt until i met my gorgeous girlfriend that i was inspired to regain that zest for life, behind every good man theres a good woman!

  67. I took my friend in for a Dr. appt last week (she’s having the roux en y thing done) and asked the nurse at the appointment “Could I just do the diet you prescribe with this plan and lose a bunch of weight or do you have to get the surgery for the diet to work?”

    Her response was, “If you could starve yourself, you wouldn’t be here.”

    So we’re going to have a competition. My friend will do surgery + diet and I’m going to do diet alone and see how much we can lose. Blog about it? Of course we will! LOL

  68. Have once lost 110 lbs through sheer force of will, then gaining back 50 and now being in the process of trying again to lose weight…I know it’s a struggle to stay at a reasonable weight. I’m glad the surgery worked out for you. I was always afraid of the risks, but in your case it’s paid off amazingly!

  69. congratulations!!! i lost about 60 lbs and has maintained my weight for 3 years now. talk about being picked last on teams, i was never picked! i did lose weight by diet and exercise.

  70. I used to be fat during my teens, but after some intensive exercise, I’ve not been overweight since then. Your post brought back some memories, LOL.

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  72. kudos for being so honest and frank shoe.
    I doubt many people would reveal an embarrassing fact about themselves.

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  74. Inspirational story. In regard to the loose skin, you may already know this, but if you ever decide to have it removed I believe you can have it donated so surgeons can use it for skin grafts on cancer patients, re-constructive surgeries, etc. That way, the skin would go to a good cause, and it wouldn’t be for totally cosmetic purposes.

  75. “What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger”

    Oh yeah? What if you lose a leg in the thing that doesn’t kill you?

  76. It is good to see that there is hope for people accomplish there personal physical goals and become as successful as you.

  77. I’m not sure how I found this exactly – I think digg was involved – but I just wanted to congratulate you and thank you for the post! 🙂

  78. Join us at Iowa Avenue – Weight Management Community. We would love to hear what you have to say about the surgery and everything you went through. Hope to see you there.

  79. I know were your coming from Shoe. I myself had WLS I had vertical gastrectomy. I was pushing 400 pounds and after surgery dropped down to a low of 165. I am holding pretty steady about 175 – 180. You can see my story at http://www.fam5.com/before-after-surgery/ . This all started with a heart problem and being worked up for a heart tranplant.

    Just another story that might help some of your readers that are thinking about it.


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  81. I’m still waiting for the program to make us skinny dudes put on some mass… It’s a blessing and a curse when you can eat whatever you want…

  82. […] Schoemaker. In fact I thought he’d be a good person to join in on the discussion because he lost 240 lbs. I asked if he did it because society made him feel bad about himself, or did he do it because he […]

  83. Interesting… Rags to Riches stories, Good over Evil stories and even winning-the-war-against-fat stories are all inspiring! When my site makes a lot of money, I will have the same procedure… Wish me luck!

  84. Because it isn’t always about “over eating” as most people think. when you are a few lbs overweight, 20/30/50 it’s still hard to be on a strict regiment but when you are 100/200/300lbs over weight, even the smallest things can be an effort. My son fell 20 feet from the top of a shopping mall to the bottom when he was 9 yrs old. It damaged his pituitary gland. We had the option of him being the same height as he was at 9 or “rolling the dice” and letting him get through puberty. We rolled the dice. As a result he is now 17, 6′ 9″ tall, wears a size 17 shoe and weighs 411 lbs. BUT he had scar tissue removed from his pituitary gland and his hormone levels have remained normal. Now he is prepping for the same surgery. Sure he could work for 2/3/4 years and get it off OR he can opt for this procedure and go into college a very tall but healthy man.

  85. why does it always take a condition?
    Some people just eat too much of the wrong thing.
    Its called being part of a nation fed sh-t and brought up to live off sh-t.

  86. Wow…Good for you. Not just having the surgery, but taking responsibility of keeping it off!

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  88. As a fellow big man I can totally related to your thoughts on being overweight for so long. I’ve just recently been able to drop some of my weight and am definitely feeling better. Congrats on keeping it off, too.

  89. But at the moment you are in good shape. So, I have only one thing to say. You fighted hard for it an you get it, RESPECT. People wants it, but they are not strong enough to fight for it.

