Perception – Not the Product is EVERYTHING

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Watching Apple’s latest keynote/product launch,  the marketer in me,  couldn’t help but be amazed at the amount of work they do in presenting the product.  Its nothing new for Apple but I think its the reason for their success. The iPhone & the new Apple Watch are extremely innovative and ahead of its time but…     Read More ->

Carbon Ads – Free Shirt Friday

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Today’s Free Shirt Friday comes from Carbon Ads Advertising network.  They operate an invite only network.  So if you want to use it…  you can’t. If you would like to see your company on free shirt friday, please click here for details!

First Guest of The ShoeMoney Show Revealed @benhuh

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In case you missed the announcement, The ShoeMoney Show is back after a five-year hiatus! I’m super excited about the show returning and to announce the first guest, Ben Huh. Ben’s work matches his personality: Fun. He’s managed to be a successful entrepreneur in the Internet world for several years. Think funny cat photos and…     Read More ->

Special offer from Skill Feed: Online Marketing Tutorials

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Skillfeed  (a Shutterstock company) recently reached out to us to see if our readers would be interested in a free month of their new training programs.  See below to take advantage of this offer. Premium Online Marketing Tutorials ShoeMoney is partnering with Skillfeed, Shutterstock’s new online learning platform. For a limited time Skillfeed is offering access to…     Read More ->