Guaranteed SEO Services – Pay ONLY when you get Rankings

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Pay for Performance (P4P) SEO

1. How does P4P work?

Paying for SEO, then getting nothing in return, is by far the single most common fear of prospective clients. After confronting this concern, on a daily basis for many years, we developed our P4P program. This pay for performance model of SEO is nothing short of revolutionary. You pay ONLY if we get the results that are mutually agreed upon in advance.


2. How long does it usually take to see movement in the SERPs?

Because no two websites, nor competitive landscapes, are identical, it’s really impossible to predict. Sometimes, we see big things in 30 days. Other times, it can take a bit longer. On average, we start seeing appreciable results after 10 – 12 weeks.


3. What does it cost?

NOTHING, beyond the $500 setup fee – until you see results. (Shoemoney BONUS: Tell us that you found us on & we’ll waive the setup fee! – a $500 VALUE) Our pricing is directly related to the rankings achieved for selected keywords. The P4P Keyword Tool provides upfront pricing for the Top 30 Positions segmented into (5) Ranking Tiers.. Pricing is locked in for the duration of the contract (six months), and will not escalate. (Please note: a $1,000 refundable deposit is required in addition to the setup fee). Minimum commitment is 10 Keyword Phrases.


3. How long is the program?

All P4P programs run for six months from the start date.


4. Are there any restrictions?

Your website (not just the domain) must be 3+ years old. The website must not be in flash. You must be willing and able to do the on-page recommendations that we suggest. The final keyword selection must be mutually agreeable to both the client and agency. If you have a “thin” affiliate website or your niche is related to Porn, Pills, Payday Loans or Casinos, we can’t help you.


Visit our website for details: or give us a call at 518-396-5550


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