  90. Yeah, definitely. I think I should forward this post to a few obese people for some inspiration 🙂 Actually telling them can be hard sometimes and might look cruel.

  91. Nice to hear about what you went through. Glad that you are doing so well now. The change is dramatic, especially looking at the photos.

  92. Brave post. The change is dramatic. Unbelievable really. It’s impressive what science can do these days!


  93. Either you have never been overweight or you are an idiot. Dieting has very low success rate. Probably less than 1% of the people that diet will keep it off.
    Anyone can lose weight, I’ve done it many times. It is like smoking. Easier said than done. I would love to get my weight down and I can do it but diabetes makes it even more difficult. Until you have been overweight and tried to lose weight you should not comment like, “do it the old way”. How stupid!

  94. so hard to believe that you were that big because you are so skinny right now. I would’ve never guessed that if i see you as you are right now and didn’t know anything about you.

  95. Wow!…Kudos to you Jeremy.
    You are more than you know. Also I would like to recommend a great book called The New Psycho-Cyerbernetics by Maxwell Maltz, M.D. It is a great book for you if you do not own it already. Also wanted to ask if you read any inspirational or motivational books?
    Rob West

  96. […] a child I was somewhat unhappy. I was very overweight and my future looked pretty […]

  97. This is a great story Shoemoney, I would have never have guessed. Congrats on your success and commitment to a maintaining healthier lifestyle!

  98. […] Adwords Arrow Trick To Incre..DefCon To SES – Some Security Issue..I used to be FAT until I had A Duod..John Reese Interviews ShoeMoneyYahoo Search Marketing – ‘We ..My Top 10 Worst Ideas To Make […]

  99. Interesting stuff.. I never read this post (only just saw the link because it was a popular thread).

    I’m sure it hasn’t been easy – even after the Duodendal bypass – so congratulations Sh’u

    (I guess that’s the hard work you talk about though)

  100. What a difference compared to today! But in general if you are overweight and want to loose weight, it’s just a matter if you really want or not. I lost since last year about 15 kg and want to loose a few more KGs and then start with sport again. Not that I was really fat but it was about time to stop gaining. If you want to loose weight, my suggestion stop eating fat, sweet stuff, less regular cola and about 3 liter per day. I will guarantee you that you will loose weight!

  101. This is a very inspirational story and even more so than your financial successes. I’m sure you’re proud of your financial success, but I’m sure you’re more happy with where you’ve come personally speaking. Not more so because of looks and what other people think, but because of how you now feel. How much more healthy you now feel. It’s something money can never buy.

    Congratulations on everything and I wish you continued success!

  102. […] and soul into building for years. I think I handle the personal attacks better then most people. Being VERY overweight for so many years and dealing with the insults, jokes, and personal attacks that come with that […]

  103. Even though the post didn’t have anything to do with money, it was inspiring man. That’s awesome how it ended up working out for you. Stay to your word!

  104. […] and overcome a lot of personal issues as they are determined to succeed. He’s been fired, he used to be fat and over time he’s built a business, gotten healthier, built a lot of respect, and he’s […]

  105. Wow, thanks for sharing your story! Been on and off diets myself since my late teens, and have gained and lost 100’s of pounds over the past 20 years. The battle of the bulge is a reality for me, and stories like yours serves to really inspire. Am glad that I’m not alone, thanks for reminding me of that! Good luck on your journey to health, keep it up!

  106. The Battle Against The Blobs » Khai | Khai’s Internet Marketing Journey | Khai The Copywriter & Product Creator says:

    […] blogger Shoemoney blogged about how he used to weight 420 pounds. Indeed, he was at least TWICE my weight to the point that the ONLY way for him to lose weight was […]

  107. […] doesn’t have to be your most popular post. Just the post which is your own favourite. “I used to be FAT until I had A Duodenal Switch – It took a lot of courage for me to write that post and share some of my darker times in […]

  108. wow, thanks for your openness.
    what was it like during those 7 months of 200 pounds? how did you feel and how was your sense of appetite. was it like feeling starving hungry?
    sounds really hard.

    this post reminds me i need to work out.
    thanks and take care

  109. I wonder what those people who made fun of you then are thinking now. I bet they are regretting every word.

  110. […] conference ever goes by without at least 5 people talking to me about how I used to be fat and how they have a very similar experience and thank me for sharing […]

  111. I’m only seeing this post now but it shows a lot about you that when you have a problem, you will go to extraordinary means to fix it. What deserves even more respect is that you don’t hide from it but actually post about it. Kudos.

