The following is my opinion-

Well… I can not believe so many people have bought into this whole plentyoffish scam. Actually I can. Social engineering totally amazes me.

Check out the list of people that have bought into this guys bullsh*t

Andrew Johnson

Robert Scoble

I remember when this guy was posting he was making 30$ a day from AdSense on webmasterworld. Then he solicited some people to scrape dating profiles of females from random sites so he could fill his dating website with female profiles.

Then he puts out some fake press releases with bullsh*t statistics like 5th largest dating site.

Now he makes up some crap that he is making 10k/day from AdSense

He hires people to blog about his bull crap and sends email to every blogger (including me) offering a “exclusive interview”. I called him out when he emailed me and told him I was not buying into his bullocks.

I have to give it up to him. He now has a successful site that people go to. Its possible he makes 1k/ a day NOW from AdSense.

Its kind of funny he makes 10k a day yet is not a premium publisher ?! give me a break dudes…. you look so stupid when you buy into his crap.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. I always thought there was something fishy about Markus’s claims. One half of my believes him but I also have serious doubts. I can’t see how his site earns that much.

    The last time I visited it he had like one AdSense block on the index page and I really had to start looking to find other pages with AdSense ads. The profiles for instance don’t have ads. The AdSense block is also in a terrible position. I imagine the CTR must be horrible.

    If the EPC is about 10 cents he needs about 100,000 clicks a day to reach $10k. That sounds nearly impossible to me for a site like Plenty of Fish.

    1. plentyoffish are anti male, money grabbing liars who propagate an anti shy prejudice, time they were given the heave ho.

  2. I totally agree dude!

    I find that almost all the people who make false adsense claims are launching the hype before the dollar. In other words, they are not earning sh*t and use the hype to create the buzz which can infact make the money follow me? 🙂


    1. This is the thesis to Seth Godin’s book, “All Marketer’s are Liars.” Well, he is attempting to create buzz so that he will be making lots o’ money. Well, it was enough to get people to notice and shoe to make a point of calling him out

  3. Not that I completely disagree with the sentiment of your post, I don’t know how fake the release is — POF has been in the top 5 dating sites for a while, depending on what analysis firm you side with.

    As for not having a premium account… if I remember correctly you’re well aware that it’s something you can be stripped of or denied, even if you have the numbers.

    Besides, “fake it ’till you make it,” right?

  4. Wow… am totally speechless, everyone did buy into his claim including me. I don’t know the whole story behind this, I respect you alot shoe and know that you know what you’re talking about. I guess am just in shock if this is true.

  5. No Offense Shoe, but i know markus from the boards and actually if you combine his other sites and his PPC efforts he makes much more than 10k a day.

  6. […] Am still in shock at what I read at Shoemoney blog, he say and I qoute “Well… I can not believe so many people have bought into this whole plentyoffish scam. Actually I can. Social engineering totally amazes me.” […]

  7. Hi Gopi =)

    The quotes from the articles say the 1 site make 10k/day. That is what I do not believe is true. I have no doubt the guy could make 10k/day from combined websites and strategies.

  8. Well.. did it work? Is he making money? It’s the the rap music industry.. gotta fake it till you make it type mentallity

  9. 1. I’ve never heard of you until recently, nor have i ever emailed you. I am amazed that
    A. You would think I even know who you are.
    B. wtf would an interview here accomplish?

    2. I suppose image just imaging the fact that 2% of online singles in canada use my site.
    3. I suppose this is fake to? I pasted the header on top so you can see what the column names mean.

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people become self apointed experts in areas they aren’t even in.

    I see you have a picture of revenuegateway up, their offices are less then 100 meters from my apartment, i’m sure they could vouch for my traffic. Same with or etc Of course any kind of big affiliate or expert would already have access to these traffic stats and more.

    The only thing I don’t understand is why you are making sh*t up and trying to get attention?

  10. He did not contact me, I tracked down his contact info and requested an interview with him myself through WMW. Mark Brook’s Online Personals Watch lists PlentyofFish as the 5th largest internet dating site according to Hitwise. Mark or Hitwise might just making this up, but as far as I can tell he is completely legitimate.

    I think you are right in questioning if this is bogus, but all of the information I saw pointed that this was not a hoax. I will take a second look at this.

  11. Shoe, I do think that the single site Plentyoffsh rakes that much.

    It has huge traffic, ranks well in the dating area…so considering other big paid dating sites bringing 100’s of millions ,i dont see why plentyoffish cannot make 10k a day?.

