eDiets.com Scamming Affiliates They Owe Thousands!

Posted:May 21, 2013 22:41 pm

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eDiets.com had been an advertiser with Commission Junction. They cancelled their agreement with CJ and never paid the money owed. I have about $1500 outstanding in my account. It’s been over 1 1/2 years and I have yet to see a penny. All forms of communication with eDiets.com has lead no where. Main;y because they don’t answer phones or call people back.

I have contacted CJ about 10 times and each time they tell me they just aren’t paying their invoice. I see they run commercials left and right but don’t have the cash to pay bills? Hopefully this post ranks, and someone somewhere gives a shit!

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1 Zak

I owe them money too! I just contacted CJ for the 7th time and I got no reply. What’s next??


2 Derek

If I was you I would not try to contact them if you own them money. Geez, you getting away with not paying them money and trying to contact them to pay them.

What’s wrong with you?


3 Megan



4 Brandon

Yeah, unfortunately, I think they just decided that no one will get their affiliate commissions (they owe me $785). It’s probably small enough that they figure few will take them to court.


5 Simon

I am owed $3,100, I thought it was because I was from the UK that they never paid. This is also through Commission Junction and US sales.


6 Kunal Arora

sorry to hear that


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