  112. Very good post. Im glad you lost the weight for the sake of your health. Being obese is more difficult than it sounds. People will make fun but they dont know about how hard it is because they arent. Very inspiring post for those overweight.

  113. Very moving. Thanks for sharing with us. That’s one of the many reasons I visited your blog.

  114. my hero! you are more than an amazing human being. I sure hope you realize the impact you do have in peoples lives. Its more than your money making tips that make you so popular, its that beautiful person inside that reflects through your body and every key stroke!!! Yeah for You!!!! 🙂

  115. Hi, I’m 32 and I thought I was the heaviest person ever! Being at 370 lbs. I understood you completely. in fact I cried, thinking that I now knew another person besides myself that had been trough all these uncomfortable moments, and listening to all these ignorant people all the time, pointing and talking about me because of my weight. I’m on a waiting list to do this surgery, i’m not from the u.s.a, but luckily this procedure is covered by our general insurrance here. I was afraid of it and i started surfing the internet looking for info on this topic, and i bumped into you, YOU made a difference in my desicion. I have to do this. For myself, for my 4 yr old son and my family. I already have difficulty doing a lot of things and I sometimes feel like i’m in prison. I’m 5’9 but i can hardly walk, i already use a “high chair” for my toilet and i have a chair in the shower, because standing for 30 minutes in the shower is torture to my back. I just wanted to say that you have my respect, i congratulate you on loosing all that weight and i’ll inform you when i do mine and i’ll let you know how it went. Thank you and God Bless !!!!

  116. Thanks for sharing. After hearing you speak at Izeafest, I wanted to come seek you out again, because your “back story” touched me. I really appreciate you sharing this…it’s something I’ve been weighing.

  117. […] So there I was.. 25 years old, about 50k in debt with a lot of it being super high interest credit card debt spread among about 5 different cards, no job, no place to live and if that wasn’t bad enough I was also super fat. […]

  118. […] started reading his blog and saw this post, I thought he was “too real” to be real: I Used To Be Fat Until I Had A Duodenal Switch. And I was having a pretty shit day, when this brilliant post by Jeremy cheered me up. He explains […]

  119. One Killer Interview With 10 Killer Bloggers - Analysis & Free ebook - Jamie Harrop - Young Entrepreneur says:

    […] Homeless Guy – Jamie Harrop Killer Flagship Content – Free Ebook to Download – Chris Garrett “I used to be FAT until I had A Duodenal Switch – Shoemoney Change the World – One World Sized Idea – Liz Strauss How to Craft a Blog Post – 10 […]

  120. This was really awesome and heart-felt. Was your weight gain glandular or habitual?

    I have a friend named Kyle that is very large at 319, but he does Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with my class and beats almost everyone. He was a Greco-Roman wrestler in high school. Now, with his submissions, wrestling, and weight, he is one of our fastest-ranking guys.

    Great story. :^)

  121. I think your story is very inspirational. Wow, 200 pounds in 7 months! That is phenomenal. I wish you continued success, and I’m glad you didn’t suffer from any of the possible side effects.

    Weight loss surgery helps thousands, but sometimes the outcome is not what was expected. You were right for researching so much before making your final decision.

    Good luck in all your endeavors.

  122. I will be having the DS surgery in June. I’m really scared of the pai and the possibility of permanent loose stools and smelly gas….However, I’m suffering from sleep apnea and diabetes….6 needles daily for many many years…This is my only true chance for hope…I’m 45 yrs old and need a break! Is the weight loss permanent?

  123. Great post! That is very inspiring. Aside from the health implications, I think it is sad that people are so critical and rude when it comes to people’s weight.

  124. 🙂 Thank you, for inspiring me to cut down the 40KG (90pounds I guess) I am overweight !

    Great blog, first time commenter, random reader -)

  125. Nice and Inspirational. I know i had to do it the old fashioned way, but some of our metabolisms just don’t support it.