  12. I think this only aplifies shoemoney’s point!

    You post a screenshot where you are only making 1k/day AFTER you got all the press.

  13. Markus:

    Many of us know you scraped and put together all those fake female profiles to bait in guys.

  14. Its about time someone said what many others think. I bet he even answers emails for the girls profiles he scraped.

  15. Forgot to even comment on this quote..

    “Then he solicited some people to scrape dating profiles of females from random sites so he could fill his dating website with female profiles. ”

    That is another complete and outright LIE. I never asked anyone to scrape anything nor have i ever scrapped anything. Why are you trying to get yourself sued for libel/slander ? You do realize I will sue you, and you don’t have a chance in hell of winning, as everything you said is a outright LIE.

  16. Hey jackass this is my personal blog and those are my opinions.

    Do you promise to sue me or is this more of your bs ? Atleast in court we would find out if you were full of crap on your figures.

  17. Can’t verify the figures but I can say that Markus has always been a great guy to talk with (if only in brief PM’s on boards) and he is definitely a highly intelligent person/marketer. That said, as far as I can remember it looks like after the publicity and probably thousands of links generated by all the press, interviews, etc, he’s gone from about #5 for “online dating” to #2 and I’m sure he’s jumped up quite a bit on other terms as well. So, regardless of the “truthiness” that’s some damn good LinkROI for time and effort spent.

  18. No doubt I TOTALLY AGREE the ends justify the means. I think he is a marketing genius. Right up there with the “rich jerk”.

  19. I thought the figures seemed inflated too, and the site definitely
    doesn’t look like one I would give my credit card to, let alone just
    my email.

    Plus, who clicks on the 486 * 60 adsense banners?

    Way to call him on it, Shoe.

  20. shoe you are not the first person I have heard say this site was built on bullcrap. I also very much doubt the ligitimacy of his 10k/day from adsense

  21. LOL…funny post! 🙂

    What these phonies do is make people with dollar signs in their eyes think they can do the same, the fact is it is very difficult for average folks to market an idea high enough to make even a couple bucks a day via adsense.

    AND if you ask Shoe he will tell you spammin’ and jammin’ is also not glamorous and is serious work, I am sure shoe would admit this if he hasn’t already right dude? 🙂

    Here is someone who mirrors the sad reality: (read it people)

  22. hmmm spammin and jammin while educational is not very profitable. I am working on a interesting future blogpost about that.

  23. I like his stat “600,000 visitors/day. 4,000,000 messages/day”. That means that EVERY has to send 6.66 messages to someone else every time they visit. Assuming a large portion of traffic is just browsing pics, then that number increases exponentially depending upon number of non-members hitting the site. Also considering that usually men send out the most messages while women respond to just a few, the numbers of messages each male member must send each day is in the hundreds. Maybe his members don’t do anything but surf his site and click his ads all day? 🙂

    Some more numbers (clearly MY estimates):
    Assumptions: CTR 2.5%, CPC $.30
    Let’s work backwards from $10,000/day
    Required Clicks= 33,333
    Required Number Page Views=1,333,333
    Can he generate that many PVs? If he is getting 600,000 visitors/day he can easily serve up 2+ ads per user and make $10,000/day.

    Can someone jump in and do point-counterpoint on my numbers?

  24. […] Shoemoney calls out Markus Frind, the owner of that free dating site called who claims he has been pulling in $10,000 a day from Adsense. […]

  25. Silly Shoe… It’s just a different set of skills that also happens to pay the bills.

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    […] Posted on May 8, 2006 at 10:40 pm Some heated discussion about Markus Frind’s claims have popped up at ShoeMoney’s blog. will not be taking sides on this but would like to invite ShoeMoney to clear up his story about the 10,000 domains claim, since he is all for honesty! […]

  27. A CTR of 2.5% is highly unlikely, I think at least ten times lower. Visit his site and see where he put the ads.. On few page and they aren’t really optimized too.

  28. Look ladies. Why does it even matter? It’s not like any of you are actually going to exchange bank account info to find out for sure. I make $80k a month PROFIT. Sitting here watching TV. If I didn’t see it in my bank, and I heard someone else say they made that much, I wouldn’t believe it. But, like I said, you’ll never see my account, so you can choose to believe, or not. It’s amazing that now Shoe’s site will got LOADS of publicity because of this calling.

    But, like I said… again. You’ll never know for sure. So why argue it? Bored?

