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As you probably know, quality, engaging content will always be the most effective way to market your business. And if you’re searching for relevant, quality websites to publish your articles on, Cruz Command is the perfect answer!

Cruz Command Publishing is unique in that we hand you the tools needed to publish your engaging articles for FREE on relevant, quality, niche directories. Build relevant, contextual backlinks that propels you to the top of the search engines. Spread your most important messages to your target market in seconds. Improve your social and search visibility.

8 Cruz niche directories from our collection you can submit articles for FREE are listed below. (Click on “Post an Article” on a site, create an account, and submit your article.)

Pro’s And Hackers – An online publication that broadcasts current technology reports, news and stories submitted by the public.

Money Learning Center – A leading finance article directory focusing on finance and debt from around the world.

Doccheys House – A premier travel & lifestyle portal highlighting the best travel tips, relationship advice, and lifestyle reviews.

Sovereign Artists – This directory provides articles and reviews to the best consumer gadgets, fashion trends, gift ideas, and newly released technology.

Mind Brain – This health and fitness directory supplies readers with topical health and fitness information.

Main Mobile News – For local businesses searching for more social exposure and visibility for their services and products

Magem Marketing – A leading marketing directory connecting readers and publishers with with like minded professionals.

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