When I first joined Vexal Tower Defense I got completely yelled at and quit. I played solo for a while and got better. I searched and searched for a basic guide and could not find anything.

I made this guide to help others get started with one of best maps on all of starcraft 2 – Vexal Tower Defense.
The basics:

In General the game works like about every other Tower Defense. You leak mobs… you lose lives. When you lose the limit you lose.

When you start you have a lot of options to choose from.

The first is the modes which the host chooses from:

  • Team Mode – both sides work together.
  • Left Vs Right – Each side works as a team
  • Solo Survivor mode – This puts everyone by themselves.

I would say about 99% of the time the host will choose left vs right. A big thing newbies do is quit when they see the other team lose thinking they have one. This is not the case. You need to steal make it through to the end with your team. So don’t leave early!

Picking a race – This all should depend on your placement (see map below):

  • Humanoid – For the Anchor position (ALWAYS). Not doing this will cause you to get yelled at and people to rage quit.
  • Sunken – Very powerful for middle positions.
  • Arcane – Very powerful for top and bottom lanes that can hit both lines of mobs coming down. (Only unlocked after beating insane).

vexal tower defense guide


Anchor guide:

I wanted to make this first because its very easy to play but very easy to screw up and lose the game for your team out of the gate.

*** VERY IMPORTANT*** only update energy.  Get disrupter around round 8 and switch to that permanently.  If you do not have enough energy by wave 11 you are toast.

Round 1:

  1. Build a bunker in the middle of your path where the mobs come down.
  2. Put a firebat in that bunker.
  3. Put a sentry gun right behind the bunker.

Round 2:

  1. Build 3 laser towers in a vertical line equally spaced down your lane.

Round 3+:

Next build items in this order as soon as you can afford them.

  1. Concussion Rocket.
  2. put 2 snipers in your bunker
  3. Stinger missile.
  4. tesla
  5. upgrade stinger to protector.

Beginning game tips:


Leak as many mobs as you possibly can to the anchor (last player position #6 on map above) until after level 11!  Not doing this will cause you to get yelled at and people to rage quit.

  • Humonoid – just build your hero ONLY.  Do not make a bunker with a firebat or any guns.  You will get all the kills and everyone on your team will quit (You do want to do that if you are the anchor).
  • Sunken – make 4 sunken crawler towers in a line one space a part.  You will get a couple kills from this but not enough to piss off the anchor.
  • Arcane  – make Sylvos hero and macro your spells.  Do not auto cast cause it misses tons of shit.  Upgrade your hero with money applying the points evenly to efficiency and payload.  You will get some kills but not enough to piss off anyone.  Throughout the game when he levels upgrade the damage booster (far left) and the energy booster until they are both lvl 7 then just do energy.


Mid Game Strategies:

  • Humonoid – After lvl 11 it really doesnt matter.  You are somewhat irrelevant.  Sunken towers and arcane will clean up everything (hoping to get help on this one).
  • Sunken – sit tight and wait until you can upgrade one of your sunkens to an exploder.  Then when you have enough money to sell the exploder and buy a lava spewer do it.  After that you want to make a small maze and work your way down using the sunken crawlers.  Make 3-4 lava’s then upgrade 1-2 of them to a magma.  Try to have 2 magma and 5-6 lava by the end of the game.  Easy win.
  • Arcane  -Continue to upgrade hero as mentioned above until lvl 10.  Then get meteor.  This is where the real fun starts.  As soon as you have enough money buy the tank hero.  Upgrade him with money until lvl 5.  Upgrade his energy and weapon speed equally until they are each at 75 then only upgrade energy.  Get the slowdown electro shots as soon as possible and ONLY use those.  Your tank is there ONLY to slow down mobs.



This map was Developed by Vexal.