    Keep it off!

  126. […] che ha pubblicato una sua foto con un assegno si 132.000$ ricevuto da Google)? si intitola “Ero grasso finché non sono stato operato al duodeno” e non è un espediente per far leggere ai lettori l’articolo, è vero. Jeremy pesava […]

  127. Unbelievable change. Very inspirational. I agree with your thoughts on envy, cruelty, and working hard. I bet almost all of those people who made fun of you in the past are now losers wishing they kissed your butt. I know this is an old post, but congrats on you recovery.

  128. […] Being so fat when I was a kid really makes me invulnerable to this stuff.  Its like I had training being made fun of most of my early life. […]

  129. […] Being so fat when I was a kid really makes me invulnerable to this stuff.  Its like I had training being made fun of most of my early life. […]

  130. I know, i’m super late at this but i just noticed the post. If you even remember me that’d be a miracle. Considering it’s been nearly 10 years since I saw you last. But I have to let you know that i am soo super proud of you, you have no idea. I remember what you used to be like and the stuff you went through even in the short time we were around each other. And I agree with a previous poster… it was all just building you up to be the incredibly successful person you are today. You were always the sweetest person I knew… just needed this little boost to make you that much better. Congrats on all your success and everything going your way… you deserve it! 🙂

  131. Shoe I just want to say you are doing so good man. I never saw this post before. And now that I have, you’re doing …great! Really. Keep it up.

  132. man you were so fat. Its great to see your current looks. Its a great decision

  133. Thanks Shoe for sharing this very inspirational post. Although I’m an athletic type, I have many overweight/obese family members. It’s so very cruel to see the things they do go through – and I can only comfort them in their pain.

    It’s excellent to see you’ve made such a large change – and that you’re healthier, and whooping the web.


  134. […] Switch here. Now it’s time to get inspired, to reclaim your life. Read the post from his blog – “I used to be fat”. Thanks for reading. If you have found this post useful, you can spread the world to help others by […]

  135. Indeed very inspiring. Fat loss is always a topic of inspiration. And fat loss requires such stories of inspiration. I know a friend of mine who lost 48 Kgs to come to 62 Kgs from a wopping 110kgs. But the unfortunate part is that I have been trying to reduce my waist to 32inches from 36inches, but have not been successful doing it.
    I have a resolution that I will do it this year and I am sure I will.

  136. WOW! You are a shadow of what you once were! People who call you fat actually haven’t got a clue! Good for you on your battle with the bilge. I know it all too well myuself.

  137. […] 1. Shoemoney is someone that inspires me for various reasons. Sure, he makes mad money online. He also, however, has struggled and defeated his weight problem. Look here for his story. […]

  138. Wow! You truly are an inspiration and thanks for sharing the lessons you learned from your experience. It’s true people can be so cruel at times. Good on you for standing strong!

  139. Wow, Never knew that. It is sad to know how many people out there are just plain ignorant when it comes to others and their feelings. My mother always said to me if you can not say anything nice then don’t say anything at all.

  140. I had the same surgery 3 months ago I’ve lost about 80 lbs. since then. But its really hard for me i cant hold any food down. Will i ever be able to eat some of the things i like with out throwing up.

  141. Is tatami procedure also count as save weight lose method?
    I heard that was one of the fastest slim technic

  142. I think its great what you did for yourself. I think you’ve alos done a great job keeping it off. You look really great.

  143. Wow is that really you in that picture ? i really cannot believe it, congratulations mate, Ive been trying to lose my weight for the past year and its really hard, i play soccer indoor soccer and many more, but still my weight doesn’t improve at all. This is really inspiring man. Thanks

  144. […] at me… I didn’t start off as some special celebrity or expert. Not too long ago, I was fat and broke, so don’t give me any […]

  145. […] at me… I didn’t start off as some special celebrity or expert. Not too long ago, I was fat and broke, so don’t give me any […]

  146. Authority Rules: The 10 Rock Solid Elements of Effective Online Marketing | The Best Seo Blogs says:

    […] at me… I didn’t start off as some special celebrity or expert. Not too long ago, I was fat and broke, so don’t give me any […]

  147. […] at me… I didn’t start off as some special celebrity or expert. Not too long ago, I was fat and broke, so don’t give me any […]

  148. I can’t believe you lost that much weight man. I remember coming here a few days ago and I was looking through some pictures and was amazed how big you used to be compared to how you look on the left hand side of your website.