  29. “Required Clicks= 33,333
    Required Number Page Views=1,333,333”

    With 600,000 visits on a site of this nature you’re looking at easily 6,000,000 page views per day. Either way though… that’s still only 600,000 visitors. When you’re talking about forums, rating sites, etc., it’s usually easier to determine what the likelihood of a certain CTR is on the first page view then throw in a small amount of clicks for people who will actually click an ad sometime after that. I don’t have time to go inspect his ad placement but I’m *hoping* he could get 5% or higher CTR on first pageviews. That would be $9,000 on your CPC estimate + another $1000-1500 on whatever aff programs he does (assuming friendfinder type stuff). There ya go, 10k/day.

  30. Reminds me of the time I became *nearly* number one in my niche .. just because I kept saying I was .. and the media repeated what I told them. When someone called me on the carpet for it, I’d make the very true claim that I was only one person, while my nearest competitor had over 100 employees and 10 million in VC funding .. then the underdog story got circulated .. and kept fueling the *myth* of my dominance .. oh those were the days 🙂

  31. Is there really any need to behave like kids and fight over stuff another person has or has not achieved. If he makes 10k/day he well deserves it, if he doesn’t he’s a marketing genius and well deserves the press.

    I kinda feel lost in this industry lately. Outing SPAM was a no-go about a year ago, though some people did via email, now they even blog it and only for the link love. Now we go even further and say that people from our industry lie and are full of sh*t. Back in the days we all were friendly to each other and enjoyed learning from each others ideas and approaches. Now everybody gets jealous. Sad world. 🙁

  32. […] Here is another forumer, Shoemoney, also from WebmasterWorld wrote that, it is a scam. Markus Frind created the story to get attention to his site, as a marketing strategy. He did it. And now every adsense communities are talking about him. […]

  33. Scrape Scrape Scrape All Day Long….Scrape Scrape Scrape While I Sing This Song.

    I’m with you Shoe. I don’t see how he could possible earn 10k a day from that site unless it involves an army of clickers in Bangalore 🙂

  34. Up to you old tricks again ShoeMoney – to get a little controversy going 🙂

    If a site with an Alexa ranking in the 600’s (today 678) can’t make that kind of money I don’t know who can.

    I’ve no problem with a bit of healthy skepticism about a site but to make claims that the guy has approached you for an interview etc seems like that the lying might not be isolated to Marcus?

    From what I can see of what he’s said and what the evidence says Markus seems to be on the up and up.

    Richard B – your figures are good but remember that these days AdSense has impression based ads as well. From what I’ve seen popular sites often get targetted for these so it doesn’t require a click to earn the money always.

    Ultimately there’s not ‘proof’ in these matters – but I’d be careful about the claims you make about people. While this might be a personal blog, that doesn’t mean you can say anything you like about them. The fact is that this is a public forum and as a result you’re responsible for the things you say about people.

  35. interesting that you’ve edited this post to take out the claim that he emailed you etc….

  36. I saw you put a href tag in but it was broke were you linking to where i critized you with the chitika thing? if so I will fix it (your comment link)

  37. Are you serious that dating/personals Adwords ads would go for 30 cents a click? Or even 50 cents before Google’s cut? I would think more, and therefore more revenue potential/easier reach of claimed earnings.

  38. “Richard B – your figures are good but remember that these days AdSense has impression based ads as well. ”

    I’m not sure if this was aimed at me, but I didn’t see any other Richards in the list but me. Could be wrong or overlooked a name. I realize that this is about Adsense, and I make the bare minimum in Adsense these days, I’ve been through the $1k per day phase. My figures are not from Adsense, and my traffic is no where near what Markus’s is. I’d have to say in any given day, I have a total of about 10k page views a day. That’s a rough estimate. And probably generous at that.

    Anyway, my point is that it’s not necessary to call someone out on their stats. Shoe’s project of $40k in the PPC market for whatever it was he did could also be bullsh*t too. The only one who knows, is us. The people who make it. And our accoutants. 😉

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  40. I think you guys are underestimating the CPC of dating ads, especially on a geo level. He should be pulling in atleast $1/click unless his quality score is crap. Dating is ridiculously competitive in PPC and their CTR is typically higher than other industries I’ve run.

    Not saying he is pulling in 10k/day, just pointing out that I think many of you are undervaluing the CPC of those adsense clicks.

