Access 8,000,000 Free B2B Leads with LeadFerret

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LeadFerret is the world’s first 100% free business-to-business database with complete information, including e-mail addresses. Every record in LeadFerret is complete with company information, name, title, address, phone number and the more important –email addresses. Many records now even come with links to social media profiles.

The best thing about LeadFerret is …it’s FREE!

Create a free account with us today!

That’s right, you can view any or all of the 8 million+ records in LeadFerret completely free. You can also earn or buy points to download records directly to a spreadsheet. It’s simple, search for contacts you’d like to read out to using our robust tools, view the results, identify the record that represents your best prospects, view them on the screen, download them to a spreadsheet, or even transfer them to our CRM and e-mail marketing partner SalesNexus. Create a free account with us today!

Our users say things like:

“LeadFerret is like adding 8,000,000 records to your address book, but with better search tools.”

“2 minutes on LeadFerret is worth 2 hours on Linkedin.”

What can LeadFerret do for me?

Our objective is to make prospecting and generating leads more affordable and more efficient for all sales people, recruiters, insurance agents, small business owners, entrepreneurs, etc, so they can spend more time closing deals and less time searching for leads and prospecting.

Once you give LeadFerret a try, you will see what we mean.

Create a free account with us today!


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