Learn how to not let your traffic bounce today at 2:00 PM PST with Ryan @BounceExchange

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What is Bounce Exchange and what does it mean? It’s a company, and for them, it means transforming ‘bounced’ website traffic into revenue. And by ‘them,’ I very much am referring to Bounce Exchange CEO, Ryan Urban, though Ryan’s many colleagues also make the company’s success possible. We welcome Ryan as our guest on today’s…     Read More ->

Brent Pourciau on tomorrow’s ShoeMoney Show – @TopVelocity

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Another announcement of another guest on The ShoeMoney Show: Brent Pourciau—also known as Coach Brent, CEO of Top Velocity and entrepreneur and instructor for Ace Pitcher—will join be the guest on The ShoeMoney Show TOMORROW!!! Brent is a special guest because he is unlike many of our others as his career focus is in the…     Read More ->

@carsforsale…sells cars and buys cars! ShoeMoney FSF

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Need a car? Cars For Sale is like the encyclopedia for car shoppers. Narrow your search results in every way imaginable while shopping for a car on CarsForSale.com. Next time maybe if I need to sell my wife’s car I will try selling it here instead of eBay?! If you would like to see your…     Read More ->

The New Pioneering Launch Process

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The old product launches that used to crush it worked like this: Video 1 – The Intro “Vision” and introduction to the “guru”. Video 2 – The pain point you’re going through (why you need the product) Video 3 – The potential and proof (what if there was a way? Look at suzie who did…     Read More ->

The time has come @Neilpatel

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Don’t forget—the third ShoeMoney Show is TODAY and we want you to join us for the conversation. At 4 p.m. CST, Neil Patel will be at the mic to talk about his self-titled business. This will be a real good chat as Neil and I have similar backgrounds. We’ll talk about things like general entrepreneurship,…     Read More ->

Battle of the Minds with Neil Patel on the ShoeMoney Show @neilpatel

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Guess who’s coming to The ShoeMoney Show (the live-broadcast audio show between myself, Jeremy Schoemaker, and a special guest, back after a five year hiatus). The answer is Neil Patel, of his self-titled business. Neil is classic entrepreneur and an excellent and relevant guest. He has all kinds of experience—SEO, traffic studying and building, customer…     Read More ->

@SensorTower tracks traffic, success of apps – ShoeMoney FSF

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This week’s Free Shirt Friday comes at you from Sensor Tower. Companies with apps use Sensor Tower to acquire more traffic on their apps. Sensor Tower tracks popular keywords and looks at companies’ competitors to see what their clients can do to stay ahead. Check out them out here.