July Recap & a decade blogging

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In July ShoeMoney.com celebrated its 10th year of blogging.  I suppose every blogger goes through this but I have gone in and out with my love of the blog.  Not that I ever did not like it but my enthusiasm to blog at times just was not there.  Part of it because I was so…     Read More ->

Free Shirt (robe) Friday – @CBSBigBrother

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I am a Big Brother NUT.  I have watched the show forever.  I have applied to be on the show since Season 10 but have been denied =(.   I will keep trying though! A friend recently reached out to me and said she had some relationship with a casting director from another country and…     Read More ->

Shawn Hogan Is in Federal Prison

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I first met Shawn Hogan in late 1994 on Internet Relay Chat (IRC).   Anyone who knows him well knows that he is one of the most giving people on the internet. You probably know him though from his internet marketing forum at digitalpoint that has been running for over a decade.  It has almost 18…     Read More ->

Free Shirt Friday- Vapor Zone @VaporZoneMIA

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This week’s Free Shirt Friday isn’t a shirt; it’s electronic cigarettes/vaporizers from Vapor Zone! Vapor Zone is an online hub coupled with brick and mortar locations serving the ever-growing and passionate vaping community. Everyone from vaping newbies to the most experienced vapers get access to the most technologically advanced electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers. Their premium-quality,…     Read More ->

How I Landed a $25k/mo Client with Cold Email

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I LOVE emails. (And I’m sure ShoeMoney does too, otherwise he wouldn’t be building this kick ass PAR program.) Never in the history of mankind has it been SOOOOO easy to connect with anyone on the planet. I remember, when I used to flip houses in Philadelphia during the real estate BOOM times, I would…     Read More ->

Free Shirt Friday- Navilytics @Navilytics

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This week’s Free Shirt Friday comes to us from Navilytics. Their goal is to truly optimize your website, whether you want to increase sales or just make it easier to use. Their philosophy is that you have to understand what actually happens on your website in order to better understand your visitors. Google Analytics and…     Read More ->

How to Plan an Executive Workshop that WON’T Fall Flat

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A workshop at a conference room

Workshops in general are designed to inspire the people that attend them. They foster an environment where you can tear apart ideas and try to figure out how they work. In a sense, a corporate workshop allows you to tinker with ideas and—if everything goes as planned—with the preconceptions and assumptions of the people who…     Read More ->

What was it like to make my first million dollars?

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Stubjj844 - Where did you learn to do….whatever the hell it is you do lol?? Do you remember your first million and what was that like? Long story short – I started fucking around with a website where you could upload ringtones and the site would convert them into any phone format.   I didn’t know dick…     Read More ->

Who do I look up to as far as a mentor/guru

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A great question that recently came in through our contact us form. KingJamesCodpiece - Thanks again for the AMA ShoeMoney! Who are some people in the industry you look up to? Do guys like you want to axe kick the “gurus” who make all their money online selling stuff on how to make money online? People I…     Read More ->