  149. I think your story is very valuable information for many people who can put a lot of strenght out of your story. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Jasper

  150. Wow… what an inspirational post. I’m a big guy myself so if you can do, so can I. Thanks for the motivation! 🙂

  151. You my friend are an inspiration. I never would of known this about you if it were not for the most popular post link on the top page.

  152. I admire the way you look at things! People are cruel that’s true but you don’t seem to hate them and that’s really cool.
    I wish you well!!!

  153. Awesome! I never understood why people are so vicious against fat. I have heard toddlers being nasty to their mothers or fathers about being fat. Why? Skinny people are as undisciplined, lazy, overeating, ugly or whatever other traits as they think fat people have. I just don’t get the hate.

    Good for you man, for your health, as it is really the only good reason.

  154. You’re right, people tend to laugh when they see someone with extra weight, but it would be stupid to take that into consideration, to let it bother you so… your attitude is a very good one and so is your actual phisical shape…:d

  155. […] decisions, and that anyone, and I mean anyone, can change their life for the better. Just ask Jeremy Schoemaker. There is no reason why you can’t have what your truly desire most. It just takes WORK. So […]

  156. I have known about you for a few years (the check of course) but just really started poking around your site after reading some stuff on John Chow’s site about you. I gotta tell you man, I had no idea! Being over-weight is tough and has many challenges but the one and only deciding factor to address it is when your health starts to falter and good for you for taking action! I hope you keep it up, and i myself am in the middle of my own process to drop the dreaded poundage.

    Good luck man, you are an inspiration!

    -Robert Barr

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  158. […] 2nd most linked page on my site is about how I used to be 400lbs and all the strugles that came with that. Is that link […]

  159. […] 2nd most linked page on my site is about how I used to be 400lbs and all the strugles that came with that. Is that link […]

  160. […] 2nd most linked page on my site is about how I used to be 400lbs and all the strugles that came with that. Is that link […]

  161. […] 2nd most linked page on my site is about how I used to be 400lbs and all the strugles that came with that. Is that link […]

  162. […] 2nd most linked page on my site is about how I used to be 400lbs and all the strugles that came with that. Is that link […]

  163. wow…good for you for telling us this, J! I was 404 only 3 years ago, and after my own RNY in Oct of 2006, I now weigh a comfortable 213 and have ‘re-joined’ the human race – iie I’m off the couch and into the game and like you am so so so happy that I did this too! Congrats J…!

  164. […] page o­n m­y si­t­e i­s ab­o­ut­ ho­w I u­se­d to b­e­ 400lb­s and all th­e­ stru­gle­s th&#1…. Is th­at link […]

  165. […] 2nd most linked page on my site is about how I used to be 400lbs and all the strugles that came with that. Is that link […]

  166. […] 2nd most linked page on my site is about how I used to be 400lbs and all the strugles that came with that. Is that link […]

  167. […] 2nd most linked page on my site is about how I used to be 400lbs and all the strugles that came with that. Is that link […]

  168. […] 2nd most linked page on my site is about how I used to be 400lbs and all the strugles that came with that. Is that link […]

  169. […] 2nd most linked page on my site is about how I used to be 400lbs and all the strugles that came with that. Is that link […]

  170. I recently read about you on SEOBook and followed that article here and am frankly amazed by your cunning and know how. I am a new entrant to the world of SEO and could care less about your weight, but like you I am a good writer and have enough tech. know how to do good on google organically. But I readily admit I couldn’t lift your ex 400lb carcass off the ground in terms of google and would love to meet with you on the phone or in person to have you consult with our health insurance site. We plan on taking over the world and could use your insights if you so desired. Give me a number and I will pay it!