  41. […] But Markus responded saying that he does not understand why Shoemoney need to get the attention in this way. See what’s happening here.. […]

  42. […] However, another popular blogger – ShoeMoney tried to spoil his icon status by linking to some of the press releases written by Markus and raises a doubt -”Its kind of funny he makes 10k a day yet is not a premium publisher”” […]

  43. Well, I don´t mind at all. If the statistics Markus states to have are true, he could earn as much as 10k daily without any problems. First, the click price is much higher than 10 cents. Maximum bids are at some USD 2 and there is enough advertisers exceeding 50 cents. No one knows what is the portion Google pays to publishers but let´s say it´s 40%, then the average click can bring some 30 cents to Markus. To reach 10k daily he would need 33.333 clicks. He states to have 600.000 unique visits daily, let´s say he has 1.5 million adsense impressions a day (2.5 page view per visitor). That makes (33.3k/1.5m) 2.22% CTR, quit reasonable for that kind of website.
    The good point stressed by Shoemoney was the premium publisher status. Markus seems either not to have it or not to use it (can be!).
    What sounds strange to me is the fact that Markus did medialize his earnings and also he publicly stated he was the best Canada´s AdSense publisher and Google is quiet about it. I suppose they would protest if the info from Scobleizer or Andrews were BS!

  44. […] Recently ShoeMoney called out Markus Frind of PlentyofFish. […]

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  46. I work daily on a site that has an Alexa of about 1,000. It is not a tech site and the users have never been asked to install the toolbar. It moves a *staggering* amount of traffic and is #1 on a term that gets 10’s of thousands of searches per day on Google. It still drops in and out of the top 1,000 Alexa. Rankings like that are impossible to fake without user bribery and since it is backed up by other traffic stats, I think the page views Marcus has are undeniable.

  47. Give me a break! Shoemoney has basically used theories and hunches to come to the conclusion that Markus is lying.

    Please show a screen shot of his adsense account stats.

    Please show communication from a Google employee that states the guy is lying.

    How on earth did you come op with his daily earnings actually being $1,000??

    IMO, he’s getting the word out to cash out = sell (but this is just a guess)

    Maybe the guy is embellishing, maybe not. Point is he and others are making some good money and those who aren’t achieving at that level will never believe that anyone else can either………this is very sad.

  48. Way to go Shoe! A dozen days later and Yahoo is showing 487 backlinks to this post, MSN is showing 1357, Google as we all know… is busted.

    So way to stir it up! Controversy sells.

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  50. Old tactics. Everybody can see right away ShoeMoney is not that clever and is the loser here (I think he knows that). Markus, if he is lying then it’ll come back to him.

  51. I was so impressed with Markus that I have set myself a target of making $10000 a day myself.
    I have relaunched with a of the shelf script and am going to promote it strongly. I will prove that if the site is totally free, $10000 a day is possible.
    Watch out!

  52. He may very well be making 10,000 a day. I just don’t like the mans attitude.

  53. Man, you just DID what he asked you to do…
    and your playing the EXACT same game that he does!!!

    Man, I don’t blame you…but your fanboys are really dim.

    ; P

  54. Man, if ever i earn as much as 10k /day……. i’d treat you—–shoe out for Boraccay beach here in the Philippines. Its my native hometown province. Wouldn’t it be a nice offer??????????????/?
    Besides i got connections in there coz my cousin is a mayor in one of the surrounding towns near Boraccay Beach.

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  57. Ummmm….you all realize that Shoe and Markus worked out this “fight” beforehand to generate controversy and bring further attention to both of their sites… guys get that……don’t you?

    Remember, there is NO such thing as bad PR….ask Ann Coulter about that one. 😉

  58. […] But Shoemoney said that he didn’t believe this site can make $10,000 a day from adsense. […]

  59. yeah….i agree… it’s hard to believe that he earned that much with such as status

  60. Plentyoffish Makes Plenty Of Cash…

    In case you didn’t know him, Markus runs the Canadian dating site Markus is a true character in the dating industry. He posts a lot of comments here, which are often self-aggrandizing, thought-provolking and Canadian in nature. A……

  61. I think you guys are missing the bigger picture here…AdSense is not where is making his real money…it’s from a tiny text link on the bottom of his page “Sex Personals” which links to an adult dating site.

  62. Wahnsinns Schecks…

    Wer möchte nicht anstatt der paar lausigen Euro lieber Tausende von Dollar mit Adsense verdienen. Und wo wir schon längst mit zufrieden wären, da legen andere Zeitgenossen noch ein paar Pfund drauf. Zwei solcher AdSense Gorillas haben jetzt ihre Sc…

  63. […] Although the story has its detractors… there simply has to be a lot of money made from a “free” “dating” website getting enormous traffic… about half a mill per month?? […]

  64. At the end of the day with the traffic POF is getting.. he’s doing pretty well..
    In fact I think this site of his will make a huge impact on the way many future larger sites are now developed.
    To this end im going to try to mirror his strategies in a different niche that is normally a membership site.. in this case it will be totally free and equal to its membership competitors.

    remember Friendfinder INC sold recently for over 900 Million USD.

    what does that say about top ranking Personals Websites?

    if FF is worth that much.. POF is worth a LOT !!

