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AndroWP allows You to get Your WordPress-Blog as professional and customizable Android App into the Android Market – under your own name. This way You increase reader loyalty and win a whole new audience.

An own app is also a great way to increase the numbers of backlinks to your site.

  • Within 48 hours your app is ready for a market release
  • Adjustment to Your Corporate Identity: The app can be adjusted to your desired colors and graphics to match your Corporate Identity or your Corporate Design
  • Detailed User Statistics: Within the Android Market your receiver detailed numbers and statistics regariding your users, their devices and the operating systems
  • Free updates for 12 month: We are continuously enhancing and improving our app framework. You take the benefit in the first 12 month with free updates. After expiry it is optional to do a maintenance agreement with us.
  • No Contract Commitment: You are not commitet to any contract with us. With the purchase of the base version of the app you aquire rights of usage for a lifetime. There is no additional contract.
  • no additional expenses: With a purchase of the base version there are no additional expenses for development or publishing to the Android Market
  • strong user loyalty: if they like the app and its content they keep it on their device where it is at hand all the time
  • mobile SEO / Market-Optimization: We are sure that you heard of SEO for the Google search results – now use your chance to rank for your desired keywords in the Android market!
  • new target group: find new users and readers in the Android market
  • individually extendable: the base version contains every function, that is needed to ideally present the contents of your blog on a smartphone. Beyond that your wishes for enhancements are also possible. Just get in contact with us.
  • ad free: the app is completely ad free – unless you want to include ads. Of course we are also helpful in this case.
  • extended Offline-Mode: It is up to the user to use the extended Offline Mode. If used, the app loads the posts in the background and saves them in a compressed way on the device – provided the battery admits it and provided there is WiFi access. Thereby neither the battery gets used when low load, which could disturb the user, nor will any data quota get used. Still the user afterwards has a variety of posts of your blog for reading, even without direct internet access.

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