  171. […] 2nd most linked page on my site is about how I used to be 400lbs and all the strugles that came with that. Is that link […]

  172. […] 2nd most linked page on my site is about how I used to be 400lbs and all the strugles that came with that. Is that link […]

  173. […] 2nd most linked page on my site is about how I used to be 400lbs and all the strugles that came with that. Is that link […]

  174. […] 2nd most linked page on my site is about how I used to be 400lbs and all the strugles that came with that. Is that link […]

  175. This is very inspirational! Reminds me I have to get my ass back to the gym this weekend! Though I am not that overweight, I have other problems.
    This makes me think of the decisions one has to make to change the way things are going. One has to be very brave to make a decision that changes the way of life.

  176. […] conference ever goes by without at least 5 people talking to me about how I used to be fat and how they have a very similar experience and thank me for sharing […]

  177. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful & personal prospective. That’s hard to do when it’s a subject surrounded by so many emotions an memories to sway opinions. Being overweight is difficult but more importantly, you’ve overcome that. The comments like the one by the women on the plane are sad – completely devoid of compassion. God knows it’s been a tough… but it’s been a victorious road for you. Way to go Jeremy! Wishing you a Happy & Healthy New Year.

  178. Great story as i understand what your going through. My brother has fought this same battle.

  179. I’ve never had a weight problem but of course I know a few people who do and I think everyone should who does have a problem with weight should read this article.

  180. […] 2nd most linked page on my site is about how I used to be 400lbs and all the strugles that came with that. Is that link […]

  181. Thanks for the revelation Jeremy.

    Being a fat kid growing up I can empathize with this story.

    These days I am trim taught and terrific as my husband says and loving every minute of the new world.

    thanks for your thoughts.

  182. Jeremy

    I would guess you are now on a completely different lifestyle path now that you lost the weight.

    I write a blog that you might be interested in. I offer health and fitness tips to people over 50. I am 53.

    However the advice is great for all ages.


  183. Any kind of adversity that makes you stronger is good. It’s interesting to note that you made a deal with yourself about cosmetic surgery. I think too many people try and overcome adversity for someone else. I think the only way you can truly succeed at anything is when you do something very, very hard, for yourself. The outcome of this is that it usually benefits those close to you.

  184. […] Patrick has a weight problem.  I know sometimes my commentators can be quite vicious,  so from someone who used to be very overweight myself,  I am asking you nicely to please refrain from making fun of Patrick’s […]

  185. Patrick Curl – The Social Media Idiot | Simple, effective and affordable small business marketing says:

    […] Patrick has a weight problem.  I know sometimes my commentators can be quite vicious,  so from someone who used to be very overweight myself,  I am asking you nicely to please refrain from making fun of Patrick’s […]

  186. […] Patrick has a weight problem.  I know sometimes my commentators can be quite vicious,  so from someone who used to be very overweight myself,  I am asking you nicely to please refrain from making fun of Patrick’s […]

  187. I didn’t know that you went for a surgery for loosing weight, thanks for sharing your true story.

  188. Thanks Jeremy for sharing your story, and being this open to readers of your blog. The part about the plastic surgery was interesting. Vanity is not always a bad thing ya know. But as you said, you lost weigh for health reasons. That trumps any vanity card.

  189. Great marketing job – Found your site on Bing. Ends up your exactly what I use looking for.

  190. Regardless if it’s political or religious views, race, size, or orientation- everyone deserves to be and become who they are. Let’s not make anyone feel bad they’re something else.

  191. I came to this site looking for tips re marketing and found this page.

    Man, was that inspiring! Thanks Shoemoney!!!! Hope you’re doing good in this current year…

  192. Generally, those who poke fun at others are only trying to feel good about themselves. They want to feel better than the other guy by bringing them down.

    The same energy should be used to make improvements on their own weaknesses.


  193. I don’t think you need to lose your weight. You looks so cute. So does your family. Anyway, health is important to all of us. Wish you and your family members have a happy day.

  194. I had no idea.
    That said, I admire anyone who does what they can to change their life and whether for cosmetic or health reasons or both, it is admirable that someone can say, “I need to change” and actually does something about it because human beings on the whole seem to proscratinate whenever possible.