    More power to Marcus I say.

    Shoe, nice post mate.. but I think your off on this one..



  65. Hi there,

    First, I really impressed with his brave mind of started out something empty, and created so many empty b.s…. then at the end, people helping him to gain the advertising and he is actually making the income.

    This could give an idea for others who will do similar things in the coming future. So better watch out.

    Calvin Chin

  66. How do i take this baby to the next level? everyone is telling me that’s one of the best ideas ever created but no one wants to put up the money to advertise it…any suggestions?

  67. To Markus Frind of Canada, owner of

    Re: your unfair termination of my membership and your anti-male,
    discriminatory, fraudulent and unlawful business model.

    Why did you delete my profile and terminate my membership on July 3, 2006 at
    8:57 PM?

    You did so without any notice or explanation. In fact, you deceived me as to
    the reason, resulting in my wasting a lot of my time. Consequently, the next
    day, I spent six hours attempting to log on. At first, I assumed your site
    was down. Then, I adjusted my browser privacy setting as your automated
    notice suggested (this was your deception). When that didn’t work, I
    e-mailed my buddy to see whether he could log on. He was able to do so.
    Then, I got suspicious, so I searched for my own profile and found that you
    had deleted it. Such a delayed search was the only way I could find out!

    The next day, I attempted to register another profile, several times, using
    three new usernames. Each of them worked for less than an hour, but I did
    not get the administrative deletion message when I searched for each of
    those names after they had been deleted. All I got was a deadend, without
    any explanation. The first thing I did with the first two new profiles was
    to contact all the people I had been commmunicating with, to explaine what
    had happened, so I wouldn’t leave them hanging. But, obviously, none of them
    got my note because my e-mail was automatically deleted with my profile,
    immediately after I sent it.

    Consequently, you left about a dozen of my friends hanging, in addition to
    many more whom I had contacted for the first time. You therefore damaged
    many relationships, frustrated many people, and destroyed the investment we
    had made in our relationships, and destroyed the investment of my time I had
    made in writing my profile and searching for prospects.

    On or about July 4, 2006, I e-mailed your Tech. Support Dept., asking them
    why I had been terminated. I have not received any response. I saw no other
    recourse posted on your website at that time.

    You owe me and my friends better treatment than this. You owe the People of
    the United States better treatment. You brag on your website that you are
    the largest free dating website, and that you rank #5 overall. Therefore,
    you have the responsibility to treat users fairly and to give them proper
    notice and explanation of membership termination, because such termination
    limits their alternatives to the extent that you brag about, yourself. As
    you should know, a provider in a monopoly position, such as yourself, has a
    special duty and responsibility to the public.

    Your actions are unfair, irresponsible, reckless and monopolistic.

    It appears that your business model exploits certain dynamics that drive
    your business, to the extreme extent that you unfairly and unlawfully
    discriminate against male members to maximize the number of female members
    and your advertising revenue. This business is driven by ads posted by
    female members, which attract men who respond to initiate contact. Females
    initiate only a small fraction of contacts, as you know from your own
    statistics. Such facts mirror the real world outside of the Internet.

    Consequently, you do anything you can to retain female members to the extent
    that you pander to them by terminating male members whenever they get a
    certain minimum number of complaints from females, regardless of the merit
    of the complaints. However, it’s obvious that you don’t do the same for
    complaints by males, as indicated by your unresponsiveness to my complaints
    about females who have obviously fraudulent or absurd ads. Some of those ads
    are duplicates (they even log on to both profiles in rapid succession). Some
    of them state absurdly wide or narrow age ranges. Some are generally absurd
    and frivolous. Some are masseuses looking for business. Some are
    18-year-olds looking for 55-year-old sugardaddies. Some are obviously
    prostitutes. Many of them misstate their height (e.g., they list their
    height at 6′, but say they are 5’5″ in their description). I’ve notified you
    of many such ads, but you have failed to respond to any of my complaints.

    It appears that you program your computers to automatically terminate male
    members whenever a minimum number of female members complain, regardless of
    the merit of the complaint. In my case, you terminated me at 8:57 PM (your
    time) on Tuesday night, July 3, 2006 during a 4th of July weekend. I doubt
    anyone was working at POF then, so it appears this process was done
    automatically by computer.

