Russell Rockefeller’s- fraud emailing course!

Posted:December 11, 2012 19:24 pm

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Russell Rockefeller, and his company Opt in Plus/Extravagant Media Inc are unresponsive to my mails/IMs/Calls. I paid him $11,000 for his emailing course along with 2 months data-feeds. After few sessions, he suddenly blocked me on Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. I have done everything possible to contact them but there was absolutely no
response what-so-ever from him. No response to his home voice-mails, office etc.

I asked someone to checkout with him and he said that he blocked me because i hacked me. I fail to understand what he is talking about. I am not a technical guy and why would i do that in the middle of a session at 1st place. 2nd think, I don’t know
basics of hacking so there is no question about me hacking him. I have each and every proof of what i said and have the full conversation which i will post if the need arises.

Why can’t he talk to me directly about it if he feels i did something wrong? Its pure scam. I trusted him and gave him money. I never expected this and his allegations have completed caught me off-guard. He is probably saying this because he doesn’t want to look bad now.

If he was right, he would have replied to my posts in Facebook groups where i have posted the whole story. Why doesn’t he have balls to have a open-conversation about it on facebook?

Don’t trust this guy. He goes around with a millionaire tag which i don’t think he really is. Rest i tried to search and talk as much as possible and most of them told me that he is a old time scam artist.

P.S. Don’t get scummed into his emailing course/offers/talks. He is nothing now. Just heard that he has done such frauds with few others too.

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1 sadek

iPage scammed me around $2100 around 5 months ago. I provided them 19 sales, but they haven’t paid me for those. I am not from USA, can anyone tell me how to take action against such scams.


2 Henry

Russel is a big scammer for his mailing course. He said that he teach me the way to get 90% deliverable, make $500 a day with his data, great support but then after I sent him 11k, He gave me some lesson about how to use his mailing system, not tld mailing or how to make 500 a day like this said. I keep asking him about problem I faced but he did not reply. He said he was sick but I know he lied. I and some other in the group got cheated by him too and now after long time scam newbie, he closes his company opt in plus and open a new company mailermind. Stay away from him because he is not trust at all. I can give you some example of people who say he is fuck off and newbie scammer.


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