The New Pioneering Launch Process

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The old product launches that used to crush it worked like this: Video 1 – The Intro “Vision” and introduction to the “guru”. Video 2 – The pain point you’re going through (why you need the product) Video 3 – The potential and proof (what if there was a way? Look at suzie who did…     Read More ->

The time has come @Neilpatel

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Don’t forget—the third ShoeMoney Show is TODAY and we want you to join us for the conversation. At 4 p.m. CST, Neil Patel will be at the mic to talk about his self-titled business. This will be a real good chat as Neil and I have similar backgrounds. We’ll talk about things like general entrepreneurship,…     Read More ->

Battle of the Minds with Neil Patel on the ShoeMoney Show @neilpatel

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Guess who’s coming to The ShoeMoney Show (the live-broadcast audio show between myself, Jeremy Schoemaker, and a special guest, back after a five year hiatus). The answer is Neil Patel, of his self-titled business. Neil is classic entrepreneur and an excellent and relevant guest. He has all kinds of experience—SEO, traffic studying and building, customer…     Read More ->

Perception – Not the Product is EVERYTHING

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Watching Apple’s latest keynote/product launch,  the marketer in me,  couldn’t help but be amazed at the amount of work they do in presenting the product.  Its nothing new for Apple but I think its the reason for their success. The iPhone & the new Apple Watch are extremely innovative and ahead of its time but…     Read More ->

Carbon Ads – Free Shirt Friday

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Today’s Free Shirt Friday comes from Carbon Ads Advertising network.  They operate an invite only network.  So if you want to use it…  you can’t. If you would like to see your company on free shirt friday, please click here for details!