    I understand that you run this website with only two employees: you and your
    wife. But such a low-cost business model is no excuse to discriminate
    against male members and to deny them due process. If you don’t have the
    resources to handle complaints fairly, you should simply advise complainants
    to block mail from members they don’t like, as does.
    Complainants don’t have to read mail or profiles they don’t like. As soon as
    they read something they don’t like, they need only move on to the next one.

    Therefore, terminating male members, based merely upon the number of
    popularity votes by female members, is unnecessarily retaliatory,
    contemptuous, discriminatory and undemocratic. And it’s unlawful.

    You break the law by discriminating against males, defrauding males, and by
    knowingly and intentionally allowing fraudulent
    ads of female members to remain posted.

    You unnecessarily destroy relationships and destroy the investment of time
    male members have made in your website. Ironically, you also destroy
    investments your female members have made in relationships with male
    members. Their male friends just suddenly disappear, without explanation.
    You just leave them hanging. They are frustrated and saddened, and the men
    appear to have abandoned them, without explanation. That’s de facto
    defamation against male members.

    And, obviously, your allegation that only 0.5% of your members are
    terminated is false, given the circumstances of my termination. I used no
    obscene language, nor did I post an obscene profile. And you can’t show why
    my profile or written statements are unlawful. Therefore, if you terminate
    men like me, you must terminate a much higher % of male members than you
    state you do. That’s fraud, too.

    And my style of communicating is nothing like the widespread unethical,
    sexist, anti-social, psychotic, irrational behavior I have observed among
    your female members. And those are the people who seek to retaliate against
    men by clicking on the “abuse” button.

    Your Terms of Use are stated so vaguely that they would allow you to
    arbitrarily terminate any member for any reason. For example, anyone might
    interpret any statement as “mean” or “offensive.” Anytime anyone expresses
    an opinion about anything, someone will be offended.

    The fact that the largest free dating website in the U.S. is allowed to post
    and execute such sloppy, primitive, ignorant and unlawful Terms of Use is a

    The fact that you don’t charge a membership fee is irrelevant. You
    monopolize your market, and you deny arbitrarily terminated male members any
    viable alternative. You have already put such alternatives out of business,
    or you have taken so much market share from them that they aren’t viable
    alternatives. Ironically, you created your own argument against your

    In addition to the above violations, you perpetrate racketeering, in
    violation of U.S. Federal RICO Statutes.

    Two of your competitors, Yahoo and are being sued by many parties
    for perpetrating violations of law similar to yours.

    Therefore, if you fail to reinstate my membership, by Wednesday, July 12,
    2006, I will take the following legal action against you:

    I will file complaints with the following government agencies:

    1. All 50 U.S. State Attorneys General

    2. The U.S. Attorney of Phoenix, AZ.

    3. Various government agencies in Canada

    4. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission

    5. The U.S. Dept. of Justice.

    6. The FBI.

    Also, I will solicit similarly terminated former male members to participate
    in a class-action lawsuit against you. I will be using the same attorneys
    who are suing your competitors.

    Time is of the essence. I am losing friends and romantic opportunities as
    you read this, and my damages continue to mount.


    Shawn Mattson, XWallstreeter

    1. I agree with Shawn Matttson, the same thing has happened to me.

      Did you have any luck Shawn?

  68. Whatever has happened he made the site and made some money, true or not about the 10k

    I also made a site to get in contact with people, date,… all by myself called Me Tarzan You Jane Me Tarzan You Jane

    And no I’m not a company, and yes I also started this to learn some aspx. I normally programmed asp but wanted to change to a newer more powerfull language.

    The site has it’s share of members in Europe but the rest of the world can also follow now because everything is translated in english.

    So guys and girls if you want some real honest site, no fake entries, blogs on the internet just real stuff then support me and sign yourself and your friends up. All free.

    Not happy, then contact me via the site and let me now what bothers you and most of the time in the past after hearing something I also implemented new wishes or enhanced the site.

  69. PR stunt, PR stunt!

    I know immediately that shoe is smart enough to know pof has the traffic to earn that. But I am assumming he is conspiring with markus (he propose the idea to markus maybe?).

    This PR is not that PR. This make all these comments looks foolish. Well smart move shoe

  70. “Just yesterday i made a short post on Markus Finch’s of Adsense profit, and, well, here’s the post i’ve found at (btw i’m going to make a post about Shoe’s success story soon, too). Shoemoney claims all those PlentyofFish stats to be a fake.”

