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The Empower Network is a service that helps you build your primary business. Or if you don’t have one yet use the Empower Network for your main thing.If you are in health and wellness,sell soap,travel or even have a brick and mortar business the Empower Network will help you leverage all.

You can resell our program and collect 100% commissions IMMEDIATELY PAID TO YOU.

This is much easier than making money in your MLM,network marketing program (I have one) where one must have hundreds of folks in your downline who are pretty much all broke since the autoship is killing them.

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I am 56 years young and live in Scarborough Ontario Canada with my beautiful wife Sherri and my two kids Garrett and Jace. In the last 4 years or so I've become very good at Search Engine Optimization through my blogs. I learned this because I had to for building my presence online. Fitness and wellness is something I do daily and now I am teaching how I stay super fit and lean and attempting to be a positive roll model for my boomer friends who may realize they must do "something" for their wellness but not sure where to start. I am a big fan of team building or networking with like minded individuals. First for the Master Mind created by team building and second and often overlooked by newbies and others even, is this allows everyone on the team to MAKE$ by promoting tools or "picks and shovels" for online marketing that we all must use anyway. The best sales people and marketers use a systematized approach to selling so that we all gain more leverage and automate as much of the process as we can. I have those tools in place so contact me through email and I will get back to you fast as I market daily now.

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