Next ShoeMoney Show guest revealed @eHygienics

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James Carner Headshot

Who dat?  James Carner, the next guest on the ShoeMoney Show. James has a rich background in Internet marketing and the like. Tune in to the chat with James tomorrow, October 14th at 2 p.m., PST/ 5 p.m. EST to see what he’s got to say about being an entrepreneur, techie and much more. Here’s…     Read More ->

@ClickFunnels gives companies marketing funnels – ShoeMoney FSF

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This week’s free shirt on Free Shirt Friday is from Click Funnels. It’s a pretty sick shirt. Click Funnels offers “professionally designed marketing funnels” for your website, in order to save you time and money. They must be doing things right because there’s a client wait list right now! Here’s their website. If you would…     Read More ->

@BigCommerce builds businesses with endless eCommerce tools – ShoeMoney FSF

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Free Shirt Friday! This week’s shirt is from Big Commerce. Big Commerce builds business’s websites and much more. They offer businesses the whole eCommerce package: websites, domain names, payment gateways, email accounts, built-in marketing and more. Learn more here. If you would like to see your company on free shirt friday, please click here for details!

Brent Pourciau on tomorrow’s ShoeMoney Show – @TopVelocity

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Another announcement of another guest on The ShoeMoney Show: Brent Pourciau—also known as Coach Brent, CEO of Top Velocity and entrepreneur and instructor for Ace Pitcher—will join be the guest on The ShoeMoney Show TOMORROW!!! Brent is a special guest because he is unlike many of our others as his career focus is in the…     Read More ->

@carsforsale…sells cars and buys cars! ShoeMoney FSF

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Need a car? Cars For Sale is like the encyclopedia for car shoppers. Narrow your search results in every way imaginable while shopping for a car on Next time maybe if I need to sell my wife’s car I will try selling it here instead of eBay?! If you would like to see your…     Read More ->

The New Pioneering Launch Process

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The old product launches that used to crush it worked like this: Video 1 – The Intro “Vision” and introduction to the “guru”. Video 2 – The pain point you’re going through (why you need the product) Video 3 – The potential and proof (what if there was a way? Look at suzie who did…     Read More ->

The time has come @Neilpatel

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Don’t forget—the third ShoeMoney Show is TODAY and we want you to join us for the conversation. At 4 p.m. CST, Neil Patel will be at the mic to talk about his self-titled business. This will be a real good chat as Neil and I have similar backgrounds. We’ll talk about things like general entrepreneurship,…     Read More ->