  195. […] decisions, and that anyone, and I mean anyone, can change their life for the better. Just ask Jeremy Schoemaker. There is no reason why you can’t have what your truly desire most. It just takes WORK. So […]

  196. There’s a lot of wisdom in your posts, you seem like someone who has lived life and seen the ups and downs.

  197. Hi Jeremy,
    You have experienced something most people do not have the conviction to go through with. I know that was not an easy task, But you did it,and your successful too. I am working my way but far from what you have accomplished. Thank you for showing us, minset means alot to success.
    I am Rose Kline from Pa. I joined Mark Terrell”s coaching and doing everything he says.That way I know I will make it to the top percentage of people who make it,,I just started a blog and would value your comment or feed back. To your success, Best Wishes ,


  198. Congratulations on your success! I loved that you found advantages in being overweight for so many years…I’ve read so many weight loss articles, but no one has spoken about how being overweight has caused some positive personality traits.

  199. I’ve had issues with weight for as long as I knew what a scale was. I think for now I’ve found the types of food that compliment my metabolism and I’m sticking to that. People DO treat you differently when you’re overweight and I’m glad for that. I’ve learned to value what really matters in people and never to rely on anything but what I can do, not what I look like doing it. They did me a favor in a way and I know you look at it in the same light.

  200. Yes i too think so that i haven’t done any thing as such but need to read such a good information where we can work on

  201. Hi I loved your post. I feel that it is important when talking about diabetes to at least mention natural therapies that have been shown to be efficient in controlling high blood glucose. Many natural herbs can be including in a diabetics regimen that will help preserve a healthy sugar level.

  202. Wow bro, you overcame a lot. Thats adversity. Kept moving forward. You are an inspiration, and look good at 190lbs

  203. Congrats on your weight loss! The DS is a life saver for sure! I also had a Duodenal Switch on April 9th 2008 It was the best thing I have ever done for myself I went from 370 the day of surgery to 159 as of this morning I have lost most of my Co-Morbs as well. I thought I was done losing weight after 1 1/2 yrs as my weight held steady but in the last 3 months I have lost an additional 20 lbs ! The DS just keeps on going … I love it…

  204. Really interesting stuff. A friend of mine was suffering with similar weight related illnesses and had a similar operation. Its amazing to see how different people are once no longer obese.

    Well done.

  205. Duodenal switch? now that sounds intense lol. Why not stick to cardio and a reduced caloric intake? :p

  206. I think this is among the most important information for me. And i’m glad reading your article. But wanna remark on few general things, The web site style is ideal, the articles is really excellent : D. Good job, cheers

  207. Jeremy, I am where you started (only not quite as heavy). I have a malfunctioning thyroid that makes my body systems go haywire. I don’t eat more than a normal person – in fact I eat significantly less than my 120 lb 20-something daughter – and my diet is well balanced and for the most part free of everything you’re supposed to give up. I said goodbye to fast foods, sugar, carbonated drinks and empty carbs 10 years ago. I work online, so I don’t get as much exercise as I should, but I’ll wager I get more than your average fat person. In the 10 years since I was diagnosed with diabetes and completely changed my lifestyle, I have lost no weight. none. My blood sugar is always high. Meds don’t seem to work well for me. Most diabetes medications don’t have any effect, or so little that it’s not worth the side effects and risks. So I am considering surgery. I’d like to hear about your life after the surgery. How it changed your life, and what inconveniences are involved.

  208. I’ve always been curious if the effects from this type of procedure are permanent or how long they last. A relative has been looking into this.

  209. First time I’ve been to your site. Really enjoying it. And this post…wow! What a journey you’ve had. I appreciate your honesty. BTW – I noticed you’re in Lincoln. I’m from Nebraska, and went to UNL. Small world!

  210. A friend of mine was suffering with similar weight related illnesses and had a similar operation.

  211. Seems like you have big experience about this and to hear something about you is much interesting for me

  212. I’ve always been curious if the effects from this type of procedure are permanent or how long they last. A relative has been looking into this.

  213. Just wanted to thank you for your honesty about the pain of being overweight. I am 54 years old, and until 5 years ago was never overweight. When I was growing up, I was actually considered UNDERweight. While I never made fun of people for being overweight, I secretly always thought “they just need more discipline.” Well, God taught me a lesson! When I hit menopause, I was also in a job working for others (first time in about 10 years) – a CALL CENTER,(YUK!) so you can’t move around much. At the same time, things happened in my personal life that weren’t real whippy, so I was also taking anti-depressants (which one of the side effects was weight loss). These three things combined to help me get where I today – 60 lbs overweight; technically obese. The difference in how I am treated is amazing – and not in a good way! There is an enormous amount of discrimination, and harsh treatment. I now realize it is not about being disciplined. Good for you, Jeremy, for your weight loss AND your financial success! Pray for all of us floundering trying to figure it out!