  71. “…Just yesterday i made a short post on Markus Finch’s of Adsense profit, and, well, here’s the post i’ve found at (btw i’m going to make a post about Shoe’s success story soon, too). Shoemoney claims all those PlentyofFish stats to be a fake…”

  72. “this is some of the best link baiting I have seen in awhile”

    Gotta agree with you there – Markus and Shoemoney take the cake (and share it)

    Way to go guys!

  73. […] In this day and age you just can’t make up random crap and not expect to get sued,  especially if you would get sued if a blog was to be treated as a news paper. […]

  74. […] ich habe in letzter Zeit sowohl über Markus Frind / Plentyoffish als auch über Shoemoney mit seinem Webmasterradio berichtet. Die beiden haben seit Mai eine klassische Blogger-Kontroverse ausgefochten. Shoemoney hatte Frind in seinem Blog angegriffen, dass dessen Adsense-Einnahmen niemals so hoch seien, wie er behauptet…Markus hat sich in den Kommentaren gewehrt, aufgrund von neutralen Traffic-Statistiken scheinen seine Behauptungen auch gerechtfertigt. Doch die Wahrheit kennen nur Google und Frind…In den Kommentaren wurde einiges an Dreck geworfen und das in den USA beliebte “suing” bereits von mehreren Seiten angedroht. Einige Kommentatoren vermuteten auch prompt, das Ganze sei eine abgemachte geniale Linkbaiting-Aktion gewesen. Doch die Kontroverse scheint schon etwas tiefer zu gehen, nun kommt offenbar eine neue, gerichtliche Dimension hinzu. […]

  75. I’m just wondering as to why everyone is concerned with’s adsense income. Who cares if it’s a lie, who cares if it’s not?

  76. If anyone sues anyone else for something online that is a matter of opinino and not fact… That’s bullsh*t and they’re f*ckers.

    Oh and I’m totally a member of that site. Time to delete the account.

  77. The thing about adsense is you can make great money one day and bugger all money the next. So on peak days he is going to have to bring in much more than 10k to average it out. The site clearly has the numbers to make truckloads of money from just about any half arsed revinue model so good luck to the guy – wish it was me..

  78. Personally, I find it pretty amusing that so many of you feel threatened by Marcus. Whether or not he scraped, if he makes 10G a day from adsense, or is just full of shit is really no one’s buisness but his. He doesnt charge for admission to his site and Adsense has not deboned him from the use of its scripts. You can sue anyone for anything these days, but that doesnt mean you’re still not an ID10T

  79. Let’s see a copy of the invitation for an interview that Shoe allegedly received from Markus.

  80. ok, i dont think pof is a fake site,if its fake so what i can tell you i have meet some wonderful people on this site and i am also making some good relationships and i am also starting to have a relationship with somebody on this site so i think this site is ok i dont belive this bullshit about the site being fake it has given me a lot of confedence to meet people and find love

  81. …is not a premium publisher – Well, he’s got the “google_kw = “dating site”;” so he must have some benefits.

  82. I believe him and if you check his stats you will believe him as well. In fact, he created an excellent viral effect and this is what put his site where it is now. But, it won’t last forever, there is already a dropping trend for his site. Just check POF blog and my comments about the dating market here or visit my free dating site.

  83. Tropical SEO » Jeff Atwood, Raw Unadulterated Capitalism, and Fluffy Pink Unicorn Rose Blossom Rainbows says:

    […] You know who else walks through sewers? TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES… BAM!!!! Although SEOs pay lip service to the quality of the content, it’s clear that the focus is on one thing, and one thing only: naked, raw greed. […]

  84. So, then if POF deletes your profile and blocks you from creating a new one, is there any way to override their detection system? On what basis do they detect and block a person from creating a new profile? I have been blocked unfairly aw well- just wondering how to get back in and scrape up my friends’ IM and Email addresses before it happens again- I spent a lot of time making friends in there too. Please feel free to drop me an email on this, shoe

  85. » now pulling in $5-$10 million a year; Google confirms past income - Web Publishing Blog says:

    […] the controversy a Canadian webmaster caused early last year? I’m not sure if it was the amateur appearance, […]

  86. […] this is the same Shoemoney that somewhat famously slammed Markus Frind of…and then later gets entangled in a lawsuit related to libel […]

  87. More Malaysian Have Made It Into Paula Neal’s List of Blogger Salaries « says:

    […] recalled a post where ShoeMoney said Marcus was faking it until he made it. Now ShoeMoney is interviewing Markus to share his […]

  88. […] encontré con este viejo post de Shoemoney donde dice que Marcus miente sobre lo que gana con AdSense y cita sus […]

  89. i am still waiting for my first $100 to make since last year, but there still no luck, how the hell he make $10000 per day, if he doing that good luck to him and please can you sahre some more tips to us as well.

