ShoeMoney Deadbeats

  • Cristian David is a Peasant Affiliate
    Cristian David is an extortionist. He claims I owed him $14k even though that is not true. Then he posts false articles about me and demands the money in order to remove them. We came to an agreement and $5k was sent to him, and instead he left arti... (more)
  • Rishab Verma doesnt want to pay
    Rishab Verma owes me 14k from like 1 year ago , he got sued by ftc but he still making money I told him to pay me 5k instead of the 14k, he agreed and said hes gonna send me a wire, 20 days ago!! This kind of people shouldnt exist (more)
  • Scamming Affiliates They Owe Thousands! had been an advertiser with Commission Junction. They cancelled their agreement with CJ and never paid the money owed. I have about $1500 outstanding in my account. It’s been over 1 1/2 years and I have yet to see a penny. All forms ... (more)
  • Cutting Edge Offers is SCAM NETWORK Nicole Thomas
    Cutting Edge Offers owed me more than $ 850 for August and September. They told me that our payment will be made on October 15, 2012, but they did not pay us. Cutting Edge Offers is a scam network and are going down. My manager is Nicole Thomas and s... (more)
  • Pinnacle Cart refuses to Pay Affiliate
    I’m no Affiliate marketer by any definition; however I do have a valid recorded $300 - Affiliate commission due to me and they refuse to pay. This is against my better judgement but I would be worry of doing any affiliate sales with them; ev... (more)
  • Wallace Jackson – LinkedIn Pro?
    This guy spends his days leaving one-liners that are not helpful to members simply to escalate his ranking to a top 3 spot on LinkedIn, thereby giving reputable SEO’s a bad name. Upon asking for better feedback he got irate and made physical th... (more)
  • Russell Rockefeller’s- fraud emailing course!
    Russell Rockefeller, and his company Opt in Plus/Extravagant Media Inc are unresponsive to my mails/IMs/Calls. I paid him $11,000 for his emailing course along with 2 months data-feeds. After few sessions, he suddenly blocked me on Skype, Facebook, L... (more)
  • HiWebby.Com Review – Pixel of Internet History
    HiWebby.Com  Review – Pixel of Internet History , who hopes to start university by his way through by selling 1 million pixels of internet ad space for $1 each. HiWebby.Com – A pixel of Internet History :- Advertisers or Rich people have... (more)
  • HiWebby.Com – Pixel of Internet History
    HiWebby.Com – Pixel of Internet History , who hopes to start university by his way through by selling 1 million pixels of internet ad space for $1 each. or other then above they are advertising in new style i mean, If you are rich you can Show ... (more)
  • Mobprofits Torian Wallace
    Stay away from affiliate network Mobprofits Torian Wallace. They will not pay on time and did not pay affiliates for the month of July and August. He also promotes Stay away from these sites. (more)
  • Mark Johnson Scam One Stop Travel Scam
    Mark Johnson was 100% unresponsive to paying an invoice of over $1,000. He’s a deadbeat. 800-811-7160 Advanced Travel Services Mark Johnson 204 Forest Hills Drive Ste 213 Garner, NC 27529 US Phone: +1.8008117160 Ema... (more)
  • Jim Crimella Performance Dating allegedly owes a few people money and paid others later under Affiliate Cash Pile. Jim Crimella Performance Dating is allegedly his new company. (more)
  • Affiliate Scam!
  • Brad Wozny Scam & Deadbeat
    Brad Wozny from Boulder, Colorado is a deadbeat who has claims against him employees and  a business partner who he decided to run off with a business and stop paying. He’s a Canadian citizen. He’s also tried to avoid payments to affil... (more)
  • Andrew Kiras – DataTree Group
    Stay away from Andrew Kiras CEO of Data Tree Group,  still hasn’t paid us for leads sold to him in March – June, kept promising that payment was being made than nothing, he disappeared and isn’t responding to any emails or phone ca... (more)
  • Vergonomix
    I much rather say good things about people than negative. When it comes to negative I rather say nothing at all…. (wait for it)…….. BUT Vergo / Vergonomix. I posted this a week or so ago but removed is as we FINALLY got on the phone... (more)
  • LFM Network
    LFM Network owes us over 10k from several months ago. Our rep, Erin Donovan, says we’ll be paid, but the seniors & finance people Mike Sinclair and AJ Coleman are completely unresponsive. This was originally posted in November, but after a ... (more)
  •, spanish network we sent traffic through never got paid on some of our last invoices. Hopefully this saves someone else not getting paid. (more)
  • Clash US
    Clash US has a balance due to my client and is claiming they are trying to raise more capital and can’t pay their debts. It’s now 7 months past due. I know they are selectively paying people so tread carefully with them. (more)
  • Stay away from saveology!!!!!!
    Saveology is a terrible company that doesnt pay for legit leads and they never respond to emails. All they do is blow you off and never send accurate reports on the traffic you send and are constantly trying to figure out how not to pay you. Ive expe... (more)
  • FiveSeventeen (VXVII) CPASurvivor SCAM – Robert A. Ser II Unforgettable Advertising
    FiveSeventeen owns a network called CPASurvivor. They owe me over $5,000 and now claim i never worked with them, but i have screenshots of my account ( AND a signed IO for the offers i ran. The owner; Robert A. ... (more)
    low life contractor steals money no licence theif do not do business with this guy (more)
  • Evan Back & Ronan Levy of Avid Life Media Scam Deadbeats
    Day #2: Evan Back, Ronan Levy of Avid Life Media / – I should have know a site based on cheating was going to cheat me out of $37,000 in late 10′. They sent me an email saying that legitimate social leads was PURE fraud,... (more)
  • EliteROI
    Rob Craven of EliteROI unresponsive a month after he promised to pay his balance. He is fully capable of paying but is just being a deadbeat and not living up to his promises. (more)
  • Ben Langille Cpa Kingdom are Scammers and Offer Brokers.
    They have scammed their partners out of $1000s of dollars. Also broker offers off almost every network out there. The owner of the company Ben Langille is a Convicted criminal. He is on house arrest and has no problem taking your money. (more)
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