  214. You always inspire others, either it’s about making money or it’s losing weight!

  215. Hi Shoe,
    I met you at Affiliate Summit West 2011. You told the most inspiring story about your weight and how you met your wife. You told about her encouragement and how this motivated you to get on track. I have some obese friends and family (most of us do) and I will tell them about this method. I agree that it sounds much safer and the results are more long term than with Gastric Bypass.
    Keep it up!

  216. Damn man, Thats scary. How did you know how long you would stop breathing.. Im glad you made a change tho, and that your still with us.. Most people feel helpless and just quit on themselves..

  217. Ur story totally touched me. I am 29 and weigh 386 pounds and I’m having the same surgery done 9/27/2011. I have a almost 9 year old and I need this surgery. I want to be around when she goes off to college n hopefully one day see my grandkids. I have been over weight since my teen years. But in the 300 plus pounds for about 6 years . I got hurt on the job 2006 n went through depression n gained a lot of weight prior to my injury I had been dieting with friends n had lost 60 pounds but after my injury I gained all that plus more back. Thank God he helped me out of that depression. N I am now back to my happy self but too heavy. I love life and my family n I need this surgery to be here for my family. I don’t want to stay as skinny as a stick I’m happy if I stay at 200 pounds. N I too do not want any cosmetic surgery. I am no back to work after 4 years and I’m the office manager of the company and I do all the accounting for the place. So all I do all day is sit down at my desk. So It’s hard!! Did u have Ur surgery done laproscopicly or open? Did the medicine the doctor gave u to take home take Ur pain away? How long after surgery did the pain stop?

  218. Thanks for this post about your personal life Jeremy. My BF is over weight too and I am looking for ways to make him not to eat junk foods but he just wont listen 🙁

  219. […] also used to have childhood obesity, which he describes in his duodenal switch post.  The act of being shunned as a child made it easier to ignore the haters that come along as part […]

  220. That is a very good story to hear today. People like you make my day. I am so glad that you are now doing good and are enjoying your life more. The thing that I think is great is that you would get made fun of, but not get mad at them. This is hard for anyone to do and I am very proud of you for taking the higher road.

  221. Hey Shoe: Thanks for being honest. I have always been big, (overweight) About 13 years ago I quit smoking. I did not do it for my health. I have this big denial thing going on and all the other people are going to have bad health, but not me. In the last 13 years I really turned into a balloon. I have tried a lot of diets and programs. Non worked, but I cannot afford surgery. A week ago I joined a group in learning how to eat healthy, no diets. Last week I dropped 12 lbs. Will keep you posted on how it is going. Thanks for being honest and allowing me to open up online. By the way last week I weighed more than you when you started, but not now. Thanks again Dave

  222. Hey, I found u via a quick Google search on Duodenal Switch. I had the surgery too, right here in NYC, and went from size 24 and have been resting at size 2 for a while now. =) PLUS, ur tips are pretty cool. I’m trying to make money online. So, for right now, ur perfect for me.

  223. I had the gastric bypass back in 2001. Went from 390 down to about 240. 11 years later, I’m up to about 275 (I’m 6’4″) and wish I could get back down to 240 – but am tons happier than before the surgery. I’m glad you shared your story Shoe. I truly felt your pain.

  224. So what are you saying Shoe? We should all consider getting obese so that we maybe have a glimmer of hope in having a successful blog in the long run.

    In all seriousness though, well done on losing the weight.

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    Did you hire out a developer to create your theme?
    Outstanding work!

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    morning, as i love to gain knowledge of more and more.

  227. […] I used to be FAT until I had A Duodenal Switch […]

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  229. Hi shoe, Wow you look great well done for your weight loss. i can relate to your story all my life i had weight issues tried every thing under the sun. l feel very uncomfortable and self esteem is low your story inspired me hopefully one day i will be able to achieve success in health and wealth. by the way i’m complete new to internet marketing looking forward to learning from you. thank you

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