How I sold A website for 150k that I couldn’t for 25k

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This ShoeMoney Question was sent in by Mark from Gainesville, Florida. Because Mark’s question was chosen he will receive a ShoeMoney Shirt and a signed copy of my best selling book “Nothing’s Changed but my Change – The ShoeMoney Story”. To submit your question just email and if yours is chosen we will ship you…     Read More ->

It’s Official — AdStation is Kicking Email Marketing’s Ass

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Email publishers have nothing to bitch about anymore. Pretty much everything they need is finally available to send the most targeted email offers possible thanks to AdStation. First off, if you don’t already know, AdStation is the email channel at Adknowledge, and the biggest big dog in email advertising and data monetization. I’m writing about…     Read More ->

Why Me? & Dealing With Emotions That Matter

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This is a post that has been in my drafts for over a year and it’s been drastically altered many times. It is something I should actually write a book about because I am so passionate about it and I feel it’s the true secret to success.  I could easily write 60,000 words about it…     Read More ->

YARPP is legit

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You have probably seen on many large & successful websites using a recommend posts type widget at the bottom and sidebar of pages. Things with images like “Recommended Reading” or “You might also be interested in” sections. I have tried various ones over the last 10 years and none of them really did a good…     Read More ->

@Doishero – Are you a Star? – ShoeMoney FSF

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This shirt has a bit of mystery to it. It’s today’s Free Shirt Friday. The Page of Fame gives the 15 minutes of fame to the stars of the internet. If you would like to see your company on free shirt Friday, please click here for details!

Your Brand & My Chest = Win (For Charity!)

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I am auctioning myself to wear your company’s shirt for 3 days during the Affiliate Summit West Event January 2014 in Las Vegas.  I will wear nothing but your companies shirt (even to clubs and parties) for the 3 days. The winning company will need to send me 3 XL shirts or you can bring…     Read More ->

@affiliatesummit has a cool t-shirt – ShoeMoney FSF

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Affiliate Summit is the giant of all marketing conferences, so it makes sense that their t-shirt is sweet. I have been going to Affiliate Summit for 10+ years now and have had the great opportunity to speak at a handful of them and even keynote! In January at ASW I will be speaking and you…     Read More ->

No better time than to give thanks!

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I love the simple tradition of Thanksgiving — giving thanks. We can give thanks any day of the year, but as crazy as life is, it’s good that we have the one day a year to actively think about what we are lucky to have. First off, I’m thankful to live in this country. No…     Read More ->

To sell or NOT to sell???

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Black Friday has been creeping into Thursday, Thanksgiving day, for a few years now. Each year, business owners must make this moral decision: Keep closed on Thursday and preserve the stay-at-home, forget-about-work traditions of the American holiday OR open on Thursday and make more sales but also subject employees to working the holiday and ignore…     Read More ->

Free Books and More does just that! ShoeMoney SFS @FreeBooksAndMor

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This week’s Free Shirt Friday comes at you from Free Books and More. They give out free books…and more. They offer books are bargain prices and sometimes for free for promotional reasons (more readers equals more reviews equals more readers…). Check them out here. If you would like to see your company on free shirt Friday, please…     Read More ->