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How I Made 1 Million Dollars From A 99 Cent Ebook

I have never talked about this publicly until yesterday when I presented on it at the Traffic and Conversion conference. ¬†For most of the time it was out of selfish reasons as I didn’t want to “out” myself and burn down what I was doing… but that happened eventually cause I got a little greedy…     Read More ->


How I sold A website for 150k that I couldn’t for 25k

This ShoeMoney Question was sent in by Mark from Gainesville, Florida. Because Mark’s question was chosen he will ..


Why Me? & Dealing With Emotions That Matter

This is a post that has been in my drafts for over a year and it’s been drastically altered many times. It is some..


The Unreal Ride Of Successes and Mistakes in 10 years of MMO

Recently I got my monthly reminder to send the monthly recap as December came to a close. But it’s the 1st of Janu..


Getting Press for Your Website, Application, or Service

Last night, one of my really good friends sent me a email and asked me if I could call up Mike Arrington over at TechCru..


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