Since 2003 I have created a couple dozen online properties and services.  5 of them have sold.  Some for millions,  but none for under $100,000.  For each success though there have been several learning experiences.

In 2007 I was approached by a major book company about writing a “playbook” of how we build companies.  I barely made it through high school and only have about a dozen college credits so lots of people have asked how I learned to make successful companies.

The book has been ever evolving and everytime I have felt like it was close to being published I realized a lot of it was out of date.  Plus I hated how the editors completely butchered my voice.

So instead I decided to make a video series of the chapters.  No fluff just straight to the point and completely unedited.  So I present to you:

The ShoeMoney Playbook

Our Steps To Build A Successful Online Business


Chapter 1 – Introduction


Chapter 2 – How To Build Your Team


Chapter 3 – Conception

*Video:chapter 3 - conception

Chapter 4 – How To Determine Your Goals

*Video:chapter 4 - how to determine your goals

Chapter 5 – Building Your Site/Service

*Video:chapter 5 - building your site/service

Chapter 6 – Launch and market

*Video:chapter 6 - launch and market

Chapter 7 – Monetize and Manage

*Video:chapter 7 - monetize and manage

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