Associate King – Amazon Marketing Suite

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Introducing Associate King, the most powerful Amazon Associate Marketing Suite ever created. Associate King takes tasks that used to take you hours to complete and gets them done in seconds.

  • Research Amazon products by keyword, product category and price
  • Generate a product landing page
  • Upload the landing page to your server
  • All in less than 60 seconds.

After you have used Associate Kings research engine to find products you want to promote its time to break out Associate Kings proverbial big guns, its export engines. The Associate King export engines let you export Amazon\\\\\\\’s product data via 5 unique engines:

  • Export products as text files to create pages from later.
  • Export products as blog posts to copy and paste into your blog site.
  • Export products as fully built HTML landing pages to upload to your site.
  • Create banner ads for only the products you select to maximize your earnings.
  • Create Adwords ads for products to upload to your Google Adwords account.

If your tired of trolling Amazon for products to promote and spending hours creating landing pages and think there has to be a better way,  there is!  Get your copy of Associate King today!