  90. I dont think marcus is a fake but fighting with shoe in public is not good PR for a man that loves the spotlight

  91. […] ShoeMoney called out Markus Frind of […]

  92. Thats a good question I was also blocked if anyone knows how to get through the block please let us know ……..if POF deletes your profile and blocks you from creating a new one, is there any way to override their detection system? On what basis do they detect and block a person from creating a new profile? I have been blocked unfairly

  93. time spent playing video games statistics…

    Sorry, don’t agree 100% with you on this!…

  94. Not really true about Plentyoffish.
    This site is a very nice free dating site and talk about Mr. Frind. He is so great and popular these days. He is the best that I am impressed.
    Thanks for sharing this great article.

  95. My profile was deleted for no reason, tried to set up a new profile but that was gone within few hours as well. I have never been rude to anybody and had normal pictures.

  96. Yes, POF’s money making ability is almost a myth.
    I have my doubt too.
    It is not easy to believe that he can earn 10k/day,

    but things are possible on the NET….

  97. Wake up Jermey, you aren’t the only one making over a million a year on the Net. You are however the only one telling people how much you make….grow up.

  98. I’ve noticed that all the Adsense ads are gone now, replaced with MSN’s Atlas Solutions. Anyone know why?

  99. The main thing that plentyoffish does is to show the digressed level of the male species…..there used to be a time when men respected its just a stupid game…and the loser is the player….all around…..I have yet to meet a real man with balls on this site. Beginning to think none exist anymore….

  100. Well, Markus is now going Corporate, buying offices and taking on and the rest big time with a full team. Looks like you idiots better stick your feet in your mouths. One man bands making 1k a day cannot buy offices, hire a sales team and devs.
    Check his stats, the site is doing 1.7 billion pageviews per month, he can very easily get 100k clicks per day.

  101. Whatever works. Any publicity is good publicity. I say, this is pretty good and smart marketing. Thinking outside the box. Both Markus and Shoemoney are making good money.

  102. it’s really hard to tell whats truth and whats fiction. obviously he pads his income and its great publicity for google but overall its really hard to generate ANY KIND OF REVENUE ONLINE yup there i said it its easier to go work as a plumber, you’ll make more – our dating site

  103. I would still think that he was able to generate that income because of his marketing strategy(most of them are), if you fell prey then that gives them the big UP.

  104. […] The other thing that caught my attention was Jeremy’s strong insistence on Plenty Of Fish founder Markus Frind ‘s involvement in the company.  Hah is it merely coincidental that these two people share enmity since wayback in 2006. Check Shoemoney vs Markus in 2006 […]

  105. […] Its not the first time shoemoney has done this.  When i posted a large cheque a few years ago shoemoney said it was all a lie,  even though google went on record in the wall street journal saying it was […]

  106. I have never spoken to or been contacted by more liars and perverts and before this time, never imagined so many existed.

  107. well I am glad there are other non-morons who realize that this guy markus is a douche. and a liar to boot. to date I have had 3 profiles auto deleted from the site for contacting the delusional fish.

  108. […] this post he calls bullshit on an approach by founder Markus Frind to make it seem to the […]

  109. Yeah that is hard to believe because it is very hard these days to make $10 a day on adense on good traffic sites, and after looking at his site which is not loaded with adsense ads, I just don’t see where the money is made.

  110. Hey this article is very inspiring. I would like to be in the list one day. So in anyways i would like to thank those who are in the list for motivating me. thank u who wrote it.!

  111. shoe your ejalousy about markus frind really disappointed me cause firstly when your thousand dollar adsense checks went viral you were claming that it could not be fake cause google would have kick your ass for lying and now that markus frind do far better than you you tell its a lie ( which is not) and you call him a jackass…..
    But markus has never posted a fake-photoshop-fail-500’000-dollars-azoogle-check you did…. and after people noticed the photoshop fail and were telling that you were a big fat liar i remember that you had posted a video crying while saying that the fact of being told that you were a liar which was true hurted your feelings…….it seems that you’re not a good sport……

  112. I believe this is among the such a lot important information for me. And i’m satisfied reading your article. However should commentary on some basic things, The site taste is perfect, the articles is really excellent : D. Excellent process, cheers

  113. […] the story has its detractors… there simply has to be a lot of money made from a “free” “dating” […]

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