First Guest of The ShoeMoney Show Revealed @benhuh

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In case you missed the announcement, The ShoeMoney Show is back after a five-year hiatus! I’m super excited about the show returning and to announce the first guest, Ben Huh. Ben’s work matches his personality: Fun. He’s managed to be a successful entrepreneur in the Internet world for several years. Think funny cat photos and…     Read More ->

Special offer from Skill Feed: Online Marketing Tutorials

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Skillfeed  (a Shutterstock company) recently reached out to us to see if our readers would be interested in a free month of their new training programs.  See below to take advantage of this offer. Premium Online Marketing Tutorials ShoeMoney is partnering with Skillfeed, Shutterstock’s new online learning platform. For a limited time Skillfeed is offering access to…     Read More ->

Coming to Jesus Moments – ShoeMoney August Recap

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Almost the Day I turned 40 years old I had somewhat of an awakening about my life.  Turning 30 wasn’t really even a thing.. probably because I got married 9 days before I turned 30.  So that was a little bit of a bigger deal.  Also at 30 I was just getting started with my…     Read More ->

How Your Company Can Learn from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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You might be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS. All month long, social media has been inundated with videos of people getting buckets of ice water dumped on them. Those people accepted the “challenge.” In the video, they also pass along the challenge…     Read More ->

The ShoeMoney Show is Back

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It’s back, baby! ShoeMoney never left but the The ShoeMoney Show has been on hiatus for five years. I’m happy to announce its return on WebmasterRadio.FM! The show will be bringing you candid and honest chats with some majorly influential folks in the Internet marketing industry. The really cool part is that all of the…     Read More ->

ShoeMoney FSF Total send email Newsletter platform @TotalSend

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This weeks FSF comes from TotalSend which is an email newsletter platform.  Now some of you are probably thinking “isn’t Jeremy launching a competitor to this?”  And the answer would be “No,  ours will have 10x the features at a lower price point”. You can visit TotalSend Here. If you would like to see your…     Read More ->