FSF Ungagged Conference

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This week’s Free Shirt Friday is from the Ungagged conference going on in November. I really like the format of the conference. They are really focusing on the cutting edge gray to black hat area. Most conferences highly discourage this but I think a lot of people will enjoy seeing how the world works. I…     Read More ->

How to contact Shawn Hogan in the pen

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Shawn Hogan (Digital Point Founder / Hero to the people) is in federal prison. I wrote about it a couple weeks ago. Inmate number 13411-111 Evidently he has internet access cause I heard from a friend that just visited that he saw it. The post I wrote before had a lot of positive response and…     Read More ->

Avoid the death of your email

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spam email

You don’t want your email message to be sent to die in the junk, bulk or spam folders. Here are some things to keep in mind in order to get your message across the right way: Use an email server platform with a good reputation. ISPs (like Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail) look at these mail…     Read More ->

Get your biz on ShoeMoney FSF

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freeshirt friday

Long story short.  I got 2 shirts right now in queue for Free Shirt Friday.  So send me a shirt and get huge exposure for your brand/company and usually hundreds to thousands of clicks depending if people want to know more about your company. Its as easy as just shipping a shirt to the address…     Read More ->

July Recap & a decade blogging

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In July ShoeMoney.com celebrated its 10th year of blogging.  I suppose every blogger goes through this but I have gone in and out with my love of the blog.  Not that I ever did not like it but my enthusiasm to blog at times just was not there.  Part of it because I was so…     Read More ->

Free Shirt (robe) Friday – @CBSBigBrother

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I am a Big Brother NUT.  I have watched the show forever.  I have applied to be on the show since Season 10 but have been denied =(.   I will keep trying though! A friend recently reached out to me and said she had some relationship with a casting director from another country and…     Read More ->

Shawn Hogan Is in Federal Prison

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I first met Shawn Hogan in late 1994 on Internet Relay Chat (IRC).   Anyone who knows him well knows that he is one of the most giving people on the internet. You probably know him though from his internet marketing forum at digitalpoint that has been running for over a decade.  It has almost 18…     Read More ->